No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 58 - Maxi Pads Surprise Continue

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Sitting down on the picnic rug feeding Christopher when Sam started acting all weird even Dean pointed it out to him. "Bro, what the hell is wrong with you?" Dean asked, "Nothing is wrong with me." Sam said I look at him with the don’t bullshit us look when his boyfriend Andy spoke up. "Babe I agree with them, your acting odd." Andy said, "I’m no longer talking to you all." He says this as he leans over turning his portable speaker on and the new Jonas Brother’s song comes on, we all look at him in shock, Andy looks like he might punch Sam because we all think he’s about to drop the big question.

"I hope this is not what I" Andy started saying, "Shhh babe they are just about to get to the good bit," Sam said pointing towards Max and Justine, we all looked up and sure enough, Max had taken Justine off towards the water away from us holding both her hands before he got down on one knee, both I and Josephine started doing the girly scream while the men just looked at us like we lost the plot.

"I cannot believe he is finally doing it!" Josephine cried out, "You knew he was going to be doing this and you didn’t tell us?" Dean asked Sam sounding upset, seeing as we cannot hear what Max is saying we all looked at Sam to find out. "Yes, he wanted me to help him out. He wanted the rest of you to keep on helping Oliver and Tasmine out so Max and I could work on his plan." He was cut off from Justine’s screams.


"Yes!" Cried out, "Do you think we should celebrate tonight or just give them some alone time instead?" Dean asked, "As much as we all love to party Dean think tonight is their night to be alone together. Besides, I just got here and I would love to have some alone time." Andy said looking fondly at Sam, "Sorry Dean, but I want some time with Andy haven’t seen him for two weeks." Sam said brightly, "I know I miss you too." Andy said softly, "Ahh isn’t that cute you two finish off each other sentences." I said with a big smile on my face, "Tas keep feeding Chris and be quiet." Dean snapped, my mouth flew open in shock, "Wow the green-eyed monster makes you a bitch Dean." I snapped, Andy scoffed next to me, I look up at him think I know what has happened with those three and Dean doesn’t like being left out, Andy leans over and whispers in my ear. "Tasmine he didn’t like me turning down the threesome he had asked for, felt weird as I know they are exs as well."

"All good Andy we all get it. Ahh, you full hey buddy?" I say this as Christopher chose that moment to pull off my breast exposing me to everyone while stretching, quickly covering of course it happened when Oliver was looking our way, the look he is giving me makes me wish we were both back in our cabin. Placing Christopher down on the rug as he has crashed, Jose leans into me groaning. "You ok babe?" I quietly asked her, while she rubs her stomach groaning again. "Yeah, this child doesn’t seem to understand there is no more space in here." Josephine grumbles, "Ahh babe, not long now and you will have your little bub in your arms." I told her, she scoffs and then groans again, I felt that kick.

"Your lovely Tas but stop, I now get why you were snappy at the end, I just want to go home and sit in an ice bath with the aircon up the lowest setting possible as it’s so hot. I know it’s not summer but it sure feels it to me right now." She said, "I know babe, here put your head down in my lap oh don’t." She goes to complain but I stopped her, once she placed her head in my lap, leaning over fetching out a few icepacks from our bag and placing one on her forehead and the other one on her chest she moans out. "Fuck that feels so much better thanks Tas." She said.

"Is it wrong to say you look, smoking babe?" Jackson asked, "Right now it’s wrong Jackson." She snapped at him, "Oh wow she is using your full name you are in trouble Jackie." Oliver said laughing as he sat next to me giving my forehead a kiss, whispering his hello to me. I was going to reply but was interrupted by Max and Justine made their way over to us, the men all raced to them giving them hugs and kiss congratulating them. They came down to our level for myself and Josephine to say congratulations to them.

"Congratulations glad she said yes." I said to Max, "Thanks, you two." Max said with a big smile on his face, "Yes, can we go back to sleep now?" I asked, "Really?" Max asked shocked, "Yeah babe, she looks tired as hell, Sam shut up." Justine said, Sam goes to say something smart but she cuts him off. "I for one think we all should head to the Pinnacle Pub for a big feed and celebrate the engagement of our baby brother Maxi Pad and Justie!" Jackson said loudly, "Stop fucking calling me that!" Justine snapped at him, "Never, stuck with that name babe!" Jackson replied with a big smile on his face, "I’m up for it but for lunch or dinner guys?" Max asked.

"What do you want to do Sam?" Andy asked looking at Sam, "How long do you have off?" Sam asked, "I go back in a week." Andy said, "Awesome! Lunch!" Sam said loudly, "Dinner" Dean grumbled, both myself and Oliver said at the same time, "Lunch."

"Sweetiepea how are you feeling?" Jackson asked, "I just want to go home, I’m sorry Max and Justine I" Josephine started, "We get it, Dad?" Max said softly, "God, not going to pass up celebrating my baby boy getting engaged. Let’s go pack up and check out and head on over if you want to get a table before the lunchtime rush hits." Dad said.

"Come on baby boy let’s go help mummy in packing up our gear," Oliver says as he picks up our son, who is still sound asleep. I grab our boy’s bag giving everyone a hug and a kiss before we made our way to the cabin. Oliver places him in the porta cot as I lay down on the bed, groaning out in pain. "You ok?" Oliver asked, "Hmm tired and sore, you?" I asked, "Tired, do you think we have time for a nap?" Oliver asked, "Doubt it." I grumbled, "Why did we agree to lunch then?" He said this as he lay down next to me, pulling me into his arms. "Thought it would have been better than trying to stay here another night." I said, "Ok." He looks at his phone, before typing away at it. "Kitten get some sleep we have three hours before we need to leave here," he said.

"Are you three always going to be late now?" Max asked, "What? We had texted to let you know we had overslept and are on our way, happy to head back home if you got the shits with us, baby brother." Oliver snapped as I look at the two men while holding on to an upset Christopher from our car ride, thinking should I step in or let them work it out. Charles came over towards me with a new toy in his hand jiggling it as my son stops crying and looked at his grandad as a smile spread over his face, as I smile too.

"Wow! Charles how?" I asked, Charles, laughs as Christopher puts his arms up to take the toy off him. "I had my own set of toys and this one he wouldn’t stop playing with. This is for you to take home with you, I had gone and gotten another one hoping it might make car rides easier for the three of you. Oh baby boy do you want to go to Grandad?" I quickly give Chris a kiss before handing him over to his grandad as the two of them start having a little conversation with each other, wish I knew what my son was saying it sounds so cute.

Spotting Justine all by herself, I sat down next to her, with a big smile on my face. "Hey babe what’s with the sad look on your face?" I asked, "Ahh, nothing babe." She said. I give her that look that tells her I don’t believe her. "I just feel like our engagement means not as big as yours or Jose’s did." She said, "What now? Really? Cause we were late and Jo and Jackie going home instead cause she is due any day now? Babe, we are all happy for you both, I’m sorry if it doesn’t feel it but we are, and if I had known that was what he was up to I would have a surprised gift for you too!" I said loudly.

She looked at me, thinking. Wow, does she really think that? Cause we really did oversleep even Christopher slept longer than we both thought and Oliver’s alarm clock wasn’t loud enough to wake us. "Ok, so you really didn’t know he had this planned?" She asked, "Well he didn’t tell me jack shit, maybe Oliver but Ollie wouldn’t tell me either babe." I said, "You two really did just oversleep and not have shit tones of sex again?" She asked, doing my best not to be upset with what she just said to me, also spotting Oliver had gone to the bar with men as they all chatting and laughing away.

"No Justine, all three of us overslept, we needed it. I’m" I snapped at her, "Sorry Tassie, I don’t mean to grill you." Justine cuts me off, "Has Rachel been giving you some grief?" I asked, "Yes, how did you know?" She asked shocked, "You act like this when she gives you hell about something. I’m guessing she wasn’t happy that Jo and Jackie had headed home and that myself and Oliver had overslept?" I asked she nods her head, I hate how she seconds guess herself after she talks to her but that is all up to Justine to say something not me, deep down I do wish she would just walk away from that friendship it’s toxic.

"Ok, Tas clear this up for us did you" Dean yelled out as he walked over, "OMG! For the love of god yes we really did oversleep!" I cried out in anger, "God, I told you that, since when do you see us lying about our sex life? Like really Dean?" Oliver asked sounding just as up set as I do. "Fair enough," Dean said, "Fair enough? You’ve known them longer than myself and I know those two would say if they had been late due to sex." Andy said shocked, "Who cares can we eat now?" Sam asked, "God such a caring friend you are." Dean snapped, "This again? Pfft if you think I am that horrible go hang out with Rachel and her new friends then." Sam snapped, storming off back to the bar as Andy followed him, while Charles looks at us all with a stern face.

"What is it with you kids and all this free talking about who does this and that while I’m around?" Charles asked, "Some days I feel the same as you Charles." I said, "Unsure we talk like this normally don’t like it dad don’t listen?" Oliver said, "Um.... I’m just going to say sorry dad, will try not to." Max said, "Right, find that hard to believe Max and Oliver you smartass." Charles snapped, "If you’re going to swear give me my son so he doesn’t" Dean cuts me off, "Tasmine really his what four months old his not going" I glare at Dean, before cutting him off, "And I’m not going to have my son’s first word be a swear word that he heard from his Grandad, Dean!" I snapped, "Ok, sorry Tas." Charles said, "Babe what do you want to order?" Oliver asked, after I told Oliver what I wanted the lunch went by fast even Christopher had even tried some of our chips. We said goodbyes and made our way home, and that toy worked for half of the trip home, lets hope nap times are improving for us.

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