No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 52 - Over Being Pregnant

**Tasmine’s Pov**

**Two and Half Months Later**

“Tasmine put that down right now!” Oliver yells at me, “I’m pregnant, not useless!” I snapped at him, “Yeah you’re my heavily pregnant wife trying to lift a box, let me take over.” He ordered, “It’s light!” I cried out, “Don’t care.” He said, “Fine, your annoying when are you going back to work?!” I asked, “Six months after our son is born.” I huffed as I hand him the very light box storming off into the kitchen looking for something very sweet to eat, to only find the kitchen is empty, groaning when I realized I was supposed to go shopping yesterday, and just burst into tears, fuck these tears have been hell lately.

“Kitten you ok? Crazy hormones making you cry again?” He asked I nod my head as he walked towards me wrapping me up in a side hug as my stomach is in the way, crying into his shoulder holding tightly onto him. “It’s going to be ok.” He told me softly, “No, it’s not going to be ok, we have no food in this house and I was going to meal prep so that once he is here” He cuts me off mid-rant, “Right I will call up Jackie and Jo and get them to come over and help you prep.” He said, “No Ol he would be at work right now.” I said, “No he has the day off, I remember him saying, I will just call him up. Us men will do the shopping while you two ladies put your feet and relax and have some you time before he arrives.” He kisses the top of my head before leaning down kissing my stomach and rubbing it.

“Love you, baby boy, cannot wait to meet you soon.” I love him doing this, playing with his long hair as he stands up smirking at me. “You want another round kitten?” He asked, I bite my thumbnail, nodding my head. Running his hands over my stomach as he kisses my neck, he pulls away biting my ear lobe. “Can I call him first?” He asked, “Really you’re turning down sex?” I asked, “No, I don’t want to hurt you, babe.” I roll my eyes, this again, “I would tell you if it was hurting, but go call him as soon as you finish come find me.” The look he is giving me, wow panty-dropper, he laughs at my turned on look before heading to get his phone to call Jackie up.

Two hours later I was sitting on the lounge chatting away to Jose while we wait for the men to get home, needing to use the bathroom. While washing my hands my stomach started to tighten up, which felt weird, taken a breath in and let it out before leaving the room. Feeling really bloated, fully stretched I don’t think my belly can get any bigger, nothing fits, cannot cool down at all, horny as anything still, craving only sweets at the moment. Groaning as I sat down my body hurts all over lately, trying to get comfortable on the couch as I look at my best friend who is now my sister in law, she had a small smile on her face, she now has a cute little baby bump, they are keeping the gender a secret until their baby shower which I cannot wait to cause our son will be at it. “Tas you ok?” Josephine asked, “Hmm just having enough of being pregnant today.” I grumbled. “Want me to get you some water?” She asked as I know that is all she wants too, “No thanks I just want chocolate.”

Twenty minutes later my stomach did the same thing, am I in labor? Doing my best not to alarm Jose pulling my phone out while she talks about something that had happened at her work yesterday as I start timing the stomach twinges is what I would call it. By the time the men came home, the twinges had gone from being twenty minutes apart to now ten minutes apart but they aren’t painful. Standing up to help the man unload the food which of course they both ushered me out of the way. “I want to help!” I cried out to them both, “We know! But Tas you look tired.” Jackson said, “Who wouldn’t when they have a watermelon in their stomach!” I yelled back at my brother, “Tas, babe I love you but please sit down.” Oliver ordered, instead, I walked around the island and stood up watching them as another twitch started, gripping the island tightly doing my best not to moan out as, towards the end of it, it became so painful. Once I could breathe, I quickly typed it into my app oh it’s now eight minutes apart. Standing back up as nothing had happened.

“Hey, babe did you want the chocolate and soft drink now?” Oliver asked, “No, I’m good right now babe, thank you.” Just standing there watching them unpacked, laughing, and mucking around like they always do. Gripping the island bench again as another round hits me, fuck they are getting painful. Looking up and the room was quiet as all three are looking at me in shock. “How long have you been in labor for Tas?” Jackson asked, “Tasmine?” They both said at the same time, Oliver racing around towards me holding onto my hand and rubbing my back. Jackson swiped my phone off the bench looking at the app I had opened and looked up at Oliver. “Judging by this app a while mate. Should we take her to the hospital?” He asked, “I will call her midwife, you text or call the dad’s up.” Josephine ordered, “Has your water broken?” Oliver asked, “Slow down guys, um no Ollie it hasn’t, it’s only just gotten painful.”

They all ignore me, “She wants you to come in to be checked out.” Josephine said, “I will call our dad’s up for you Ollie, also while we wait for our nephew to be born I will prep all this food for you.” Jackson said, “Jackie” Oliver started to say, “Stop, go take her before she has him on the kitchen floor!” Jackson snapped at Oliver, who looked so panicked and worried as he helped me into the car, throwing my bags in the back, driving us off to the hospital, looking over at me every time I take a deep breath in or groaning out in pain. Laying down on a bed with things strapped to my stomach waiting for the midwife to arrive Oliver hasn’t let go of my hand, I have never seen him this worried before.

“Babe I think you need to take a deep breath in and out.” I told him, “I’m good love.” He said sounding strained, “You look” I was cut off by the Midwife who just walked in, “Hello Tasmine and Oliver how are you feeling?” She asked, “Good, for now, how is our son?” I asked, she walked around looking at the paper that is coming from the machine that is attached to my stomach, nodding her head smiling. “He seems good, steady heart rate lets see how dilated you are.” She looks then looks back up at us both. “Sorry Tasmine your only two centimeters, but your contractions are coming in hard and fast so I am going to be moving you into the birthing ward, but your in for a long time guys it could be six hours or up to twenty but please if the pain is becoming too much or your getting major feelings in pushing please hit the nurses button.”

Over twenty-one hours later, rocking on my hands and knees on top of the bed my whole body is in so much pain, finally, the contraction had eased but I know the head is nearly out, I’m getting the sickening feeling that our son is too big for me to push out. Groaning out Oliver’s hold on my hand tightens he must think I might pass out or something I know I’m tired but I need our son out now. “I need to move” I groaned out, “Sure hun let us help you.” One of the nurses said, Oliver and the nurses help me move around so I was laying back down, not liking how that felt at all sitting up more the two nurses grabbed a hold of my feet, I need to push again. “Tasmine push all your weight into your feet as you push, remember to breathe.” The nurse said, I just nod my head as I did what she said, gripping tightly onto Oliver as I scream out in pain, thinking this child is ripping me apart.

“Good work Tasmine the head is out, keep going, love!” The nurse next to me yells out, the Doctor walks in without knocking as he spoke up. “How is our patient has she progress along” He must have looked up at my screams of pain as he stopped talking. “Right, why wasn’t forget that, ok Tasmine, keep pushing, that’s it keep going.” He said, “ARGHH!” I screamed out as I get the sheer relief of him being out but see the looks on the medical team’s faces worried me, Oliver kissed my forehead. “You did it, I’m going to check him out.” Oliver said joyfully, “What’s going on?” I asked.

The look on Oliver’s face has me very worried, as they all are over in the corner talking fast amongst each other. “Is my son ok? What’s going on?” I asked with panic in my voice, no one answered then I heard our son crying softly before he started screaming, the sheer relief of hearing him screaming, I couldn’t see anything I didn’t even notice that I had finished birthing the after birth either, as Oliver walks over towards me with the biggest smile on his face holding our son in his arms, he places him on my chest naked with the towel around him I started crying, kissing my now calm son on the head, I did it I got him out, he is so big. So into our son that I hadn’t noticed Oliver was taking photos of me, I look up smiling with tears falling down my face.

“So proud of you Tas, our son is a whopper!” Oliver said in amazement, “You’re telling me? I just pushed him out of me.” I laughed, “Congratulations he is beautiful.” a nurse said, “Sorry about that little scare, he just needed a little help to start breathing, but he is all good all nine pounds fifteen ounces, sixty centimeters long. Due to his size, I would like to keep you both for the next forty-eight hours, to keep an eye on both your sugar levels.” He ordered. “But I tested fine for my sugar each time.” I said, “It’s his size, making sure he doesn’t have low or high sugar.” He said, “Ok.” I said stunned at what is going on, trying to process it all, looking at him in shock, holy hell.

Oliver leans over kissing my forehead again touching our son’s head gently. The nurse had taken a few photos of us before they quickly clean up our son and dressed him, moving us to our main room for the next forty-eight hours, it was just us three now Oliver closed the door letting out a loud sigh. “Ol?” I whispered, “Hmm?” Standing back up walking towards him placing my hand on his back I felt him loosen up. “What’s wrong?” I softly asked, “I was so scared, watching you in labour for so long thinking something was wrong with the pair of you, then when he was born and he looked dead Tas, he was blue and limp, hearing your panicked voice asking what was going on, scared me so much” He couldn’t keep going, “Oh, Oliver come here, it scared me too. The look on your face scared me, but I couldn’t move at the time.” He wraps me up in a hug then starts laughing, has he gone nuts on me?

“Babe?” I asked lost, “You don’t even look like you just gave birth.” He said, “What?” I asked, “Your stomach looks like your five months along, it must have just been all him the whole time.” Oliver stated, “Yes it sure was, I want a shower I feel gross his asleep in that cot did you want to join?” I asked, “I will, just going to head down to the car to get our bags, you start I will join you once I come back.” He told me, “Sure, also don’t call or text family just yet, please.” I begged, “Sure, when do you want us to do all of that?” He asked, “Let me clean myself up first then I can see if my brain wants to work.” I told him, “Ok, I love you so much Tasmine.” He leans down kissing me softly before he moves over to our son kissing him on the forehead heading out to our car. I head into the bathroom standing under the warm water felt so good after such a long time being in labor, he gently runs his hands over my back and shoulders as I lean into him.

“Want me to wash your hair?” He asked, “You can if you want to.” I said, “I do, you did all the hard work the last twenty plus hours you need to be pampered babe.” He was a man to his word, I was very much pampered in that bathroom, drying my hair with a towel, wanting to be comfortable wearing a summer dress with compression leggings, man I am sore still I wonder how long I will be hurting down there for? Heading back into the bathroom to blowdry my hair as I hate having wet hair, once dried I quickly put my hair up like Amy Shark walking out to find my handsome husband trying to calm down our son.

“I have no idea why he’s crying, babe.” He said sounding lost, “What because I gave birth to him I should know?” I asked, “No, but that was bitchy Tasmine.” He said, “Sorry I didn’t mean to sound harsh then. Put him on the bed and let’s see, while I see you want to get him the Cowboys outfit out of my bag, please.” My gut told me he may have a dirty bum and I was correct, we got him into his outfit which is a dark blue and yellow onesie that says 'Daddy loves me! and the Cowboys' with the football team mascot in the middle of outfit, with a bennie that says cowboys on it, Oliver laying down the Cowboy’s blanket, placing him down onto it with his Cowboy teddy bear, I love this whole set that our dad’s and brother’s had gotten him. Oliver smiled at me as he took photos of our boy, I sat back down on the bed as a wave of exhaustion hit me.

“Your tired love.” Oliver stated, “I know but I want a family photo first, please.” I said, “Oh, yes!” He picks up our son climbing onto the bed next to me, patting the spot in between his legs, I climb in between his legs leaning into him as he places our son on to my chest holding his phone out taking a family selfie of us. Our son starts grunting and rubbing his face in my chest, Oliver man giggles. “Well, I’m going to guess he’s hungry?” He climbs out of the bed helping me to get comfortable, Oliver holding him while I do that, which he didn’t like he screamed the house down. “Already a mummy’s boy?” Oliver asked, “Shhh you.” I whispered.

He hands him over to me, I look at him in shock. “What am I supposed to do?” I asked him, “You’re asking me?” He asked me, I give him a look, he seems to work out what that look meant, good he knows me long enough that he should know. “I’m just going to find a nurse that can help you.” Placing our big boy down in between my legs so I can pull my strap down to the side, unclipping my bra having my breast out gently picking up my son, and placing him onto myself which hurts like hell, I don’t think this is right if so why would people breastfeed if its this painful! The nurse comes rushing in with a big smile on her face. “Oh, you are trying that is good to see.”

“Ouch, is it meant to hurt this much?” I asked, “Let me see if he is latched on properly.” She gets right up into my personal space, that is one thing I noticed no such thing as personal space when having a baby. “No, he is not on correctly, here let’s get him off and restart this.” Twenty minutes later it was just as three again, Oliver sitting in the chair watching me with a big smile on his face, he came off but I want to see if he would go on the other, placing him onto the other side and he latched on right away correctly too. “He is nearly too big for that outfit already, such a shame I love Cowboy’s items on him.” Oliver said, “Yes, he seems to have your height doesn’t he?” I asked, “Yes, babe I’m sick of calling him a ‘he’ do you have a name picked out for him?” He asked me, I smiled at my husband trying not to fall asleep, I know we had picked out a name for him but now that he’s born I hate the choice we had made it doesn’t seem to suit him at all.

“Please don’t hate me but I no longer like the name we had picked for him, it just doesn’t suit him.” I told my husband, “I agree with you babe he doesn’t come across as that name either.” He popped off my breast, stretching in my arms, wow he is strong no wonder his movements and kicks hurt so much. “Ollie say hello to your son, Christopher Alexander Noah Brown,” I said smiling at the two men I love so much in my life. He has the same colour hair as Oliver, he looks like both myself and Oliver, very chubby rolls on top of rolls.

Oliver’s face lights up as I said the name, he stands up walking over to me kissing me hard, biting my bottom lip as he pulls away. “I love that you named him after me, Jackie, Noah, and my grandad.” He whispered, “Jackson?” I asked lost, “Yeah babe, Jackson’s full name is Jackson Willam Alexander Brown, you didn’t know that?” He asked shocked, “No I had forgotten.” I mumbled, “Hahaha I won’t tell him.” He said around his laughter, “Is Max going to feel left out?” I asked, “Nope his full name is Max Christopher Samual Brown, you have forgotten that too?” He asked with a playful smirk on his face, “Yes if you want my brain to work don’t ask big questions of me after been in labour for more than twenty hours.” I grumbled, “Sorry babe, you go to sleep while he’s asleep.” He ordered me, “What about the family?” I asked, “Well I have already sent a photo saying he’s here will text you his info and name when you wake up as your buggered. They all agree in letting you rest babe, want me to join you in the bed?” He asked, “Thank you for telling them, can I see which photo you had sent. Also, come on I will make room for you babe.”

Moving around on the bed sitting up as he climbs into bed with his arm up for me to cuddle into him, he hands me his phone showing me the photo I burst out into tears I hadn’t notice he had taken that photo of me with our son, it’s such a raw and emotional photo I’m naked but I have a bedsheet covering me, I’m crying but have the biggest smile on my face as I look down at our son in my arms who has his eyes open, Oliver rubs his hand up and down my side. “You ok love?” He asked, “Yes, these are happy tears babe, you took an amazing photo I love it. I love you Oliver if I haven’t said it already today.”

“That’s good you had told me you hated me, my dick, my sperm, and that you wish to never have children ever again” I cut him off, “If you’re going to throw everything that I had screamed at you during labour the door is right there and don’t come back.” I snapped, “WHAT?!” Oliver cried out in shock, “I was in pain, tired, and felt like he was refusing to come out you cannot hold what I had said against me cause I don’t remember half of it, but also you cannot get up me for not wanting another child right now have you seen the size of your son and me?! If they are all going to be as big as him I’m scared!” I screamed out, “Ok, your rambling, you are tired babe get some sleep before he wakes up in a few hour’s time.” Too tired to respond, I believe I may have used up all of my energy to respond earlier falling asleep to his heartbeat.

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