No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 61 - Weekend of Partying

**Oliver’s Pov**

Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have to ask Jackson a favour to watch our son so I could have sex with my wife. I know he’s going to be paying me out for it for the rest of our lives, so far he hasn’t told the rest of our group yet.

When I had arrived home I wasn’t expecting that type of welcome, which came across as an empty house but the minute I spotted my kitten wow she looked breathtakingly beautiful. What she had on told me right away how much she had missed me just as badly as I had. That night being able to be loud again is what we needed.

Visting the farm to see what Max and Jackson are on about, I haven’t seen Tasmine this excited about going into debt before she has fallen in love with the farm. I know I have too, I can see our children and their cousins growing up here. Watching Tasmine running around the place looking everywhere yelling out in pure joy, melted my heart so much for this woman of mine. Tasmine had fallen in love with the largest house on the farm, which happened to have been built in the seventies with all of the original charms that we both love and hope to restore back to her former glory.

The next day after that we both had gone into the bank and been approved for a loan helps that we have just finished paying off our townhouse, we as a group had gone into the real estate making what I feel is the best purchase in our adult life. I got us a bigger loan for myself and Tasmine so we can renovate as well, I believe the others have done the same but we got the price down to just under nine hundred and eighty-five thousand due to how much damage was done by the fire and how run down the other two houses are.

Tasmine is getting so excited about the renovations, we are all hiring Jackson’s company to do the work, we just have to see a few people and sort a few things out before we even start. Things seem to be rolling all in the right way for us, our dream house is not that far off now.

I have had three job interviews this week all looking promising, I have another one over the phone next week, if it goes well will be handing in my three weeks’ notice. I do hope to get this job it’s still twelve-hour days which I don’t mind, it’s a supervisor position doing pretty much what I am already doing but in town for five days a week with the weekend off and nights off too, so I am home more, and so much more in hourly rate which means we can pay off our loan sooner than we told them.

I know Tasmine is due to go back to work soon, I get the feeling she doesn’t want to as she hasn’t even gone around putting Christopher’s name down at daycare. I know Josephine said she is happy to watch him, but I feel like that is a form of using Jo and I don’t like that idea. I will bring it up sometime before I head back out to work again, my days off just don’t seem long enough some days.

Lee has texted me letting me know he’s about ten minutes out, we are going to be getting ready at the hotel before the party, she knows about the hotel and that I have hired a babysitter not that Lee is coming down. Tasmine is currently in our room packing her bag hopefully putting some sexy things in there for me, I know I have packed a few for her. "Babe have you seen" She yells out but stops, why did she stop? "Yeah, have I seen what?" I yelled back at her, "Never mind I found it!" She yelled back at me, I chuckle to myself as our front doorbell rings, wow Lee was fast.

"Is that the babysitter? Shit, they are early!" Tasmine yells out, I open the door with a big grin on my face as Lee just smiles at me too, cause he also heard what she had said. Tasmine comes out of the hallway with Christopher in her arms doing the friendly smile that she does, once she spotted it was her dad she screamed out in excitement as she races towards him. "DAD! What the hell!"

"Hi, baby girl! Surprise I’m the babysitter!" Lee yells out in joy, "What?! Oh, dad!" She cires out, handing me Christopher, as she throws her arms around him hugging him tightly as he held onto her tightly. "It’s ok love I just miss my daughter and grandson, I get to have him to myself this weekend I cannot wait. Hey, my little man how is my favorite grandson going?" He asked, walking over towards me as our son jumps out of my arms into his grandfathers blabbing and giggling at him. Tasmine closes and locks the front doors, smiling at us all walking up towards me wrapping her arms around my stomach.

"You planned all of this?" She asked, "Sure did kitten." I whispered with a big smile on my face, "I love you." She whispered, "Ok, good now that I am here you guys can head off. I’ve got this." Lee ordered, "Dad! I want" She started to protessed, "You can do that when you guys come back, I know the drill his formula is in the pantry next to his bottles, along with dinner for us both in the fridge everything I need to change him in his room. Am I sleeping in your bed or on the lounge?" Lee asked, "Ahh Dad, right ok. Yes, that is all correct. I have clean sheets on our bed if you want to sleep in that if not lounge." She told him, "Ok, good thanks love. Now you two off you go also send my love to them all and congratulate the happy couple for me, please." He said.

"Ok, we are leaving, I will dad. I love you and thank you for coming down for this." She said, "Thanks Lee, I will let them know." I said, "No worries kids, also Tas I would do anything to spend more time with this little man." He told her, "But dad you have a life" He cuts her off, "Tas, baby girl you three are part of my life, besides Charles seems to see him more than me. I miss you all and the shop is going slow this week and next so I have time to come down and see you all. No Tasmine the shop is fine, in three weeks the shop is booked out, so stop worrying about your old man ok." He said kindly but you can tell if she keeps pushing he will snap at her.

"I will always worry about you dad, hows gran?" She asked, "They all send their love, planning on coming down next time they said." He said with a big smile on his face, "Oh I cannot wait, hold up Easter is coming up." She said, "Yes, let’s head up to you instead." I said, "Would love you three to be up that weekend, then we all will be back down for this little man’s first birthday." He said this while giving Christopher a tickle.

"How much hell am I going to get if I don’t have his first birthday Star Wars themed?" She asked, the look he is giving her, I stifled my laugh, cause I know I would love to have him dressed up as baby Yoda. "Babe come on, he would look cute as baby Yoda." I said, "We will talk about this later, thanks again dad see you tomorrow." She gives him a hug and a kiss and did the same thing to Christopher. "CYA my little boy, you be good for Grandad ok." She whispered to our son, "Bye Lee, thank you again." I said, "Oliver, what did I say? I’m grandad, bloody over the moon to spend time with my only grandchild." He said, I nod my head as I give our son another hug and kiss. "Bye Christopher, see you tomorrow, you be good for your grandad," I told him.

"Oh he will, we are going to have so much fun aren’t we?" Lee said we left the pair of them to their game that Lee had started playing, I couldn’t wait to check-in and have a few hours before we had to start getting ready.

Carrying our bags into the room as Tas walks around the room looking around in shock. Stopping at the bed looking at what I had asked the staff to set up for me, I cannot read her face which is worrying me, have I done something wrong? "What’s going on Oliver?" She asked, "Uh? I just wanted to spoil my wife." I said, fuck she used my full name. "Who is she?" She asked, what? "What? Tas what is going on here?" I asked lost, "Your sucking up, as it’s not our wedding anniversary, nor either of our birthdays or any other special day. So you have cheated on me, so who is she?" She snapped, wow, how does she think of this still?

"Tasmine, I have never cheated on you! Babe, I love you, I want to have a date night that turns into a weekend away." I said, "Really?" She asked, "Yes, Tasmine Brown." I said, she nods her head bitting her thumbnail as a smile starts to spread across her face and she launches herself into my arms, holding onto me tightly. "I’m so sorry babe, I just thought you were sucking up for something then that dream I had when I was pregnant popped into my head and bam I" I cut her off, "Tas, kitten shhh it’s ok I get it. Now shhh I want to make sweet slow love to you before we have to get ready." She pulls away so we are both looking into each other’s eyes, she smiles softly her hand comes up and gently brushes my cheek as she pulls on my beard pulling me down to her lips.

"Hubby fuck yes to that!" We both laughed so hard, spent the next two hours in bed with her, not all of it was sex we laughed and talked we needed it. I badly want her pregnant again, I would love a little girl who looks like her chasing Christopher around the place. I won’t bring it up with her she has already made her views clear on the matter, nor would I push her on changing the dates as his birthday is not that far off now.

Laying on this bed already dressed in the outfit she had chosen me waiting for her to be ready, watching her walking around the room in her underwear fuck if she keeps doing this we are never going to leave. "Quit looking at me like that Oliver." She snapped, "Quit looking smoking hot Tasmine."

She just laughs as she walks back into the bathroom to finish off her makeup, a few minutes of me scrolling through my phone before she tapped my leg, looking up to find her standing in a figurer hugging cocktail dress, my dick hardens so fast at the sight of her while I licked my lips she smirks at me. "Fuck kitten, I don’t want to leave this room now."

"Too bad handsome, I want to celebrate their engagement so come on let’s go before we are late." I laughed, it’s been so long since we have gone out on the town. I love partying with her, she knows how to have fun cannot wait to hit the dance floor with her in that dress. Holding my hand out for her to take she grabs it as soon as I have a hold on her hand I pull her in for a soft kiss before we leave the room.

"Oliver! Tasmine! Fuck you two scrub up well." Max yelled out as he spotted us, that is good we are early but not too early, wrapping his arms around Tasmine giving her a hug before we bro hug after I handed him his engagement card and gift. He took it but looked at me oddly. "Oliver you didn’t have" Tasmine cuts him off, "We did brother now shut up, is it an open bar?" She asked, "Until all the money on the tab is gone." Max told us, "Love your style, babe my usual, please." I told her as she leaves, Max grabs my hand pulling me closer to him which is odd and not like him at all.

"Max, what is going on?" I asked, "Um your not going to like who has tagged along to our engagement party." He whispered, "Vincent? Who?" I asked, "No, not Vincent mate fuck off with that shit. No Zoey is here." He said I looked at him lost, "Uh? Who?" I asked, "Zoey Fitzpatrick, she’s currently at the bar." Max said like I should know who that is, "Supposed to ring any bells?" I asked, "Really?" He asked shocked. I looked at him stunned then I looked over his shoulder and seen the lady walking towards Tasmine, the look on Tas’s face tells me she is about to flip her switch at this person. Then it clicks who this person is, fuck she used to be my fuck buddy.

"Oh fuck, why is she here?" I asked, "She is dating one of my coworkers, it didn’t click until I had seen her arrive she hasn’t changed still bitchy as all fuck." Max told me, "Thanks you could have given Tas a fucking heads up though." I snapped at him, "Oh fuck, shit sorry man." He said, I just wave him off as I raced towards my wife, just as I arrived she had placed our order but Zoey was talking.

"WOW see little Tasmine has improved on her sex appeal," Zoey said sounding so bitch like, oh wow, see she hasn’t changed with age. "I know and I fucking love it," I say this as I wrap my arm around her pulling her into me, kissing just under her ear as Zoey looks on being upset at us. "Oliver?" She asked, "Yes, Oliver my husband you know him you’re his ex, if that’s what you want to call it." Tasmine snapped, we both just stood there looking at her, Tas is yet to know that I only just knew who this lady is.

"Wow, you guys made it work good on you. See you are still friends with Max." Zoey said now trying to sound friendly, but still not. "He is my baby cousin Zoey we are more than just best friends with the happy couple." I snapped, "Why are you here?" Tasmine asked can tell by the tone of her voice she is not far off from calling her stupid, our drinks had arrived just as she replies.

"Oh shit sorry had forgotten you all are family. I am here with my boyfriend Tasmine were both invited as he works with Max." She snapped, "Good for you. Bye. OMG Justine!" Tasmine said drinking her drink fast taking off towards Justine as she spotted her leaving me with Zoey. "You’re looking fucking amazing Ollie." She said in that voice that she thinks is hot, which is not, "Hahaha fuck off, never leaving the best thing that has ever happened to me."

"But" She mumbled, I had snapped at her before following my wife no longer caring what she was trying to say, giving Justine a hug when I caught up to her. "Why the hell is Zoey at our engagement party?" Justine asked, "She’s dating someone that Max is working with." Tasmine told her, "You fucking shitting me?!" She said to Tasmine, "Babe what did she just say to you?" Tasmine asked, wrapping my arm around her, giving a kiss on the forehead before I answered. "Who knows shut her down before she could say anything," I replied, "Bullshit Oliver even I noticed the look on your face when you left the bar." Justine pointed out, "Fine, she said ‘You’re looking fucking amazing Ollie’" I repeated, "I agree with her, you are looking fucking handsome as hell and all mine! Funny that the first time she has seen you in years she thinks she can have you back." Tasmine said.

"Odd, as in I didn’t even remember who she was until I have seen the look on your face before I came to the bar." I told them both, Tasmine burst out into a fit of laughter, "Fuck that is gold." Tasmine said around her laughter, "Remind me to not invite him to the wedding if she is still with him." Justine told us, "Who are we not inviting to our wedding?" Max said as he walked up wrapping himself around Justine. "Your coworker Ryan." She told him, "If he is still with her then yes, if he dumbs the bitch his coming." Max said, "Deal." Justine agreed, "When do Jackson and Josephine getting here?" I asked, "Hopefully soon." Max said.

"What’s up my party bitches!" Sam yells out as he walks into the venue, "Who is ready to party?!" Andy yelled out too, "Fuck I missed you, two handsome men! And I finally get to party it up with you Andy!" Tasmine screams out, the pair of them bear-hugged my wife as the three of them laughed like idiots, Max’s coworkers didn’t know what to make of this, notice Zoey was looking at them oddly too. "What the fuck is Zoey doing here?" Sam bitched, "he’s dating one of Max’s coworkers." I told him, "Should I know who this?" Andy asked, "Babe just a bully from high school who was a major bitch to Tasmine and Oliver. Oliver, I still don’t know why you used to fuck her like were you drunk or high during that time?" Sam asked me, "I’m going to say I was at the time but also was trying to forget Tasmine at the time too."

"See that didn’t work." Andy replied, "Understatement of the year Andy." Sam said, "Can I ask why where you trying to forget Tasmine for?" Andy asked, how have we not talked about this? "Short story she wasn’t mentally ready to date nor was she allowed to date Lee was a hard nut on that subject at the time," I told him, "Understatement of what he was like babe." Tasmine said, "Fuck he doesn’t come across like that." Andy said, "Be glad you didn’t know him when we were teenagers he was fucking scary." Sam said.

"Still is if you ask me." Justine said, "I feel like I should tell him that." I said, "Yeah when we get home hey." Tasmine joined in on the teasing, "What? When are you two going up to Tully?" Justine asked, "Babe, Lee is down to watch Christopher." Max reminded her, "Oh, how did I forget that?" She asked, "Getting shots also come along Andy I want to show you off." Sam said over the top of everyone, "Oh my favourite part." Andy said. We all laugh as they walk off towards the bar, I see why he said that as Zoey is checking them both out clearly hasn’t worked out that they are a couple yet. We all took over the bar tables that are next to the pool table while Max and Tasmine started playing a game, a few of the people who know Justine and Max have come to the tables near us as well.

Dean walks in holdings hands with a pretty lady, he looks happy I’m happy for him. He spots us at the pool tables and races towards us. We bro hug before he turns to the lady next to him with a big smile on his face. "Oliver this is my girlfriend Kate, Kate this is one of my best friends Oliver and this pretty little thing that is bounding up towards us is his wife Tasmine." Dean said cheerfully, "Hi Kate, nice to meet you, also about time bro happy for you!" I said happy for him, I give her a hug, as Tas looks at us in confusion. "Hi, Oliver nice to finally meet you I have heard so much about you all." Kate said, "Dean what have I missed?" Tasmine asked, "Oh shit sorry Tas, this is my girlfriend Kate." Dean said, "What? Really?! Fuck yes! About time!" Tasmine screams out giving Kate a massive hug. "Hi, Tasmine, nice to finally meet you too," Kate said.

"Come on follow me, love." Tasmine ordered her, "Oliver how much has she had?" Dean asked me, looking at Tasmine with worry on his face, "Dean it’s our first night out on the town since having Christopher also it’s her first drink." I reminded him, "Cheap drunk she is going to be for you tonight." He said, "I don’t care she is fucking smoking tonight mate." I told him, "If you say so. Oh, fuck who invited those two?" He asked, I looked up at him in shock, no idea who he is talking about. "Who?" I asked, "Zoey and Rachel of all people!" He snapped, "Rachel is here?" I asked shocked, "Yes, she’s spotted the girls at the bar and made a beeline to them, this is going to be a fun night. Why the fuck is Zoey here?" He asked me, "She is dating Max’s coworker." I told him.

"Oi Ollie where is your wife?" Max asked me, "Gone mate." I told him, "Fine, either of you two want to take her place?" He asked us, "Sure I will, better than her betting our ass again." Dean grumbles, yes my little wife is a shark at pool, on new people she plays that she doesn't know how to play well then blind sides them and win. We laughed as Max and Dean start playing one of Max’s coworkers came back with two trays full of shots for everyone, oh man I don’t mind partying but do we need to be sloshed?

Tasmine rushes over on her own with a smile on her face, taking two shots off the tray, and kicks them back. "Argh! Fuck hubby I needed that!" She grumbles, "Really? What’s up?" I asked, "Fucking Rachel and Zoey do I need to say any more." She snapped, "A little as Zoey shouldn’t worry you, haven’t seen her for years. What has Rachel done now?" I asked, "Tell you later, want to have a quickie in the loos?" She asked, "Fuck that was quick even for you two." Sam said, "Zip it Sambo, babe maybe later." I snapped back at him, "Ok, want to dance?" She asked me, "With you my sexy kitten, fuck yes." She grabs my hand dragging me to the dance floor, as soon as the song started playing I grab her hips pulling them into me as we dance to the beat, waving at Jackson and Josephine when they had arrived.

Wow, the night got a bit away from us, whatever those ladies had said to Tas seems to have made her keep drinking. Our main group of Max, Justine, Dean, Kate, Andy, Sam, Josephine, Jackson, Tasmine, and myself have all bunkered down at a takeaway joint trying to sober up our drunks. Which is Tasmine, Max, Justine, Sam, and Jackson, which is odd thought more of us would get drunk but think these five must-have been sneaking shots together.

"Are you all always like this?" Kate asked, "In what way do you mean by that sweet cake?" Jackson asked, "Yes please fill us all in, cause I am sure Deanie boy had shared a lot about us to you. He wouldn’t have bought you to meet us if you couldn’t handle us all." Sam said, "Don’t worry she knows all the important bits." Dean said, "Like that we all jump from partner to partner which turns out to be our friends?" Tasmine asked, "What? He never said anything about you or Oliver in that way, he said you guys have been together since you were in year eleven Tasmine." Kate told us, Tasmine looks up at me in shock with a chip hanging from her hand. "Fuck Oliver we are old!" She said loudly, "Hahaha thanks, babe." I said around my laughter.

"Katie we are still waiting!" Jackson yelled out, "Always this wild is what I mean." Kate replied, "Well both Tasmine and my beautiful wife Jo have taken time off from drinking as they have had children and this is their first real night out on the town the alcohol seems to be affecting them both a bit more than normal more so in Tasmine’s point of view. And the rest of us just love having a good drink when we catch up for important things like this engagement of our baby brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law!" Jackson screams out, "Shhhh not so loud Jackson the piggers will get up you for yelling." Tasmine whispers. "Piggers?" Andy asked, "Police officers Andy." Dean told him.

"What police officer’s kitten?" I asked looking around I couldn't see any, "Those ones!" She screams out, just about hits me in the head pointing out to the street we all look to where she is pointing and cannot see any police. "Think you need glasses little thing!" Jackson yelled at her, "Nope she said that cause she is thinking about Oliver in a police uniform! Remember Lee has Christopher tonight." Sam reminded everyone, "No I wasn’t! I am now, fuck Ollie you look hot!" Tasmine yells out, I smirk at her comment.

"How come Lee didn’t offer to watch Jasper for us?" Jackson asked, "Babe we hired a babysitter before we found out about Lee coming down and besides Jasper is not his grandson." Josephine told him, "BULLFUCKINGSHIT! HE IS SO HIS FUCKING GRANDSON! TASMINE IS MY SISTER FROM ANOTHER MISTER! THAT MAKES OUR SON JASPER HIS GRANDSON!" Jackson yelled out loudly, "Doubt he would see it that way Jackers." Dean said loudly, "Here Here! Hhmm, leave your hand there babe." She said loudly, I had my hand on her leg I had moved it to have a drink of water. Instead of waiting for me to respond, she jumps onto my lap laughing, while I try and stop her from flashing our friends.

"I’m ready to head back to our hotel room hubby." She said loudly, "Already?! It’s only what two in the morning!" Max complained, "Babe it’s more like four in the morning." Justine told him, "I’m taking her back up to our room. Are we catching up for hangover food tomorrow?" I asked, "Fuck yes!" Sam yelled out, "We will see." Andy said, "How about this around lunchtime those of us who will remember this message the group chat to see. I would like to be able to hang out with my three nephews I don’t get to see them that much." Dean said.

"Question has Christopher grown into his fat rolls yet?" Sam asked, "For that, you are not seeing him!" Tasmine snapped at him, "Nah his still big mate, but it suits him!" Jackson said, standing up making her stand up too, we said our goodbyes to our loved ones as I try and get a drunk wife back to our hotel room, which is fun cause I never said I was sober either.

"Tas babe walk next to me, please." I ordered her, "I am babe." I laughed as I grab her arm pulling her towards me, once we made it to the hotel throwing her over my shoulder while she screams and laughs. "Oliver I’m flashing in this dress!" She cries out, "I got you covered babe."

Once I made sure our room door was locked moving her around pressing her up against the wall kissing any part of her body that I could reach, hands roaming over her body she is doing the same to me fuck I need her out of this dress fast. "Fuck babe hurry up, just rip my undies off. I need you in me now!" She cries out, pushes my pants down as I rip her undies off, she grips my hard dick lowering herself down onto me we both groaned out. Fuck I love being inside of her, gripping one of her legs up over my shoulder and the other pressed firmly on the wall near her head while I move slowly out of her and slamming myself back into her while she screamed out for more. "Oliver! Harder!"

Lifting her other leg up onto my shoulder, slamming into her hard feeling her tightening around me, her smell, her sounds, and her breathing sent me over the edge as she covers me with her juices. "Fuck Tasmine!"

"Ohhh hmm fuck OLIVER!!" Leaning my forehead against her’s while we both catch our breaths. "Wow babe, the dress worked for you tonight hey?" She asked, I laughed while she smirks at me. "You know it did kitten."

She taps my arm letting me know to put her down, as I slip out of her. Once her feet are on the ground she gets out of her dress and bra, I quickly kick my shoes off with my pants and throwing my shirt into the same pile as her dress. "Ollie don’t laugh but I think I have one more round in me before this alcohol makes me pass out, you up for it?" I look at her trying not to laugh at her cute drunken ass, while she works out what she just said to me. "Stupid question you will always want to have sex with me." She mumbled, "Babe that is so fucking true!"

I grab her hand leading her towards the bed she pushes me down onto the bed, pulling her in for a smoking hot kiss as I slam myself back up into her, she starts moving her hips at a steady rhythm my thumb finds her clit rubbing hard, fast circles, her hips start jerking telling me she is about to reach her climax, as her body becomes so tight around me bringing me to my own climax. Gripping her hips while I lifting her up flipping her around slamming into her from behind, "Oh, fuck OLIVER!"

Gripping her hips tightly as I go harder into her, doing her best to hold herself up from my onslaught, also not being quiet at all moaning loudly, and screaming our names out. "That’s it kitten scream my name!" I yelled out, "OLIVER I’M CUMMING!" I reach around rubbing hard on her clit as her whole body shakes as she explodes screaming my name, not even letting her come down from her high, gripping her hips flipping her over onto her back throwing her legs over my shoulders slamming back into her, fuck I don’t think I can take it anymore, slowly thrust deeply into her. "Hmmm fuck Tasmine you feel so dam good!" My thrust has started to become erratic I’m not far off nor is she as I rub her clit fast.

"Fuuuuckkk Oliver! Shhhiiit!!! Hmmmf!" Her toes curl over as her whole body goes stiff and then shaking as she squirts over me as I fill her up, we both screaming each other’s names out as I collapse onto her both out of breath. Shit, it’s been so long that we had been this wild, rolling over so she is on top of me, she sits up looking down at me, with a big smile on her face.

"Fuck hubby think we need to hit the town more often." Then her eyes rolled and she collapses on me, bloody hell babe, oh fuck I didn’t use a condom at all, shit she is going to kill me. Moving her around so we can cuddle just as I got her into a comfortable spot I passed out too.

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