No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 54 - Is This Normal?

**Jackson’s Pov**

**Ten hours earlier**

When we first got back from the shops I had noticed Tassie didn’t look right, her stomach had gotten lower but she looked flustered, and when I had seen her gripping the counter trying to cover it annoyed me, I slapped Oliver on the back to get his attention when he looked up it was the second time she had gripped the counter I have no idea how he didn’t notice he knows her better than I do. Forcing the shocked idiot out of the house so his wife can give birth wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I did all the meal prep that she wanted to do, I had told her I was going to do it all she had to do was text me what days she wanted it all done by, she had forgotten that bit, I’m happy I had taken a day off and use up my time in lieu hours, Josephine had the day off as her normal RDO so it worked out, no way Oliver was keen on leaving her home by herself.

It’s now been ten hours what is taking them so long? Is there something wrong with her or my nephew? I hope not I don’t want what happened to my dad to happen to Oliver it will kill him. “I love you babe, but fucking stop that!” Josephine snapped at me, I stopped pacing and looked at her in shock, throwing my arms up in the air. “What?” I asked, “They will text or call when he arrives for all we know it could just be taking longer as it’s her first.” She said, right on cue both our phones went off, I raced towards mine opening it up to the family group chat that Oliver had created to let us know she is in labour, the message said she is still in labour no news on anything else he is taking his time. “See I told you! Let’s finish up cleaning their house for them, you want to do a welcome home surprise for them when they bring him home?” She asked, “Fuck I love you! Yes!” I yelled out. “Awesome, we will talk about the surprises once we finish cleaning. I love you too Jack.”

Two hours later their house was spotless and ready for them to bring their son home. I had taken all the side pillows off the lounge and made it our bed for the night, we cuddle up to each other, I love having her this close to me, I can feel our little peanut moving around against my side. “You think she had him yet?” I asked, “Unsure we haven’t heard.” She replied, I was going to ask her another question when my phone starts ringing, please be Oliver to tell me she has had him, looking down at it and it’s him, my wife smiles at me.


**JACKSON** So has she had him yet?

**OLIVER** I wish mate, I fucking wish


**JACKSON** WOW! Little thing you ok?

**TASMINE** NO! After what is it twelve or thirteen hours and I’m only six centimeters dilated! I WANT THIS CHILD OUT OF ME NOW!

**OLIVER** I know babe, Jackie have our dad’s arrived?

**JACKSON** Um not at your place, hold up I hear someone knocking Jo you want to see if it’s them?

Josephine goes to answer the door and yes it is our dad’s, dad spots that I was on the phone and races over.

**CHARLES** Has she had him?

**OLIVER** No, not yet dad!

**LEE** Bugger my poor baby girl, tell her to rest while she can and text us when he arrives also we love you all!

**OLIVER** Ok, I will let her know.

Oliver ended the call on me after Tasmine’s started groaning out in pain, that sounds so scary and that will be us in a few months, I gave my wife a scared look and the dad’s just laughed at me. “God Jo I pity you having him in the birthing room” I cut my dad off, “What the hell dad?” I cried out, “Yep I second that, Jo you have our permission to hit him during your birth.” Lee said laughing, “Um, I’m good thanks.” She replied, I smiled at my wife, she has my back. “Where are we sleeping?” Dad asked, “Thought you are staying at Chris’s house?” I asked, “Nope, I don’t have the keys and he’s not coming back into Queensland any time soon.” Lee said, “Right well they have air beds in the shed you three sort that out.” Josephine ordered.

“What are you going to be doing?” I asked her, “Well no need for me to stay awake waiting for them to call, I will get some sleep and hopefully, when we wake up he is here because I want to cuddle him!” She said gleefully, “Not the only one.” I told her, “You got the key to his shed boy?” Dad asked I nod my head giving my wife a quick kiss on the lips as she goes to sleep, I head out to the backyard with the Dad’s. “Jackson it’s normal for first-time mums to take longer to give birth as a child as never been through the birth carnal, your nephew will be here soon and if Tas needs extra help well she is at a hospital that can do all of that safely,” Lee told me, my dad walked up closer to me as Lee unlocks the shed.

“Are you thinking of your mum?” Dad whispered, I nod my head, my dad lets out a sigh. “She had a different health condition than Tas boy, I know she nearly died having you both, but each woman and child is different Ollie would have said, something mate.” Dad said softly, “Ok found the stuff, you two good?” Lee asked, “I am, son are you?” Dad asked, “Yeah, let’s get these beds blown up for you.” I said, “Starting to think us old men should take their bed and couch and you two young ones take these beds?” Lee stated, “I do like your thinking Lee,” Charles said, “I don’t mind but Jose is pregnant not having her sleeping on the floor.” I told them both, “Aghh we will work it out.” Lee said.

We did work it out Lee had lost the rock, paper, scissors so his joining me on the airbeds, I had locked up the house checking my phone still nothing from them, now I’m getting messages from Max and Justine if she had the baby yet, while Sam and Dean are messaging me asking why they aren’t getting back to them. “Boy turn your fucking phone off right now!” Lee snapped at me, fuck I forget how scary he can be. “Sorry, but what” He cuts me off, “If they don’t get a hold of you they will try my phone, please get some sleep she could have him at midnight, which is good for all of us as we all get some sleep.” He said, “Ok, I hope she has him before the fourth though.” I grumbled, “Going to pretend you didn’t say that.” He mumbles, better not push him as he might punch me.

I woke up in the hopes to find a few text messages from Oliver and Tasmine but nothing, I’m worried can also see the worry on our dad’s faces too. Jo walks up to me giving my forehead a kiss as she hands me a cup of coffee. “Morning babe, but I” I started she cuts me off, “I know you didn’t ask for one, but you look like you need it. They might have already had him and crashed. Don’t worry babe they will make contact when they are ready.” She said softly, “How are you not worried?” I asked her, “Never said I wasn’t worried, babe.” She said, “Shh the pair of you, they will text or call when they are ready don’t you two have work to get to?” Dad asked, “I’m on call Charles and babe?” She asked me, “RDO dad.” I told him, “Good, let’s get out of our PJ’s and start this yard work hopefully by the time we finish we will have some good news.” He said, “What about Lee?” I asked, “What about me?” Lee spoke loudly, I just about jumped out of my skin, I hadn’t seen him outside working away at one of the veggie gardens.

“Don’t worry about it.” I mumbled, “What have you worried about me boy?” He asked, “Just wondering what you were going to be doing, but all good,” I said, “Good cause you are not going to be bossing me around boy, once I have done these veggie gardens will be checking on Tas car. Hoping during that time my baby girl calls me.” He stated, “You two done chatting?” Dad asked, I can hear my wife giggling from the kitchen I want to tell her off, but judging by the tone of my dad’s voice I better get started on the yard or I might cop it from him. I have finished mowing the back yard and was about to start the front when Jose comes bolting out of the back door screaming and trying to get our attention.

“Guys! She has finally had the baby! Check your phones!” Josephine screams out. “WHAT?! SHE HAD HIM?!” Lee screamed out, pulling out my phone seeing a photo from Oliver saying he has arrived after twenty hours, I burst out into tears seeing the photo attached. With the sheer joy on my sister’s face and the way my nephew is looking up at her, I just want to go and give them all a hug. “Oh my baby girl, he looks massive poor thing no wonder it took so long, alright we know he has arrived let’s give them some time to rest up and finish off these household chores for them,” Lee ordered.

I don’t know about the dad’s but after seeing that picture I worked harder, I don’t mind yard work but I want to cuddle that cute little chubby bubba. I love the comment that Oliver had sent with my message about how someone so tinny could carry him, no wonder she was complaining about how big she felt and all the pain that went with it. I cannot wait to spoil him, I know when Justine had gone into labor I didn’t feel like this, this major need to cuddle him when he was born. Is it because of who the father is or is it because I am about to become a father soon myself? “JACKSON!” Josephine screamed at me, I snapped my head up at my wife. “Yes, Jo?” I asked, “What are you thinking so hard about? Been trying to get your attention for the last couple of minutes.” She complained, “Are we going to go meet him?” I asked, she rolls her eyes at me, “Fuck you’re worse than Lee!” She snapped.

Our phones go off again and it’s a group of cute photos of him and his name, I look up at her she has the biggest smile on her face as she noticed that I was crying she races towards me hugging me tightly. “Why are you crying, hun?” She asked, “They named him after me.” I said full of emotions, “No they fucking named him after Uncle Chris!” Lee snapped, “No, that’s not true Lee, he’s named after Oliver, my dad, and the boys.” Charles said, “The boys?” Josephine asked lost, I want to slap her for not working out which boys. “Oliver, me, Max, and Noah babe.” I told her, “Oh really, that is so sweet of her!” She lets go of me and gives both dad’s a big hug each. “I don’t care, sick of waiting I’m going to go see him now, who’s tagging along?” I asked the others, “Don’t you think you should hold off just a little?” Dad asked, “How about this we go and get some of her favourite food items, and some new cowboy items as he looks like he will grow out of them faster than we thought, and by that time she would have a little bit more sleep.” Lee said, “Also texting Max and Justine to meet us there too.” Dad said I groaned, “Not wait” Dad glares at me cutting me off, “Cut that shit out, you both are too old to keep that shit up.” I go to open my mouth to respond and the look he gives me shuts me right up, I spot my wife trying to hide her snicker, once we get home I will be punishing her.

What felt like an hour and a half which it wasn’t, we are walking towards the ward each with a different item in our hands I have ‘it’s a boy’ balloon and some new cowboy clothes for him as I open their room door finding them both kissing. “I see being in labour for over twenty hours hasn’t slowed you two down!” I yelled out, they slowly pull apart, with the biggest smiles on their faces, both looking tired more Tasmine than Oliver. Not caring about the rest that came with me, I rushed into the room wrapping them both up into my arms. “Hey, Jackie! Did you miss us?” Tasmine asked, “Hey Bro, you know I would like breath?” Oliver asked, “May have, but I’m so fucking happy for you both! Can I hold him? Also Little Thing how are you? Like really?” I asked she starts laughing, “Wow Jackson slow down babe.” Tasmine told me, “Yeah he’s been like that since you guys left the house.” Josephine informed us, “Oh, shit Tas’s birth was nothing like Auntie Maddie’s bro.” Oliver said.

“Been trying to tell him that!” Dad snapped, “God, what are you going to be like when Jo goes into labour?” Oliver asked, “Better than you?” Tasmine asked with a smirk on her face, “What?” He looked at her stunned mixed with anger while she looked like she wanted to laugh. “Babe kidding man take a chill pill.” No longer listening to them bickering as I walk towards my nephew with a big smile on my face, gentle picking him up. “Hello Christopher I’m your favourite Uncle Jackson but you can call me Uncle Jackie if Jackson is too hard to say.” I whispered, “Oi! Why do you get first cuddles?” Lee snapped at me, I look up at Lee who just finished giving Tasmine a cuddle, with a smirk on my face. “Cause I can?”

“Guys zip it, you all will get cuddles with our boy.” She said with a big smile on her face as she walks around the now small room giving everyone a hug before sitting back down on the bed, Oliver did the same thing climbing onto the bed Tas as always cuddled into him as they both watched me holding baby Chris. He is so cute, he has Tasmine’s lips, unsure about his eyes but he has the best bits from them both, he is one chunky bubba. Jose comes up behind me getting all clucky as she baby talks to him, giving him a kiss on the top of his head before handing him to my wife. I can see my dad and Lee are bursting at the seems to give their first grandson a hug as Max, Oliver, myself, and Justine chat away with each other while Tasmine ate some food before falling asleep in Oliver’s arms, while Christopher is being passed from a family member to family member.

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