No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 66 - It's Time

**Oliver’s Pov**

Sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, Zara is eyeing off Tasmine, Tas showing no care in the world to what is going on, I did warn her that my ex works here. But I believe she is worried that she is carrying twins, and to be honest, I am a little too but then again if she is we won’t be having any more after them as three seems to be enough for me. So grateful that Lee begged to have Christopher for us so we can go to our appointment kid free. "You ok?" I asked her, "Yeah, I just want to know." She said, "We will babe."

"Tasmine Kelly?" Doctor White calls out, she looked at me in shock, I glared at my ex who had a sly smirk on her face, what a bitch. "It’s Brown has been for a few years thank you." Tasmine snapped at the Doctor, when we walked past Zara I whispered loud enough for all to hear. "Very childish Zara, hope they have the correct medical files of her, as she has had some serious health issues." I snapped while Zara looks stunned at being caught out, the Doctor was looking at me oddly. Once in his office, he spoke up.

"Did I miss something?" He asked, "Yeah she is just my husband’s ex and seems to want to cause an issue with us." Tasmine said in a matter-of-fact tone, "Ok will deal with that matter later, why have you made an appointment to see me while on holiday's Tasmine?" He asked, "I’m pregnant, just want confirmation, dating of our child, also to double-check my Iron, Vitamin B12, D, and C as I was dangerously low in them with my first pregnancy." She told him, he looked shocked, "Ok, also how low?" He asked, "Transfusion a few times for it." She told him, "Ok, I have contacted your normal GP for a copy of your files as well. Right now I will need you to pee in this for me." He said.

He hands her a pee test cup, she leaves the room and I filled him in on how fast she went downhill with the first pregnancy before she came back. The Doctor told her to lay on the bed, while he was dipping a test strip into her pee. "Congratulations Mrs. and Mr. Brown your expecting, now let’s see what I can feel." He presses and moves his hand around her stomach, she is gripping my hand tightly it must hurt a little for her.

"Well you feel like you are about thirteen weeks along, but your file says this has happened before your body keeping the pregnancy signs a secret, with your health issues and how fast you went downhill I’m going to put a blood test as urgent and ultrasound for today if you can get in." He said.

"Thank you." We both said to him, holding her hand as we made our way to the front counter couldn’t take that stupid goofy smile you get when you are really happy, I cannot wait until we get to see our child soon. Fixing up the bill making our way towards the other medical center in town to get her blood taken and book in for an ultrasound, the blood part seemed to have made her feel weak, which has me worried like hell do I ever want her to go through what she had with Christopher. We were very lucky someone had canceled their appointment this morning and we now have it, she has fifteen minutes to drink the amount of water needed.

We sat down while she drank the water that she needed to drink, wrapping an arm around her shoulder as we wait, I can see she is getting nervous bouncing her legs not sitting still at all, I grab her hands forcing her to stop she looks up at me with fear in her eyes. "Tassie, what’s up?" I whispered, "Nothing" She started, "Bullshit Tassie, you are forgetting I know you very well." I cut her off, the look she is giving me is telling me to be quiet which will never happen around her. "Ughh um, I’m scared Ollie, what if I had fallen pregnant that drunken night I hadn’t taken any prenatal vitamins at the time, something could be wrong with this child, or we could be expecting twins and that shit fucking scares me, I have only just got a handle on Christopher and if there is two of them" I cut her off, "Tasmine! Shhh you're rambling"

"Of course, I am!" She cries out cutting me off, "Stop worrying about all the what-ifs it will send you nuts, how about we sit and wait quietly until we see our child on that computer screen." I told her, pulling her hands to my lips giving them a kiss, an older lady in the waiting room gave us both a big smile. "Ahh, don’t you two young ones look very cute together. Is this your first child?" She asked, we both smiled at her, as Tasmine responded to her. "Thank you, love, we do make a cute couple don’t we? Also, it’s our second." She replied.

"Tasmine Brown?" A nurse calls out, Tasmine said yes, and stood up to follow her, saying goodbye to the older lady in the waiting room as I follow her. "Tasmine please lay down on that table for me, rolling down your pants a little and pulling your top up, please. Dad, you are welcome to sit next to her holding her hand. Thank you." She said, I sat down next to her as she did what was told, the lady puts that gel on Tasmine’s little bump then pressed the wand thing to her stomach, while we both looked up at the screen waiting.

"Let’s see what is going on here." She whispered, we both kept on looking up and all I see is black a lot of black and grey no idea what I am looking at. Then the nurse moved the stick around and I think I see a bubble Tas seems to know what she is looking at as she took a breathe in, while I’m still lost over here. The nurse leans over hitting a button then the room was filled with a heartbeat very fast heartbeat, she moved the wand a little then I swear I heard another one, thinking I’m losing my mind over here.

"Hold up." She said moving the wand around, typing away at the keyboard and taking photos, and then zooming in that is when I have finally seen what Tas had seen, two little things fuck...

"Congruationls you are pregnant with Twins and your around eight weeks pregnant." She said, I know what happened eight weeks ago that was our drunk wild night, she looked over at me with a mixture of anger, upset, happy so many emotions ran over her face, I smiled at her leaning down kissing her softly. "Fuck baby girl we are having twins," I whispered, she just nods her head. "Now I have a few things I need to do now." She told us.

Twenty minutes later we are sitting in her car in total silence, shit we are going to have two newborns near Christmas time. "I need a drink of fucking rum Oliver." Tasmine cried out, I looked over at her in shock, I would like to give her some rum but I know she cannot have it. "No!" I snapped at her, "Why the hell not?!" She asked I give her are you kidding me look, "You know dam well why Tasmine." I snapped, "I fucking knew it! You got me pregnant that night! Not with just one kid but twins Oliver! Are our renovations going to be done by that time?! And are our cars going to be able to fit three car seats? We are going to have another fucking cot!" She cries out, she starts rubbing her stomach as she starts talking to our babies. "You two better be boys ok so mummy doesn’t have to go buying too many new things."

Doing my best not to laugh at her cute ways, "Your good now?" I asked her, "How am I going to be good Oliver?! We have both our families coming to this Easter BBQ that my dad is putting on, and my stomach just keeps getting bigger, and my breasts! None of the clothes I have bought up with me is going to hide this at all!" She cries out in a panic voice, "Then how about we don’t hide it? They are all our loved ones apart from Sam, Dean, and Andy won’t be with us we will have to facetime them unless they are tagging along with Max or Jackson." I said, "Ok, how are we going to do this?"

"Hmm, did you have an idea on how you were going to surprise me with this with the help of Christopher?" I asked, "Yeah, I had an idea but we don’t have Chris with us to do it." She said, "We don’t have to have him with us. Let’s have some kid-free time setting up this." I said with joy, I have forgotten how much fun it is to just hang out with my wife without our son tagging along, "Alright my handsome hubby, and soon-to-be father of three let’s hit the gift and craft shop." She said with a playful smirk on her face, then it hit me with what she said father of three...

"Fuck, that just felt really real then. Fuck I’m going to be a father of three under the age of two are we nuts?" I asked feeling like we are going insane right now, "Yes Oliver Brown we are bat shit fucking nuts right now." She said sounded crazy too, "Right my crazy partner in crime which shop are we going to hit first?" I asked no point in fighting it now, she laughs so hard, I’m glad I have gotten her to laugh she so needed it more than me right now. But wow our lives that we know are about to change so much soon, it’s scary as hell but also wonderful.

Two hours later we had pulled into her dad’s driveway, the family that had been over last night is still here, think they are waiting for us. I raced out of the car and checked under the house Danielle is sound asleep on the lounge but I still waved my wife over, we quickly wrote on the shirts in the fabric pens that she bought then we worked on the other part of our surprise, I loved this I normally hate arts and crafts but with her it was fun, think she would make watching paint dry fun, that’s how you know you’re with the right person. Tas mouth the words that she was done, we quickly packed up the gear throwing the leftover gear in the back seat of our car before, taking the others with us, walking upstairs before we opened the front door I pull her into me kissing her softly, then whispering against her lips.

"Tasmine Rose Kelly Brown I fucking love you and thank you for wanting to be my life partner and mother to our beautiful children." She gives me that beautiful smile of her’s giggling throwing her arms around my shoulders, kissing me under my ear, whispering. "Oh, Ollie I fucking love you too, my handsome partner in crime, father to our beautiful children. Is it bad that I want you to tap me so hard up against that door that we break it?"

What the fuck has gotten into my wife, she bites down hard on my ear lobe before kissing me with so much force she ends up pushing me up against the wall, fuck if this house was empty I so would do what she just said, I’m still scared of Lee walking in on us even though we are married now. "Hmm Tassie, please" I begged, "Ok, when we go to bed," She said so fast, "Yes thousand times yes to that kitten," I whispered.

She steps back letting me open the door, grabbing her hand we walk in found Christopher running around the lounge room laughing his little head off with his Great Uncle James and Grandad chasing after him, with Rose yelling at her baby cousin to come to save her from Gran, this looks like a fun game.

Christopher rounded around the coffee table spotting both myself and his mum screaming with joy and yelling out our names. "Mumma Dadda!!" Christopher screamed out, "Tas, Oliver your home!" Lee yelled out, "How was your doctor’s appointment?" Gran asked, "Hold that thought!" Tasmine screams out covering her mouth running towards the bathroom, while everyone looks at me with joy all over their faces, guess they needed this good news about what is going on with Danny.

"I guess we are correct?" James asked, "How about we wait until she is out of the bathroom. Hey my little man, were you good for the oldies?" I asked, "Hey you smartass don’t you go teaching him to call us that!" Gran yelled at me, I just smiled at her, "Might be too late!" I teased, "Argh you are being that little smartass when you had lived with me!" She snapped working out the look on my face, "Oliver stop teasing her, you might give her a heart attack." My dad said, Tasmine walked back out groaning, looking green still but I know why she is out so she can join me in sharing our news.

"Arghh, ughh ok sorry. Guys can you all please sit down on the lounge, hey anyone going to get Auntie Danny up here?" She asked, "I will get her, don’t start anything until we are back." James said, "All good might be heading back to that bathroom soon." She grumbles, "Morning sickness has kicked in I see." Lee said she glares at her father, "Dad, don’t get me started right now!" She yelled, "Ok, baby girl." He said with no care that she yelled at him.

She walks over towards me, I hold her hand tightly. I know we have got this we managed to learn to handle Christopher at his worst what could these two be like? I know now she will never be going back to work until after our children have gone back to school if she wanted to. James came up with a sleepy Danielle, once she had seen us she looked happy, they sat down is it just me, or do they look closer than before?

"Ok, thank you um Ollie you ready?" Tasmine asked I nod my head, I lean down handing her the bag of items, she hands them out to everyone apart from the two kids. "Do not open just yet, please." She ordered them, "This is getting a little weird baby girl." Lee said, "Uncle Lee she stopped being a baby girl when she started dating Oliver, that’s why it’s weird." Rose said loudly, "Well you can stay back at your place tonight little miss." Lee grumbled, "You can’t do that!" Rose cried out in shock, "No, he cannot unless your mum agrees to it. Now enough about that, Ollie you ready?" Tasmine asked.

I nod my head because all I want to do is laugh my head off at what Rose had just said. We both took off our normal shirts, she smiles at me as we turned around letting them read the shirts. Both my dad and hers jumped up screaming with joy as Gran covers her mouth in shock, while her Aunty yelled out that she was correct while James sat quietly. The shirts we had on are Oliver was in blue and mine was pink, they both said 'We have two more reasons to be joyful this Christmas' With two sets of baby feet under the writing. We had also given them a box each with two sets of socks with a card saying 'Brown Twin's due November' "You guys can open up your boxes now." Oliver said, "Christmas is going to be the best!" Lee cried out in joy. "Five grandchildren, fucking love this!" My dad yelled out with pride.

"Oh, baby girl I didn’t want you to have this curse!" Gran said in tears, "Oh well cannot change it, it’s happened. Judging by the fact it was one egg sake they are going to be identical." Tasmine said, oh fuck really? That is going to fucking fun, hopefully, myself and Tasmine can tell them apart. "Do you know the sex of them?" James asked, "No, she’s only eight weeks James." I told them and they all looked at her in sheer shock, "Fuck Tass you’re showing that much at eight weeks!" Danielle said in shock, "I know right?" Tasmine snapped, "Tass are you ok?" James asked, "Over the shock, now time to enjoy this. So what’s for lunch?" She asked.

"Was thinking of heading out for lunch." Lee said, "I like your thinking!" I told my father-in-law I want to show Christopher more of our hometown, my phone starts pinning so did Tasmine’s and my dad’s, pulling it out and having a look while laughing. "Jackie and Maxi Pad will be arriving just after lunch," I told everyone, "Good, I will text them both to let them know to meet us at the creek just north of the town with food for themselves and swimmers," Dad said, "Oh yes! Would love to take Chris to the creek, show him around our hometown." Tasmine said, I smiled at her, would love to show him the creeks I took his mum to where I had fallen madly in love with her.

"Oh fucking hell." Dad snapped, "What Dad?" I asked, "I’m sorry." He said looking at me, "Charles why are you sorry?" I snapped, I noticed that look on his face. "Seems someone had seen you and Tasmine up at the shops and told them" He was cut off by my sperm donor's voice booming out from the front yard, I groaned out.

"CHARLES WERE IS MY SON! I SEE THE SLUTS WIFE’S CAR IS HERE SO HE IS HERE TOO! I WANT TO SEE MY GRANDSON! YOU ARE NOT HIS FATHER!" Serm Donor roared out, "Oh for fuck sake who fucken told him you two are here?" Lee asked, "Most likely that old bat from" Tasmine grumbled I cut her off, "Could have been anyone babe." I told my wife, I have a feeling it was Zara for pulling her up on her little stunt, bloody bitch move, "Did he just call my niece a slut?" James asked, "Funny being married to the guy that took your v-card means you’re a slut nowadays. I must be getting old." Gran mumbled, I smirked at her, so fucking happy I had done that to my wife.

"CHARLES! STOP THIS SHIT! YOU ARE NOT HIS FATHER!" Keith roared, having enough of this shit I told Charles to sit back down and waved my wife off, I know why she is worried, she lost Noah the same way but this is different I’m an adult, not a teen trying to take on a fully grown adult. Walking down the stairs can hear my son crying out to me hoping that Tas can get him under control so this asshole doesn’t use that against me. "I’m here what the fuck do you want?" I asked, "Is that how I had raised you to talk to your father like that?!" Keith snapped at me, "You stopped being my father since I was six years old. So what the fuck do you want?" I asked.

"We just wanted to spend time with you and the family this Easter and get to know our grandson and we heard Tasmine is pregnant again" Cathy the egg donor spoke up, "And everything you just said will never happen! How the fuck do you know she is pregnant when we have yet to tell the whole family?" I asked can feel the anger coming off me, that is correct Zara fucken told them, "We have our ways son." Keith said, yep and I'm going to get her fired for this stunt now! "I’m more Charles’s son than yours, you turned your back on your own children your brother and sister-in-law stepped up and helped raise us. I have no idea how you could do that to your own children?!" I yelled, "You’ve seen him now fuck off!" Dad yelled out, "Dad I told you I would handle them." I said.

"Really? He’s now calling you dad?! You’ve got some balls on you Charles I give you that!" Keith snapped, "Balls big enough to take on my own brother’s children cause he couldn’t be bothered with them?! YOU HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT OLIVER OR MONICA! ONLY CARING FOR WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU! YOU JUST WANT TO SHOW OFF THAT YOUR GRANDPARENTS NOW! NEWS FLASH KEITH AND CATHY YOUR FUCKING NOT! THAT MAN STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME IS MY SON, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR HIM AND HIS LITTLE FAMILY! YOU TWO, ON THE OTHER HAND, ARE FUCKING PATHIC AND FUCK OFF BACK TO THE HOLE YOU CAME FROM!" Dad yelled, I have never heard him yell that loudly before.

"You cannot talk" He started but lee cuts him off, "He can and he did, now get the fuck off my land! Also, my daughter is not a slut! Oliver was her first and last love! Charles has raised a wonderful man, husband, and father! You’re the ones who are missing out on this amazing man and his children! He doesn’t want to see you ever, so take a fucking hint and stay the fuck away!"

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