No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 63 - Easter Holidays

**Tasmine’s Pov**

A busy couple of weeks we have had, on the weeks that Oliver is home we had gone to Jackson’s work and worked on our ideas and designs we wanted for the house as they will be starting the renovation after the Easter holidays. I cannot wait, our dream home is becoming real, never thought it would happen this soon.

Christopher has become such a cheeky monkey getting into everything now, Oliver has just finished baby-proofing the house now that he is on the move and no chances of slowing down at all. He is still not ok with Oliver going away but this week is his last week of working out on site.

Oliver has gotten himself a job in town its three streets away from my work, I fucking love that which means if we both are not busy we could have lunch together. Oliver starts a week after we get back from our trip up north. Jackson and Max and the rest of the family are all coming up for the Easter holiday period this year. We are staying up longer than ten days so we can see family and friends from Tully and all the way up to Cairns. My dad is over the moon about this so is the rest of the family.

I have forgotten how much fun it is to try and have a baby the amount of sex we both have managed to sneak in and around Christopher shocks me some days. Still, nothing is coming up on the tests but I am guessing either too soon or my body is doing what it did last time.

Laying in our bed naked with windows opened listening to the rain outside, while Oliver is softly snoring next to me, I just love the smell of rain, I miss it if I am being honest I miss all the rain Tully has.

We head out in under four hours judging by the clock on the nightstand next to Oliver on his side of the bed, I want my body to let me go back to sleep, it’s going to be a long drive I don’t want to try and drive it on little sleep. Rolling over cuddling up to my sleeping husband as his arms automatically wrap around me pulling me in tight. “Babe to old to try and do a drive this large on little sleep because of sex.” He mumbles, “All good, not after that babe my mind won’t shut off.” I whispered, “Put your head onto my chest and let my heartbeat put you to sleep.” He mumbles I love this man so much I hope that we are like this in our old age. Cuddling further up onto his chest listening to his heartbeat as it pulls me to sleep.

Waking up to soft kisses on my forehead, groaning and cuddling further into him he chuckles. “I see my heartbeat put you to sleep. It’s time to wake up Kitten we need to pack the last of our stuff, and hit the road.” He told me, “Do we have time to” I started he cuts me off, “In the shower we do.” He said, I smiled up at him, leaning further up giving him a soft kiss only pulling away cause I couldn’t handle both our morning breaths.

“Need to brush our teeth first.” I grumbled, “Hahaha I know, come on let’s quickly get into the shower before our son wakes up.” He told me, quickly cleaning our teeth, is it bad that I enjoyed checking him out. “Never going to get sick of you perving on me, my love.” He must have been able to read the look on my face, as soon as I had finished rinsing my mouth out he picks me up kissing me as he walks us into the shower pressing me against the wall as he leans over, turning the water on while I grip his semi-hard dick rubbing it for him, he groans. Once the water was at the temperature that we both love he was back kissing me roughly, the way I love him doing, moaning out while his hand roams over my body with expert knowledge. Rubbing him harder letting me know to hurry up, his hand finds my clit fast while he growls around my nipple, I moan out as soon as he touched me.

“Oh fuck Ollie...” He growls in my ear, biting my earlobe gently before kissing just under it sending chills down my whole body. “Are you ready for me yet babe?” He asked, “Fucking always, AHHH!” He didn’t let me finish slamming into me gripping my hips tightly, wanting him in deeper I start lifting my leg up, Oliver working out what I wanted grabbing the back of both my legs lifting them up over his arms slamming into me harder causing me to scream out.

“FUCK YES!” He chuckles, leaning into me further kissing me while moving fast in me, fuck I cannot take it when he is like this moaning into his mouth, we both are not far off from our climaxes. “Tasmine! Fuck yes!!” He screamed out, “Oh fuck, I’m their babe fuck, fuck make me cum hard, I love it when you make me cum hard Ollie!” I screamed, “Fuck Tassie I’m cumming fuck I’m cumming argh!!” He growls out while my body tightness around his forcing him to reach his climax, we both screamed, leaning his forehead against mine as we pant out trying to catch our breaths. “Hmm, I love you babe, so fucking much.” He whispered, “I love you so much too.” He laughs kissing me again, putting my legs down still holding my body until my legs stop shaking.

“Fuck how did I get so lucky?” He asked, “You wouldn’t leave me alone until I had fallen madly in love with you?” I said, “I did not!” I gave him a look, he starts laughing. “Maybe a little, but I love our friendship” He said, “Shhh I’m happy that you wouldn’t leave me alone, now I’m lucky to have the best friend, along with the best husband and father a girl could ask for,” I said with a massive smile on my face, he brushes my hair off my face giving me a loving smile leaning down kissing me softly before it became one of those all-consuming kisses that he loves giving me.

Twenty minutes later we are both dressed, had made our bed, and tidy up the room, grabbing the last things that needed to go into the car from our room, I was in the kitchen packing snacks, sorting out what we didn’t need in the fridge and general cleaning, when I felt small hands on my legs looking down I was greeted with Christopher smiling and talking to me. “Hey, my little man, how’s it going?” I asked, “Christopher! Where the hell did you take off to? Come to daddy my little man!” I can Oliver calling out to him from the hallway. “He has found his mummy!” I yelled back at him, “Good on him! I will pack his last bag for you ok love?” He asked, “Go for it!”

Once I had given Chris is breakfast, we both also had our breakfast and much needed cup of coffee and cleaned up we packed the last bit of items in the car before double checking the place, things are off and locked up, Oliver turned on the alarm as I was getting Chris into the car. Climbing into the front of my car letting Ollie drive as I still feel tired, and he had more sleep than me. Oliver got into the car looking at me before he started up the car. “What? I already double-checked the car” I cut him off, “Babe I know I was perving on you when you did it, remember?” I reminded him, “Oh I remember it was one of our best sessions out of our bedroom.” He replied with that smirk on his face that he knows I love, “Let’s go before we hit traffic.” I told him.

“Ok, let me know when you want to drive.” He said, “No, you let me know when your too tired to drive.” I told him, “Hahaha sure love.”

A few hours later we had stopped in Bowen for a food break and to let Christopher out to play for a bit at the park to hopefully make him go to sleep, he didn’t cry on the way up to Bowen so that is a bonus, Oliver sat with his arm around me watching Christopher playing in the playground. “Tasmine I have been thinking about selling my car and buying Jackson’s work ute off him.” I looked back up at him in shock this is a first for him, never thought I would hear him saying he wanted to sell his baby he loves that car nearly as much as he loves me and Chris.

“Why?” I asked shocked, “Makes more sense for me to sell it, no point in having three cars, and barely driving it, it needs to be loved more and I have not been able to do that.” He said sounding upset, “Are you worried about us not having enough money? If so I can go back to work earlier.” I said, “Stop babe, I earn enough for you, so you do not need to go back.” He said, “Then what bought this on?” I asked, “Been thinking a while about wanting to sell it, maybe even” I cut him off once I worked out where he was going, “Not selling my car Oliver.” I snapped, “I know, was thinking of updating your car.” He still continued with it, “Not ready to do that. I will let you” He cuts me off, “Babe I know, I’m sorry”

“Really! Christopher do not put that in your mouth!” I yelled out cutting Oliver off as I noticed Christopher was trying to eat something he found on the ground, racing off to take it off him, thank god it was just a leaf. Oliver had joined us, hand firmly on my ass while we watch Chris. “Why do you want to buy Jackson’s work ute, doesn’t he need it?” I asked, “His boss is upgrading everyone’s work utes something to do with tax time, I can get it cheaper than at the second-hand dealership. I need something for all my work tolls and no way I want all of them in my car.” I laughed then, that is gold and such an Oliver thing to say. “Sure babe if that is what you want to do.”

“If we end up having more than three kids we will be looking at selling that car Tas.” He reminded me, “Yep we talk about that when it happens hey.” He chuckles knowing for well that I could have snapped at him for even suggesting I sell my car. I know he worked hard on his car, but mine is from my mum that my dad had done up for me only thing of her’s that I really love even though I hate her. “Babe, did you want to drive?” He asked, “I can drive to Townsville.” I told him, “Let me”

“I will.” I cut him off I knew what he meant, he picks up our son as we made our way back to the car, once he had him safely in his seat he turned to me with a big smile on his face. “I cannot wait to find out if you’re expecting again babe.” He said, “I know you are.” I whispered, “You’re still scared?” he asked, “More of being that sick again.” I whispered, “We will deal with it together ok love, let’s go home and see our loved ones.” Oliver said with pride in his voice.

I had driven all the way to Townsville Oliver had taken over after lunch, we arrived at my dad’s place in the early hours of the afternoon to dad running down the stairs in his work clothes with the biggest smile on his face. “Ahh, my baby girl is home!” he cries out in joy, “Hi dad!” I yelled out, we hugged, he held on to me tightly and whispered in my ear. “Your glowing love.” I moved back a little to look at him he just smiles and winks at me. “Yes Tas, I believe you are but I won’t say anything like last time until you guys do.” He said, “I don’t know dad, but I’m happy to be home and to see it’s still raining.” I told him, thinking do I have something on me that screams she is pregnant? Unsure as I have yet to test positive to a test yet.

“Hahaha, sweetheart have you missed the rain? But not me?” He asked, “I missed you both dad.” I told him, “Good to see you again Lee.” Oliver said, “You to Oliver, oh come to your grandad little man!” Lee said with so much pride and love in his voice, Christopher walks to his grandfather who started laughing with joy. “He is walking now? Why didn’t you two say so earlier?” He asked us, “Wanted to surprise you Dad.” I said happily, “Best surprise ever! You did Chris your walking to grandad! Oh man, you ready for your first Easter? Hey, what do you want the Easter bunny to get you?” He laughs scooping up his grandson and racing upstairs while Oliver grabs the bags from the car I go to help and he tells me to just get inside. I followed dad and screamed so loudly when I had seen my gran sitting down in the lounge with a big grin on her face.

“Surprise baby girl.” She said, “Grandma! Shit, I have missed you!” I cried out, I ran into her arms giving her a big hug, as she hugged me back. “Congratulations baby girl.” She whispered, “For what?” I asked, “Shhh I know you don’t know yet but you look it.” I want to slap both her and dad for saying that, do I have a big sign on my forehead that says your pregnant? I haven’t even had a positive test yet, it’s all negative. “Don’t you dare fight me on this either girl. Hello Oliver nice to see you again, my oh my what is my granddaughter feeding you? You keep getting taller every time I see you.” She said, “Hey Gran, nice to see you too. Hahaha, no idea have you thought maybe you’re getting shorter?” he asked, “You bloody smartass.” She grumbled, “Oliver just put those bags in Tas’s room, you remember the room that I have set up for Chris?” Dad asked.

“Yeah, Lee I remember the rooms.” Oliver said this walking towards my childhood room that dad has now painted white and made it gender natural instead of all pink with a cot and change table all for Chris and any more children that we have, I love that dad had done this saves us from having to bring a porta cot with us. Oliver came past me as he walks back to my teenage room that has been updated a little bit double bed but everything else that I had left was in this room.

“Now tonight did you want dinner with just us five or would like uncle James, auntie Danielle, Rose, and Charles over too?” Dad asked, I looked up at Oliver who just walked out of our room for the week we are up here, he smiles broadly at me, I know he wants his dad over. “Go for it, babe.” He said, “Yes dad I would love to catch up with them!” I said, “On it!” Gran said pulling out her phone and making her way to the small front porch to make the phone calls. I head into our room to dump my handbag Oliver had followed me, pulling out a draw he showed me what was on our bed. “Did you pack that?” I asked, “Nope, found it on our bed when I bought the bags in, think they both are telling us something.” He said, “They both said something when they hugged me.” I told him, “Well kitten you are glowing.” He replied, “Fine I will take the test I need to pee anyway.” I snapped, “Good!” He said.

He leans down kissing my forehead handing me the test I walked to the bathroom, making sure dad didn’t see me if I am I wanted Oliver to know first. Locking the door, opening the box with shaky hands why is this still affect me? After all of this time? Peeing on the stick holding it while I watch the window change wanting to see what it says.

Cleaning myself up, walking out of the bathroom with the test still in my hand trying to find Oliver, I found him in the lounge room with my dad and Christopher, all three look up at me dad with a surprised look on his face while Oliver has a hopeful one on his while I tried to keep a straight face.

“Tasmine?” Dad asked.

“All good kitten?” Oliver asked.

“Um...” Is all I could say.

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