No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 65 - Not Again

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Fuck why did that bouncing hurt so much? Is something wrong with our child? I had raced to the bathroom to check, plus I also needed to pee. I know they are both worried about me right now. While peeing I checked my underpants no blood, that’s good, right?

I hadn’t locked the bathroom door, no blood when I wiped maybe it was my stomach protecting me?

While I was washing my hands, I suddenly needed to vomit, racing back to the toilet hugging it while the door slowly opened, heard Oliver letting out a sigh, guess he was thinking the worst. "You ok kitten?" He asked I nod my head as I groan, he squats down behind me rubbing my back as I lean on the seat in between rounds. "I’ll be fine hun, go," I whispered, "Why did you race off?" He softly asked, I wave my hand around indicating this was the reason. "No babe you were in pain I had noticed that," he said firmly.

"Oh, that you noticed," I mumbled, "Is our baby ok?" He asked sounding worried, "Think so, it just hurt him bouncing on me like that." I informed him, "Ok, we will talk to the doctor about that tomorrow morning." I nod my head as he gave my back a kiss before standing up, he holds his hand out to me, which I take flushing the loo, and cleaning up before leaving the room, dad looked up with his eyebrow up. "Everything ok?" Dad asked, "Yeah dad."

We sat back down, I cuddle up with Oliver while quietly watching my dad with my son interacting with each other, Uncle James and Auntie Danielle came down laughing about something, James has a hold on her arm as she slowly takes the stairs, I want to get up and help him but he gave me that look that my dad does when he is about to tell me off. She sits down in between myself and dad, she leans her head on his shoulder, I see that is cheering him up, while he has Chris on the other shoulder who was just about asleep.

This now explains why my dad had renovated down here to be more liveable instead of half open, I can see him working more on down here. "Where’s mum?" Dad asked his siblings, "Crashed in your spare room bro." Uncle James said, "Tassie, you know the reason you could be showing so fast is, have you ever thought you might be pregnant with twins?" Auntie Danielle asked, I sat up looking at her in sheer shock and fear I think Oliver has stopped breathing. "What the hell?!" I snapped.

"Well it could be true Tas, twins run in the family it skipped your generation." Uncle James said, "What?! You two are the only twins that I know of!" I snapped at him, Danielle sat up looking at Lee upset. "Lee how have you not filled her in on our family tree?!" Auntie Danielle asked, "What? I thought I had told her." Dad said sounding shocked, "You could have and I just don’t remember it." I said. "Well mum had twin older sisters, they had passed away before you had came back, our grandad was a twin, his grandma was a twin, and she had two sets of twin siblings too." My Uncle informed me, while my mouth dropped open.

"Oh fuck off!" I cried out, "Language Tasmine!" Dad snapped at me, "What dad? You say your curse but the family curse is fucking twins!" I yelled at him, "Nothing wrong with having twins Tas." Uncle James said, "Says the person who doesn’t have to carry them or birth them!" I snapped, "Babe how about we don’t stress about this until we have had an ultrasound, because it’s not your first pregnancy and you show sooner after your first pregnancy, well that is what it says in the book you gave me." My husband spoke up, fuck he actually read the book I gave him when I was pregnant with Chris and actually read it. "You actually read that?" I asked, "Of course I did." he stated.

"Ok, enough about this, now that Rose, Chris, and mum are asleep do you guys want to watch a movie or drink and play some card games?" Auntie Danielle asked, "I take it you three are staying the night?" Dad asked, "This is where you guys have all gone too, are you trying to hide from me?" Charles said loudly from the stairway, "Oh fuck you found us!" Oliver yelled out playfully, "Nope thought we had told you." Auntie Danielle said looking at Charles in confusion, "Well old man you had fallen asleep on the lounge we had left you to sleep." Uncle James said to him, "Oliver you bloody smartass." Charles snapped as he walked into the room, "You love me old man!" Yelled out laughing.

"Looks like we are staying brother." James said, "Good." Dad said, sounding thrilled in having almost everyone here, "Are we sharing a bed again?" Uncle James asked dad, "Looks it unless you sleep on this lounge with Charles." Dad said, "Sorry rather sleep in the same bed as you Lee, Charles snores." Uncle James said, "I will take the" Auntie Danielle started to say, "Nope your sharing with mum." Dad cuts her off, she looked at him oddly, "How Rose is with her?" She asked him, "That room has a single bed in it too, I will put Rose in that so you can sleep with mum." He stated.

"It’s so odd how close you guys are," Oliver mumbled but ended up saying it loud enough for all to hear, "Nothing new compared to you, Jackson, and Max." I stated, Charles snicked, "Your wife has you on that son." Charles said, "Ok Uncle James pick the movie for the night." I said, he looked back at me smiling, "Sure thing little thing." He said laughing pulling the remote out of a draw on the coffee table, turning the TV on, and getting the streaming service up typing away pulling up the movie called The Dry, and typing in a password to rent it, can hear my dad grumbling under his breath.

"Don’t like brother don’t give me the password next time." Uncle James snapped, "Then don’t remember it." Dad snapped, ahh man are they going to bicker over this? "Then don’t make it the year your daughter was born then you idiot." Uncle James replied, "Boys!" Auntie Danielle said loudly over the pair of them, both myself and Oliver snicker at the three of them, while Charles shakes his head. Lee stood up letting us know he was taking Chris to his bed, I just nod my head as Oliver was nice and warm which means I wasn’t far off in falling asleep, Oliver leans down whispering in my ear. "Kitten please don’t go to sleep I would like to have sex before you do." I looked back up at him, giving him a smirk he smirked back at him.

"What are you two planning?" Auntie Danielle asked us, "Judging by those looks you don’t want to know." Charles said, "We are not that bad" Oliver said, then dad yelled out from the top of the stairs, "Yeah you may be married but still no in this house!" He snapped, "Sorry that ship had sailed years ago dad!" I yelled back at him, "Told you, Lee." Uncle James yells out laughing, "Shut up James, and hit play." Dad snapped, I cuddle into Oliver, as he kisses the top of my head, halfway through the movie I knew I wouldn’t last, told them all I was off to bed, they all wanted hugs and goodnight kiss can’t tell they have missed me being home.

Heading upstairs looking in on Chris and his sleeping like his dad spread out snoring his cute little head off, smiling to myself I head-on into my old room, slipping into a singlet and underpants only, making sure the aircon is low climbing into the bed hoping that Oliver is not far off from joining me.

Waking up to his hands roaming over my stomach with soft kisses on my neck, moaning out at his touches. "Shhh, babe they might hear us." He whispered, "Fuck, really don’t care they all know we" He cuts me off, "I do now please be quiet I want to make sweet love to my wife." He ordered, "Hmmm I will do my best babe, please make love to me my husband."

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