No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 67 - Family Love

**Charles Pov**

I hate my oldest brother so much, I cannot believe he still thinks it’s ok to treat Oliver like this. So angry at them both and wish they would just piss off and never come back, Oliver and Tasmine do not need this in their lives, not now that she has twins on the way and the chances of her health declining fast is a high possibility.

I don’t want to punch him but I will if I have to, I will do anything to protect Oliver my oldest son, I don’t care that he is my nephew his more a son to me over the years than anything. "Balls big enough to take on my own brother’s children cause he couldn’t be bothered with them?! YOU HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT OLIVER OR MONICA! ONLY CARING FOR WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU! YOU JUST WANT TO SHOW OFF THAT YOUR GRANDPARENTS NOW! NEWS FLASH KEITH AND CATHY YOUR FUCKING NOT! THAT MAN STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME IS MY SON, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR HIM AND HIS LITTLE FAMILY! YOU TWO, ON THE OTHER HAND, ARE FUCKING PATHIC AND FUCK OFF BACK TO THE HOLE YOU CAME FROM!" I roared, I noticed the look Oliver had given me, he has never seen me this upset before either, "You cannot talk" Lee cuts him off as he raced down the stairs.

"He can and he did, now fuck off my land! Also, my daughter is not a slut! Oliver was her first boyfriend and last love! Charles has raised a wonderful man, husband, and father! You’re the ones who are missing out on this amazing man and his children! He doesn’t want to see you ever, so take a fucking hint and stay the fuck away!" He didn’t like being told that Oliver had turned out well with my help, fuck if I hadn’t helped him he would most like still be taking drugs, drinking, or in jail for grand theft audio they didn’t even notice he was falling, that he wasn't handling the loss of his sister or my wife, his second mum, along with the help from Tasmine as well.

He made a beeline towards Oliver, I go to stop him but Oliver spoke up. "Not saying it again, I don’t ever want to see the pair of you ever again, if I do look out I will be putting a DVO out on you!" He yelled out. "Oh my little Ollie Wollie no please do not!" Cathy cried out, oh, fuck really she called him by their childhood nickname that he truly hates, I saw the slight change in his face when she had said that. "Really Cathy you think dropping that name would change everything you two have done?" He asked.

"Oliver you" Keith started however Oliver cuts him off, "I said piss off and never come back! NOW!" Keith roared at Oliver for cutting him off and throws a punch towards Oliver, Oliver blocked it as Keith throws another one Oliver wasn’t quick enough to receive a hit to the side of his face, I heard Tasmine scream out in shock, fuck I hope she is not coming down for this. The look on Oliver’s face told me he wanted the old man to hit him, oh fuck I think I know what he is about to do and no way am I allowing him to do that. Racing towards the pair of them shoving Oliver out of the road gently as I blocked the blow from my brother before throwing my own punches at the dickhead.

"Don’t you ever think it’s ok to hit that kid!" I yelled, "But ok for you too?" He snapped at me, shit his going to bring up that one time when he was eighteen, Oliver fucken hit me first during a fight I have regretted it the whole time, I was just so fucken scared that he got a girl pregnant and trapped him in this town when I only wanted him out and exploring the world, believe our fight had pushed him more into Tasmine's hands than I knew. Fucken happy that she is amazing for him, just like my wife was for me.

"Not talking about me!" I snapped, throwing a few more punches before Lee and James managed to get her into the car as I throw another punch to his jawline he staggered back, giving Lee and James the opportunity to throw him in the car as well. "NOW DRIVE OFF!" James yelled out, Cathy started the car and took off while Keith just glared at us, fucking hell I truly hate those two wish Max and Jackson were here sooner so we didn’t have to see those dickheads. "Oliver you good mate?" Lee asked Oliver rubs his face, letting out a loud sigh. "Yeah Lee I’m good, oh kitten I’m ok." He said softly, Tasmine had rushed into his arms crying, why is she crying for? James walked up to me slapping my back.

"Who knew these old guys still have it." James said laughing, "Who are you calling old?" Lee asked, "All three of you?" Oliver said with that playful tone to his voice, "Smartass" I told him, "Let’s pack up and head to the creek, oh fuck hold that thought." She yells out covering her mouth as she runs towards the toilet under the house but didn’t make it and becomes sick in the garden next to the door, both Oliver and her dad bolt towards her as she groans out. "Tassie, you ok?" Oliver asked, "Shit Tas you sure you're up to the trip to the creek?" Lee asked, "I want too" She groans out, I felt for her, she looked so green, I don’t remember her being this green when she was pregnant with Christopher, maybe because it’s twins it’s worse?

"Maybe because you're pregnant with twins the sickness is worse? How about we tell them to come here they will understand." James said, she looked up at her uncle in fear. "They don’t know I’m pregnant!" She cried out, "It’s ok, can simply say dickheads arrived," Lee said, "No that won’t work Lee, Jackson, and Max are very clued in." I told him, plus she is showing pretty early on too, "How about we just say Chris is asleep." Oliver said, "Fuck it we go, just take a bucket, pillows, and blanket and I will deal with it." She snapped, shit she sounded so much like her mum just then even Lee gave me that look, "Babe you shouldn’t have to deal with it." Oliver said.

"Got no fucking choice Oliver I have like eight months of it!" She snapped at him, he looked like he didn't know what to do, I tried to hide my snicker at him but he noticed, he glared at me. "Ok, then baby girl you go rest up while the rest of us pack," Lee said. I give her a sympathetic smile as I make my way upstairs and help Fran in packing the food up for everyone.

**Tasmine’s Pov**

After a few stops, we have made it to the creek, no one would let myself and Danny unpack or set up, so we sat on the blanket they set up with Chris in the middle of us playing with some toys, I had chosen to strip down and be in my togs which is my go-to sports ruffle top and high waisted bottoms that Oliver loves me in. My auntie kept on looking at me smiling, wondering what has gotten into her. Rose kept on running back from the cars and to us with objects full of glee.

"Tassie sweetheart you are glowing and have the cuties bump." My Auntie said brightly, I looked at her in shock, then happiness my hand automatically goes to my stomach, I know I had freaked out when I had found out about being pregnant with twins but I think I’m liking that idea, for now, don’t hold me to it though. "Mumma!" Christopher calls out to me as he stands up, quickly grabbing his hand as he slams himself into me for hugs. "Thanks Auntie Danny, feeling full at the moment." I told her, "Well our brothers and sisters are going to notice right away love." Oliver said as he walked over towards us, Chris races into his arms they both laughed.

"Hey, you ladies up to joining us two handsome men in the creek?" He asked, my auntie, laughed, I was too busy trying to hide how much I wanted to vomit again. "Thanks, Oliver, maybe later Tas?" Auntie Danielle asked, "hmm, give me a minute please babe." I told him, "Sure kitten, hey just going to be daddy for a little bit, I used to take your mummy here all the time during the summer when we first meet." Oliver said cheerfully, "Fucken knew it." My dad snapped, "Lee, leave him be." Charles said in a warning tone, "Lee, Oliver has proven himself worthy." Uncle James said, "God you two it was a joke!" Dad snapped, "Whatever you think son." Gran said, "Dad, drop it oh fucking hell again?!" I cried out, in the middle of telling my dad off, I needed to vomit again, once I have finished I felt better I glared at my dad. "I don’t care if you were joking dad, you need to drop it. His my husband and the father of my children. I’m sick"

"Okay baby girl I get it, I’m sorry I will try not to joke like that again." He cuts me off, while the rest of the group is trying not to laugh, sick of being out here I make my way towards my husband and son, noticing Oliver hadn’t taken his eyes off me since entering the water. "Hi, my boys." He smiles at me while Chris was too busy splashing his hands in the water which he loves, water is his favourite thing. Oliver reaches out grabbing my hip pulling me into him for a quick kiss. "Thank you Tasmine." He whispered.

I looked up at him in confusion. "For what?" I asked, "For saying what you had said to your dad." He stated, "You heard that?" I asked shocked, "Yeah babe, you yelled it at him." He laughs, as I lay back into the water floating next to him while our son plays in between us with Oliver only just holding him letting him swim around in his floaties. Oliver moves closer laying his free hand over my stomach. "Now the shock is over, I’m looking forward to this next chapter Tasmine." He said, I smiled at him, he looks so happy and at peace, I feel the same way, "Same, if only this sickness would ease up a little for me."

"Oi snobs get out of the water and say hello to your favouite family members!" Jackson calls out to us, we looked at each other in shock, "Shit, when the hell did they get here?" Oliver asked me, "No idea, let’s go tell our family two more members are joining the family before Christmas this year." I said, "Fucking love you, come on Chris let’s fill your Uncles and Aunties in about your baby siblings." Oliver said.

Oliver holding my hand as we walk out of the creek, we both walk towards Jackson who was looking over us oddly, didn’t say anything though, "Max, girls get over here!" Jackson yelled out, as Max and the girls walk over towards us with a mixture of confusion and concern, Oliver still hiding me behind him with the help of Christopher in my arms to try and hide my little bump.

"Oliver, what’s going on?" Max asked, "Yeah if I didn’t know any better you two are up to something." Justine said, "Yes, why is Tasmine hiding?" Josephine asked Oliver steps back grabbing my free hand smiling at our family, he looks back at me I just nod my head giving him the ok to go ahead with it. "Well this is not how we wanted to do it, but we have been given no choice as Tasmine can no longer hide it. We would like to let you four know that we are expecting twins in November." Oliver said with so much pride in his voice.

"Fucking knew you looked pregnant little thing! OMG TWINS!" Jackson yelled out pushing everyone out of the way so he could hug me, we laughed as he rubbed my stomach. "WOW! Please be baby girls, this uncle wants to spoil some girls too!" He said loudly, "How about you just be happy they are just healthy?" I asked, "Yeah that too!" Jackson said, "Shit Ollie you got her pregnant at our engagement party didn’t you?" Max asked,

Josephine looked at Max squinting her eyes at him, "The maths seems correct, Max." She said, Oliver, smirked at me, "Yes." He said to her, "Wow you guys didn’t even wait until his birthday." Justine said shocked, "A drunken night babe." I stated, "Well don’t get drunk after having those two!" Jackson snapped at us both, "Well might be getting" Oliver started to say, I cut him off, "What? We will be talking about that Oliver." I snapped at him if he is saying what I think he is about to say. "Are you thinking of getting the snip, Ollie? A bit young arent you?" Max asked he looks like he wants to laugh, "Also a bit late now?" Jackson asked, "I’m oh fuck take Chris!" I cried out, shoving Christopher into Jackie’s hands racing towards the public bin vomiting into it while our family all share their worries with me, while I waved them off. Oliver had started rubbing my back as he whispered. "Tassie, you ok?"

"Hmmm, for now. Also if these are both boys I don’t know would love a girl" I started to say to him, "Put this chat on the back burner when both our dads aren’t looking at us." He said, "Ok."

The rest of the afternoon was full of swimming, laughing, talking, and for myself being sick and resting as much as I could, not feeling as tired as I did when I was pregnant with Chris but I had enough for the day and so had my auntie. "Ok, well think I should take Danny and Tassie back home they looked smashed." Uncle James said, "Happy to do that, Chris is ready for his sleep the rest of you are welcome to join us or stay here?" Oliver asked, Lee had agreed to head home, so did my grandma everyone else was happy to chill with each other for a bit more, Oliver helped pack up our stuff saying our goodbyes to the ones that are staying, tomorrow is going to be a big day being Easter and Chris’s first Easter too, heard my dad and Uncle James planning on making an easter egg hunt for all of the kids, cannot wait it sounds like a great day.

Mid-morning Easter day the air was filled with children’s screams of delight as they raced around the yard picking up plastic eggs, when they are all found the grandad’s are going to trade them for chocolate eggs as it was raining earlier on and they didn’t want the eggs to get damaged by the rain.

I was lounging in the sunbed with Josephine watching our sons and husbands running around laughing, while I stayed close to my bucket as morning sickness has become worse since yesterday. Running around seems to set me off, not enjoying that which means I may not be able to go on our morning runs that we normally do.

"Do you think we should colour coordinate the outsides of all of our houses?" Josephine asked I hate that idea, I don't want all of our houses to look the same not when they are from different decades. "Hell no Jose, I think it would look better if we did all our own thing as all three houses are from three different decades," I told her, "You know last night Jackie was on the phone with his workmates they are going to start your house first in pulling things out to get it started and hopefully finished earlier before the twins arrive so you are all moved in beforehand." She said I wanted to cry at how thoughtful he is, "Ahh best brother in the world." I said loudly.

We both burst out into fits of laughter, think I need it after seeing how my Auntie was this morning, I had seen the look on my family’s faces she had woken up worse. "So little thing what are you hoping these two are?" She asked leaning over rubbing my small bump, "Healthy would be lovely, either sex doesn’t bother me, but if they do turn out to be boys I may ask Oliver to let us go back again for a girl." I said with a big smile on my face. "Awww you want a mini you running around the place." She said, "Who doesn’t?" I asked shocked, "You want to know what I really love?" She asked, I looked over at her, trying to work out where she is going with this.

"What do you really love Jo?" I asked, "I love how your whole family comes and wants to hang out with each other and knows how to have a good time when needed. Because they all look like they need a good time after what is going on with your auntie. Also, love the fact that they have opened their arms to us ring-ins and become close to us too." She said I love that my family is like that, "Ahh babe I love that my family is like that. Hey, little man did you find heaps of eggs?" I greeted Christopher as he raced towards me with an overflowing basket dropping eggs behind him laughing.

"Lots of eggs mummy!" He yells out, he shoves the basket into my face showing me, he is so proud of himself, so proud of him too. "Oook mummy!" He said loudly, I look into the basket smiling at him, while he climbs up onto my lap giggling and half-talking baby blabber and English. "Wow, Chris you loving this easter egg hunt?" Josephine asked, "Yes! Can we it again?" He asked, ahh he wants to do it again, that is so cute, "Ahh baby boy, not until next year." She told him, "Auntie Ooo no!" He cries out, I start laughing at my son getting upset at his Auntie, while she is holding in her laughter, my dad made his way over to us.

"Oh wow, Chris you found heaps of eggs! Here you go!" He takes the plastic eggs and puts them into his bag before he hands Chris two massive handfuls of mini chocolates into his basket, dad looked over at us. "Would you girls like some too?" He asked, "Have you got enough for the kids?" Josephine asked, "Yeah he was the last one." Dad said, "Well then dad hand it over!" That just caused him to laugh as he left the basket with us which didn’t have much left but it was enough for us two.

We were enjoying the last of the eggs when we heard Ava and Emma screaming, we looked up to find my grandma on the ground with Ava and Emma trying to wake her up, I screamed out in shock racing towards her Oliver grabbing a hold of me before I could reach her, I snapped my head up at him. "Oliver let me go!" I cried out, "I’m sorry babe." That is all he said as he hugged me, while I looked on at what was going on around me, my Uncle Jimmy was on the phone calling triple zero, Uncle James was holding my Auntie back while my dad had started to do compressions on my gran with the help of Ava’s boyfriend which I cannot remember his name.

"Grandma!" I screamed out, Oliver was trying to get me to calm down, breaking free from his hold I raced towards her, crying my dad looks up at me, his face is void of any emotions but I can tell he had been crying. Emma and Ava rushed into my arms holding onto me tightly as we all cry. "I cannot lose her too" Emma whispered, "I know Ems, we cannot lose her." Ava replied, "I don’t want to lose her, she hasn’t met these two yet." I said, "Fuck!" Is all Em said before she just cuddled me looking at my dad working on our grandma with my Auntie Taylor and Uncle Jimmy helping him. The ambulance arrives two paramedics come rushing out one goes into the van, quickly comes out with two big bags as they take over, by now Uncle James and Auntie Danielle have come over hugging us, three girls. I have no idea where Oliver, Chris, and the rest of the people that are here, I haven’t taken my eyes off my grandma.

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