No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 51 - Crazy Train

**Oliver’s Pov**

“You cheated on me!” She screamed at me as I looked at her in shock, what is she on about? “Fuck! Tasmine I have not cheated on you nor would I ever” she cuts me off, “Well you did!” She screamed at me, “No I haven’t! Did you have a dream or something? Because right now you’re not making any sense to me right now!” I snapped at her, I know I have never cheated on her, she looks up at me tears flowing freely down her face, I raced towards her wrapping her up into a hug wiping at her face.

“Babe, what’s going on?” I asked her, “Ummm” She shakes her head thinking I would leave her alone, which won’t happen if she thinks I have cheated on her, I want to set her straight, why would I cheat on the best thing that has ever happened to me? “You’re going to think I’m crazy” She mumbles, “Already do babe. So, spill now.” I cut her off, doing my best not to laugh at the look she is now giving me. “So sorry for screaming at you, it just felt so real.” Oh, she had a nightmare poor thing. “You had another bad dream?” I asked to confirm it, “YES! You were an asshole in it” She started yelling at me again, I need to stop her, “Well that should have given you the hint it was a bad dream because no way would I be a complete asshole to you.” I said softly, “Are you going to let me tell you what had happened, or are you going to keep butting in?” she snapped at me; fuck she looks sexy right now. “No, I will stop sorry kitten please continue.”

“I was heavily pregnant but it wasn’t this pregnancy, think it was my fourth one as we had three little boys, walking around the house complaining about picking up after them and wishing you were home. You are still working out on mine site but it’s now ten days on six days off, being angry at you for agreeing to that roster after you had made it clear you wouldn’t do that to us after we had our third you had nearly missed the birth of it. In the middle of cleaning up the house I had gone into our office thinking the boys hadn’t gone into that room and trashed it, boy was I wrong.” She stops, looking like she is about to cry again I move us around so I’m laying down and she is cuddling into me. “Tas you ok?” I whispered.

“hmm, I just need a minute babe.” She told me, “Ok, knock yourself out kitten.” She giggles, god if we were home right now I would be doing everything in my power to hear her moaning my name out. “Fucking no Oliver! Let me finish telling you about my dream before those thoughts enter your mind!” She snapped, “Hahaha fuck, ok ouch stop that hurts!” She had started poking me hard in the ribs, at first it’s always fun but now it’s hurting.

“Good, anyways I was in the middle of cleaning it up when I found bank statements for a hotel booking, kept looking found a few other things that didn’t add up as you never gave me the items or went to those places with me. I packed the kids into the car driving to Jo and Jackie’s place, with everything I had found” I cut her off in shock, “Wow babe” I said in shock, “It’s my dream now shut up.” She growled at me, “Ok.”

“It was just Jo and the kids home as Jackie was out at work, she did confirm what I had feared, but seeing as I was due any day I was hoping you had taken time off but you didn’t when Jackie came home he kept the boys and sent me home as you were on your way home and thought it would be better for us to be alone instead of the kids being around. I had everything I was going to say to you in my head but as I pulled in, you hadn’t come home yet. Walking around the house in the early stages of labor. Two hours later I couldn’t wait for you any longer dragging my bag to the car the pain was too much to lift it, you had arrived to help out but still not understanding what I was doing.” She said, “I’m guessing you yelled at me that you had gone into labor?” I asked.

“Yes you got that right, and you told me off for trying to drive myself” I cut her off, I hope in real life she doesn’t even try to do that, “Really? How far did you think you could have gone while being in labor?” I asked, “Well by that stage bottom of our driveway.” She informed me, “No matter what love if your in labor don’t try and drive call an ambo and myself so I can drive.” I told her. “I will. Anyway, on the drive to the hospital, I thought it was a great time to ask you what was going on, you brushed it all off. By the time we got to the ward, I was crowning, and cursing the living crap out of you, the medical team told you to go out for a few seconds, while you were out you had left your phone it was ringing. I answered it was a female looking for you, told her that I was his wife and currently in labor, she had chosen to tell me enough for me to throw your phone at you when you had walked into the room somehow during all of this I continued to push. You still ignored my screams as they placed our daughter on my chest and then I woke up.”

“Fuck Tasmine, all I can say is I’m fucking glad it was all a dream. No wonder you acted like that too. But babe, please I love you so much I wouldn’t dream of doing any of that to you. Although are you keen on having four kids?” I asked, “I would like to see how we go with him first before we throw more children at us.” She answered, “Love your answer.” She leans up kissing me softly. “Really you two have been in here the whole time and didn’t have sex?” Jackson asked while he walked in without knocking, “Oh shut up!” She snapped at him, “Enough about jokes are you ok Tas?” He asked, “Yeah, why wouldn’t” Jackson cuts her off, “Oliver give me the honest answer what the hell was that?” He asked, clearly thinking I would tell him.

“Bad dream about me mate that is all.” I said, not going to fill him in anymore, “Not going” Jackson started to say but Tasmine cuts him off, “Nope never going to fill you in on that!” She yelled at him as she climbed out of bed, walking past Jackson slapping him as she passed him. “Now that she left the room spill bro.” Jackson asked, “Nope, you do not need to know it. Who’s still here?” I asked, “Well most of the family and coworkers have left, just Dad and the crew still here.” Jackson said, “You know Lee will punch you for” He cuts me off, “Well then he should have come! I had told him that he will regret not my problem” I cut him off, “Tell that to Tass then mate!” I snapped, “Ahh she will live, don’t see her getting shitty at me over it.” Jackson stated, “Give her time.” I warned him, walking out I spot her right away looks like dad has bailed her up to see if she is ok, walking up to her running my hand along her back she looks up at me smiling then leans into me.

“Are you two good?” Dad asked, “Yeah, dad we are great.” I told him, “Good, now did you want myself and Lee down the week your due Tas or once our grandson has arrived?” He asked her, “I do have time off you know dad?” I told him, “So? I would like to spend some time with my first grandson.” Dad said, “I know you do, and Lee as well. How about you drive down the day she goes into labor.” I told her, “That doesn’t help me in asking for time off.” Charles grumbles, “Easy fix tell your boss you could be taking time off a week out from my due date to a week past my due date, and once I start having this boy you let them know then? Or is your boss not that easy” Charles spoke over Tas to stop her from rambling, “Yeah, I will ask but I’m unsure if they would. Well, Lee just needs to let his manager know when he is leaving.” He grumbles, she just smiles at him, “Don’t worry we will send out text messages to you and dad when it starts to give you guys enough time to get down.” She told him.

“Thanks, love.” He said with a massive smile on his face, I love that my son is the reason for that smile, “All good Charles, I’ll leave you two it going to go back into the bean bag feeling a little tired.” She told us both, “Ok babe.” I lean down giving her a soft kiss on her lips before she walked off towards the bean bags can hear both Jackie and Sam yelling out to her man those two are foghorns more so when they are drinking.

“Now I have not told your brothers or Tas yet but someone had told your parents about you two expecting” I cut him off in anger, “What the fuck?! Who would have done that?!” I have blocked them from just before our wedding, they chose to be like this which means they don’t get to know about our life, who the hell would have told them? My whole family knows this and knows that we would like them to not know. “That is what I am working on, I have narrowed it down to either my cousin Elliot or your great Aunty Daphine. But no one is telling me, but I have kept them at bay, they don’t know where you live so that is a bonus for you nor do they know her due date.” He told me, “They will never be meeting him, your more a father to me than him, I’m sorry I know this hurts you too as he is your brother but I cannot have his toxic ways near my son or future children.” I said trying not to yell at him cause it’s not his fault.

“I know it hurts but I rather seeing you and Tas happy than having to deal with their shit all of the time, I love having that honor placed on me would do anything in my power to make sure that my little grandson is safe away from your birth father’s ways.” He said, can see he is holding back his tears, “Thanks” I said trying not to cry too, “Don’t thank me at all son, I’m off getting way past my bedtime, and looks like you young lot have heaps to talk about judging by the way Sam and Rachel are behaving tonight.” He said pointing out the issues, “Yeah they are on a roll tonight those two are.” I complained, “They sure are, take care of yourself and Tas and that son of yours I cannot wait to come back down, I think it will be before his born if my roster is going the right way.” He hugs me before he goes off to my brothers to say goodbye to them. Jackson walked up to me after dad had left, tapping my back I turn around looking at him.

“Stay the night bro, drink party with the rest of us.” Jackson offered, I looked over at my wife, “I will see what she says” She gives me a big smile before yelling out over the top of everyone, “DO IT OLLIE!” I smiled back at her, “Yeah, I had asked her before coming over she said to ask you.” Jackson said laughing, “Sure, she seems like she is loving her time right now.” I said amused, “Yeah probably cause Sam has shown her pictures of Andy.” Jackson said, “Really? Do we need to keep him away from our women?” I asked wondering if he went for both sexes like Sam and Dean, “No, from what Sam says he only goes for men, so more like us mate. But from his photos, he only has eyes for our boy Sambo.” Jackson said, “Good, I want him happy and loved.” I said hating how much pain he has been in, but have noticed how happy he has been the last couple of months, happy that it’s Andy making him happy. “Me too. Right now you get that spare room that I had found you in, also I was shocked to find you two didn’t get up to anything.” He confessed to me.

“Really? We can be normal you know when we want to.” I said giving him an odd look. “Nope, you two have never been normal.” He said, “Nice.” I grumbled, “You love me.” He said brightly, that I do, “Yeah I do, I still cannot believe you live all the way out here.” I said, “Pfft really? Your acting like it’s a two-hour drive.” He complained, “Fucking feels it!” I playfully yell at him, “Well no one told you to buy a townhouse in Ooralea, so far south mate.” He countered, “And no one told you to buy a massive house in Shoal Point so far north.” I countered, “Hey Ollie come over here, see that part I can see the beach that is why I bought it mate plus it’s a fixer up which means I can sell it for a profit once I clear those trees the view would be amazing.” He said sounding thrilled, “Yeah, but you think you would sell?” I asked, “Yes, ’cause it’s not my forever home. This is my fixer up home and shows off my work.” He said with pride in his voice, yes from the work he has done so far it’s amazing.

“Ok, well I can see us outgrowing our house if we have more kids.” I said, he looks at me like he wants to play with me, “Yeah, you think?” He said in his sarcastic voice of his, nope not going to let him start. “Save it, I already know what your thinking,” I told him, “Good, cause little thing is trying to get your attention.” He informed me, I smiled to myself, “Nah I have been watching her.” I told him, “Really? You’re just letting her continue so you can see her breast bounce?” He asked sounding like he is going to vomit, while I’m too busy enjoying how fucking hot my wife is right now, “Guilty, pregnancy has made her so sexy to me right now.” I told him, “Yeah stop I don’t need the pictures.” I walked off laughing at him, as she races into my arms laughing, I hold onto her tightly and I didn’t feel our son kicking so I take it his asleep for now.

“Babe have a beer or rum we are staying the night, I’m enjoying myself.” She said happily, “Nah I’m good, but I can see that, thought you said you were tired?” I asked her, “I was, but” I cut her off once I had seen that smirk on her face, “You’ve seen the picture of Andy and now your randy?” She burst out into a fit of laughter as we got to the bean bags with everyone else in them. “Fuck Ollie you’ve been holding onto that joke for a bit?” She asked around her laughter, “Hey it was a good one babe.” I said to her, “If it was that good share it with the rest of us mate!” Sam yelled out, “Yeah I want to hear it!” Max said. “Knowing Oliver it’s dirty.” Rachel said giving me this weird smirk that I wanted to slap off her face, noticed Tasmine had noticed the look too, “Get your mind out of the gutter Rachel!” Dean snapped at her.

“No fighting you two!” Jackson snapped, “He” Tasmine started to say but I cut her off, “Don’t you dare Tasmine!” I snapped, “You must tell us now!” Max yelled out, “He said now that I have seen a picture of Andy and now your randy.” She said anyway, fuck she is so stubborn, “Oh man looks like all you girls have the hots for him, sorry for you all” Sam yelled out but Dean spoke over the top of him, “He likes sausages over tacos.” Dean finished for him, “Stop finishing off my sentences.” Sam snapped at him, “Fuck thanks for the pictures, Dean!” Max said, “What?” Dean asked sounding lost, “Nothing Dean nothing wrong with what you had said.” Tasmine said smiling at him. “Why would” Rachel started to say, “Thank you Tasmine, Rach, not now,” Dean said.

“Bro is that projector working?” Max asked, “No was waiting for” Jackson started to say when Dean spoke up, “Yep is that why you wanted me to bring my gear up with me?” He asked, “Yes, please well why have an electrician as a friend and not have them help me out.” Jackson said laughing, Dean laughs as he gets up and makes his way to his car.

“Really Jackson you invited him for only that reason?” Rachel snapped at him, wow is she drunk? Jackson looked like she had slapped him. “Right Rachel I have held my tongue the whole night, but you know what fuck you! I had invited you all, my best friends to my engagement party that turned into a surprise wedding because I wanted you all here, I love you all as siblings. But after watching you all evening and hearing what you have been doing I’m not impressed at all you have tried to turn this night all about you when it’s about myself and Josephine! You keep telling everyone you’re here for her and her only, which fucking hurts cause I thought we were friends too?! But clearly not the case, if that is how you really feel Rachel you know where the front door is don’t let it hit you on the fucking way out!” He screamed at her, as the rest of us looking at him then her in sheer shock Sam is behind her pretending to film it all with a big smile on his face, shit I hope the drunken ass keeps out of this fight, the look she is giving him is scary as hell.

“Fuck you too Jackson! Thanks for telling me how you really feel about me! Why did you invite me if this is how you all feel about me?!” She yelled, “Didn’t you hear me, it’s how you have been behaving not how we feel about you! If you had been your old friendly self we all would have been fine! But no you rock up bitchy as ever looking to fight everyone! Just because Dean dumped you doesn’t mean you need to be a bitch to us all we all weren’t the ones that just dumped you!” Jackson yelled, “If Josephine was awake she would be telling you off for yelling at her sister like that” Rachel started to say, “No I wouldn’t be! Go back to your hotel room and sobber up! Come back to apologize when your sobber! If you cannot sobber up do not bother coming around here.” Josephine yelled, “You have chosen dick before your sisters?” Rachel asked shocked, “No! I have chosen my husband, who is the father of my child, over my friend who is being mean to everyone that I love including myself! What the hell has happened to you?” Josephine asked. “Clearly we are not friends anymore, because I real friend would have known what has been happening to me!” She screamed and stormed out of the house leaving us all in shock, then drunk Sam spoke up as Dean arrived.

“And The witch has fleed the building!” Sam yelled, “Fucking hell Sam cut that shit out already!” Dean snapped, “No! She was a mega-bitch just then and you weren’t even here to see so of course you still love her!” Sam yelled at him, “I broke up with her, clearly I no longer love her mate.” Dean snapped, “Deep down you both still love her, we all do. Just dislike how she is treating us all which means we all shouldn’t fight with each other over it.” Tasmine spoke up softly, “Did she have to choose this night to do all of this though?” Josephine asked, “Oh sweetie don’t cry.” Jackson said as he rushed over to her as she burst out into tears, Dean gives them both a hug before he heads on over to the projector and screen to see what is going on with it. Grabbing two bottles of water before sitting down in a bean bag, my beautiful wife jumped onto my lap taking a big drink of her water before giving my lips a soft peck. “After everyone has passed out I would like to continue on” I cut her off in excitement, “Game on?” I asked, “Yes.” I fucking love this game that we had made up to keep the fire going in our relationship, main rules are you need to top the other person in turning them on, it ends up with both of us that hot for each other that we don’t care where we are, the loser is the first person that cracks in begging for sex.

“How about we start now?” I asked, “Oh, is someone” She smirked, “No, but I want to see how far you will go babe, as tonight you have been doing very well.” I whispered in her ear, “Hmmm have I?” She asked, “You know you have.” She moves around on my lap so her ass is firmly on my lap, crap working out what she is about to do. She starts wriggling around in a slow grinding way, gripping her hips to try and stop her but she leans back kissing me softly wrapping one of her arms around the back of my head pulling at my hair, fuck she has upped her game.

“I know I have been drinking a lot but are you two having sex right now?” Sam asked, “I wish.” I growled out, “Hmm is that you begging?” Tasmine asked, “Fuck are you two playing Game on right now?!” Dean yelled out, “Thought you two put that on hold?” Jackson yelled out, “Yeah not around us” Sam bitched, “You’re all are used to it, so um hmmm deal.” Tasmine said, around a moan, I started kissing under her ear that I know turns her on, her grinding has started to get harder, I cannot take it any longer but it would be the first time I lose and I don’t want to lose against my wife. “Conced husband.” She panted out, “Only in your dreams kitten.” I growled, “We all want to watch a movie are you two good?” Josephine cut in on our banter, we both paused looking at them all watching us, Josephine now on Jackson’s lap while Max sat on the lounge chair in between ours and Jackson’s while Dean and Sam are sharing a bean bag I was going to pull that up with them but Sam looks like he’s about to pass out and Dean is just caring for him like they always do when they drink.

“Yeah we are joining you all in watching,” I told them, Tasmine moves around on my lap whispering in my ear, so only I could hear. “Game on.” I chuckle right, time to up my game with this foxy wife of mine, no longer caring about the others and the movie they are putting on.

“Are you sure it’s a good thing to put that movie on?” Josephine asked, “What is wrong with The Rental?” Max asked, “Nothing is wrong with that movie, heard it was good press play bro.” Dean said, “I think handsome ex that they mean Tasmine Kelly Brown hates horror movies and right now they are playing game on and it seems like one of them is going to cave very soon judging by the sounds they are trying to hide, but aren’t really.” Drunk Sam said very loudly, “God, you think after all of this time you two” Jackson started, “Fuck it Tasmine you win!” I yelled out over Jackson.

“YES! TOLD YOU JACKSON I WAS GOING TO WIN THIS TIME! Arghh oh fuck.” I really had enough of her yelling so I started kissing under her ear while running my hand up her leg, the moan she let out I knew we couldn’t sit here any longer standing with her in my arms not even caring about our friends and family right now, she’s laughing her head off. “Night guys!” Tasmine yells out.

“Your cleaning those sheets assholes!” Jackson ordered, “Fuck off! You didn’t when you left our place!” I yelled back at him, “I did so!” He snapped, “No, you took them with you!” Tasmine said, “Oh he did?” I asked, “Shhh I want my prize.” She said loudly, “Fuck did she just say she wanted her prize?” Sam asked, “Yep Sam?” Dean asked, “No, we are not! They aren’t coming back I’m taking their bean bag!” Sam yelled out, “You ready sweetie?” I asked, “Please hurry.”

I rushed towards the spare room that we are staying in, kicking the door shut as I place her down pulling her dress down exposing her bra, she has squeezed herself into the bra that it looks like if I touch the fabric it would explode. Gently touching them as she pulls my shirt off of me. “Fuck I need to be in” She cuts me off by pulling my pants down fast exposing my hard dick, dripping with precum she licks it off, both of us moaning out.

“Fuck! No, your prize is not a blow job, stand up now kitten.” I ordered, she stands up, hooking my fingers in her panties pulling them down, as she unclips her bra throwing it to the floor, stepping out of her panties as she turns around walking towards the bed looking back at me with a smirk on her face. “Yes, kitten bend over.” She climbs up onto the bed grabbing a pillow, bending over in front of me gripping her ass I start massaging it getting down onto my knees blowing air along her wetness, causing her to moan out, doing a slow lick along from top to bottom gripping her as she tries to move away. “Hmm Ol as good as this is I want your penis in me, baby, I want you to give it to me.”

“Your wish is my command Tas.” Gipping myself as I slowly enter her dripping wet entrance must be the pregnancy hormones that have made her wetter than normal and horny so horny, I love it. We both groaned out, she starts grinding against me grabbing her hips tightly forcing her to stop as I pound into her hard and fast as her moans turn into screams. “FUCK OL! HARDER!!” Gripping her tighter as I slam into her harder as she screams my name out, she’s gotten so tight she is about to cum, leaning down rubbing her clit fast. “Cum with me wife!” I ordered her, “Fuck! Yes, Oliver! Yessss!! Oliver!” She screams, “Tasmine!” We cum together crashing to the bed on our sides panting trying to catch our breaths, then we heard the foghorns yelling at us.



We both start laughing, she rolls over to cuddle into me running her hand over my stomach and chest the way I love it. “I don’t want to watch that movie.” She whispered, “Neither do I, babe.” I whispered, “SORRY! NIGHT YOU CRAZY FUCKERS!” I yelled out, “OH NO I’M PULLING RANK!” Jackson screamed out, “Fuck his coming in!” She yelled at me, I roll over grabbing the throw rug over us as the door burst open, glaring at us both. “Oh, no! It’s my wedding night and myself and Jose are the only ones that can go to bed early out of us, now that you have won Game on Tas let’s go. Oh put your clothes back on, and let’s go watch this movie!” He yelled, “Jack no! I hate those types of movies and” Jackson cuts her off, “Oh just hid in Oliver’s armpit like you normally do.” He snapped at her, “I don’t even want to” He cuts me off, “Up now assholes!” He ordered. “Fine, but you better let us sleep in tomorrow!” I snapped, “Of course I will because I would be sound asleep too with my wife naked sound asleep on top of me.” He said with a big smile on his face, “Felt good saying that didn’t it?” I asked him. “Yes, it did. My wife. Fucking love it!”

We both smiled at each other as he bolts out of the room laughing, Tasmine looked at me worried. “The bedroom windows open, so they could hear us clearly."

“Yep!” Max yelled out, fuck, we chose the spare room that is right next to where we all are sitting, oh well let’s go watch this movie hanging out together with the people we love. I’m loving how our lives have turned out so far and to think most people didn’t want us together at all, we’ve proven them all wrong.

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