No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 55 - Welcome Home!

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Since he was born it has been a whirlwind of feeding, dirty nappies, no sleep, visitors, phone calls, and text messages. We haven’t announced him to the world yet only our close friends and family know. All this is only three days, we ended up staying an extra night as he had a few sugar issues they had gotten low on his first night. Was a scary thing to watch your child go through that and feeling like it was your fault, that you did something while pregnant that caused it, Oliver keeps telling me to stop thinking that, but I feel guilty as I was craving chocolate and soft drinks which is not healthy but I did only keep it to a couple of sips and couple squares as I was doing my best to stay healthy for him.

It’s the day we can take him home, I’m a ball of fear and happiness scared that I will fail as a mother, scared I would end up like my mother and taking off, I know I won’t but who knows. The waiting is doing my head in, waiting to get his hearing test before we can leave the hospital, he spends more time on my breasts than asleep now that my milk has come in. Oliver has gone and taken all our bags apart from my nappy bag and handbag down to the car. I can hear my phone but I don’t want to answer it as I know who it is.

Must say Jackson has become annoying more than normal since we had him, I’m going to say he is acting like a worried mum and that is highly annoying to both of us as my mum is no longer here and well Oliver’s no longer is talking to him. Oliver walks into the room as my phone goes off again he groans out. “Let me guess Jackson asking when are we going to be home?” Oliver asked, looking down at my phone and yep he is asking what is taking us so long to leave. “Yes, why is he like this?” I asked.

“I believe it has something to do with his and Max’s births, Auntie Maddie had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with Jackson it nearly killed her and him she had an emergency c-section Jackson spent two months in the NICU up in Townsville as he was born twelve weeks early and our local hospital couldn’t look after her. When she was pregnant with Max she developed it again but further along than before, back up at Townsville, she also had placenta abruption which caused Max to be born seven weeks early he had spent some time in the NICU, but my Aunty had lost a lot of blood and needed blood. Seeing as he sees you as family he is worried but has gone over the top like he normally does. Think he will be fine once we are home, but god help Jo when she goes into labour his going to be a mess.” Oliver finished retailing the story to me, after all of this time he never bought that up to me, “Oh, I can see why that would worry your dad.” I said, “Babe, myself, and he was very close to her him more than us four kids. He is also very close to you it’s just brought up a lot of emotions for him. He is annoying yes, but” Oliver whispered, “Yeah we still love him.” I grumbled, life without him would be dull.

“Dam right, hey Christopher we still love over the top in your face Uncle Jackers,” Oliver said to cause us both to burst out into a fit of laughter as our son yawns and stretches before going back to sleep. “Don’t let Jackie hear you call him Jackers.” I reminded him, “We have at least a year before our son runs off and tells on us.” Oliver said, I laugh as the head nurse and another nurse walks in with a trolley. “Alright, Mr. and Mrs. Brown let’s check baby Christopher’s hearing.” The Head nurse said, they placed large ear muffs onto his head as they worked away, Oliver holds my hand tightly as we wait to see if he can hear us. “All is good, I will add this into his little red book before you are free to go home.” She informed us. Oliver kissed the side of my head, as I walk towards our boy picking him up as he starts fussing.

“Once I feed him we can go, babe.” I told him, he smiled broadly at me, “Cannot wait, I cannot wait to show him his room.” Oliver said sounding proud, “Better text Jackers that we are breaking out in a few.” I said he burst out in a fit of laughter, shaking his head as he pulls his phone out of his back pocket. “We have said that name so many times we might just slip and say it to his face.” He told me, “Oh well let him get angry at us.” I huffed.

Half an hour later we got our little man into his car seat making our way home, Oliver’s hand only leaving my leg to change gears. Pulling up to our house we spotted Jackson’s, Max’s, and my dad’s car in the driveway. “What are they still here? Thought that our dads are staying at Jackson’s place?” He asked me, “No idea babe, but I wanted to come home to a quiet house and to sleep.” I said, “I know you do babe, so do I. But seeing at its family I’m sure they won’t care if we crash.” Pulling the car into the only space left in our driveway, turning the car off he looks at me with a big smile on his face.

“We did it kitten, we have bought our son home.” He leans over kissing me softly, biting my bottom lip as he pulls away, I groan out. “That was a bit, mean babe.” I whispered, “Nope, I love that moan of yours kitten. Besides we have to wait until you healed before we” I cut him off, “Oh I know I’m all stitched up down there like hell am I having you poking it, it bloody hurts to pee right now.” I snapped at him, he chuckles, shaking his head. “Babe I know. Let’s show our boy his new home.” He said, “Fuck yes!” I cried out, holding onto our son tightly as I opened the door for Oliver who had our bags, to be welcomed with our loved ones screaming ‘Welcome Home!’ at us, as I laugh at all of the balloons, flowers, welcome home banners, more gifts by the looks of it, and our loved ones with the biggest smiles on their faces.

“About fucking time, you fuckers!” Jackson yells out at us, “Oi your nephew had to get his hearing tested before we could leave!” Oliver snapped at Jackson, “What? Is he ok?!” Charles asked, “Yeah, Charles he is, do you want a cuddle?” I asked, “What?! Your offering Christopher to him before me?!” My dad yelled out in shock, I start laughing. “No, just pulling your leg come over here dad.” I said, “Come to your cool Grandad chubba bubba!” Lee said cheerfully, “Oh you’re the cool Grandad? What am I?” Charles asked, “The old fart one?” Jackson asked, “JACKSON!” Josephine snapped at her husband, “Jackson that was harsh!” Justine told him, “Boy your forgetting that we are going home with you!” Charles growled out, “I’m not scared.” Jackson said sounding like a fool, “You should be.” Max said, “You should be you, idiot.” Oliver said, “Yeah you took that too far bro. Also nothing wrong with our boy having two cool Grandad’s.” I said brightly.

“I knew I liked you Tasmine.” Charles said, “Actually” Oliver started to say but Charles cuts him off, “Not talking about when you two were teenagers!” He snapped, “Good!” Dad said that as he rocks our son whispering things to him as I walked into the kitchen with the girls following me, I arch my eyebrow up them both. “Girls?” I asked, “Babe we love you, but let us make you a coffee because you look like you need it.” Josephine and Justine say at the same time as each other leaving me stunned, “Wow Girls what is” I started to say but Josephine gave me that look before opening her mouth, “Babe shut up and sit down.” She ordered me, “Fine.” I grumbled, they both laughed as I sat down, they both started making coffee for everyone. “Tas babe how the hell do you have no stomach?!” Josephine asked, “Um, no idea babe. I guess it was just all my boy.” I said, “Lucky girl!” Justine said.

“Nope her mother was the same days after having Tass she looked skinner than she had when we first started dating.” My dad said loudly, I smiled at him, “Well guys coffee is ready!” Josephine calls out to everyone, “About time!” Jackson said, man, he is on a roll today, “For that comment, you don’t get yours!” Josephine says this with a big smirk on her face as she tips out his coffee down the sink, he rushes towards his wife looking confused and upset. “Babe what the hell!” Jackson cried out.

“How about we all head out to the patio while those two um do whatever it is they are doing,” Oliver said loudly he grabs his cup, holding his hand out for me to take. Which I did he gave my hand a gentle squeeze as he leads us out to our favourite chair sitting in his lap, his warm arms wrap around my body while we both watch Christopher in Charles’s arms. Oliver kisses my temple as he whispers in my ear. “Look how clucky our boy has made them all.”

“The force is strong with our grandson Charles!” Lee said loudly, “Sure is, I cannot wait for you guys to bring him up home so we can show him around” Charles started saying but Max cuts him off, “More like you want to show him off, dad!” Max yelled out, “Who wouldn’t?! He is just the cuties!” Justine said loudly, “Thank you, babe.” I replied, “Thanks Justie.” Oliver said, she glared at him, “Oliver” Justine snaps at Oliver but was cut off by Charles. “Justine did you want to hold him,” Charles asked, Justine completely forgets her anger towards Oliver, her face lights up with her arms up in the air to greet her nephew. “Come here to your Auntie my sweet little babe!”

Oliver takes my now empty coffee cup, I didn’t even notice that I had drunk it all, he places it onto the table next to his cup and whispers in my ear. “Kitten go to sleep sweetie I will wake you if I cannot get him to stop crying.” He softly ordered, “But we” He cuts me off, “I don’t care you need sweetie.” He said firmly, “I love you.” I whispered, “I know kitten, I love you too.” he whispered back, instead of heading into our room, I cuddle further into him, his heartbeat lures me to sleep.

**Oliver’s Pov**

Smiling to myself that she has fallen asleep on my lap, I got my way with her, I knew she wouldn’t go to sleep while our family being here, but she needs it more than I do. I’m still stunned that my dad wants us to drive up north so they can all meet our son, not sure if we are ready for a road trip with a newborn who feeds nearly every two hours, it will be one long drive. Taken out of my thoughts as my father-in-law sits down next to me. “Oliver mate take her to your bed, let her sleep more than you think she needs.” He ordered, “I don’t want to wake her mate.” I said, “With that foghorn, he will soon wake her mate.” He said pointing to Jackson who is telling a joke his coworker had told him to our dad, seeing the look on Lee’s face is telling me he will keep fighting me on this, and right now I don’t want to be fighting with him.

Giving her a gentle kiss on her temple before moving her around so it’s easier to lift her up and take her to our room, holy hell they all cleaned our whole house, we need to thank them with a gift of some sort they had gone above and beyond on what was expected, I love them for that. Laying her down gently on our bed throwing a light throw rug over her giving her forehead another kiss. Heading out to bring our bags into our room to sort out later, and putting his in his room, that is when I noticed what her dad had done, on a blank wall he has put up a Star Wars poster that says ‘The force is strong with this one’ with baby Yoda on it, bursting out into a fit of laughter.

Walking back out shaking my head as I sat back down next to lee, spotting that Jackson has my son again this time he’s out in the yard showing him around the veggie patch. “Did you have to Lee?” I asked, he looked at me shocked, don’t think he has worked out what I’m talking about. “Do what? Asking you to put my daughter down in bed so she can get better sleep sorry but I will always be” I cut him off, “Lee, mate stop not about that the poster mate the bloody poster.” I said laughing and shaking my head as he started laughing too. “Sorry had a gut feeling she was going to have him on May the 4th and I was right, was up at the shopping center and seen that poster and just went that is my grandson all over.” He said with a big smile on his face, “Maybe.” I said, “Oh how did my daughter fall in love with a man who dislikes Star Wars?” He asked, “What?! I don’t dislike it, Lee, I’m just not a crazy fan like you just chill, want a beer?” I asked him.

“Yes please, bro!” Max yelled out, “Get yours yourself brother!” I yelled back at him, he looked shocked as I shake my head, walking back into the kitchen as he follows me grumbling. “Really?” He asked, “Oh, Maxi Pad just messing with you bro.” I said around a fit of laughter, “While we are alone want to ask you something.” Max said, “Sure, what’s up?” I said, pulling out five beers, not hearing him reply turning around placing the beers on the counter as I look at my little brother in shock, his holding a small box with a beautiful ring in it. “Wow, Max if I thought you had those types of feelings for me I would have told you it cannot happen as you know we share the same blood, and also I’m madly in love with Tasmine.” I said with a massive smile on my face, “Oh shut up you bloody idiot, what do you think? Do you think Justine would like it? Also, are you feeling odd about it as you used” I cut him off, “Wow she will love it mate cause you know she loves you, no? Why would that bother me? Be a bit different if it was Tasmine that you have these feelings for. It was a long time a go and we both were messed up and have gotten over it pretty fast, doesn’t bother me does it bother you?” I asked.

“No, in the wrong group if that type of stuff bothered me. Ok good, thank you.” He said, “So when are you planning on asking her? Now that you both are now living together.” I asked, “Well it was going to be on the fourth but you guys had him.” He said, “Stop do it when you want to, we don’t care about sharing the day with him like really why didn’t” He cuts me off, “Because Jackson was an annoying asshole as ever” He snapped but was cut off, “Why am I always walking in on family members bitching about me lately! By the way, Oliver your boy won’t stop crying.” Jackson snapped cutting his brother off, “Thanks, but if you don’t like people bitching about you maybe not be so annoying?” I asked, grabbing my now screaming boy out of his uncles’ arms as I nod to the beers.

“Whichever out of the pair of you can take the beers out to the rest, I’m going to see if he has a dirty bum. Also don’t give me that look Jackie I still love your annoying ass.” I walk past Jackson leaning in to kiss him as he gently shoves me off him. “Fuck off Oliver! Don’t you fucking kiss me!” He cries out, I laughed so hard as I walk towards our son’s room, rocking him gently. Cleaning him up while talking softly to him trying not to wake up Tas. “Hope you’re having fun with all the family, and not missing mum too much, we need to let her sleep just a little bit longer. Want a bottle of her expressed milk?” I asked, he just stretched and yawned, never thought I would love someone so much and barely know anything about them. Feeling her arms running up my back and working their way around the front as I lean back into her a little.

“Babe you didn’t sleep long at all.” I said, “I know, but I could hear him crying and Jackson bitching about people bitching about him behind his back. Who was I kidding to get any sleep while they are all here, is he hungry?” she asked, “Yeah he is kitten, I was going to try him on a bottle of your express milk. But I can send them all home if you want.” I told her, “Nah, thanks I will feed him.” I grabbed her hand pulling her into me, her breath hitches I smile to myself I love how I affect my wife. I lead her to the lounge getting comfortable as she sits on my lap while she starts breastfeeding our son, loving this new us.

Fifteen minutes later our family started filling in chatting away while our son devours both her breasts, this boy knows how to eat. Once he had finished feeding she fixed herself up, placing him on her chest burping him, I noticed she stopped patting his back looking down she has fallen asleep giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead as I breathe a sigh of relief that she is finally sleeping. Lee looked at her worried, I guess those father sensors never goes away. I lost track of what was going on around me as I fall asleep hearing my wife and son’s soft snoring.

I wake up to feeling her body being moved off me, in fear I reached out. “Son shh it’s ok, we are just putting her to bed.” My dad whispered, “Dad?” I asked, “Yeah mate? It’s ok we both know how tired you get with a newborn.” He said, I rub my face groaning. “Both?” I asked lost, “I just put Christopher down in his bed, we are now putting Tas into bed get up your going to bed too.” Lee ordered, “Don’t you dare say you too old to be told to go to bed.” My dad snapped, “Wasn’t going to say anything.” I said, “Good.” Lee said, “Let me carry her.” I said to Lee, “Mate I know she is your wife but you can barely stand, let us help.” Lee said kindly, walking behind them, they put her into the bed, Lee leaned down kissing her on the forehead. “Night sweetie, get some sleep baby girl proud of you.” He whispered he gives me a smile leaving the room Charles looks at me with a mixture of love and something else that I cannot read.

“Please tell me you do not want a goodnight tuck in from your childhood?” He asked, I start laughing. “No cause Aunty Maddy was the one that had the voice.” I told him, “Really? Your lucky I love you right now.” He chuckled, “Hmmm you’re just saying that out of fear that you won’t see Christopher again. Dad, I would never stop you from seeing him.” I told him, “I know, I” He choked up, “We share the same blood as him but your not Keith, ok.” I told him, “I know I am not him, fucking glad you turned out nothing like him, may look like them both but you are your own person.” Dad said, “The only best thing about them, night Dad. Are you two staying?” I asked, “With a newborn? No will be at Jack’s see you tomorrow if your up for it if not tomorrow night think the boys are talking about a family bbq. Also night son.” He said, “Yeah I get that, um I will wait for when Tas is awake to ask her. Right now I know I will say no to fucking tired.” I grumbled, “Yeah I know son.” He leaves as I cuddle into my wife falling asleep so fast.

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