No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 59 - Christopher Is Now Six Months Old

**Oliver’s Pov**

It’s my last day of time off before I have to go to work. I really do not want to go back to work, I am enjoying being at home with my wife and son. He is now growing so much and doing so much crawling around, standing up, and holding onto furniture walking around them, he is trying to walk on his own but not quite ready yet. Talking more, sleeping more, and eating so much more no longer breastfeeding unsure if it’s because Tas couldn’t keep up with him or he chose food over milk.

I must say it’s amazing now that we have gotten him to sleep longer, he has hit the eight-hour mark for nighttime sleep. I and Tas are no longer walking zombies so we are no longer fighting as much, we still fight you know as couples do but it’s nothing like what it was before our little family trip away.

Tasmine is sound asleep naked laying on her stomach doing that cute little snore of hers that I love. My body clock has woken me up before the pair of them, I can see our boy sound asleep like his mum but with clothes on snoring his little head off over the baby monitor. Thinking I should get up and make both of us coffee, but I know if I leave this bed she will wake up and she needs her sleep as she tossed and turned all night, she is always this unsettle the night before I head off out to work, hopefully, I find a job that pays nearly the same in town so I can leave this job.

From what I have heard with my feelers that I have out, it’s looking a little better than I thought, hopefully, it’s soon.

The night of Max and Justine’s engagement is also the night of our newest nephews birthday, Josephine had gone into labor on the way home at lunchtime, as we pulled into the house we both received a text from Jackson with a cute photo of Jasper Charles Brown, so happy for the pair of them, our son loves him too. Dad is over the moon about having another grandchild to dot over now that he is semi-retired he has been down more often to spend time with all of us boys. On some trips he will bring one of Tas’s family members who are tagging along to see our boy too, now that he can handle up to four hours in a car we have made two trips up north for the remaining family to meet him.

Lee has made so many trips that I am worried about his shop like I know he would have someone on to take over but, his work ethic is completely different to most of his employees that it could be slipping, but am getting the feeling he’s thinking about selling up and moving down here to be closer to Tas. If Tas knew this she would flip her switch at him, we aren’t locked into living in Mackay like he is in Tully. It will take him longer to sell both his business and house after the latest cyclone that had torn through the town. He had fixed the damaged but the town is still being fixed.

Tas moves around next to me, cuddling up to the side of me as she grumbles. "Please tell me your awake because Chris had woken you." She whispered, "No, I wished he had woken me. No, my body clock did." I grumbled, "Go and work out then babe, I will be up soon to join you on our morning run." She whispered, "I have another idea" I whispered she cuts me off, "You need a condom babe, I think we used the last one last night."

"Want to start trying for baby number two?" I asked, she sat up looking at me like she is thinking about whether or not to slap or punch me. "Is he one yet?" She asked, "No, he is not." I answered, "What have we agreed on?" She asked, "To start trying after his first birthday." I replied, "Good, you want morning sex go to nightowl and buy some condoms babe." She said cheerful, wow, was expecting a different reaction than that, leaning down giving her a soft kiss before getting out of bed.

"Want me to get coffee and breakfast while I’m out?" I asked, she grabs my hand pulling me down to her again, kissing me softly as she wraps her beautiful body around mine. "Yes, please!" She says loudly in between kissing me, shit she is making it hard for me to leave, all I want to do is fuck her hard watching my sperm drip out of her. "Need to go back to" I started to say, "Ok, hurry back I" She started and I cut her off, "I know babe."

Rushing into our bathroom to get dressed and head on off to nightowl for what we needed, was home within twenty minutes of leaving the house, our son is still sleeping, I found Tas sound asleep, I had opened up a packet of condoms and placed one onto myself as I climbed up onto the bed kissing my way up her body as she slowly woke up. "Hmmmm Ollie." She moans out, "Yes kitten?" I asked, "Make it a fast one, he will be up soon." She ordered, I chuckle, before making my way up to her mouth kissing her roughly the way she loves it. Tassie lets out a moan, lifting her legs up in front of her crossing them as I slowly enter her, she lets out a loud moan, fuck I love the sounds she makes. Getting into a nice rhythm then we both heard over the baby monitor.

"Bub hdag dadaddda mammmamama" Christopher yelled out, "You got to be kidding me! Mummy was nearly there." Tasmine yelled out, "Want to keep" I started saying, "MAMAMAMMA!" Christopher cries out, "Nope his killed the mood." She grumbles, "Yep, he sure did." I grumbled with her.

We both groan out getting up out of the bed to clean up and to get dressed before she headed off to our son. I stayed back making the bed listening to her talking to our son, my heart swells more for this girl. Making my way into the kitchen to put the food I had bought onto three plates setting up the table for us to eat.

"Look Chris daddy has made breakfast for us." She said cheerfully, "Dadda! Gjdudhda." Christopher yelled out, turning around looking at them happily as he bounces in her arms to get to me. "Morning my little man!" I said loudly, holding onto him tightly giving him kisses, I’m going to miss him more than I thought. Tas walks up to me giving us both a hug and a kiss before grabbing her coffee, taking a big sip of it.

"Got any plans for today?" She asked, putting Chris into his high chair and letting him eat his own food with his hands, sitting down next to her. I don’t know how to answer this because what if she wants to do something all I want to do is be with them both until I have to leave. "I am happy to just be with you two for the day." I said, "Good, I like that up for a trip to the beach for a family walk and play in the park maybe lunch?" She asked, "Sure, sounds good. The family just us two?" I asked, "Yes, just us two babe." She answered, I smiled at her, I love my cousins but lately, Jackson has been over nearly every day with his boy and Jose or by himself some days I feel like he doesn’t want to go home which is not like him at all. I will call him up once I am on site he will open up more when he knows Tasmine is not around.

Next week is Max and Justine’s engagement party, they have hired out a local restaurant that is close to the clubs and pubs in town so it will be our first adult time out since Jackson’s engagement. I cannot wait to see Tas all dressed up, she doesn’t know this but I have Lee coming down to spend the weekend with Chris while we celebrate also have booked a room at a hotel nearby the restaurant really want to turn it into a romantic weekend.

I felt something soft and cold on my face, drawing me out of my thoughts as I wipe my face to find scrabble egg, looking over at Chris who was laughing and throwing food around, really boy? "Really Christopher? We are now throwing our food, right no more for you." I said firmly, taking his bowl off him as he starts screaming the house down, Tas races over with a wet washer to clean him up as I take all the dirty dishes to the sink cleaning them up, and putting them into the dishwasher.

An hour later we are walking along the harbour beach, I have Christopher on my front in his Tula baby carrier that Tas got me as I couldn’t work out the wrap thing that she has. I haven’t told Tas yet but every time I babywear him woman seems to want to flirt with me, I brush it off but lately, they have become brazen about it. Holding her hand as we laugh and chat away as we splash each other playfully, a woman in a two-piece walks past us and full-on checks me out, while Tas stood next to me in shock.

"Did she just check you out? Even with Chris and myself being around? WOW..."

I look down at my beautiful wife, not even caring about the woman that just walked past, sorry I would never leave the best thing in my life for something quick as looks fade, I have the whole package with her. I go to open my mouth but she stops me. "I have a smoking hot hubby and he’s all mine!" She yells out, I laugh as she spins around with her arms up in the air laughing with me, I grab her pulling her in for a smoking hot kiss, while our son talks away to the world. She pulls away because her phone starts ringing, she mouths it’s Jackie.

"Hey Bro, yeah we are out at the beach what's up?" She nods her head smiling at me as my hand grips her bum. "Hold up let me check with Ollie." She pulls her phone away, smiling up at me using that puppy dog face she does when she wants something. "Babe, he's asking if he could join us with his fam and Max too." She even used the voice that goes with that look, trying not to laugh, but still upset I wanted to spend the day with just these two. "Fine, tell them they can tag along for lunch and a play at the park." I said, "Yeah you heard all of that? Hmmm, nope not even going to get him to. Why Jackers he goes back to work tomorrow I’m guessing he just wanted to spend some time with just me and Chris. Jackson no come, oh stop being such a drama queen right now. If you and Max need to talk to Ollie about this come we are not stopping you. Good. Yes, we love you all see you soon."

She puts her phone in her back pocket, smiling at our son who was now talking to her. "Yes, I know Buba you want to go play in the playground? Hmm you do, good Daddy you ready?" She asked, "Yes, also what did the princess want?" I asked, "He and Max wants to talk to you." She stated, "And they want to do this on my last day here?" I asked, "Yes, Max just got back in his on days off, also I have no idea what they want to talk to you about either."

"Right, and let me guess he wants me to say sorry for saying Fine?" I asked, she laughs that was my answer, I knew that would tick him off. "You only said that to tick him off." She stated, I just smiled grabbing her hand pulling her into me turning us towards the entry back to the playground. The playground was pretty packed with older children so we got back into the car and headed down the other end of the harbour to the new park which is over the road from the place we are having lunch at. I let him out and he crawls off towards the big flat round swing wanting up, picking him up sitting in the swing with him as we played noticing off in the distance Tas taking photos of us. I smiled waving at her to come to join us, I slowed the swing down for her to join us. She jumps onto the swing Chris crawls over into her lap, is it bad that I want her pregnant again very soon?

"Oliver, stop that, it’s not going to happen until after his birthday mister!" She snaps at me, "What?" I asked, she gives me her best resting bitch face that I still find cute I snicker trying not to laugh out loud. "Your forgetting that I know you very well, I know that look mister, not going to happen, also stop laughing." She snapped but it's not her real snappy voice that she does, "Nope sorry you’re doing a cute look right now and I just cannot help it watching you and him, I’m happy kitten." I told her, "I know, so am I." She whispered.

The swing had put Christopher to sleep, she helps me put him back into his carrier as Jackson and Josephine walks up to us with their son in a pram. "Jasper!" Tasmine yells out, racing off the swing towards the pram while Jack and Jose both hold their hands up in the air in shock well Jose mock shock. "What Tasmine we are just chopped liver?" Jackson snapped at her, "Nope, not at all seem both boys are sound asleep. Hi Jackers and Josie!" She hugs Jose and goes to hug Jackson as he starts a hissy fit but she just laughs which ends him in a fit of laughter, some days I don’t get those two.

"Ollie, how are you?" Josephine asked me, "Good, you?" I asked, she gave me that look that says she doesn't believe me, "Really? Your good, you're first" She started to say, "How about this, can we not talk about it." I cut her off, Jackson noticed he just gives me a look that tells him he wants to talk to me with the ladies.

"Max not here yet?" He asked, "Nope, plan on telling me what is up?" I asked, "Nope." He said, man why is he not telling me? "Boys your good?" My wife asked, we both nod our heads as she takes the pram off Josephine. "Good! Let’s go get a table I’m hungry." Tasmine cried out, "Tas it’s only quarter to eleven." Josephine said, "Yeah, and?" She said with no care in the world, "Did Oliver keep you up? Or wake you up early?" Jackson asked, "No." I told him, "Really?" He asked shocked, "Yes, really your nephew tends you know wake up." Tasmine said, "Really?" Jackson said sounding like he really does not believe us, "Babe shh" Josephine snapped at her husband, "Don’t care, I’m getting food and kidnapping my nephew!" Tasmine cries out, she does an evil laugh as she runs off across the street towards the restaurants, I couldn’t help it I start laughing at her smoking hot bum bounce as she runs.

"You wake him you're looking after him!" Jackson yells out at her, "Don’t think she cares." Josephine told him, "Nope, come on let’s catch up with her." I said, "You think with age she would become slower in her running." Jackson said, "Never bro she runs nearly every day, taking us boys with her most days." I said with pride, "Oh god! I feel so sorry for you." He said looking at me in pity, "I don’t mind it." I said, "Really? I remember" He started, "Yeah, I’ve gotten used to it now bro." I told him while laughing at the shocked look on his face, as I follow my wife who has now stopped at the footpath looking lost, I’m guessing she is wondering what to eat. "Stuck kitten?" I asked with a playful smirk on my face, "Yeah babe, are we having seafood, Italian, Indian, Asian, Pub Food, or hotel food?" She asked,

"Um, Seafood or Italian sounds good kitten, Jo, Jack what do you want to eat?" I asked, "Seafood." Josephine said, "Yep seafood, Max snoozes for being too late." Jackson said, "Oh well, let’s get a table for us all." Tasmine said, twenty minutes later our little group is seated, my hand automatically goes to Tas’s leg she moves closer, I still have Christopher on my chest sound asleep.

"Babe want me to go and get his pram?" She asked, "Tassie no, you can use Jasper’s his now awake and feeding not using it." Josephine said, "Ok." She replied, Jackson moves the pram around to our end of the table, Tas stood up grabbing Christopher off my chest as she placed him into the pram just as Max showed up but no Justine, odd. "Oi where are Justine and Freddie?" I asked, "Work and Daycare, they send their apologies Justine couldn’t get out of work." He said, oh, bugger, was hoping to hang out with Freddie for a bit. "So, you two spill you both suck at keeping things from me," I ordered.

"Sorry, I’m hungry." Jackson said ignoring what I had just said, "Just spill his going to tell me anyway." Tasmine said, "Nope let’s order." Max spoke over the top of Tasmine, "No, I will be telling her we have no secrets in our marriage." I said trying not to sound too upset. "Oh, you can wait." Jackson muttered, "Jo you know what is going on?" I asked, "Nope, he won’t tell me." Josephine said, "Taking everyone’s orders lunch is on me and Jackson today." Max said over the top of everyone, "Why? What have you two done?" I asked, "Nothing." Jackson said, "WOW!" Josephine snapped.

The two of them rushed over to the counter to place our lunch order didn’t even ask what we wanted, Jose asked us what we wanted and raced over to tell them before coming back looking worried. "You don’t think he cheated, do you?" Josephine asked, Tasmine dropped her water bottle, while I looked at my sister-in-law in shock. "Fuck no! Josie, he loves you, babe." Tasmine said loudly, "No, that wouldn’t explain why Max is in on it nor them wanting to talk to me alone." I told her, "You think?" She asked sounding like she doesn't believe me, "Ok, how about this I go find out what is going on now, you stop worrying he loves you ok." Standing up as I pass Josephine I give her shoulder a gentle squeeze making my way to my brothers wanting to slap Jackson if it is true.

"Oi, what’s wrong Ollie?" Jackson asked, "Best to stop acting odd, your wife thinks your cheating on her." I snapped at him, he looked at me in sheer shock, "WHAT?! No, I am not!" He yelled back at me, "Well then fucking spill mate cause they are both annoying me." I growled out, "You will live, you married one of them surely your" I cut Max off, "Oh for the love of god" I snapped, "Max argh we should tell him, he's doing that face." Jackson said looking at Max, "Your falling for his angry face Jackson?" Max asked sound shock, "I’m not falling for that face." Jackson said, "Could have fooled me." Max mumbled, "I’m not doing that face." I snapped at him, "Oh you are Ollie" Max said, "I’m telling him, food is going to be a bit we have time to tell him." Jackson said I smiled at him, "About time." I said.

They pull me aside after they had finished paying for the lunch, I look at them oddly they are both acting weird and now I can see why Josephine had gone that way with her thinking. "Ok, now you cannot tell the girls just yet." Max said and I snorted, "I cannot keep this from Tasmine guys." I said, no way is it worth keeping this from her, whatever it is. "Going to have to," Jackson ordered me.

"Nope, come on bro your own wife thinks your cheating on her over whatever this is." I snapped shaking my head to try and get sense out of these two, "I will sort her out don’t you worry about that." He snapped, I nod my head not believing him. "Fine, tell her but she cannot tell the others." He said letting out a sigh, "Whatever." I mumbled, "Ok, worry about that later. Remember how we looked at that farm but it was too expensive." Max said, "Yeah, and?" I asked, "We may have found a property that is good for all three of us, just waiting on that one to finish his reno." Max said this is what they are trying to keep from the girls? Why?

"What? Really? Where? Also, why does this need to be a secret?" I said happily I would love the idea of living close to these two, "Want it to be fully set before we fill them in on it." Max informed me, "Still they need to be involved in all of this. So it’s a farm?" I asked, how could you not have your partner involved in spending this much money? "Yes, it has a big new house, with a house from the seventies and a house from the thirties. Along with sheds and everything that comes with a farm." Jackson said, my heart sank it's going to cost an arm and a leg for all of that. "Yeah, how much? Also, do they need renovating?" I asked.

"Yes, all three of them need renovating. Price is up for negotiation atm." Max said that is odd didn't they just say a new house? Why does the new house need renovation? "Why does the new house need renovating? Also why with the price?" I asked lost, "It’s a repossessed property the homeowner had tried to set fire to the new house for an insurance claim to get money after making a bad judgment with their supper or something along those lines is what I was told." Jackson said, wow we might actually be able to swing this, "Yeah, we will have to have a look at it, but why does it need to be kept from the girls? I cannot say yes to this without her say." I said Tasmine would kill me if I keep this from her.

"Trying to do it as a gift a surprise." Max said, yep don't like the sound of that, "How about this we take them with us but have them blindfolded then that is their surprise because all three need to be renovated and I know Tasmine wants to have a major say in that, I know Josephine and Justine would too." I pointed out trying to get them to think for a chance, "Why are you acting like an adult now?" Jackson asked, "Probably because we are? Also, I love you two and your plan but no secrets." I said, "Fine, we do it your way, what day do you get back?" Max asked, "Monday night I get back." I said, "Good, I can hold them off until Friday of that week." Jackson said, "How?" I asked, "I work with them before, they are willing to wait as they are also about to sell my place next week once the last of the reno is finished." He said.

"Wow your busy, why are you always at my house for?" I asked, "It’s quieter at your place." He said, "Deal with it, you chose to live in a reno with a baby, not us. Also, where is this property?" I asked, "A place called Pleystowe along the Pioneer River just out of town." Max said, "Does that mean it will flood?" I asked, "The property itself no, the small creeks that get us to the property yes will flood." Jackson said, "Is that safe with all of still wanting more children?" I asked, "Only you and Tas are wanting more children at the moment, Oliver." Max said, why are we the only ones?

"How much are they looking at, in the price?" I asked, "One point two Million but split that three ways only four hundred thousand, which is a good bloody price." Jackson said, fuck that is a good price, "For burnt down and run-down houses? Is this the price of the land more than anything?" I asked, seeing if he could bring the price even further down, "Yes, if all three houses didn’t need any work the price would be over five million." Jackson said, "Your kidding right?" I asked, shit if we all ever want to sell up we all would make a major profit, I like the sound of this, "I wish I wasn’t, it’s very good farmland that if you want could sell off and subdivided and so forth." Jackson said, "Fucking sounds good, food has arrived, I cannot wait to see it now." I said.

Jackson gives me that look like he doesn't believe me, "So, can you swing that?" He asked, "Yes, we can it will be tight but I have had a few people asking to buy my car no need to keep in the shed all the time and not use it, might even see if we can sell Tas’s too she hardly uses always using my work one." I said they both looked at me like they want to laugh and slap me at the same time. "She will still need a car when you’re out at work mate." Max told me, "Happy to buy her a little car for and the kids to zoom in." I said Jackson is giving me that best friend look that he does when he is defending her, "I would talk to her about selling her mum’s car first." Jackson said like I would just sell it without talking to her, I know how much she loves that car, "Nah shit I don’t have a death wish you idijt." I said laughing at them as we head back to the table Tas kept on looking at me, I just give her thigh a gentle squeeze for now. Lunch was good, we laughed, chatted, and genuinely had a good time together. On the way home, Tas kept quiet as we didn’t want to wake up Christopher I know he’s due to wake up soon but I want to talk to her first.

Walking out of Chris’s room I found her in the kitchen looking pissed off, wow she has been thinking way too long now. "Kitten, I am going to fill you in on what they wanted me to know." I told her, she glares at me, "Are you? When?" She asked sounding upset, "Right now." I told her, "Good." She takes the monitor out of my hands and leads me out to our outdoor seating area, sitting down in her favourite seat tapping the spot next to her. Sitting down next to her as she cuddles into me, I love this. I fill her in on what they told me, once I finished she sat up looking excited as anything.

"Ohhh do we get to pick which house we get and renovate it the way we want?" She asked, "I hope so, which one are you leaning towards?" I asked, I have a feeling she would like the other two over the fire one, "Well the new one sounds like a mess with the fire, and the other two depending on what and how they are it’s a toss-up between those two." Yes, I was correct, "Ok, we get to have a look when I get back." I told her, "Ok, are you leaving before dinner tonight or first thing in the morning?" She asked, Can tell she is trying not to cry. "In the morning babe."

"Good" She didn’t say anything else climb up onto my lap kissing me softly gripping her hips tightly getting right back into the mood. "Ddaddadda! Gughb sdhdisa" Came our son's voice over the baby monitor, "For the love of god his a dick tease our son is a dick tease!" I snapped, she laughs hard on my lap which is not helping at all. "Taking after the men in his family very well." She said around her fit of laughter, "What?!" I asked shocked, "Your dad, Max, and Jackers are all dick teases!" She said loudly, "Right." I said unsure on how to take that.

She climbs off my lap as I go to attend to our son, the rest of the afternoon and night went fast spending time with my two loves. Finally caught up on our sex life once he went down for his nighttime sleep. Tas curled up into my body trying to hide her tears. "Kitten?" I said softly, she looks up at me with her big watery eyes. "No, please just let me cry in peace." She whispered, "Babe" She lets out a loud sigh sitting up giving me her best-upset look. "You're not going to let me have my way are you?" She asked, I sat up with a smirk on my face. "Nope."

"Why do you want me to talk? You know why I am crying." She grumbles, "I know, want to go again?" I asked, "Is that all you are thinking about? Well, we can if you want me crying through it." The smartass snapped, "Ok, come here Tas" She slaps my chest softly. "How are you not crying?" She asked, "Most likely will happen while I’m leaving." I stated, "Babe" She whispered, "Don’t you turn this around Miss." I whispered back, "Good, now let me go back to quietly crying in your warm, loving, and muscular arms." She whispered, "You think my arms are muscular?" I say this as I flex, she giggles as she climbs onto my lap wrapping herself around me as she starts crying into my neck, I rub circles on her back. It hit me with her naked wrapped around me crying that I start crying.

Yep working away from her I am over it, I want out starting to think about leaving before I have another job, but that would be stupid as we will be looking at getting another loan for this new house. Tasmine has now stopped crying trying to have a look at her face but she is not budging, moving us around so we are laying down found out why, poor thing has cried herself to sleep, now I need to get some sleep.

Just as I got comfortable, Chris starts screaming over the monitor quietly pull me out of her arms as I quickly race into his room to find that he has had a massive poo explosion, fuck poor kid he needs a bath. How am I going to get him out of his PJs without putting poo on his face?

Fuck, think I’m going to be sick. How can he make such a big mess but also make it smell so bad? "Ahh, Chris you have gotten yourself into a pickle." He’s crying still but it’s about to calm down that type of cry, an hour later he is finally cleaned, I’m now cleaning up his bed and change table. I have him on the floor playing as he thinks it’s playtime should I wake her up so I can get some sleep for my drive?

"What the hell are you two doing?" Tasmine asked loudly, causing me to jump so high how the hell did I not hear her wake up? "Sorry did we wake you up? He dirtied himself, just finished cleaning up from it." I told her she looked around in shock, "Wow what happened for you to need to clean like that?" She asked, "Poo explosion." I stated, "Oh... come on you two bed now." She snapped storming off towards our bedroom, I quickly head into the bathroom to wash my hands then went back to collect Chris heading into our bed. Laying down with Chris in the middle who is wide awake, this is going to be fun, I didn’t last long before I crashed while hearing Tasmine telling Chris to just go to sleep.

Waking up to my phone vibrating next to me, groaning as I felt like I had only just fallen asleep. Looking over to only find Tas just about falling out of bed with Chris half on her, yep that looks comfortable, I know if I move him around it will wake them both up.

Quickly having a shower, getting dressed, and taking my bag out of the room leaving them to sleep a little bit longer, putting a load of washing on while fetching my work shoes putting them on before making us some coffee and breakfast. Was in the middle of cleaning up when I felt her small arms wrapping around my stomach. "Morning kitten." I whispered, "Mmmm morning handsome. Why didn’t you wake me?" She asked, "Thought I would let you sleep, you stayed up later with him."

"But I would have liked some shower action." She grumbles, "Settle for some kitchen action?" I asked, her hands running up under my shirt, I moan out. "You have a condom?" I asked, she waves one in my face. "Good, we have half an hour before I need to hit the road."

"Good, let’s make it like old times!" She yells out, picking her up kissing her finding out that she only has a nightie on, love that. She makes light work of undoing my work pants, quickly puts the condom on for me. My kitten makes the loudest moan as I push my way into her. "Mmmm Ollie..." I love hearing her moan, "Fuck..." I moaned out.

"Ollie, yes that’s the spot mmm fuck!" God, she has gotten so tight, I know she is about to climax. Lifting up both her legs over my arms slamming into her, Tas starts moaning loudly as I grunt with her. Tas grabs my hair pulling me down kissing me as she screams into my mouth she shatters around me sending me over the edge. "Fuck, love you my kitten."

"Mmm love you too." Letting her legs down she wraps them around my waist, running my hand through her hair kissing her softly. "So kissable." She whispered, "That is my line." I said with a playful smirk on my face, "Yes, let’s eat that food that I can smell." She whispered. I nod my head, we actually had a quiet breakfast just the two of us while he slept, not what I wanted would like to have spent some time with him before I had to go, but I am enjoying the quiet time with Tas, it’s like date night.

"Did you want me to wake him up?" She asked, "Maybe I should." I said, just as I stood up he starts yelling out to us, she laughs as she sets up his high chair. "Are you second guessing our time date to try for a second child?" I asked, "No, wait are you?" She asked sounding shocked, "Bad that I want you pregnant right now." I told her, I would fucken love that, "I wouldn’t call it bad, I’m just afraid to have another, sorry he’s only just gotten good." She answered.

Chris calls out again, I let her know we are not finished as I tend to him. Hugging him tightly, while smelling his hair, man never thought I would miss him more than Tas and I haven’t even left the house yet. Oliver suck it up, everyone else leaves to go to work.

Pulling her into me for another tight hug, smelling her hair as our son is playing with my hair while he is blowing raspberries.

"I love you Tasmine, and you too Christopher." I whispered, "I love you too." She whispered, she sniffs, gipping her face with my free hand kissing her softly but quick as Chris was in our arms. "Ok, babe that was good, but you should go don’t want you late or rushing to get there." She said firmly, "Yeah it was, wasn’t it? Yes, I am and I won’t, I will call you up on the way out, and once I arrive." I told her, I give them both another kiss each, waving as I climb into my work ute, driving out waving to my family heading off to work. My phone rings before I even leave the street hit answer right away hoping it was my kitten, sadly it wasn’t it was Jackie to talk about the property.

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