No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 57 - Maxi Pad's Surprise!

**Oliver’s Pov**

Not going to lie, with the way Tasmine had been behaving I had feared she was going to do what her mother did to her. Hence why when I told Jackie and Maxi Pad my fears Max had invited all of us to join him and Justine on their weekend away, after the baby shower. I had originally told him no, not cutting into their couple time. Both him and Jackie just about jumped on top of me screaming that they will not let her go down that path, love that they feel the same way that I do.

When she told me she couldn’t do it anymore I nearly burst out into tears hearing it. I know Christopher has been harder than all the other babies in that baby group she goes to, I’m hoping once we work out how to get him to sleep longer and crying less and to handle the car we won’t be fighting as much.

I needed this time with her, I don’t want to lose her because we failed to reconnect with each other. Just so fucking glad that our friends are here to help, still bloody shocked that dad got Chris to sleep longer than normal. Watching her running around at the water’s edge while dipping our son’s feet into the water, laughing and chatting to Jose and Justine. Jackson shoulder nudges me out of my thoughts. "Did last night help you two?" He asked, "It’s a start." I whispered, "What happened?" He asked, I let out a sigh double checking that she is still out playing in the water.

"She said she couldn’t do it anymore" I started, "Are we too fucking late?!" He cuts me off, yelling out in fear which bought the attention of Max, Dean, Sam, and Dad who are all sitting nearby. "No, I don’t think so. She thinks Chris hates her and that she is a shit mum." I said, "Like fuck she is!" Dean snaps, "Is the weekend going to be long enough?" Max asked me, "It’s a start." I whispered, "Want Lee down to help out with Chris when I go back to work?" Dad asked, "No, I will call him if we need him, thank you." I told him, "Is she having those thoughts again?" As Jackosn asked that question I look at him in shock, I am a horrible husband I did not ask her that question last night or this morning.

"Judging by that look I don’t think he asked her that question brother." Max answered, "How about this us cool uncles and grandad take Christopher for the day and the night and you two join us in feeding the local animals in the morning?" Sam asked, "Yeah she’s not going to want to be that long away from him bro." I replied, "Who is not going to want to be away from someone?" My wife said as she got closer with the girls and our son, who was bouncing around in her arms trying to get to me, which caused me to smile brightly at him with my arms up to collect him from her. She hands him to me, once he was safely in my arms I pull her in for a soft kiss.

"You didn’t answer" She whispered, "We were talking about you, babe. Sam had offered to have Chris for the day and night and I" I told her, "NO!" She snapped at us all, a few of us went to go say something but she cuts them off. "I cannot go that long away from him. Instead, you all can pick who has him tonight but heads up he doesn’t like to sleep."

"I’m happy to have my grandbaby for the night." Dad said, "You’re going to have to tell us how you got him to sleep for so long." I said all that did was cause him to laugh at us, we spent the rest of the day chilling with everyone, before Charles had Christopher for the night Tassie fed him and expressed a few bottles for him we had some quiet family time.

When I say quietly my loves had fallen asleep in my arms, Chris on my chest, and Tass in my arms. I wanted to talk to her, but I also know those two need some sleep, I had texted Charles letting him know that they are asleep, he will come to check on us before dinner. Setting my phone alarm for the morning animal feed I had fallen asleep with them on me.

"Ollie, wake up my boy," Dad whispered, "Dad?" I asked shocked, I sat up looking at him in shock. "What?" I mumbled, "Time for me to take your boy for the night, he is awake so is Tas, thought you might want to give him a hug before I head back to my cabin." He whispered, I smiled at dad who was now passing me, my son, giving him a hug and a kiss before I hand him back to his grandfather. Watching him walk out with our boy bought a smile to my face, been years since I have seen that old man with such a big smile on his face.

"Are you hungry?" She softly askes me, I smiled at her gripping my package with a smirk on my face. "I’m hungry, but I believe we are both hungry for something else." She laughs as she rushes into my arms on the bed, I laughed with her this feels like old times I like this. "I know we need to talk babe, but I want to fuck your brains out first." She whispered, "Fuck I love that dirty mouth of yours! Take your clothes off now babe!"

"Your clothes are on too?" She askes, "Oh I know, you are to take them off with your teeth." She gives me her best smirk before kissing me, I love her so much I hope we can sort this out.

"FUCK!! YES, THAT’S THE SPOT OLIVER!! ARGHHHH" She screams out as I thrust hard into her from behind, she grips the bedhead moaning and screaming. Fuck she is so tight, she is not far off from reaching her climax, gripping her hips tighter. "Kitten I’m"

"Fuck!! OLIVER YES!!" She cuts me off as she reaches her climax, her body shaking as I reach my climax, clasping together on the bed puffed, starting to feel old now. "Ollie hmmm wow...." She pants out, "I know kitten, now let’s" I started, "Talk..." She said we got comfortable Tasmine just laid there is she really not going to tell me what is going on?

"Babe you are starting this conversation." I stated, she groaned out, "Fine! You’re not going to drop it, are you?" She grumbles, "You know my answer kitten." I said, "You don’t need to worry that much about me" I scoffed cutting her off, does she not know me at all? I will always worry about her, she is now giving me that look she is not impressed with. "You want me to talk, well then mister you need to stop interrupting me then!" She snapped, I smiled at her and nod my head.

"Fine, yes of course you will, forget that comment. Right I’m not stupid I know you all are worried about me, also know you all think I am going to do a Jane on you and Christopher. Not going to lie to you my husband, in that shower it did cross my mind after all that screaming from him I was at a low point in my life. I know motherhood is hard but fuck I feel like a failure not being able to get him to sleep or to stop screaming. What I didn’t realise was not having any sleep made those feelings worse. Right now I feel so much better I’m not so zombified, or angry or upset, I’m now feeling loved and happy but I’m worried next time it happens would it be so easy to get out of that hole?" She quietly asked, oh wow, my poor wife, I knew she was feeling down but I never thought she would ever think of doing what her mother had done to her knowing what it is like.

"Ahh Tas, babe one you are not a failure at all, we both are new at this and learning together sadly our boy is an experiment our next lot of kids will be fine as we know what we are doing by then or more so then we do now. We are all worried about you and want to help, one thing I will only ask that you tell me before it gets to that stage, please. If you need to we will see our GP and get more help, I love you and if we need to take more quick family breaks or couple time then we will, I will do anything to help you out you know that." I told her, "Ok, deal. Are you ok?" She asked, "Yeah, much better." I replied she scoffs, "Fuck is that all your going to say?" She asked, not sounding impressed at all, "Well you said pretty much what I was feeling too babe, we work best as a team than separate you know? Up for another round before we go to sleep?" I asked, she starts laughing so loudly, what did I say that was so funny?

"Can we eat the food your dad bought in first?" She asked around her laughing, "Yes but what was so funny?" I asked, she sat up crossing her legs in front of her not caring that she is naked either, with a playful look on her face. "The face you had pulled, just remembering when you had pulled that face at me for the first time, that is all." I looked at her in shock, I have no idea how she even remembers that. "How the hell do you remember me doing that look? I don’t even remember." I asked, "You had done that look at one of our many creek swims." She said.

"Right, but are we? Because if we are not you need to put some clothes on." I ordered, "Ol put some food into your mouth so we can." I didn’t answer, I raced over to the table bring all the food and drinks over to the bed so we both can eat together on the bed. She just laughs as she takes a chip into her mouth. "Babe, have you only got sex on your brain?" She asked. "Of course I do, who wouldn’t with their wife sitting in front of them naked, looking fucking smoking hot, and besides when do you think our son will give us time to have adult time again? Knowing our luck never." I said. "Yep, total agree babe! Even cold this is yum." She said with a massive smile on her face, I'm enjoying seeing her this happy, "Hmm kitten have you had enough food?" I asked, "Wow you really want me pregnant again don’t ya?" She asked.

I choked on my mouth full of food, while she is trying to hold in her laughter. "No, not yet anyway. I just cannot think with you like that." I said, "Good ask me that question after his first birthday." She said with that matter of fact tone to her voice. "Love that idea, you want kids close together?" I asked, "That is why I said after his birthday if he has improved from not crying as much, and" I cut her off, "Ok if we are going to keep talking put the bloody sheet around you!" I snapped, "WHAT?! Oliver! You think it’s easy sitting there looking" I cut her off, "Oh fuck this!" I cried out.

Pushing the now-empty food containers to the floor pouncing on her kissing any part of her body that I could reach as she laughs. I cannot get enough of her moans and screaming out my name, going to get my fill of her tonight before we have to get up early in the morning to feed the wildlife in the morning with everyone.

Trying to get a sleepy Tasmine up early was a fun task, she is grumbling next to me walking hand in hand to get some coffee from the café before catching up with everyone. "Babe, I love you, but you’re normally a morning person." I started saying, "Oliver we kept on having sex, I’m tired" She cut me off getting louder as she went, trying to save the bystanders I cut her off before she got into the detail of our antics last night, need to make a note in buying more condoms it’s been a while for us to go through a whole box in one night.

"Shhh I get it, we can have another lazy day," I said over the top of her, "I love you but I need this coffee so I can listen or I will fall asleep standing upon you." I laughed as she spoke so fast, rushing towards the counter ordering our coffees. "Hi, can I please have two large coffees, one on full cream milk and the other with skim both with three sugars." She hands the cash over as I looked at her shocked, three sugars each?

"Why is my coffee with three sugars?" I asked, "Oh shit, sorry forgot you don’t like that much sugar in your coffee." I laugh as I wrap an arm around her pulling her into me kissing the top of her head. "Is this going to be worth being up this early?" She asked again, "I have a feeling it will be." She looks up at me with her big doe eyes and her playful smirk. "Spill husband now!" She ordered, oh that is so cute that she thinks that would work, "Nope, not my place to spill kitten."

Our coffee’s arrived, took one sip of it doing my best not to spit it out no sugar in it but fuck that is one bad coffee, the look on her face told me she thought so too. She placed her cup back on the counter and just walked out shaking her head, while I was left wondering if we should ask for our money back. "Hurry up hun I want to see what all the fuss is!" I laughed as I followed her to the beach, looking around in wonder it’s beautiful out here, can see kangaroos over on the other side of the beach, Tas spotting Jackson with our son as she screamed out in joy as she raced off towards them. Thoroughly enjoyed watching her being excited to see our son, can spot the difference from when we arrived at now with her time away from him seemed to have helped. I joined her greeting our family after our son finished being in her arms he jumped up into mine, fuck I love this little boy of ours, showering him with kisses as I have missed him too. We as a group made our way towards the animals with a few bags of their food that the park rangers had handed out. I kept on looking up at her as she feeds the kangaroo near her, watching how her face lit up and she laughs making her look so beautiful, poor Christopher seemed scared by the kangaroos when they were close by. Likes them when they aren’t close to him, Tas walks up to me with a big smile on her face. Christopher jumps into my arms, love this.

"Ollie, why hadn’t we done this before? This is so fun, ahh do you want to come to your mummy?" She said happily as Chris laughs clapping his hands asking to be in her arms, which she does, with her free hand she pulls me down for a quick kiss. "Can do this as often as you like kitten, love seeing you both this happy."

"Awesome! Love that idea babe, also love seeing you with that handsome smile of yours plastered on your face. Alright, alright you will get feed mate." She starts talking to Chris as he pulls her top down exposing her bra to everyone, guess he wants a feed now. She walks over to the massive picnic blanket that we have set up under the trees Sam, Dean, and Andy who just arrived chatting away while Chris starts making his fussing crying as she is not fast enough for him. I was going to go sit down next to her when Jackson pulls me aside.

"Bro, what’s up?" I asked, he didn’t get to respond when Sam hit play on his speaker and the Jonas Brother’s ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ song starts blasting out over the normally quiet beach. We all stopped looking around thinking what is going on when we spotted Max holding Justine’s hand as he gets down on one knee as both Tasmine and Josephine started screaming that high pitch girly one. I shove Jackson as he looked like he was going to yell out to our baby brother. "Why the hell did you do that for Oliver!" He snapped at me, "Shhh it’s his moment, not yours!" I snapped.

He didn’t look happy but he kept quiet as Max started talking to Justine but we could barely hear him until Justine started screaming. "YES MAX! A THOUSAND’S TIMES YES, I WILL MARRY YOU!"

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