No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 7 - What Is Wrong?


I raced after her, just missing her as the elevator closes, I quickly hit the button again she must have noticed as panic set in the doors open, I rushed in wrapping her up in a hug as she burst into tears. Why the hell is she crying for? She holds tightly onto me; I know I am calming her down. I walk us to our room she hands me the key as I unlock it, she unwraps her arms and was making her way into the bathroom. “Tasmine.” She stops. “I think you should take a test kitten.” She just nods her head, I know she is still crying, I go to follow her but she closes the door in my face.

“Tasmine, please let me in. I want to help you?” She didn’t reply I can hear sounds coming from the bathroom, maybe she just needs space. I sit down on the bed facing the bathroom door, I am hunched over, elbows on my knees as my hands hold my head up as I wait for her to let me in. What felt like a lifetime I hear the door opening, I stood up looking at her face trying to read what the results were. She shakes her head as she burst out into tears, wrapping my arms around her I walk us towards the bed laying her down cuddling up to her letting her cry, I had a few tears fall too. “I’m sorry, I don’t even know why I am crying anymore.” She whispered, brushing her cheek. “Kitten, stop you are allowed to cry. Maybe it’s too soon to test? Have you missed a period yet?”

She noticed that I had been crying too, her small fingers brush them away. “We will find out during our honeymoon if I missed a period.” I chuckled, fuck I do not want her to have them while we are on our honeymoon, she can get so sick on them I want her to be able to enjoy herself not be laid up in bed in pain. “I do hope you don’t get shark week during our honeymoon kitten.” She started laughing. “Look at your face!” She rolls around laughing her head off. “Vincent wasn’t the reason for those tears, was he?” I asked softly, she stops laughing and looks scared, why is she scared? “No...” The way she just said no had me concerned. “Tassie” She lets out a heavy breath.

“No, maybe? I don’t know. It’s just him being like that and still having those feelings for me hurts. Hurts that he thought he could use my cousin like that, hurts that he thinks he can take me away from you. Hurts that he just plain old did not listen to me, I thought we had moved on from that and become somewhat friends again. Instead, he’s still living in the past and it’s not enough for him to be in misery he has to try and destroy our wedding on top of it!” She yells out, oh, now I have worked it out she’s angry, she has stated that lately as she has gotten older is crying while she’s extremely angry. “He’s gone now babe, and I would never have let him destroy our wedding. I love you.” She grabs my chin pulling me down to her kissing me softly before she pulls away and cuddles into me.

“I need to calm down a bit, I don’t feel like going back down just yet.” She whispered, I kiss her forehead. “Hold onto me as long as you need kitten, we can just stay here for the rest of the night I am sure they won’t miss us.” She laughs, I know I am kidding myself they will notice and they will come looking. We cuddle up to each other in silence for a while before she spoke up breaking the silence. “I was just sitting there hoping to see two lines, instead, I got one. I know locking you out was a bitch move” I cut her off. “Yes, you had been a little cow but also you needed alone time I get it, but please do not do it again.” She raised herself looking upset.

“Oliver I” She didn’t get to finish when our door burst open and Jackson, Theodore, Ava, Dean, Josephine, and Justine come running in as Jackson yells out. “It’s safe they aren’t having sex for a change!” He jumped onto the bed as the rest followed him. “Why are you all in my bed? And how?” I asked, Jackson holds up my key card, wallet, phone, car keys, and sunnies. “In your rush to follow her, you left your shit behind. Myself being a caring best friend, brother, cousin, and best man I thought I should drop your gear off.” He said cheerfully, I smiled at the idiot that I love like we were twins. “Thanks, bro!” I do wish we were twins too, I feel Tas is holding onto me tightly, I look down at her she has a smile on her face but I know it’s a fake one as it’s not reaching her eyes.

“Right girl, spill!” Josephine snapped at her as she laid down across mine and Tasmine’s legs looking very series. “Yeah, because those tears cannot be from what Vincent had done,” Ava said, I watch her closely as she goes to reply. “Sorry guys, I’m” Tasmine started to say but Justine starts jumping up and down on the bed screaming. “YOUR FINALLY FUCKING PREGNANT!!” I see her face drop. “JUSTINE!” Tasmine screamed so loudly, she stopped and looked at me. “Oh, babe! I am so sorry is that why you are upset?” Justine asked, “FOR ONCE I WOULD LIKE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW TO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!” Tasmine screamed out so loud, the room was filled with a mixture of upset and shocked faces. “Sorry, no idea what is going on with me, but please stop it hurts every time I see that test, I am not ok.” Jackson wrapped her up in a hug not caring who he had to climb over to get to her. “That is not what is going on here little thing and you know it.” He said forcefully, she pulled away looking at him in shock then realization hit her, I’m still looking at the pair of them in confusion.

Theodore whispered so softly, “It’s because of your mum, isn’t it?” he asked, “Her and him.” Is all Jackson said, I was too stuck on who is him? Tasmine just nods her head in agreement then it hits me, is she this upset because of Noah still? After all this time could she still love him? “Well, then girlfriend did you pack any cute party dresses? We are dancing those blues away!” Josephine said loudly, while everyone looks at her in a mixture of go away or yes, we will join you. “Jose, we love you but learn to read a room,” Dean said quietly, she glared at him. “Eat a” Josephine started to say to Dean when Jackson cuts her off, “Shut up Josephine.”

“Thank you, now how about we just buy a movie and someone heads down to the corner shop and get some snacks and drinks and we watch a movie in here?” Dean asked, Josephine puts her hand in the air. “May I now talk?” Josephine asked, Dean, nods his head at her. “Good, I vote for a porno.” She said matter of factly, “Of course, you do!” Ava snapped at her. “I am going to say everyone here has watched porn and you all lying if you don’t like it. But I draw the line in watching it with my cousins in the room.” I said loudly as I felt Tassie laughing against me, I look down at her did she want to watch one with everyone? She must have understood the look on my face and shakes her head no. “Well, um I vote we don’t do that, if you want to watch a porno go into your own room and rub one out hey? Or ask someone to join you in scratching that itch?” Theodore asked, I want to give him a high five as everyone burst out in fits of laughter.

“Fuck I love this kid!” Dean said around his fit of laughter, Justine piped up. “I am up for a movie, want to watch it in this room?” She asked, “YES! This room is bigger than the rest of ours!” Jackson yelled out, “Of course it is! We are the ones getting married.” Tassie said, “Alright who is on snack duty?” Ava asked, Tassie, put her hand up, I went to go put mine up when Justine and Josephine bet me to it as they said at the same time, “We will go out with Tasmine!” I huffed, she turned around with a big smile on her face. “You can join us, babe.” I heard coughing from the boys. “No can do Tasmine! Our boy will be with us!” Jackson said smirking at her, she looked at him in shock.

“You are using my full name?! Why are you using my full name?!” She launches off me and footy tackles him as they go flying off the bed as he screams at her. “YOUR FUCKING CRAZY YOU KNOW THAT!” Jackson screamed out, using that high pitch girly one that he does when he’s yelling at her, “WHY ARE YOU USING MY FULL NAME JACKSON BROWN?!” Everyone else is in fits of laughter as I race to them trying to save them both from each other as they wrestle on the ground, she is losing not much of her, she is strong but his stronger, he flips her around, and his pinned her to the ground. “Tas you finished?” He asks with amusement on his face. “Fine!” She snaps, he starts laughing. “Wow, you gave in way too easy sister.” As he said it, I saw the look she had on her face as she goes to knee him but he must have known she was going to do it as he blocks her. “I called you by your full name your crazy girl because you two need a few minutes apart and well I want some bro time without your tinny ass following!” She huffed as she continued to fight him. “That is not fair! We come as a package, so deal with it!” Doing my best not to laugh at her, she is so cute when she gets like this. I tap his shoulder he gets up glaring at me.

“I wasn’t done.” Jackson protested, I shake my head. “Don’t care. Now, Kitten, it’s ok go have some girl time and I have some boy time we will come back to watch the movie that gets picked.” She grins at me after she pokes her tongue at him, “Hey, I had seen that you” Jackson said, but I cut him off. “Everyone on the way back get into your pjs, looks like we are having old school sleepover.” The girls seem to be enjoying this more than anyone else.

A few hours later we were all back in our room Tassie was laying in between my legs while Jackson and Jose are cuddling up together although judging by the way they are moving around I think they are about to head to one of their rooms. The rest are either spread out on what space is left on our bed, or the floor or the small lounge. Of course, they picked Annabelle Comes Home, poor Tassie is not going to sleep for days now, they all know how much she hates these types of movies. “Guys really why are you making me watch this?” She whinges again. “You need to toughen up love,” Jackson stated, “Tell that to me, mate when she wakes up from her nightmares.” Dean popped his head up from the bottom of the bed. “Oh shut up Oliver, it means more sex for the both of you, trying to help you out here mate!” Dean yelled out.

Everyone started laughing until Tassie started screaming again, she climbed so high up on my lap, yeah Dean was right my dick enjoyed her being this close as she buries her head into my chest shaking. “For a girl who enjoys Supernatural, I find it odd that you are scared of this shit, just think of what Dean and Sam would do?” Theodore said laughing at his little cousin, “I am right here ask, me!” Dean said laughing, Tassie grabs a spare pillow and throws it at him. “Shut up bitch!” Tasmine snapped at Dean, which caused him to laugh harder as he yells back at her. “Eat a dick you jerk!”

“She will be later!” Jackson yelled back, as Jose slapped him, both myself and Tassie start laughing hard. “Can you all shut up I want to watch this movie you know!” Ava snapped, “Well, I am going to my room, night guys.” Josephine said loudly, she gave everyone a hug and a kiss, she left the room, I watched Jackson and right on queue he got up and was about to say something but Tassie bet him to it. “Your off to go to her room to fuck each other’s brains out?” She made sure she looked so innocent when she said that I snickered trying to hold back my laughter. “Fine, yes I am. She is crazy in bed ok!” He snapped, about time he starts admitting it, we all burst out laughing. “Oh hurry up and start dating her before she gets taken by someone else already!” Dean yells at him, as we all think of it. He just storms out of the room, man I hope he does man up and ask her out already, they get along well no harm in dating each other. After those two left it was not long before everyone else had left the room as soon as the last person left Tasmine turned off the movie so fast and flicked on all the lights in the room.

“Fuck I feel like every shadow she is in it!” She screamed out, I quickly take my clothes off, climbing back into the bed laying back with my arms out for her with a raging hard on, on display. “Kitten come to bed I will keep you safe!” She laughs as she spotted my hard on, arching an eyebrow at me. “I think you will do much more than that Mr. Brown.” As she slowly strips for me, I bite my bottom lip as I watch my beautiful kitten walk towards me naked, we made sweet love before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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