No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 62 - Party A Little Too Hard

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Why am I freezing for?

I go to move to pull up the blankets when my head started to hurt so much, my stomach is churning I groan out. “Fuck I feel like death warmed up...” I grumbled, “So you should sleeping beauty.” I can hear his handsome voice, it’s not next to me in bed I wonder where he is I slowly open my eyes, groaning again. Once the room stopped spinning and my eyes could focus I spotted him lounging on the couch with the TV on low in his boxers only looking handsome as hell.

“Hmmm morning handsome, come back to bed and keep me nice and warm.” I mumbled, “Afternoon kitten, clean yourself up then I will.” He stated, “What?” I mumbled looking at his laughing face, looking down to see that I didn’t vomit in my sleep thank god for that.

But I do feel sticky as anything, and sore like we had a wild night, climbing out of bed heading into the bathroom to use the toilet I knew we had sex, my gut is telling me we had unprotected sex I’m pissed off at him for not putting a condom on. I need to freshen myself up, walking up to the bathroom door closing it, and locking the door before jumping into the shower, by doing that with the door he would know I am pissed off with him.

I finished in the shower and realized I hadn’t bought in any clean clothes walking out with a towel around me digging around my bag for clothes making my way back to the bathroom. “Forget the clothes kitten.” He said just before I had reached the door, I looked at him with my best go fuck you look. “No, sorry I feel like wearing clothes right now Oliver,” I said just before closing the bathroom door and locking it, I want to cry I am that angry with him, he knew my views on this subject, a soft knock drew me out of my thoughts.

“Tasmine?” I didn’t answer while I was putting my clothes on. “Tasmine, why are you not talking to me?” He asked, “You know dam well why I am not talking to you!” I snapped, “No I do not, was it because I told you to clean up?” He asked, once dressed I slammed the door open glaring at him, he just looked at me lost.

“Really?! I know you didn’t drink as much as I had.” I snapped, “Oh, we drank about the same amount kitten. Are you upset cause you have a hangover? I did try to slow you down but after your comment about Zoey and Rachel, you wouldn’t. What the hell did they say to you for you to behave like that?” He asked, “This is not about the amount we had drunk, or what those two bitches had said. This is about you having unprotected sex with me knowing how I feel about that!” I yelled at him, watching his face change when he realized what I was talking about, I fucking knew it.

“You did it so you can get me pregnant didn’t you!” I screamed at him, “What? No! I just wanted to have sex with my wife last night that was as far as my thinking had gone! Besides, aren’t you on birth control too?” He asked, “That is not the point Oliver!” I snapped, “Right now it is the point Tasmine, we both got wild last night.” He snapped back at me, “You mean you did! I have no memory of it!” I screamed, “Really? I don’t believe you have any memory of last night.” He said.

“Why is all I want to know.” I said softly, “I told you the why already, I want to have sex with my fucking smoking hot wife. What is so wrong with that and if you do end up being pregnant what is the big deal about it? You do want another child I know that.” I cut him off, “Ever thought that I might be scared that by adding another child into the mix I might become like my mum! Fuck Oliver I have only just gotten a handle on how to be a mum to Christopher!” I screamed at him.

“Oh, sweetheart come here.” He said this with his arms wide open, I ran into his arms I know I am angry with him but he also knows how to calm me down. His warm arms wrap tightly around my body, while I hold tightly onto him. “It’s ok to be scared kitten, but you need to stop fighting me over your fears ok if your birth control doesn’t work we will work this out together. I love you so much Tasmine.” He whispered, “Hmmm less talking babe my head hurts still. I love you too.” I whispered, he laughs as he walks us over to the bed, I know I have been a bitch to him, I’m just so scared of having another child and them being worse than Christopher in the screaming and no sleep department I just don’t think I could do that again.

“We cannot stay long, check out is soon and the gang wants to hang out later today at Jackson’s house.” He told me, “Arghhh really whose bloody idea was that?” I asked, “Most likely my drunken idea babe, also I am sorry for being too drunk to remember to put a condom on.” He whispered, “Thanks would have liked to just spend time with just you today. I know you are babe, I’m sorry for flipping my switch at you.” I said, he starts laughing so hard, jiggling me around. “Shit Kitten cute way of saying you went crazy. Come on let’s get going so we can have something to make us feel better.” He told me, “No, we leave this room and we become mum and dad again, right now we are just Tasmine and Oliver.” I told him.

“Babe no matter what we will always be mum and dad and Tasmine and Oliver, come on I know you’re hungry I can hear your stomach growling from here.” He said, “Why do you have to be right for?” I asked, “Someone has to right now, as I’m guessing your brain is still mush.” I nudge him, he pulls me in kissing the top of my head before getting out of the bed, pulling out some clothes getting dressed in front of me, letting me watch his beautiful body move. “Keep looking at me like that Mrs. Brown and we are going to have to tell your dad to stay another night.” He said, I sat up in shock like hell am I going to have that conversation with my father, he knew it too as he chuckles shaking his head. “Predictable babe.” He mumbles.

Three hours later I was laying back down on a deck chair under the tree in Jackson’s back yard with my son sound asleep on me while everyone around me chatted, laugh, and catches up. “Still green hey little thing?” Jackson asked me, “Go away, Jackson.” I grumbled, “Nope.” He said laughing, “Baby girl want me to make you the hair of the dog for you?” My dad asked, I scrunched up my face at him, “Think I’m going to be sick just hearing that dad.” The pair of the laughing, Oliver came over with another plate of fatty junk food for me. “Want any of this?” He asked, “Thanks, but no I’m good.” I told him. “Sure it might make you feel better?” Oliver asked, “Dad you want Christopher?” I asked, “Yeah, here I will take him into Jasper’s room seeing as he is wide awake at the moment.” Dad said, “Sure Lee he can use that room to follow me.” Jackson said.

Can see dad wants to tell him off but keeps his mouth shut for some reason, have I missed something? I looked over at my husband who looks like he wants to laugh but keeps it to himself too. “Spill it, Oliver.” I said, “Nope if those two haven’t said anything to you then I’m not.” He stated, “Since when?” I asked, “Since it has nothing to do with us, that is why babe.” He told me, “Ok.” I said, “Eat kitten.” He ordered as he hands me the plate of food, sitting in behind me wrapping his arms around me placing his head gently on my shoulder as Andy and Sam make their way over. Sam no longer looks so green from when they both had arrived. Sitting in the lounge chair next to us sitting the same as us too, it was cute to see Sam in love and not hurt or angry.

“Little thing stop looking at me like that or Oliver is going to get ideas,” Sam said, that just caused Oliver and Andy to burst out into fits of laughter while I just ate my food cause it didn’t hurt my head. “Oh, babe that is priceless.” Andy said around his laughter, “Second that Andy man!” Oliver said loudly, “Really? You two don’t think it would happen?” Sam asked, “Wow it defiantly won’t be happening Sambo. Sorry, your handsome and all but no one compares to Oliver.” I said, “Stop babe, or we are going to need a quickie in the bathroom.” Oliver said.

“Not in my house you fuckers!” Jackson yelled out from the baby monitor, “How the fuck did he know that is what you said?” Andy asked, “Bet he bugged his place.” Sam said, “Dam right Sammie boy, or the fact Josie has left the baby monitor next to you idiots!” Jackson snapped, “Since when can they be two ways?” I asked lost, “Knowing him, he got Dean to play with them.” Oliver said, “Right... Wondering how that monitor goes when they are in their bedroom?” I asked, what I didn’t know at the time was Jackson was standing at my feet looking at me trying not to laugh.

“That is our daytime one Little Thing, no way would we have one like that in our bedroom at night.” Jackson said, “Good poor Jasper having to hear you two going at it would haunt him for his whole life.” Andy said, “Oh zip it Andy we know you are into kink if you’re dating him.” Jackson said pointing to Sam while we all laughed, Andy shrugs his shoulders while rubbing his hands up Sam’s arms. “Love every minute of it with him.” Andy said I love hearing that he has found someone to love him like this, “Good so you should.” Jackson said.

“Thank you.” Dean said, “Why the fuck are you saying thank you for Dean?” I asked lost, “For loving me little thing.” Sam said, “Oh...” I whispered, “Jackson why are you selling this beautiful house for?” Kate asked, “Bought a farm need to sell this to make it easier.” Jackson said, “Why not rent it out?” Kate asked, “Why don’t you buy it then.” Josephine piped up, Dean snapped his head up from his phone, looking upset. “Don’t buy it, babe!” He snapped, “Why do you think my work is shit?” Jackson asked sounding hurt, “No, I don’t want to move my business up here when it’s finally picking up. And you just started” Kate cuts him off, “Not going to buy babe, with my uni debt it will be years before I can buy let alone be able to afford something this fucking amazing. You did all the work yourself, Jackson?” Kate asked with a big smile on her face.

“Yes, I did also with the help of my coworkers and other contacts that I had hired.” Jackson said, “Well it was nice seeing you kids again and congratulations Max and Justine, baby girl you feeling up for giving your old man a hug?” Dad asked. “Always up for a hug dad!” I said loudly, Oliver lets me go as I climb out of the chair walking over to my dad to give him a hug, I know he had a good weekend with Christopher he told me plus shared the photos with me too. Dad’s warm arms held me tightly, what’s going on with him?

“Dad, are you ok?” I asked, “I’m fine love, just going to miss you and my little man so much.” He whispered, “Dad we will be up in a few weeks for Easter, seeing if Oliver can take longer off so we can spend more time up north. I miss you all so much too.” I said, “Good I would love that baby girl. Also, I’m not going to be surprised if you tell me at Christopher’s first Birthday party that you are expecting baby number two.” He said, “What the hell” I snapped, “Shh kid, I’ve seen the way you two are right now you were like that before you had fallen with Christopher, it’s a good thing Tasmine stop fighting it. Also stop fearing your going to be like her, because you are not, you may have her looks thank the lord for that but your nothing like your mother. I’m proud to be your dad love, you are doing an amazing job with Christopher I know at first it didn’t seem like it but that is what comes with first-time parents.” He said, “Ahh dad you’re going to make me cry.” I said trying not to cry, “Good, enough chick stuff for me now.” He mumbles, “Hahaha sure dad.”

I gave dad another hug and a kiss on his cheek before he gave Oliver a bro-style hug and headed off into the house I believe to go say goodbye to his grandson. Oliver pulled me back down onto the chair the way we had been before I got up, I cuddle further into him, he holds onto me tightly biting my earlobe. “What’s gotten into you kitten?” he asked, “Alright let’s try.” I whispered, “You for real? What the hell did your dad just say to you?” He asked shocked, I lean my head back so I could see his face, I smiled at him, he must have worked out what my smile meant he leaned down kissing me softly, while he pulled away he spoke against my lips. “We start tonight when he goes down.”

I know I was dead set against having another kid before his birthday, but after what my dad said I felt my fear left me, I guess I just needed my dad to tell me that I am doing a good job, I know Oliver has been saying it but deep down I felt like he had to say that as he is my husband. As my dad would tell me if I was doing a shit job or not. Dad walks back over towards us with a bubbly Christopher in his arms, ahh please tell me he didn’t wake him.

“I did not wake him Tass, he was already awake talking to who knows who. Bye, my little man will see you soon ok, Grandad loves you.” He gave him another hug and kiss before handing him over to me, dad smiled at me and gave Oliver a wink before leaving everyone else yelling out their goodbyes to him. I sat back up looking at my husband who was acting like nothing just happened.

“Why did my dad just wink at you?” I asked, “No idea babe unless he’s thanking me for giving him a weekend with his grandson.” Oliver said, “Hmm we will be talking about this later mister.” I believe something else had gone down, “Guys for my bucks night we are not drinking ok!” Max said loudly, “Hahaha fuck off you fucker you’re getting drunk!” Oliver said, “You think after what you did to Oliver at his bucks he is going to let you have it off? Hahaha, fuck did you hit your head last night?” Jackson asked, “Yeah you played him hard that night, I don’t think I have ever seen him that drunk before.” Dean said, “Fucking knew it! Yes, make him regret it, babe.” I said to Oliver, “I don’t care for mine, cause I am guessing you both would be pregnant again for it so it won’t be that much fun for me being drunk.” Justine said.

“I won’t be babe.” Josephine said, “What? You’re not having any more?” I asked lost, “We are just not until he has started kindy are we going to try again.” Jackson said, “Why do you want such a big age gap?” Sam asked, “Doesn’t sound that big Sambo, plus it’s what they want we cannot judge.” I told him, “Thank you, I wanted that so I can go back to work for a little longer and build up my annual leave.” Josephine said, “All good babe, ahh yes Christopher you can eat the rest of mummy’s food.”

Christopher smashed the remaining food on my plate, it was ok I wasn’t going to eat it anyway. Sam, Dean, and Andy had moved to the grass area that was set up for the kids with all three nephews playing with them all. We stayed for another hour before I needed to go home, I needed to sleep my head was hurting so much.

Once I had sat down in the car Oliver’s hand went right to his normal spot on my leg as he starts up the car. “Babe go to sleep, will wake you when we get home.” I just nod my head as I drifted off to sleep, wasn’t long before I felt myself being lifted and carried into the house with Oliver whispering for me to go back to sleep.

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