No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 6 - Wish Vincent Would Take A Hint


Ever since Josephine said that I was worried, should I stop her from drinking just encase she is, but I also know Tas she’s not going to get smashed she just wants one drink with our friends and family, that is what she has done so far. She’s cuddling up to me on the couch at the same bar we’ve all been here since just before lunch it’s now late afternoon, just chilling with everyone and having a really good time, more of her family have arrived her Uncle Jimmy arrived before her Auntie, he packed his stuff in his car and came when he finished work, he said the rest would be here by tonight.

She’s chatting away to her Uncle Chris; I should say godfather but she enjoys calling him Uncle so I’m not going to change her mind on it. His wife Venessa could not join us, she was put on bed rest and not allowed to fly, she is only in her second trimester but having major health problems he will be leaving the day after the wedding, his not staying as long as he hoped as he felt odd being here without her. “Uncle Chris you should have said something sooner! I would not have minded it if you couldn’t make it, Venessa and bub are more important!” Tasmine yelled at him, as her dad sitting across from us raised his beer. “I told him she would say something like that!”

Chris looked between us all. “As I stated Nessy told me to go, besides I could not miss my goddaughter’s wedding! I only have one, so I am not missing it!” He said sounding upset, “Who are you trying to convince here Chris?” I asked, I chuckled as he glared at me. “Oliver I am still quite happy to punch you a few times for the shit you pulled!” Both I and Tasmine started laughing. “Think those times had an expiry date, Chris!” I told him, I still find it funny that the pair of them keep threatening me with that. “Well, boys! You can stop that because it expired when he put this ring on my finger, it will only open up if we divorce, and I hope that never happens!” She said loudly, my grip tightened when she said that word, I sure hope that never happens, she noticed and looked up at me. “Babe, it won’t happen I promise you.” She whispered, her small hand reaching up touching my face gently pulling me down so she can softly kiss me, as I pulled away from the kiss. “Good cause I want to die by your side as a ninety-year-old man.” She laughed that beautiful laugh of hers before we were interrupted by the wait staff taking our empty drinks and plates from the tables.

“Are we going to be hitting the clubs tonight?” Dean asked everyone, I don’t know about Tasmine but I am happy to just eat dinner chilling with them, and head up into our room for some alone time. “I am way too old for that shit Dean,” Lee said. Chris, Grandma, Jimmy, James, and Danielle all agreed with Lee that they are too old to be up at the clubs with us youngsters. “Dad, can I join?” Emma pipes up everyone screamed no at her, she started laughing. “Joking guys! I know I am not old enough.”

“Well, I cannot stay out too late tonight; I have to go back and help mum out,” Justine said, “Well, I am up for a party, so Dean and Jo I will join you both!” Jackson said drinking the last of his drink. Ava piped up over Tasmine. “I will join you guys, I could use a night out.” Vincent wouldn’t take his eyes off her; we know they are fighting still but I was hoping she would leave him already. “I’m just going to go back to the room after dinner,” Vincent mumbled so that only those around him could only hear. “Well, I am just happy to have a few drinks with you all after dinner, but” She looks up at me, I nod my head as she smiles back. “I might head back to the room to get some sleep.” I try not to chuckle at that last part. “Bull crap Tassie we all know you two won’t be sleeping!” Dean yells out while laughing. “Who knows mate we might have a few drinks at the pub with you all and change our minds and join you up at the clubs,” I said as she elbowed me in the side.

We all ended up heading back to the hotel and eating in their restaurant, two more days to go before this amazing woman is my wife. She is sitting at the other end of the table which I am enjoying watching her move around talking to everyone, I am sitting with Dean, Jackson, Chris, Vincent, my Uncle Charles, Henry, and Theodor as most of the girls are at the other end chatting away. “Henry, how’s Uni mate?” I asked as everyone was sitting in silence because every time someone tried to get a good conversation going Vincent and his dark mood would shut it down, I’m pretty much had a gut full of it. “Good man, hating the exams but it’s worth it in the end, I will be a physio in no time now. I must say the parties and girls are wild on camps maybe you all should have had the bucks party there.” He said with that playful smirk that Tassie gets when she is up to something, I laughed, yeah that is not my type of thing at all. “Henry, hell no! I am cool with partying with you when we visit you but, not going to have my bucks there just a little bit of too many underage girls for my liking.” He laughed. “That one time at the birdcage and you hold it against me!” He snapped, I laughed.

“One time? How the hell did you get those girls into the place? Tassie was about to castrate you for it when you left her with the drunk one.” He chuckles remembering how angry she was with him. “Is this really the appropriate talk you should be having around your friends and family?” Vincent spoke up, I need to bite my tongue. Theodor having enough of it too but is not going to bite his tongue. “You know what Vincent if you cannot be kind or friendly how about you piss off!” I haven’t heard Theodor that angry in a long time, Vincent glared at Theodor before talking. “Ollie, are you going to let him talk to me like that?” He asked, I looked at the pair of them, looks like I cannot bite my tongue now!

“Well, Vincent you’re only here because you are with Ava if you two are no longer together how about you leave because I wouldn’t call you a friend of mine or Tasmine’s. You’re her ex and you have been nothing but an asshole towards us so I am quite happy to tell you to piss off! Right now!” I snapped, he slammed his drink down on the table. “Really Ollie!” I fucken hate him using that nickname, I kept my face as blank as I can. “Yes, really! You have been nothing but an asshole since you arrived so yes, I can tell you to leave because it’s my wedding! Not yours!” I said with venom dripping from my voice.

Vincent scoffed I noticed the other males around us had put their drinks down to get ready for anything. “You have been dying to throw that in my face all along, haven’t you?!” he asked, bloody knew it, he has been hanging out to say this to me for years, I let out a loud sigh I can feel my kitten’s eyes on me so I am doing my best to not turn this into a fistfight because boy do I so want to punch this asshole. “You point Vincent? You have known for some years now that she loves me, Tasmine has made it quite clear to you that she loves me, I have made it quite clear to you that I love her. What are you so upset about now? The fact that we are still together and happy and not looking at all likely to ever break up or the fact that you’re only with Ava to somehow in your sick mind thinking of revenge at hurting us that it’s backfired in your face?”

I crossed my arms across my chest as I looked at him, if this was a cartoon you could see the steam coming out of his ears. “Is that what you really think?” He looked hurt by this but he’s the one that has been hard to be friends with since high school. “Then change my mind, Vincent, I am all ears.” I sat there looking at him, waiting to prove that I was wrong, I have kept my mouth shut about this for years out of respect for Tasmine and her cousin that he was with, but I no longer care and over his poor behaviour and keeping quiet about it. “Ok, I take it I was correct, you are still upset that she chose me over you.”

He stood up grabbing his drink he started walking away just as he got near me, he tipped his beer all over me, wow that was a dick move. “Wow, Vincent that was a real dick move,” I said everyone who knows me knew that tone in my voice too, not far off from punching him now, Vincent started chuckling. “Coming from the dick himself!” Vincent cried out, I stood up and was about to punch him, Lee had walked right up to Vincent and punched him right in the face. “That is for my daughter you pig!” He punched him again but, in the stomach. “And that is for my niece you asshole!” Lee throws one more punch in the jaw as he yelled. “And that is for my son-in-law who is ten times the better man than you!” Vincent groaning. “Your dead old man!” Vincent yelled out, James and my uncle stood up and both spoke at the same time. “You pack your bags now and piss off! You are no longer welcome here!”

James walked right up in his face. “I have been waiting for the day that Ava wakes up and see the type of person you really are, thank fuck she did before you got her pregnant! If I see you around her again you will be the dead one got it! You may not have touched her in a harmful way but you verbally abused her and that has put you in the bad books of everyone at this table!” I stood right in front of him now, with a told you so look on my face. “P.S Vincent I won, I won a long time ago in my eyes, now please kindly fuck off!” I yelled the last part, he pushed me to the side as he stormed off towards the elevators.

“I think a group of us should follow to make sure he doesn’t do anything that will cost Ava,” James said as Chris cuts him off. “Don’t have to tell us twice brother!” All the older men took off following Vincent while Ave and Tasmine came to my side. She touches my chest with worry written over her face. “Are you okay?” She asked, I smiled at her. “Peachy, I was expecting much worst from him. Ava are you ok?” Ava smiled at me, I could see the tears in her eyes. “Yes now that you got rid of him for me. Thank you, Oliver.” She walks up to me giving me a light hug as I am soaking wet. “So, we should have helped you out last night?” I asked, she looked up at me in shock. “No! The way you guys have just done it means he will not even try to come back.”

Tasmine came up from behind her and hug her. “We got you ok, but why did you keep taking him back for?” She hung her head. “Because I had loved him so much, that I ignored the warning signs and I believed I deserve him and no one else.” Tasmine kisses her cheek. “You deserve the world babe! Don’t ever let him change your thinking on that!” I felt bad for the girls their relationship suffered because of Vincent, Tassie grabs my hand and announces loudly. “Thank you all for coming, and thanks for stepping in back there. Umm...” I place my hand on her lower back. “Kitten, you ok?” She shakes her head. “I’m sorry, um give me a few minutes I will be back.” She took off towards the elevators crying, what the hell? I chased after her.

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