No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 64 - Easter Holidays Continued

**Oliver’s Pov**

Little pissed off at her dad and grandma for leaving that test on our bed, I wanted to do this as just us two, I wasn’t around for the first medical stuff when she was pregnant with Christopher I don’t want that again with this one if it’s true. "Oi Oliver look what Chris is doing!" Lee yells out from the lounge room, I race towards him and sure enough, Chris was playing with a kids mechanic set with a large toy car turned upside down, I started laughing he looked so much like me right now but he is pulling the face that Tas does when she is thinking. "Where the hell did you find a set like that?" I asked, "Found it at the markets in Cairns. Want me to get him a set for his birthday?" Lee asked.

"Fuck yes, please Lee," I begged, I was going to ask him something else but I spot Tas standing just out of the hallway looking odd, Lee notices the look on my face and turned around spotting his daughter.

"Tasmine?" Lee asked.

"All good kitten?" I asked.

"Um..." That is all she said, then I noticed what was in her hand, standing up walking past my father-in-law and son, I couldn’t read the look on her face. "Your old room now Tasmine," I said she just nods her head and follows me into her teenage room, closing the door behind us with the hopes that we can keep this from them a little longer.

"Babe?" I asked, she turns around and burst into tears, oh no is it not true? If that is the case is it still affecting her hard as it did before we had Chris. "Ahh, Tassie I’m here for you babe." Wrapping her up in a tight hug as she cries she drops the test on the floor, I look down couldn’t see it properly, bending down picking it up, wrapping her back up in a hug as I read the test staring at it in shock, not understanding her reaction.

"Tasmine you’re pregnant? Why are you crying?" I asked, "Cause I wanted Christopher to be in on the surprise in telling you!" She cries talks to me, I have got what she just said to me, and now I get it. Maybe she can do it when she surprises me with the sex of the child. "Oh sweetheart! You can do that with the sex of the child hey?" I asked, she nods her head, then looks up at me with tears falling down her face but starts smiling, I smile back at her.

"I’m pregnant." She whispered, "You are babe, want to see a doctor while we are up here?" I asked, "Yes, would be safer considering how fast I went downhill with Chris." She replied, "Are you feeling like that right now?" I asked, "No babe. I feel happy we are giving Chris a sibling. Should we tell them?" She asked, "They will work it out either way." I told her, "We will tell dad and Gran and tell them not to say anything until we know more." She said firmly.

"Good idea, want to do a quickie?" I asked, "Not while dad is awake you idiot." She laughs, I love that laugh walking around her old room she had kept her photo wall up and I love it she took a lot of photos from Justine’s room wall without her knowing looking at the younger us laughing, she wraps her arms around me leaning her head against my shoulder. "I wonder if our younger selves knew that our life would end up like it is now?" She asked, "I know I had hoped it would. Look at that one, I looked so in love with you." I pointed out, "You still look at me like that." She whispered, "Good I love looking at you." I whispered, "I love that we have so much history together." She said, "Same, would like it for our children too, but I would still be happy if they didn’t either." I told her.

"I agree babe. Come on handsome let’s go back out there, dad would be itching to find out what is going on." I laughed, I know he would be too, she placed the test in the room bin hiding it under some junk that she had in her handbag before racing out of the room before me, while I perved on her smoking hot body, quickly changing my view as soon as I was near Lee. He had that look on him that he really wants to know what is going on and his about to pull the Dad card, but we are saved as Frances walks back into the room with a big grin on her face not knowing what had just happened, while Tasmine finally noticed what Chris was playing with. "WHAT THE FUCK! I so love this! Is that set that I had as a kid?" She asked.

"Shit you remember that?" He asked shocked, "Yes, I loved it. I just remember yelling at mum for it one day and she lost her shit at me over it." Tasmine said, "I remember that set now, you would never let anyone touch it. What happened to it?" I asked, "I gave it to Noah." Lee said, of course he did, "Oh, well let’s hope it was played with a lot. I want a set like this for Chris at home." She said, "Already worked on that babe." I told her, "Good." She said smiling at me.

"Well, the family is on their way over also where did you two disappear to?" She asked, "Nowhere Gran," Tasmine said, "Don’t lie to me girl." She snapped, I sat down behind her just as our son crawls over towards us, wrapping my arms around her body, and started to rub her belly, and both her dad and grand jump up yelling for joy. "Really?! FUCK YES!" Lee yelled out, "I’m going to be a great-grandma again?!" She asked, we both smiled and nod our heads, fuck I now need to tell my dad or he’s going to be pissed that Lee and Fran found out before him.

"Dad, Gran can you two keep it to yourselves for a bit we don’t know how far along I am and I want to be safe first before we tell the rest of the family." Tasmine said, "Good luck with that sweetie your glowing so beautiful right now." Gran said, "Really? I look and feel like nothing has changed." Tasmine said shocked, "I can keep it to myself but Charles will notice as soon as he sees you." Lee said, I look down at my wife and just notice what they are seeing blue vans in her chest and her pores look so small and her hair looks thicker. "Babe it’s noticeable." I told her, "Well you know me so well of course it’s noticeable to you Oliver." She snaps.

"He is correct it’s noticeable sweetie you even have a little bump." Lee said smiling at his daughter, "What?! No, I don’t!" She stood up looking down at her stomach and I burst out into a fit of laughter, she looks like she has pigged out on food but sure enough, she is showing. "What the" She mumbles.

"Oh wow you look like you ate too much love but we all know you, best you book in to see a GP up here if you don’t want the rest of us to know." Her Gran said, seeing as it’s still daytime, I lean down giving her a kiss whispering I will be right back, jumping into the car making a pit stop at the local GP, walking in, and oh fuck me no she works here. Put on a fake smile as I walk up to the counter about to greet an ex the girl I had dated before my sister had killed herself, I believe if she hadn’t done that this girl would have stayed with me for longer, but she was so dull from my memory.

"Oh um hello Oliver what can I do for you today?" Zara said, wow, that was awkward as fuck. "Hi Zara, can I please make an appointment for my wife, please." She didn’t look happy about the wife thing, it's not fucking new that myself and Tasmine have gotten married I know both my dad and Lee had put things in the local paper about it. "Wife? Right, why is she not doing this?" She asked, "I was on my way, do you have someone available tomorrow?" I asked, "Yes, doctor White is available at eight-thirty in the morning." She said. "Could she please have that one." I told her, "Ok and her name is?" SHe asked, I arched an eyebrow up at her, "Tasmine Brown." I told her, "Tasmine Kelly? Wow, you two lasted, good on you." Under her breath, I swear she said lucky bitch, and I felt proud of that. "Thank you, Zara, see you tomorrow."

She just smiled as I walked out, far out tomorrow is going to be fun, hopefully, she doesn’t act like a cow. My next stop is the local IGA, I found her favourite box of chocolates and soft drinks I know Lee would have some but fuck it. Also getting something small for Chris as well, paying for it all heading to the local gift shop which is also the flower shop getting her a large bunch of her favourite flowers. Time to head back, on the drive back I swear I had seen Jackson’s car if that is the case why didn’t he tell me he was coming up early? I will text him later to find out. Pulling up back at Lee’s no new cars yet hopefully, her Auntie hasn’t walked over, racing up the stairs I can hear them laughing and chatting away and my son’s voice over the top of them all he must be showing off to his grandparents.

Opening up the door to find only Tas in the lounge room with Lee racing off into the kitchen chasing a laughing Chris unsure of where Gran is, Tas spots me and then what was in my hands and races towards me laughing. "Oh, babe you are always so romantic! I fucking love it and you!"

She slams into me holding onto me tightly kissing my cheek, I wrap my arms around her but couldn’t do much with the items in my hands. She steps back taking the flowers off me smelling them grabbing my shirt pulling me down for a quick kiss on the lips before walking off towards the kitchen. "Thank you, Ollie, just going to put them in some water. Hey dad you got any vases?" She asked, "I have no fucking idea go look in that cardboard maybe might have some NO CHRISTOPHER DO NOT TOUCH THAT!" Lee yelled out, a few minutes later she comes out of the kitchen laughing holding the vase with the flowers in it placing it on the dining room table, she spots me watching her making her way back towards me, wrapping her small arms around my waist whispering.

"Best hubby, thank you I love the flowers. Where did you go?" She asked, "I booked you in to see Doctor White tomorrow morning at eight-thirty, also picked up your favourite box of chocolates, with some soft drink and a little thing for Chris to celebrate just a little." I said with a big grin on my face, "Oh babe, now I wished we booked a hotel." She said, just as her dad walks back into the room, "Never going to fucking happen kid. Also could have warned me to baby proof my house." He snapped, "Hahaha you have forgotten what it was like having a baby that walks and gets into things maybe lock your doors that you don’t want him in?" Gran said.

"TASMINE, OLIVER, CHRISTOPHER!!!" Rose screamed out from outside, "Wow she has gotten louder!" I said, "Sure has." Gran agreed, "Yes she is worst than what you were like as a kid." Lee said looking at Tasmine, "I never yelled." She told her dad, "Beg to differ baby girl." Lee said, "Well I’m keeping" She cuts me off, "STOP TALKING OLIVER!" Tasmine yelled at me, "I do not need to know OLIVER!" Lee snapped at me, I start laughing as the little cyclone herself comes bursting through the door with her mum chasing after her looking puffed, which is odd cause she is normally a good runner, Tasmine notices too but her gran and dad acted like they didn’t notice at all, that is odd.

Rose goes to slam into Tas but she holds her arms out to stop her, her auntie noticed that right away, Rose still gave Tas a hug and a kiss on the cheek, doing the same thing with me before racing off towards our son. Her Auntie gave me a hug before turning to her niece looking her over, before giving her a big hug and a kiss on the forehead before stepping back and asking her the one question we all knew she would ask. "Tasmine is this why you have come up for the holidays to tell us in person that you’re making me a great auntie again?"

Tas throws her arms up in a huff, clearly not happy that she is showing that easily to her family. "Fucking hell! I only just found out like a few hours ago! I haven’t been to the doctor's yet can you all just wait!" She snapped, "Ok, fair enough little thing." Her auntie said I want to laugh Jackson’s nickname for her has traveled to other people, she didn’t look happy about it but who cares right now I’m over the moon happy that we are about to go on this crazy train of pregnancy again. Rose comes bounding back looking like a kid on a mission. "Can I take Christopher down to play at the fort?" Rose asked, "No babe it’s raining. Just play with him in the lounge room with his toys baby girl." Danielle said.

"Auntie Danielle, want to follow me in here, please." Very suttle kitten, I am guessing she is trying to find out what is going on with her auntie, could see the other two trying to stop it but Tasmine gave them both the look that said fucking spill now or else. I stayed back with the kids playing with them trying to not have them go looking at what their mums are up to, I don’t like the looks on her dad’s or grandma’s faces. Ten minutes later her dad has gone down under the house her gran has made herself busy in the kitchen what the fuck is going on?

I loud knock came from the front door, seeing as no one was going to go get it I opened the door and her Uncle James stood in front of me looking happy as anything. "Hello, Oliver? How was the drive up?" He asked, "Hi James, it was good, come on in Lee is under the house and your mum is in the kitchen, your sister and niece are in her old room talking while the kids are in the lounge room playing." I told him, "I know had seen Lee on the way up, cool what the hell are those two talking about?" He asked, "Not a clue mate." I told him.

"So Rose what game are you torturing your baby cousin in?" James asked, "Uncle James I am not! We are playing fixing cars is what he wants to do, look Ollie he is being like you and Tass and Uncle Lee!" Rose said loudly, "He sure is sweetie." I told her, "This might be a stupid question but Uncle James what do you do for a living?" Rose asked, I snicker, James shoves me to the side. "I work at the sugar mill," He said, "Oh that is right you make sugar for coke!" We all laughed at that as she started getting more into the game and was nailing her Uncle Lee to a tee we hear laughing myself and James look up as we spot Frances with her phone out filming it, I kept on laughing as James joined in with his niece.

I notice Tas leaving her room and rushing towards the bathroom looking upset, I excuse myself from them racing towards her, she had already closed and locked the door. I gently tap the door, I can hear her sniffing before she responded. "This bathroom is taken please use the one under the house." She said loudly, "Babe it’s me, let me in, please."

She unlocks the door letting me I slipped in locking it behind me as soon as I turned around her arms are wrapped around me holding onto me tightly as she cries softly. "Babe what’s wrong? Is the baby? Or your Auntie?" I asked lost, "My Auntie Ollie she’s sick..." Oh crap, I was hoping that was not the case. Fuck no wonder they want everyone in Tully for this year’s Easter holidays. "What is wrong love?" I asked, she looks up at me with her big puppy dog eyes tears falling down freely.

"She has MND." I just looked at her not understanding what the hell she just said to me. "MS? I’m lost, love." She shakes her head no, "Motor Neuron Disease." I looked at her in shock, trying to work out what that is. "Hold up is that what Stephen Hawking had?" I asked, "Yes." She whispered, oh fuck. "Oh..." Is all I could say, what can you say? "She has had it for the last four years she kept it from everyone until a few months ago when symptoms became harder for her to hide, they have worsened since." She whispered, "Oh my little kitten come here. I’m so sorry babe." I whispered.

"I get it shh I just want a hug, Rose doesn’t know. But I told my auntie she would know something is up." She told me, "Yes that kid is clued on. Your Uncle is here too." I told her, she nods her head sniffing again turning around walking to the loo grabbing some paper whipping her face, then splashing some water on her face at the sink then drying it with a towel before looking back at me. "Does it look like I have been crying?" She asked, oh, babe, her eyes are all red and puffy and her face is all patchy, they will know as they know her just as well as I do. "Sorry sweetie it does."

"Ahh fuck it then." She mumbles, she walks up to me giving me a quick passionate kiss before leaving me in the bathroom with a hard-on, shit it’s going to be a long holiday.

"My little sidekick!" James yells out, "Hi Uncle James." She said cheerfully to him, "Shit sweetie, is that why you came up to let me know you’re making me a great uncle again?" He asked, "James, she just found out so please keep it to yourself until they know how far along they are." Danielle said, "Yep what she said." Tasmine said, "Maybe put some fat on you and you won’t show as fast." Her uncle said, Danielle slapped the back of his head swearing her head off at him. "Idiot" Tasmine muttered.

"Where is my grandson." Could hear my dad’s voice outside before he opened the door, he had the biggest smile on his face as soon as he spotted his grandson on the floor playing with Rose and the car tools. "Hi, Dad!" I said loudly, he looked up from his hug, just noticing what he had done. "Shit sorry son. How are you going?" He asked, he gave me a hug before spotting Tas, who we could see from her side view which shows her stomach clearly, ahh my wife could be further along than she thinks by that. I personally thought it was from being pregnant with Christopher, but clearly, I got that wrong. My dad looked back at me with an excited look on his face.

"Oliver, are you keeping something from me?" He asked, I looked at him, I would like to lie to him but we cannot hide this her body is not letting us. "Yeah dad, we only just found out going to the GP tomorrow to find out more." I told him, "So that is not a food belly it’s another grandchild?" He asked, I nod my head he gave me a smile and wrapped me up in a hug laughing. "Best news ever son." He said, "Thanks can you" He cuts me off, "Yeah I won’t say anything Oliver." He told me.

"Who is hungry?" Gran said from the dining room, we all spoke at once saying we were, while she and Lee had finished placing bowls of food on the table, it smelt so good. Well, anything that you didn’t have to cook smelt good. Picking up Chris putting him in his highchair at the end of the table while he laughed and clapped his hands in joy having both his grandad’s on either side of him as they took over and we both didn’t care, they don’t get to see him that much.

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Sitting at the table with my family watching them laugh, eat, joke around and play games with Christopher. Oliver is sitting in front of me, his foot runs up my leg the whole time we were at the table, I had offered to clean up but was told to go sit down. "I’m going to jump in the shower, and also bath Chris while I’m at it." Oliver told me, "Ok, you’re going to be" He cuts me off, "Kitten, I will be fine love I bath Chris like that all the time." he told me, "I know you do." I said.

He gave me a quick kiss before heading off to the bedrooms to get the items he needs. I headed downstairs to where I had seen my dad go, he has changed it up a little under here. The bar is still there but it’s not as big, he has moved the pool table over and turned the spare space from a dance area to a lounge with a large pulldown screen. I found him sitting down on the lounge looking worse for wear.

"Dad?" I asked quietly, he looks up plastering a happy face on his face, patting the free spot next to him. I sat down looking at him trying to get comfortable as I felt very full and the pants are feeling tight now. "What’s up baby girl." He asked, "Dad, come on what is going on?" I asked, "You came up for a fun, happy family time love not this." He said, "Dad stop and just tell me." I begged with him, he puts his arm around me and burst out into tears, I held onto him. Why is he crying for? Is this to do with his sister?

"I’m sorry I shouldn’t" I cut him off, "Dad, shut up your stuck with me. I’m not leaving until you talk to me. What’s wrong?" I asked, "It had hurt not telling you about your Auntie, I wanted to tell you as soon as she told me. But she wouldn’t let me, I know she didn’t want to tell you today either. But you noticed and you need to know. Today was a good day for her, she’s looking at selling her house to move in with mum as she has only one level, unlike us brothers. I don’t want to lose her Tas, she’s too young I would be ok if it was mum cause I know she has lived her full life and is now watching her grandchildren give her great-grandchildren."

"Ahh Dad it’s ok, I’m not angry at you for not telling me about it. Also, it’s just me giving her the great-grandchildren the others haven’t started yet. Dad, what else is it?" I asked, "She told both myself and James that if something happened to her we are both to look after Rose. We both are happy to do that, but if her birth father wants her back we will have a hard time stopping that." I said, "Not really dad, as she doesn’t know him from a bar of soap unlike you two she knows very well." I pointed out, "But can we do that? Raise another child while all ours are grown up having their own lives and bring children into the world?" He asked.

"Yes! You took me in after mum died and let’s be honest here I was a little bitch to you and made your life harder than it needed to be. You can handle Rose just don’t do the crazy angry thing you did with me. As you know I had no choice you where my only guardian couldn’t leave, which could force her to go looking for her birth father which you don’t want to happen." I pointed out to him, he chuckles, I know I just shocked him. "Fuck Tasmine, you had just lost your mum and only just meet me, of course, you were going to be mean we got over that, and yes I did overreact with you. I hope not I don’t want her to ever meet him, he chose not to be in her life he shouldn’t be in it just because her mum is sick." He stopped I knew he couldn’t say the other part, but I am getting the feeling there is more he is not telling me, not like him to want to hug me this long.

"Dad, your upset about Auntie Danny but something else, what has happened?" I asked, "Baby girl please don’t" He begged, "Dad, it’s chewing you up, talk to me." I said softly, "You’re not going to drop this are you? Oliver has sure rubbed off on you being so pushy. Not even my dad’s card is going to work on you?" He asked, "Yep, dad nothing is going to work. Also, he sure has, hasn’t he?" I asked, he lets out a loud sigh, I know he’s holding back from crying, wondering what is going on.

"I had found real love Tassie, I was so happy and looking forward to Easter to introduce you, Ollie and Chris to her. Tas I have never found a woman since your mum left me that I wanted to marry, and I had found her." He said, why is saying had? "Had? Have you two already broken up? Why didn’t you tell me about her when you had come down?" I asked, "I didn’t want to jinx it, baby girl. Also, no we didn’t break up." He said. "Then why isn’t she here? Also your talking in the past tense, I’m lost dad."

"I know, I’m sorry sweetie it just hard causes it’s so fresh." He broke down crying, fuck did she really break his heart? Poor man he should be loved, my Uncle James has a girlfriend but they tend to hang out at their own family gatherings instead of joining in, each to their own. "Ahh dad you will find love, I’m sure of it. She wasn’t worth it" He cuts me off, "Tasmine we didn’t break up! I’m cursed, I have no idea what I have done to be cursed like this?!" He cried out in pain. "Ahh fucking hell dad spill now what happened?"

"She knew I was coming down to babysit Christopher and spend some time with you and Oliver, I was looking forward to our date that Monday night because she has Tuesdays and Wednesdays off, and well I go in later into work so I could spend some time with her. You would have loved her" He broke down again, fuck has something happened to her? "Dad, what happened to her?" I softly asked.

"She never showed on our date, which is unlike her, she didn’t text or call, so I went by her place and no answer which is worrying, used the spare key she had given to me, Tassie why does this shit keep fucking happening to me?" He asked, "I don’t know dad what the hell did you find?" I asked, "Found her babe, why do every woman I love die? Don’t you go fucking dying on me either Tasmine Rose Kelly Brown!" He snapped at me, "Oh fucking hell dad! I’m so sorry about her, sorry what was her name? Also, I’m not I have more to live dad, besides I would love to see my children grow up." I told him, "Alexis Nancy Zammit. God, I hope you do love." He said, "Dad what happened to her?" I asked.

"She had epilepsy, she had told me she had gone four years without a seizure, on that weekend she had a massive seizure in her sleep, um fuck um sorry it had killed her." I turned around in his arms wrapping myself around his shoulders giving him a hug, fuck no wonder he thinks he is cursed first my mum now Alexis. "I’m so sorry dad, also you are not cursed just unlucky." I told him, "Fuck Tasmine I’m a black widow!" He cried out, "No I think that makes you a Bluebeard dad. Also, think they only call you that if you had a hand in their deaths and the last time I checked mum died of breast cancer and Alexis a seizure both medical and you couldn’t stop it from happening. You will find someone when you’re ready to, just grieve and let my Auntie, Uncle, and Gran help you." I whispered, "I will baby girl, I’m not going to date any time soon, think I’m just going to become a hermit no one hurts a hermit." He mumbles.

"Tas you down here?" Oliver calls out, "Yeah babe, in the lounge area with dad!" I yelled back, "Ok, bring in Chris, he is asking for you." Oliver called back, "Bring my little man in boy!" Dad yells out, "I’m no boy Lee." Oliver snapped, "Still younger than me." Dad said, "Still not a boy." Oliver said, "Um dad he’s" I started to say, "Tasmine do not even finish that, you ok Lee?" Oliver snapped, of course, Oliver noticed when he came down, carrying a fussy Chris in his harry potter PJs my dad burst out into a fit of laughter when he spotted what he was wearing.

"Oh, you two love his getup! Has he even seen the movie yet? I will be with time Oliver, I’m sure Tassie will fill you in later." Dad said, "Ok." Oliver said, "He has seen it with me, but I don’t care found them at Big W one day and went yes he is having that!" I told him. I stood up, taking Chris out of Oliver’s arms, he leans down giving me a kiss on the cheek, before sitting down on the lounge near us, I sat down in between my two main men in my life with Chris bouncing in my lap talking about mum and something else, he was getting to bouncing for me it was starting to hurt, quickly handing him over to my dad before racing off to the bathroom, with them both yelling at me what is going on.

"Tasmine!" Dad yelled out.

"Babe?!" Oliver asked.

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