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Chapter 53 - Welcome Christopher Brown

**Oliver’s Pov**

Not going to lie the past god how many hours has it been was terrifying watching how much pain she was in, knowing the painkillers had run out before he was born. Just as it had hit the twenty-hour mark of her being in active labor I wanted to scream at her doctor to help her if not just cut him out of her. Then I saw the look on her face I knew she was determined to get him out with only five massive pushes he was out, so proud of her. Tasmine is the other half of my life, my best friend, love her more than air, I will do anything for her, if I could I would have taken all of the pain she had to go through having him.

I really do not understand the men at my work laughing telling me I would never want to be near her after seeing her push our child out. I wouldn’t say it was pretty but more amazing that her body did all of this, I love her more for it. Surprised us both came out bigger than us three brown boys when we were born. I have no idea how someone so tinny could have carried him inside of her, no wonder she had enough of him being inside of her, along with why it had hurt every time he moved or hit.

Turning my head looking at our son in his cot, rubbing his small hands over his face in his sleep he looks so much like each of us he seems to have gotten the best bits of both of us. I loved that she named him after me, he is so not a Copper at all. I’m so scared of fucking this parenting gig up, I don’t want to be like my parents nor like her’s either. She groans in her sleep as she rolls back into me as my phone starts vibrating next to me, I groan slipping out from under her as I answered the phone walking out of the room so I didn’t wake either of them.


**OLIVER** Hello?

**SPERM DONOR** Hello Son

**OLIVER** How did you get this fucking number? I’m not your son anymore!

**SPERM DONOR** Still a Brown boy! I have my ways. I have heard that we are grandparents was

What the fuck, who in their crazy mind gave these two my fucking number? I don’t care if we do share the same blood he stopped being a dad to me a long time ago, well and truly before Tassie had come back home to Tully, I cut him off.


**SPERM DONOR** News flash you had your child at a public hospital good luck trying to stop us from seeing our only grandchild! Monica would be more upset with what you just said about her!

I laughed at how stupid he just sounded, he really thinks he could see our child without us knowing about it. Also like he thinks he really knew her!

**OLIVER** Please dickhead you didn’t know her you never did! Good luck with that dickhead.

I hung up the phone walked towards the nurse’s desk, the nurse writing down on some paperwork looked up at me, and smiles. “Hi Oliver, how can I help you?” How does she know my name, oh that’s right she was one of the ladies in the room helping out Tasmine. “Just a quick question is there a way to stop my parents from trying to come and see my son?” I asked, she looked shocked by that question. “Bad blood I don’t want them near him.” I told her, “Ok, we can have a list of names that can come to your room, will also put your names down as private so if anyone calls up to try and find out what room you are in they cannot. But if they have already done this we can just stop them from entering, lucky for you both you have to pass this station and we normally do stop people from walking around the ward.” She said, “Thank you, Stacey.” Now that I remembered her name, she smiled at me, “Your welcome, also I will come into your room in two hours’ time to check on your son.” She informed me, “You can call him Christopher, we have finally given him a name.” I smiled broadly at her, “Ahh that is a lovely name for him, congratulations again Oliver.” She said. “You’re welcome.” Walking back into my room, they are both still sound asleep I quickly sent off a text message to our family group chat telling them what happened and that when they do want to come to see us they need to call us up for our room number. I need to get some sleep too, getting myself comfortable in the chair I drift of to restless sleep.

Waking up to crying, shooting up fast in the chair when I realise who was crying, rushing over to Christopher’s bed he was bright red, oh man how long have you been crying for? “Oh Christopher, Daddy is here,” I whispered softly, picking him up rocking him gently as I walk around the room trying to find where she had put his nappies and wipes. After a few seconds of panic, I found what I was looking for, trying to remember how I had seen Tas cleaned him up last time I quickly changed his nappy, fixing up his clothes putting him on my chest as I throw the dirty one in the bin, sitting down in the chair as he looks me over, I man giggle. “I want to make you a deal Christopher, we both don’t be too hard on each other as we are both trying to figure this new thing out. I do promise that I will always love you, and never treat you how my parents have treated me. You will know what love is, you won’t be getting everything you want but everything you need, I don’t want to spoil you with things, but you will be spoilt with love, shit tones of it.” I whispered, “I fucking love you, Oliver.” Tasmine said loudly, I look up at her she is laying there in bed smiling at me, looking like she could go another twelve hours of sleep, poor thing.

“I love you too, Tasmine.” I move him around smile at her. “Look Christopher mummy is awake. Wait Tasmine did you name him after your Uncle?” I asked just working that out, “Nope, he looks like a Christopher, not a Chris.” She stated, I laugh at her shaking my head. “But Christopher is” She cuts me off, “He’s named after you, I didn’t want to do Oliver Jnr that felt too weird so I went with your middle name.” Standing up walking towards the woman I love so much, with our son still in my arms kissing her softly, she grips my hair as she kisses me back, wanting more than a kiss pulling away as I know it’s going to be a long time before we can do that right on cue he starts fussing, she starts moving around so she is sitting up and just pulls her breast out with no care in the world as I hand her our son, a good five minutes later she looks up at me in shock.

“What day is it?” She asked sounding scared, “Um hold up.” Pulling my phone out I look at the date and time. “It’s Tuesday two in the afternoon babe.” I told her, “What day and time was he born on?” She asked, “You don’t remember?” I asked shocked, but the look she is giving me if she wasn’t breasting feeding Christopher she would have slapped me. “Oliver I wasn’t paying any attention to that!” After she snapped at me, she looks like she is about to cry, oh no please don’t cry. “Ok, shhh don’t cry, he was born today, Tuesday the fourth of May at nine in the morning.” She groans out I know what she means too, her father and uncles are massive Star Wars fans. “Oh man, I know what dad is going to say when he walks into our room.” She told me, “May the force be with him?” I asked, “Yes, and he would be telling us to make his first birthday Star Wars theme.” She pointed out, “Christopher can go as Baby Yoda!” I said happily, we both laugh so hard, her phone starts ringing I hand her the phone as she continues on feeding him, putting it on loudspeaker.


**TASMINE** Hey Dad!

**LEE** Hey my baby girl! You’re awake! How are you feeling?

**TASMINE** Tired, sore, happy, and blessed.

**LEE** I know you are tired love, want us to come up in a few hours’ time with food?

**TASMINE** Sure, you are more than welcomed up, bring whatever.

**LEE** So have you two come up with a name for him yet?

Oh shit, I quickly pull out my phone sending out a group text with a photo of him by himself then a family photo with his name and all the numbers that are on his birth card on his cot.

**OLIVER** Check your phone, Lee.

Can hear him typing away, then he groaned out.

**LEE** You named him after your Uncle?! Not his cool Grandad?!

**TASMINE** No dad! He is named after his father, Oliver.

**OLIVER** Don’t worry Lee you are still his cool Grandad.

**LEE** You do know Uncle Chris is going to take it that you named Christopher after him, right? No matter what you say he will still think it.

**TASMINE** Let him, I named him after Oliver and Noah my childhood best friends.

I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face, I love her and our son so much.

**LEE** Think Noah would have loved that.

I wanted to scoff no he wouldn’t if he was still alive I know he would have been the one to marry her, Tas gives me that look she knows what I’m thinking and if I voice it she will throw something at me.

**TASMINE** Maybe dad, come up whenever you like today, can only get about a few hours of sleep at a time before he wakes up, so I don’t think I would ever catch up on my sleep.

Her dad laughs before he spoke up, no idea what was so funny.

**LEE** You won’t catch up on your sleep until he’s at school and that’s if you two don’t have any more children.

**TASMINE** That was mean dad!

**LEE** Sorry it’s the truth! I will pick up some sushi on the way, also Charles will be joining me, I’m also guessing Max and Jackson and the girls are rushing in too?

**OLIVER** Yeah they will be unsure on when though.

**TASMINE** Bye dad! See you soon.

**LEE** Bye Tas and Oliver. See you soon kido.

**OLIVER** Bye Lee.

She puts the phone down and turns her gaze towards me, oh am I in trouble? “Really Oliver David Christopher Brown! When will you drop whatever issue you have for Noah already?!” She snapped, “Tasmine I will always have issues with anyone wanting to kiss you, I knew he wanted more than that, and I also know that if he was” she cuts me off, “Enough Oliver! I love you but stop I get it.” She grumbles, “Ok, get some sleep I will wake you up when our family gets here.” He told me, “Sure, also who were you yelling at over the phone earlier?” she asked, I chuckled of course she had heard. “Someone gave the sperm donor my number and told him we had our child” She cuts me off, “WHAT THE FUCK! Fuck off his not meeting our baby boy! Who the fuck gave him that info? We only shared it with. OH FUCK OFF!” I looked at her in shock, trying to work out what she had just worked out.

“What have you worked out babe?” I asked, “You know your Auntie and dad’s cousin I bet they told them when I was due and that it’s a boy, knowing your asshole of a father would have called the Base and the Mater each day to find out if I had been admitted, I would bet you fifty dollars that he also knows our room and when I had him too. When can we leave?” She asked, “Fuck, never thought of that! I’m going to give them a piece of my mind when I see those two! Also no point in betting you, as I know you are right, he would have done that. You have to stay for forty-eight hours babe, you have barely done twenty.” I pointed out to her she groans, “Argh! I hate them they are making his birthday about them again! No this is not happening we keep our room door closed at all times when it’s just one of us in here we lock it.” She stated, “Deal, I have already warned the nurses about them.”

Christopher has finished feeding and is now sound asleep again, climbing out of the bed she places him down gently into his cot rugging him up in his blanket as it’s chilly in here with the hospital aircon. I thought she would climb back into bed seeing how tired she is instead she throws her arms around my shoulders laughing. “I fucking love you so much, babe.” I laughed with her, I love that laugh of hers, the smile she is giving me reminded me of our first heated kiss in my Uncle’s bathroom all those years ago, that I made the right choice in following my feelings for her. “I love you so much too Tassie.” Those fucking kissable lips of hers draw me in, grabbing the back of her head kissing her roughly gripping my shirt tightly as she pulls me closer to her. “Hmmm.” She moans out.

“I see being in labour for over twenty hours hasn’t slowed you two down!” Jackson yells out.

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