No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 69 - Time To Remember The Best Grandma A Girl Could Ask For

**Tasmine’s Pov**

Sitting out under the trees in my dad’s back yard watching most of the town walk around chatting amongst themselves some coming up to me offering their deepest condolences then others would add their congratulations to once they see my stomach. I now look five months pregnant, it’s been a week and a half since Easter so worried about them that all my sorrow from losing my only grandparent that I knew and loved that I would make them just as sad as myself.

Josephine walks over towards me with a plate of food she is babywearing her son who is sound asleep, mine is chasing his great uncle James around the swings, nice to see my uncle is smiling. "Tas you have to eat love." Josephine ordered, I just squint my eyes at her, "I’m just not hungry Jo." I said, "Sweetie, please!" I hear my hubby yelling out to me from under the cubby house that he was hiding from Rose and Freddie which ended up giving himself away.

"That was a stupid mistake OLIVER!" We all heard Rose yell out from the other end of the yard, we laughed as Oliver play yells, and takes off, while Jose shoves the plate back in my face. "Eat now, and don’t me make use my mum’s voice on you!" She snapped, "Fine you bossy thing!" I grumbled, "Come on Tas those two would need food too." Liam ordered, I groan as I look at my now very tall baby cousin as he smiles at me. "Now I’m being guilt tripped by my baby cousin," I complained, "Deal with it, if you’re not going to listen to your best friend and husband someone else has to make you listen." He said as he sat down next to me draping his arm over my shoulder as we people watch, while Josephine breastfeeds Jasper, lucky thing I wish I could have breastfed Christopher for longer but he didn’t seem to want too he loves his food more than anything.

"Do you two even know who half of these people are?" He asked, "Nope, I just know the family and some of her friends and workmates I’m guessing the rest are townspeople and her clients I’m assuming as they all seem to know who I am." I mumbled, "Of course, everyone knows who you are babe, you look like a Kelly more than an Adams." He pointed out, "But I look like my mum." I said lost, "In a way you do but you look more like your Auntie and Grandma love." Josephine said, I just smiled at her while I took a bite of food, she leans over giving my leg a good squeeze, Oliver comes flying over here acting odd.

"Hide me!" He whispers yells at us. "Lay behind us bro," Liam told him, he glares at my cousin, "Don’t you dare fart, Liam." He snapped, Liam starts laughing. "Hey, I was a kid when I had done that to you!" Liam said around his fit of laughter, "Shhh you idiot!" Oliver snapped, I snickered, his hand as gone around my body started rubbing gentle circles on my hip, causing me to moan out, "Kitten shhh you will give me away." He whispered, "Then stop touching me, but also I won’t be giving you away." I pointed out.

"DADDA!" Christopher yells out, "Fuck." Oliver mumbles, Christopher comes flying around the play fort spotting me and he must have spotted him somehow cames flying past me and onto his father’s back laughing. "Are you hiding from him or them?" Liam asked, "Them." Oliver replied, "Ollie is not playing!" Freddie yells out, "I am! He found me!" Oliver yells back, "He wasn’t part of the game!" Rose snapped back at him, "I know but he gave me away." Oliver complained, Rose looks like she didn't care and had enough, trying not to laugh at the pair of them, "Right, Uncle James it’s your turn!" Rose yells out, he looks up from the table he was at, "What? Keep playing with Oliver!" He yells back at her, "Nope, I want to play with you please Uncle James." She begs, fuck this girl has upped her game with him, "Ok, let me use the loo first please then I can play with you." He told her, and it worked shit I love her game.

By late afternoon the only people left are family, I was up in my room getting Christopher to go to sleep, we both ended up falling asleep. "Tas wake up sweetie," Oliver whispered, I groan, slowly opening up my eyes to be greeted by my husband’s smirking face. "Oliver?" I asked, he brushes my cheek. "Everyone is now asleep babe." He whispered, I sat up in sheer shock, giving him a quick peek on the lips before racing out of the room and into the bathroom not to be sick but to use it.

Ten minutes later standing under the water when it hits me hard, on what we had done earlier today and I know there is no coming back from it. All I want is to see her walk through dad’s front door declaring she is going to cook dinner to save us from my father’s cooking or asking where her great-grandson was. Holding my rapidly growing stomach sliding down the wall muffling my scream crying by shoving my hand over my mouth trying not to wake anyone in the house that is sleeping.

Unsure on how long I was in here for, I know the water is now cold and what I didn’t notice was Oliver sitting in front of me on the bathroom floor crying too, leaning over reaching out holding his hand, he looks up relief washes over him. Oliver stands up pulling his boxers down climbing into the tub with me, turning off the shower and turning on the tap instead, putting the plugin once the tub was full did he grab my arm pulling me into him. Holding onto me tightly his other hand rubbing soft circles on my stomach.

"Tasmine?" Oliver whispered, "Hmm?" I asked, "I’m sorry babe, I never wanted you to go through all of this again." He said, "Why hasn’t she come to me in my dreams? Noah did the day of his funeral, I just want to see her again! Oh, fuck your new job" I started he cuts me off, "I know you do babe, Noah had a message to pass onto you maybe she believes you are ok for now and will pop in when you need her to." He offered, and that is not what I want, "I need her now!" I cried out, "No you want her which is different. I have already called my new work up and told them of what had happened they are ok with me starting later."

"When did you get in here?" I asked, "When I went to check up on you to see if you were ok then I heard your muffled cries, I broke in owe your dad a new door handle but it was worth it." He said I arch an eyebrow up at him, "How was it worth it?" I asked, "Bad choice in words Tas, um I mean I would always break the door to get to you kitten." He stated, "Right, how long had you been in here before I grabbed your hand?" I asked, "Twenty minutes Tasmine. Nothing was getting you to notice me, I had even tried to climb in and hug you but it didn’t work." He whispered, "I found you crying though." I asked not working out what is going on here, "I’m hurting to babe." He whispered, "I know I’m" He cuts me off again, "Please don’t say sorry, because you have nothing to say sorry for love, really. I’m here for you can I just hold you and rub your growing stomach, please?" He asked.

"Want me to stop talking?" I asked getting the feeling he may want quiet time, "No, I just don’t want to fight love I’m drained." He whispered, "I know, so am I." He kisses my forehead, his hands crease my shoulders softly. "I don’t want to find out about the sex of these two until I give birth to them. Are you ok with that?" I quietly asked out of fear of his response, his hands stopped moving, did I just stumped him or is he not happy with this. "Really?" He asked.

"Yes, and I don’t want a baby shower as we only need to get a cot and a car seat for one of the twins and Christopher needs to move up a seat so his old one can go to the other twin and if they are boys they can wear his old clothes," I said I don't know why but I just don't feel like going out getting them all brand new things, "And if they are girls? Also, why don’t you want a baby shower? You can still have one just ask the guests not to bring a gift if that is what you would like." He softly said, "I will have a few outfits for them in case they are girls, I will think about the shower. But are you ok with the wait?" I asked, I need to know if he is or is not.

"Yes, if you are I am. Besides Tasmine it’s your body and you’re the one who has to birth them I follow what you want me to do. But can I get a say in their names?" He said I smiled to myself knowing I have the best man as my husband, "Always. I’m cold lets head to bed." I said, no way would I give him nos ay in the names. He nods his head, not long after I was cuddled up to him listening to his heartbeat could also feel little flutter-like movements while his hand softly rubs my stomach.

"What’s so funny?" he asked, "They are moving while you’re touching my stomach." He sat up in shock, and then joy spread over his face. "REALLY? Already? Oh my!" He cried out in joy, he gently lays me back as he leans over giving my stomach a kiss. "Oh, my little ones daddy already loves you and loves the fact you are moving around when he touches mummy’s stomach." I giggle, as he continues to whisper to them, I was playing with his hair but ended up falling asleep.

By morning the next day, I want to go home, but I also didn’t want to leave my dad. Sitting in my favourite chair under the house with a cup of herbal tea with Christopher on my lap drinking his formula content to being on my lap I’m enjoying him being this quiet. "This is where you two ended up." Dad said loudly from the stairs, "Hi dad." I said, "Don’t move he looks, comfy love. Did you want another cuppa?" He asked, "Ok, no thank you dad still got some tea left in this." I replied, "Baby girl, you should go home. Stop staying here out of fear of how I am coping." He said, I looked at him in shock how did he know that was what I was thinking?

"Judging by that look you’re giving me I was correct, love you are my only child I know you very well. I get it I would do the same thing in your shoes, but baby girl Oliver is about to start at a new job, and you my dear need to go see your OB and also talk to your boss to let them know you're not coming back in two months." He said using his dad's voice, "Oh dad but you" He cuts me off, "I have James and Danny here baby girl we need each other yes, but your boys need you at home ok. Call me every day if your think I’m not coping ok, maybe make it facetime so I can see this cute little boy and your growing stomach." He ordered.

"I want to give you a hug dad." He stands up walking over towards me leaning down giving me a hug. "Never going to be ok hun, lost both my parents now and two loves of my life but you know what I still have you, Oliver and my grandson, and two more on the way I have more to live for not going to let all this grief swallow me whole I want to see my grandchildren grow up and hopefully be around when they make me a great grandfather." I smiled broadly up at him, he gives my cheek a kiss before sitting back down in his chair, just then Christopher had finished drinking passed me his empty bottle and bottles into his grandad’s lap.

"Grandad!" Christopher yelled out, "Man I love hearing you screaming my name son!" Dad said loudly to him, "So I take it we are driving home today?" Oliver asked from behind us, "Is it too late to leave?" I asked, "If we have to, we can book a room and rest." He told me, "Everyone else had gone back home and came back for yesterday and are leaving either today or tomorrow, you two were the only ones that stayed the whole time. I fucken have enjoyed having you three home but go please don’t make me use my dad's voice on you." He said, "I get the message dad, I will head up and start packing." I stated.

Oliver had a big smile on his face, "Already done." He said, "What? And the car?" I asked lost, "Already done apart from that bottle and those toys he’s playing with." Oliver said, I looked between the pair of them, "You two cooked this up, didn’t you?" I asked squinting my eyes at the pair of them, "Yeah last night when you were asleep." Dad said laughing, "You cheeky bastards, you both are lucky I love you." I snapped, "Hmm shouldn’t it be the other way around?" Dad asked, which I don't get, "I’m lost dad." I said, "We love you that is why we did it." He stated, "So we are leaving now?" I asked Oliver just to double check, "Get out of your PJ’s love then we will go." He ordered.

I nod my head, giving Chris a kiss, squeezing dads hand, I just smiled up at Oliver as I passed him heading up to my room to grab some clean clothes and found that Oliver had laid out what he wanted me in I chuckle to myself, it’s the outfit I had worn when he came home the first time we went out to the site after having Chris.

Finished rinsing out the second lot of shampoo and was about to put conditioner in my hair when I felt his hands gripping my ass. "Fuck pregnancy makes your body so fucking sexy kitten," he whispered, "Hmm fuck Ollie, I want you right now." I moaned out, "Good I need you before we leave. You need to be very quiet my kitten." He whispered biting my earlobe, "Please I promise you that I will." I begged, "Good, see that you do." He growls out while pressing me up against the wall biting my earlobe while his hands roam over my body one traveling south the other softly playing with my nipples, fuck it’s been so long since we been interment with each other. Kissing me roughly while his thumb strokes my eager bud, lowering my hand down gripping his hard shaft pulling and twisting him.

"Turn around, place your hands on the wall, hmm that’s it my beautiful kitten." He whispers while he playful massage my ass, putting my hand in my mouth to cover my moans. "It’s going to be fast and hard Tas, is that going to be too much for you?" He asked, "Mmm Ollie no, that is how I want you." Changing his grip on my hips as he slowly enters me, gripping my hair in his hands pulling me up turning my head giving me a heated sloppy kiss, wrapping his arms around me as he slams into me. Bitting down onto my shoulder to keep his moans at bay while I shove my hand into my mouth still softly moaning.

He slowly runs his hand down finding my throbbing bud rubbing hard, my legs start stiffing up, rest of my body starts shaking, leaning my head back onto his shoulder covering my mouth with his hand as I cum undone I know I just squirted my whole body has gone limp in his hold. He pounds into me a few more times before he spills his load into me. Turning me around in his arms holding onto me tightly kissing me passionately. "Tassie, fuck pregnancy hormones makes sex the fucken best." He pants out, "I know, you made me squirt, I love it when you do that to me."

"Good, cause I love doing that to you, now quickly finish washing your hair and your body before your dad comes looking for us." He ordered, "He knows what we are doing, and he’s not going to stop or get up us as we are married." I said this waving my wedding ring finger, he smirked at me. "He would still tell me off for doing this under his roof." He replied, I lean up biting his bottom lip smirking at the groan I caused to escape his lips. "Wife I cannot wait until we are home and Chris is asleep." He whispered, "What are you going to do?" I asked. "I want to hear you scream my name babe." He told me, "Good, so do I." He laughs leaving me in the shower, drying himself off getting dressed before slipping out of the bathroom, letting me finish off.

Saying goodbye to my dad was harder this time, he looks like a broken man and I don’t want to leave him when he looks like that. "Tasmine Rose Kelly Brown go, I will" Dd started to snap at me but I cut him off, "Lee stop telling me your fine when you look like that!" I snapped at him, "Tasmine I just lost my mum how am I supposed to look?" He asked, "I don’t know dad! Why can’t I help you recover from her loss like you had helped me with my own mums!" I cried out at him.

"Because Tassie, my little girl that is not your job and will never be. Your job is to grow those two while looking after that ratbag while Oliver looks after you all. No, I will not be hitting the drink because I need to help Danny and I’m no good to her and Rose if I’m drunk or hungover. Ok baby girl? Remember what I said call me every day mostly facetime so I can see you and Chris. I love you drive safe, please." He said, I guess he is right, but I just want to help him, "Ok, I will. Love you too dad." I told him, after another hug and kiss on the forehead from dad. Climbing into the front seat of the car, while Oliver and my dad say goodbye to each other I get that feeling that he won’t be down again until these two are here, he might make a trip down for Christopher's first birthday but I'm unsure.

Oliver gets into the car turning it on we wave goodbye to dad as he drives off, always putting his hand on my leg when he is not changing gears as we make the long drive home, most likely be our last drive north until these two can handle a long drive, because stopping to pee and vomit all of the time made the trip longer. I drift off to sleep thinking of the best memories with my grandma, no longer wishing I had grown up with her instead cherishing the time I got to spend with her.

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