No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 60 - I Can Do This

**Tasmine’s Pov**

We stayed waving goodbye to Oliver, Christopher doesn’t seem to understand just yet, nor why mummy is crying as he pats my face looking upset at me too, he seems like he’s trying to cheer me up, my cute little boy.

Making our way into the house making sure it’s locked back up and the alarm is set again, placing him down in the lounge room with his toys while I do the day-to-day chores to keep myself busy.

Thought Oliver would have called me up by now, I have tried calling but it’s busy I wonder who he is talking to?

We are now outside on a rug with a few toys his playing around on the rug while I quickly check on our fruit and veg gardens, what am I going to do in the next five days? Should I go and hang out with Justine and Josephine? Pulled out of my thoughts by my phone ringing please be my hubby.


**OLIVER** Babe I am so sorry! Jackson called as I got to the end of our street and he only just stopped talking as I have now just pulled into the site.

**TASMINE** Explains why your phone was busy every time I tried calling you.

**OLIVER** How are you both?

**TASMINE** Ok at the moment, we are outside in the garden Chris is rolling around playing, want me to flip this to video call?

**OLIVER** Fuck yes babe, I want to see your beautiful face and Chris’s little adorable one.

**TASMINE** Ahhh you’re doing a chic flick moment babe.

**OLIVER** Yes and I don’t care, ahhh hello sexy Mumma!

I had flipped it over to video seeing his smiling face, as I laugh.

**TASMINE** Hello sexy daddy! Look Chris daddy is on the phone.

We spend a good ten minutes talking and myself playing with Chris before Oliver had to go and start work.

Nighttime came so fast and easy for now and he went down so well, I was expecting him to cry asking for his dad, I know I do. God, I miss him, I know he’s working I had texted him letting him know I’m off to bed soon to video call but haven’t heard anything from him yet, he never called, must be on nightshift.

Sound asleep, what is that annoying vibrating sound, shit that is my phone, rolling over to answer it as I groan looking at the clock on the nightstand. Who the hell is calling me up at two in the morning.


**TASMINE** Hmm hello?

**OLIVER** Oh shit sorry babe, did I wake you?

**TASMINE** Yeah you did, but why are you calling so late?

**OLIVER** Just gotten back into my cabin and saw your text. Oh shit it’s two in the morning, oh babe I’m so sorry

**TASMINE** Shh babe it’s ok

**OLIVER** No, I woke you.

**TASMINE** I love you, can I go back to sleep?

**OLIVER** I love you too babe. Just wanted to hear your voice.

**TASMINE** Same, I miss you.

**OLIVER** Miss you too. Does Christopher understand that I am away for five days?

**TASMINE** No, I don’t believe he has yet.

**OLIVER** You will facetime me when he does?

**TASMINE** You know I will babe.

**OLIVER** You wake enough for phone sex?

**TASMINE** Hmm yes, hold up let me get the toys out.

Leaning over the bed opening the draw pulling out my favourite toy.

**OLIVER** You are missing me!

I laugh just as Oliver smiles at me, Christopher screams over the baby monitor, we both groan.

**OLIVER** Even away his still cock blocking me!

**TASMINE** I know babe, hold on.

Getting out of bed throwing on my robe, taking my phone with me to Chris’s room. “Ahh, Chris what the hell?” I asked walking into his room, he has somehow reached over to his change table throwing all of his items onto the floor, and his legs are hanging out through his cot bars with his sheet wrapped around him. Letting Oliver know that I was going to put the phone down for a second to get Chris out of his little pickle. “How did you manage to do this?” I asked Chris.

**OLIVER** Think we need to change his room around again.

“Seems so,” I said, Chris is looking around the room looking for his dad, picking up the phone so we can see each other.

**OLIVER** Hey my baby boy!

Chris laughs clapping his hands and blabbering to his dad, taking him into our room.

**TASMINE** Babe, going to leave the phone in front of Christopher while I put on my PJs.

**OLIVER** Oh no stay naked.

**TASMINE** Nope.

Quickly giving Chris my phone may regret that rushing into the bathroom for my PJs that I had left in there. Coming back to find Christopher sucking on my phone while Oliver was laughing saying work that tongue boy.

**TASMINE** Oh wow babe that came out sounding so wrong.

**OLIVER** Did it? Oh... yeah, I didn’t mean it that way kitten.

I laugh as I start cleaning my phone while Christopher has started to scream cause I took the phone off him. “Ahh baby boy you will live, come on baby boy sit on mummy’s lap and we can both talk to daddy.” We spent the next twenty minutes talking and laughing, Christopher didn’t understand why his dad wasn’t in the bed with us, so he took longer to go back to sleep, Oliver had hung up the phone call with tears in his eyes, I knew he was missing us more than he was letting on.

The week went by so fast, no that is a lie Tasmine. It just dragged on, Christopher was good only playing up at bedtime, face time calls from his dad if I’m being honest made it worse but Oliver wanted and needed to see him and I would never withhold that from him.

I’m counting down the hours for him to arrive home, clean the house like a crazy person, had a few meals prepped, and be ready to just throw in the oven or slow cooker when needed. Making sure that he doesn’t have to do anything around the house tomorrow same as me, hoping to convince Jackson in babysitting Christopher for twenty-four hours. Pulling into Jackson’s driveway, wow the house looks amazing now.

“Little thing what are you doing here?” Jackson asked, I looked up from getting Christopher out of the car as Jackson walks over from the side of the house. “Came over to ask a favor.” I said, “Hmm depends on what that is sweetie. Come on in Jo and Jasper would love to see you both too.” He said, “Oh god Jackie I would never come over and not see them too!” I said loudly, “Take it Ollie is not back yet.” He said, “Nope, not yet hoping later this afternoon judging by what he said last night.” I said trying not to show how much I have missed him, “You missed him more than normal hey?” He asked and clearly, I did not hide it well. I just nod my head as he got closer.

“Come to your favourite uncle Christopher,” Jackson said with a big smile on his face holding his arms out to my son who just about jumped out of my arms to be in his uncles. “Knew it, you agree with me hey baby boy.” He said sounding proud, “Babe who are you talking to?” Josephine asked, we made it to the front door just as Josephine rounds the corner doing a girly scream when she saw who it was. “YES! TASSIE AND CHRISSY!” She screams out, I cringed at what she yelled out, “Oh good god woman do not ever call him Chrissy again!” Jackson snapped at her, “Hi, I agree on that.” I told her as I walked in, spotting Jasper on the floor playing on his jungle gym thing getting down giving him a hug and a kiss, just as Josephine puts my son down next to him the pair of them start playing as Jackson makes his way into the kitchen.

“So little thing what is this favor you ask? Want a cuppa?” He asked, “Favor?” Josephine asked, looking at us both, “Please, um” How do I say this, “Let me guess you want us to watch your little cock blocker for the night so you two can catch up?” Jackson asked, talking over the top of me, “Yes? How the hell did you just work that out?” I asked lost, Jackson starts laughing as he shows me his phone, myself and Josephine lean over to read it.


**OLIVER** Bro I need the biggest favor from you.

**JACKSON** What is it, bro?

**OLIVER** Can you pretty please watch Christopher tonight for me, please?

**JACKSON** Why? I know you have missed him mate.

**OLIVER** Oh I have, once I spend some time with him will drop him off.

**JACKSON** Why?

**OLIVER** Argh you want me to spell it out to you?

**JACKSON** That would be correct, mate.

**OLIVER** I love him but fuck he has been such a major cock block I need to spend some time with my wife before the weekend. Please, Jackson.

**JACKSON** HAHAHA Fuck you are for real?! He’s even blocking you during your video calls? Hahahaha

**OLIVER** Yes, this is not funny Jackers!

**JACKSON** Keep your pants on, happy to say no for that comment but seeing as your wife has just shown up without telling me she was coming over is telling me she is about to ask me the same thing as you.

**OLIVER** Fuck love her thinking! So are you able to help us out?

**JACKSON** For you yes, but only this once mate.

Jackson took the phone off us, as I start laughing. “Why didn’t you say anything when I had arrived?” I asked, “Wanted to see if it was for the same thing first before I said anything, as he didn’t say anything about keeping it from you, but who knows thought he might want to surprise you. So my little nephew has been naughty has he?” He pulls that stupid face that he does when he is hinting at something while pouring the hot water, Jo giggles as she walks past him tapping his ass while heading into the pantry.

“Yes, you could say that.” I grumbled, “Are you two already trying for number two?” Josephine said loudly from the pantry, while Jackson handed me my cuppa. “Ollie does but I want to wait a year at least. Give me a chance to get a handle on being a mum before throwing in pregnancy sickness and everything that goes with it before bringing another child into our family.”

“We know that he has said that before.” Jackson pointed out, “Yeah, I know he has bro.” I said, “Tas babe you sure your not already pregnant?” Josephine asked, chocking on my hot coffee as she places a brand new packet of Tim Tams in front of me. “WOW! Thanks, Jo, no I am not, on birth control. Enough about my sex life you two.” I grumbled, “Nope, we are watching our nephew so you can get some, we will talk about it until we want to stop talking about it.” Jackson snapped back at me playfully, “It’s enough babe.” Josephine said, “Wife you are no fun!” He cries out, “Clearly I am no fun at all, I take it the spare bedroom or lounge is going to be your bed tonight?” She asked, “WHAT?! Jo, I never said that!” He cried out in fear, she starts laughing taking the Tim Tams out of his hand sitting down on the lounge, while he looks at her in shock stumped on what to do. I start laughing too, taking the packet with me putting it on the coffee table.

“Are you staying here until Ollie texts he is nearly home?” Josephine asked, “No, just chilling with you guys until I finish my coffee.” I said, “Sick of us already?” Jackson asked, “No, wasn’t planning on staying long have playgroup soon.” I said around a mouth full of biscuit, “Cool, can Jasper and I tag along?” Josephine asked, “Babe, you do not need to ask.” I told her, “Good, I can work on the last of what needs to be done before the photographer is here for the ad.” Jackson said.

Playgroup was fun today, believe Jasper and Josephine helped in that department the boys had fun, I knew playgroup would put Christopher to sleep on the way home. An hour later Oliver had let me know his about fifteen minutes out, is it odd that I am nervous I feel like it’s our first date all over again.

Gotten into his favourite summer dress that he loves me in, along with the underwear he got me for my birthday last year, hair up in a high ponytail that he loves with natural makeup, and the perfume that he got me for our wedding anniversary.

Walking out of our bedroom just about screaming, when I noticed Oliver standing in our living room placing his bags down on the floor, apparently I surprised him too. Slowly his sexy smirk spread slowly from cheek to cheek. Oliver didn’t say anything, his eyes meet mine, I watch his eyes travel the length of my body, drinking me in. By the time our eyes meet again, I knew that look, oh too well.

“Fuck kitten.” Blushing by his comment, we rushed towards each other jumping up into his arms wrapping my legs and arms around him kissing him with an all-consuming kiss. “Fuck should go away more often if it means I get kissed like that again.” He panted out, “Shhh his asleep, quick we have some free time before” He cuts me off, “Oh fuck yes, love your thinking love.”

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