No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 68 - This Cannot Be Happening

**Oliver’s Pov**

This is not what I had ever thought would happen at a family event, nor do I ever want it to again. I want to hold my wife, calm her down but her family is holding onto her tightly as they watch the ambulance officers working on their grandma, should say my grandma too as she feels like mine too. Sick of watching turning to Jackie who was stunned and I would say holding back tears, handing him Chris I whispered. "Can you watch him for a bit please bro?"

"Sure, no worries." He mumbles while holding tightly onto him I love how close he is with my son. Rushing towards my wife her family let me in, she spotted me and launches into my arms letting out the tears she had been holding back, holding tightly onto her.

After what felt like a lifetime we heard the ambulance saying they have a heartbeat everyone gave a sigh of relief, I didn’t too scared to voice that she had gone so long without breathing. They rushed her off, not before Lee had asked which hospital they are taking her to. "Sir, we will take her to Tully, but by the end of the day, she would most defiantly be airlifted to Townsville." They told him, "Thanks." Lee mumbled, "Can I ride with you?" James asked, "Sure I can only take one, but you need to hurry." He just nods his head as he races off, Lee turns around to us rubbing his face, after what Tas had filled me in on what is going on with her dad I think I should take over and help him.

"Ok, everyone you lot," I said pointing to my brothers and my dad. "Pack up the food, and whatever we won’t be using right now, Lee and Ava are you two up to packing Frans bag?" I asked Ava nods her head, I noticed she was ignoring her boyfriend felt sorry for the poor guy first time meeting all of us and this happens and to be honest, cannot even remember his name either. "Danny, did you want Jackie and the others to watch Rose for you?" I asked, "Only if it's" She started to say, "Stop Dan I’m happy to watch her, I take it I’m watching Chris too?" Jackson asked, I nod my head. "I will help him out, too." Dad said, "Tas?" I asked. I noticed she looked odd, oh please not again rushing towards her when I noticed her eyes rolling in the back of her head catching her in time before she hit the ground taking the full force of the fall, fuck that hurt my shoulder more than I thought it would. "Tasmine?" I asked, "Tassie?!" Emma cries out, brushing her face gently whispering please wake up, not paying any attention to what is going on around me until I heard our son’s cries for his mum. Her eyes move then she slowly opens her eyes looking at me in shock then fear.

"Ollie what happened?" she quietly asked, "Babe you passed out." I told her, "Oh." That is all she said before our son jumps onto her lap holding onto her tightly, we both hug him. "Is it like before?" I asked out of fear, she shakes her head then looks up at me in shock. "I haven’t been able to keep anything down apart from those few eggs." She told me, "Right you are eating before we head off to see grandma. Everyone else continue on if I haven’t given you something to do ask the others if they need a hand." I told them, she gives me a small smile, before whispering in my ear. "Fuck you ordering everyone around is a turn on babe. Which is wrong I shouldn’t be feeling that right now."

"Right there is wrong babe, you can feel whatever you want to feel right now it’s your body. She would say the same thing." I said, "What that you turn her on?" I looked at her in shock, what the hell. "What? No like a thousand times no to that one Tasmine, that is so gross." She smirks at me before she pretends to bite our son’s hand as he shoves them into her mouth, while he’s doing that high pitch laughing. As a small family, we were so into interacting with each other that we didn’t notice the plate of food being shoved in our sight, I looked up and found my baby brother Max with a sad smile on his face.

"Tassie please eat this." He softly said, she looks up giving him a small smile too, I quickly move Chris off her lap as she grabs the plate. "Thank you, Max." She whispered, he looked shocked for a split second of her calling him by his name instead of his nickname, but he recovered fast smiling back at her. "Hope you keep that down this time love." He said, "Hope so too."

Thirty minutes later myself, Tas, Ava, Emma, Dan, Lee, and James all sat in a waiting room to be told what is going on with Francis. Tasmine has a tight hold on my hand and her other hand is holding her dad’s, he is that out of it that he let Ava drive his car to the hospital Tasmine didn’t even pick a fight with him over it either like she normally would which is worrisome as I don’t want the pair of them to go that far into their heads. Nothing I have been doing to get them out of their heads has worked yet, next option maybe talk about football with Lee and James? "So what do you think of the game last night?" I asked, sounding lame to my own ears, "Not the time for this type of conversation Oliver." James snapped at me, "Right, sorry James." I mumbled.

Emma snorted next to me, I did my best not to join in with her, while Tas gave my hand a gentle squeeze before flying off towards the bathroom covering her mouth, I groan knowing full well her lunch is not going to stay down. I want to follow her to see if she is ok, however, I was bought out of my thoughts from the doctor standing in front of us.

"Francis Kelly’s family?" A male Doctor said loudly, "Yes, we are her children and grandchildren. Is our mum ok?" James asks standing up, "Hold up James, Tas is not back." Lee snapped at his twin, "Um sorry who is Tas?" The Doctor asked sounding lost, "I’m Tas, what’s going on?" She asked can tell she is still green and that she must have heard him and raced out trying not to miss anything, poor thing she rushes to sit down next to me holding mine and her dad’s hand again, she is shaking leaning down giving her forehead a gentle kiss trying to calm her down.

"Did you know your mother had valvular abnormality?" The Doctor asked, I watched as her children looked at each other in shock horror. "No, but I do have MND." Danielle spoke up, "Danny we have worked out you have sporadic, no one else has it yet." Lee said everyone looked at him in shock. "Fuck, sorry Danny I didn’t mean for it to sound that harsh," Lee said softly to his sister, the Doctor just took a deep breath in, guess he wasn’t expecting this.

"Your mother had a heart valve with a structural defect, unclear if it was present at birth or resulting from disease. Due to this, her heart had to pump harder to compensate. There is no easy way of saying this, I’m so sorry her heart had gone back into failure when she had arrived we couldn’t revive her." He said, my heart dropped into thousands of pieces, "What?" James asked, "What does that mean?" Emma asked, "Revive her? What do you mean you couldn’t?" Ava asked.

The doctor looked at us all with concern on his face, while we all try to take in what he just said, I know what he just said but I don’t want to believe it. "I’m so sorry Francis Kelly has passed away, now I’m unsure if you all knew this but she was listed as an organ donor I will need you all to confirm that is what you would like to happen to her organs." He stated, his asking right now?

"Oh mum, I agree with what she wanted boys?" Danielle asked, James just nods his head as silent tears fall down his face, while Lee rubs at his face. "Sure, rather help out other people while we can." Lee said, "Is her heart condition hereditary?" Tasmine asked, fuck I hope not, going to have to get her and Christopher checked out and the twin when they are here if it's. "Will have to wait until" Emma cuts the Doctor off, "You’re going to do an autopsy on her?! YOU KNOW WHAT KILLED YOU JUST FUCKING SAID!" Emma roared, "Emz please no need," James said to his youngest daughter, "Shut up dad! I want to see my GRANDMOTHER!" Emma screamed out over the top of her father, "You all can if you want to, it’s up to you if you want to see her please follow me." The Doctor said.

I looked at my wife hoping with all hope that she doesn’t want to see her, I know how much it had eaten at her when she had seen Noah’s body. She looks back up at me, tears falling down her face, she shakes her head no, while her cousin Emz, Lee, and James follow the Doctor while the rest of us stay back, Ava and Danielle are hugging while Tas goes to hug me she makes a gagging sound and sprits off to the bathroom, this time I follow her. I tap softly she groans out as she mumbles. "It’s unlocked, Oliver."

A little bit proud that she knew it was me, I slipped in locking the door behind me finding her flushing the loo, before she started to clean herself up. I stay quiet waiting to see if she will open up to me, once she turned around she looks up at my face then slams into me crying, my kitten and I cannot take this pain away from her either. "This cannot be true, it just can’t Ollie" She cried out, "I’m so sorry sweetie," I whispered.

Sitting down onto the floor not caring about germs as she sits in my lap crying, hearing her crying I start crying, now I will admit Fran was my third grandma, and I must say she was a fucking cool one at that. "Please Ol" She didn’t say anything else, I was lost please what? "Please what Tas?" I asked, "Please don’t make me go out there just yet, if I go out there and see that look on my dad’s face again I don’t think I could cope" I cut her off, not letting her think this at all. "Babe, I get it really, but you will need to leave this room at some point today maybe not right now but soon ok. He is hurting we are all hurting so are you, and that is ok pain is normal"

"Shut up Oliver." She whispered, I stopped looking at her in shock I cannot read the look that is on her face right now. "Just stop, please I don’t want to hear that type of talk right now, please I can’t" She burst out into another fit of tears, I get what she means I just feel so fucking helpless here, she pulls away looking at me strangely. "Your not helpless Oll, far from it." She told me, "How?" I asked lost, "You spoke it out loud babe." She said, "I did?" I asked, "Yeah babe, I love you, so glad she had loved you too well and truly before dad was on board with us being together."

I laughed then, it was the biggest compliment having the head of the Kelly family loving me before Lee did. I knew this Fran had made a point in telling me quite a few times when I had lived with her, then at our wedding, she told me that she was glad I chose to ignore Lee’s wishes all those years ago because she believes she would have never seen her granddaughter look that happy. After Christopher was born she confessed that I was her first grandson, not Christopher and that she hopes that he grows up to be like me than Keith. Our laughter quickly turned into tears as we both clearly started to remember things with her, she pulls away so fast in panic.

"She’s never going to meet our twins Oliver!" She cried out, "Ahh kitten." Holding onto her tightly, as it sinks in that her grandmother is not going to meet any more of our children. "But she knew about them babe, she knew and she loved them already." I told her, "How do you know?" She asked. "Because she told me, she said she never wanted any of her kids or grandchildren to have the twin curse but if they did she is still happy for them, she was over the moon and was extremely keen to find out their sex, and told me that she loved them so much already and they aren’t here yet. That she couldn’t wait to see your body grow, but also that you’re a great mother you reminded her so much of herself and was so proud of you." I told her, "Really she said that?" She asked, "Yes, she said it to me, yesterday babe." I told her with pride in my voice.

"Oh I just want a hug from her, Ollie" She whispered, "I know Tasmine, would you be happy to get a hug from me?" I asked, "Please." She whispered I wrap my arms back around her holding her tightly as she quietly cries before she jumps off my lap just making the toilet in time. Groaning out looking so heartbroken, I feel the same as her, my heart hurts so much for her. "I love you, Tasmine Rose Kelly."

She gives me a small smile, grabbing my hand giving it a gentle squeeze mouthing the words thank you before another round hits her, think I should take her back to the doctors. She’s holding her stomach groaning and crying, standing up and flushing and cleaning herself up. "Is this going to affect them?" She asked me, "I’m lost, babe?" I said, "This stress," She said, "No idea, want to go back to Doctor White?" I asked, "Wonder if" She didn’t answer instead she walks out heading towards her dad as she noticed the Doctor coming back with the others, she walks up to him.

"Hi, do you have a quick moment?" She asked him, "Sure, please this way." He said, I wanted to follow but she waves me off, I walk over towards the group Lee walks right up to give me a tight hug, I go to pull away but he wouldn’t let me go, I try to look at what is going on then I felt his body shaking, oh he is crying, I hug him back tightly letting him know I’m here. "I’m so sorry Oliver, so fucking sorry." He whispered, "What the hell are you so sorry for?" I asked, "This" Oh what he blames himself for this? Bloody these Kelly's really? "Shut up Lee right now, this is not your fault so stop apologizing. The girls do not need to hear this. None of us knew this was going to happen if we did we would have done something to stop it from happening. Now we need to be here for each other more so Dan how is she?" I asked.

"Wow you sounded so grown up right now Oliver, I keep forgetting that you are older and no longer the smart-ass teenager rebelling against the world. How is Tassie? I know, no idea she hasn’t said anything to me she is just sitting there." He said, I want to yell at him for the comment about my teen years, I know what I was like no need to keep reminding me about it. "Thanks, Lee, you good? Done with this hug?" I asked, "Yeah I’m done." He mumbles he walks away like we didn’t just hug, felt like saying such a chick flick moment but I think he would punch me if I did, spotting my wife walking towards me with a mixture of emotions on her pretty face.

"Kitten?" I asked, "He said they are good for now, but he would like for me to still go see my OB when we get home. But try and keep the stress levels down." She huffed out with a sarcastic tone to her voice, leaning up to give me a quick kiss before she turns to her dad, who pretty much pulls her out of my arms wrapping her up in a hug. Leaving them to have a moment while I go check up on Emz as soon as she saw me she jumps into my arms I hold onto her tightly. I know she is Tasmine’s cousin but to myself, she is like my baby sister, I know Monica would love spending time with her. "I got you Emz," I told her, "Is Tassie ok?" She asked, "Yeah sweetie she is." I said, not going to lie to her about my wife, "Can I ride with you two on the way back to Uncle Lee’s house?" Emma asked, "What is wrong with riding with your dad? Or even Uncle Lee?" I asked, "Car ride here was enough, bro." She replied, "Ok, can ride with us." I said.

"Wicked! You are my favourite brother in the whole world!" She cried out in joy, I couldn’t respond as Tasmine has chosen right then to come over with an eyebrow up. "Favourite Brother? So you don’t like the two men that are dating your sisters?" She asked, "What numbnuts and what’s his face? Nope, they are only going to be here until they are sick of riding them, but Ollie here is here forever cause he is madly in love with you Tas and he is never going to let you go." Emma said I couldn’t help but laugh, fuck she named those two idiots correctly too, and was correct about me too. "Fuck love their names, do you even remember their real ones? Also your right about our Ollie, but your forgetting I’m just as madly in love with him too." Tasmine said walking up to my side snacking her arm around my waist smiling, wrapping an arm around her shoulders giving her forehead a kiss.

"Ok, let's all head back to your place Lee." James spoke up, "Should we go to her home?" Danielle asked, "Why?" Lee asked, "I don’t know why Lee." Danielle said sounding defeated, "I don’t know if I can Danny." Lee whispered, "We go over tomorrow, we need to let her co-owner of the salon know what has happened." James said, "No, don’t tell her until we check all Mum’s paperwork." Danielle snapped, "Why?" Lee asked, "Do you think she would become nasty?" James asked, "Yes, mum said so lost trust in her and was trying to get out." Danielle said while lee looked at her in shock, "Why didn’t she tell us?" He asked sounding hurt, "She did, just not you." James whispered, "WHY THE HELL NOT?! I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO OWNS THEIR OWN COMPANY HERE, I COULD HAVE HELPED HER OUT?!" Lee yelled out, "That’s why big brother." Danielle said, "Oh." Lee said.

"I’m going back home you three can keep talking, Ava did you want to tag with us?" Tasmine spoke up over them, "Please." Ava said, "Why don’t you kids want to hang out with us anymore?" James asked shocked, "Nope!" Emma cried out, I didn’t wait, I wanted to hold my son tight right now gripping Tasmine’s hand tightly as we walk off, leaving Emma to fight with her dad, we heard her foghorn voice yelling at us three to slow down.

"Tas, Ollie tell me the truth what do you think of Matt?" Ava asked we look at each other I can tell she wants to tell her the truth but is worried about how she is going to take it. "Um, he seems like a nice guy but hun" Tasmine started sounding very kind to me, but Ava spoke over the top of her, "Oh thank god!" Ava cried out, "What?" I asked, "He is nice he ticks all the boxes but" She trailed off, we had reached my car and we all looked at her waiting. "Doesn’t make you all hot and bothered?" Tasmine asked, "Oh no, he is the best I have had in bed but that is it, no feelings at all for the guy." Ava said, which makes me wonder why the hell did she bring him to a family function for?

"Then why the hell did you invite him to spend time with you back at home with your family?" I asked, "You wanted to see if we could see what you are seeing? Babe man up and dump the poor guy so you are free for the right one." Tasmine snapped at her, "Yeah like he is going to let me do that right now, he is going to say it’s due to what just happened." Ava said, "He can say whatever he wants to say love, but it’s your choice if you want to end it, end it, don’t drag it out." I told her, "Ok, will do it soon. Thanks." Ava said I feel that by marrying Tasmine I have gained three more sisters, Emma, Ava, and Rose.

"You fuckers could have fucken waited for me!" Emma yelled out, "Wow you have a potty mouth, Emma!" Tasmine yelled out, "I know she just keeps getting worst." Ava said shaking her head, "Standing right here you cows!" Emma snapped at them, "Ladies get into the car, I want to see my son before he goes to bed for the night." I snapped.

Tasmine gave me that look that I know so well and wished we are alone right now. I love that we are so into each other and I hope that it never goes away even with age.

Our trip back to Lee’s was a quiet one, I’m unsure if anyone has already let them know what has happened. Tasmine’s hand stayed on my upper thigh the whole time, I know she is trying to be brave right now but I wish she wasn’t.

Once at the house Ava headed off up to the cubby house, could see Matt was sitting up in one guess she is dumping him right now. Emma headed off under the house just waving us off, we both could hear our son screaming the house down and can hear Jackson trying to calm him down. "Come on Chris I know you want mum and dad but they aren’t home just yet. Dad! Have you found that toy yet?" Jackson yells out.

Tasmine took off up the stairs I quickly follow, we arrived as both my dad and Jackie are trying to get our son to stop crying, he spotted us and he picks up his cries even louder ahh man my baby boy. He launches himself out of Jackson’s hands and into mine wrapping his little arms around my neck crying, rubbing his back whispering to him. "It’s ok my baby boy daddy is here, so is mummy." As soon as I said mummy he looked up and spotted her leaning into me, he wraps an arm around her neck too, while Jackson looks at us both waiting for something.

"Thanks, Jackson." I said softly, "Your welcome, what’s going on with Fran is she going to Townsville?" He asked, Tasmine gives Chris a kiss before bursting into tears again and gagging racing off towards the bathroom while my dad and Jackson look at me confused. "What did I say?" Jackson asked sounding hurt, "It’s ok, you don’t know clearly. She didn’t make it bro." I told them, his face drops in sadness, "Oh fuck! Little thing let me in!" He cuts me off racing after her, she lets him in dad had silent tears falling he walks up to me hugging me tightly.

"I will tell the others for you, how are Lee, James, and Danielle?" Dad asked, "Lee, and James are close to punching someone more so Lee and Dan she has become quiet and I think she is blaming herself just like Lee is." I told him, "I will start on dinner when your brother gets out of that bathroom to send him in to help me, please." He told me, I just nod my head as Chris started crying for his mum, knocking on the bathroom door.

"Room is full piss off!" Jackson yelled out, "Don’t care, Tas he wants you, hun." I told her, "Ok hold up babe!" She called out to me, I hear the loo flushing and the pair of them bickering with each other before the door opens and Jackson walks out looking like he had been crying the whole time too. "Dad wants you to help him in the kitchen." I told him he looked shocked at me, "Fuck how long has he been left in that room for?" He asked me, "Not that long." I told him, "Good." He said racing off into the kitchen can hear him telling dad off with whatever he was doing in that kitchen. "Follow me to our room babe," Tasmine told me.

Once I closed the door she groans, looking up at me looking tired. "Can we just lay in bed with him in the middle hopefully all three of us will get some sleep, I’m so tired" She said quietly, "So am I love and I think he is too," I replied, laying down putting him in the middle she cuddles up to him as the pair of them fall asleep took me a little longer to fall asleep, but it had hit me hard.

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