No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 71 - Family Of Five

**Tasmine’s Pov**

It is now mid-October I can have these kids any day now, my due date is in the middle of November but because they are twins I have a high chance of having them early. I feel big but I don’t feel as big as I did with Christopher I know early on I felt it but now I don’t but I’m dying in this heat though, I cannot get cool no matter what I do. I’m living in bras and undies or my swimmers and just sitting in Christopher’s wading pool.

We have only just moved into our newly renovated house and I’m madly in love with Jackson’s and his team’s work, they have bought this old house back to life and bought her into this time period still with the old Queenslander charm that we love. Outside still needs a little bit more work but we are in and the yard and the painting outside can wait a little bit longer.

Our house is high up on stumps, the front part is somewhat closed in with a fence, a large staircase greats you at the front of the house, on the side is a the original hexagon style bay window, with a massive patio that runs along three sides of the house, for now, the house is a light cream colour and the trims and railings are white, with a red iron roof. I would like to have some large gardens around the front of the house, along with some fruit and veggie gardens along the side but all of that can wait. Although I couldn’t help myself had asked Oliver to put a swing in the big tree out the front of the house for our kids, so far Christopher loves it, scares me when he is on it has no fear that child.

Jackson had restored the beautiful Queenslander freet work along the top of the patio, we have set up a few comfortable sitting areas along the patio along with a BBQ area with an outdoor kitchen and seating area on the bigger part of the patio, I enjoy sitting out there when its raining or just watching a storm roll in on Oliver’s lap.

We had kept the main living areas light and bright and comfortable, with high ceilings, very pale cream colour on the walls with white trims and windows, with the original dark wood floors, large comfortable lounge chairs, and couches I had gone towards light blue with a touch of a females touch in the pillows with dark blue flowers, along with some white pillows and dark blue plan ones. With farmhouse touches in the lights and other furniture around the house. The kitchen is the largest kitchen I have ever seen and I love it, nice and white and bright, the splash back is subway tile but in a pale blue colour, with the benchtops looking like marble but is not its porcelain easier to maintain than marble, with brass hardware, I still cannot believe Oliver allowed me to get a large walk in pantry with heaps of storage, but also Jackson had worked with Oliver and they had added a large chest freezer as well into the walk in, the stove is of my dreams an eight burner and large enough oven that when we have my whole family down it won’t take as long to cook for everyone.

The house is five bedrooms and two bathrooms, the main bathroom is in the same type of style as the kitchen instead of using light blue subway tiles I had gone with white, along the walls in the shower area, and backsplash for the basins, with white and light grey hexagon tiles for the floor, and Oliver surprised me, he wanted this dark blue wallpaper on the rest of the walls, the wallpaper had cute little native birds on them. This will be our children’s bathroom and guests I love how that we chose to put the bathtub right at the end of the very long bathroom with the shower right next to it and the glass screen on the other side of that so I won’t mind if the kids make heaps of mess while in the bath as its a wet zone.

We have turned one of the five rooms into a permitted grandparent’s room, the other is also a grandparent room but also our home office so the bed hides in the wall when we don’t need it. Christopher’s room is pretty much the same as he had it in the old house minus the cot and change table they have gone into this baby sibling’s room. This is our forever home, I don’t ever want to leave this place I love it.

Everyone kept on telling me that us three couples are insane for wanting to live on the same property as each other but it’s not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. We don’t live in each other’s pockets, also we get along yeah we do fight but we never stay angry at each other for long. Our house is the only one that is finished inside the other two have at least a month or two to go before they are completed, but all three houses have a month or two to go on the outside as well.

Ever since we have moved in a few weeks ago either Max and Justine or Jackson and Josephine would spend the afternoon with myself and Christopher until Oliver came home from work depending on their own hours. I don’t mind it, they help me out with Christopher now that I have gotten too big to do things with him like get down and bathe him or help in things like playing and building, but also I believe it’s in case I go into labour, that I’m not alone when it happens.

We have also managed to find someone to rent out our townhouse, we went through the real estate but we still chose Ava and her coworker, Ave had gotten promotions which meant she had to move down here and she jumped at it knowing she had family and friends here. Loving the idea of having her living close by, my Uncle is not too impressed he has Emma who is now living down in Melbourne, Amanda has moved to Darwin and now Ava is in Mackay.

Oliver has yet to take time off, he has applied but he told the boss it will start the minute I go into labor. He hasn’t taken as much off this time he has asked for four months off and room to go back part-time or ask for more time off depending on how we are going as a family of five.

Last week Oliver arrived home with the new car also with two new car seats inside, it’s nice and fancy and as all the bells and whistles but it’s not like my old car. I sold her to a buyer that my dad knows who said he would look after it as he is one of those people that puts his cars into car shows. I do understand why we needed to upgrade this new car will fit our growing family maybe it’s all the memories of working on the old car that I’m missing.

Sitting in our lounge room with the aircon on the lowest setting in Christopher’s wading pool full of water, I’m just in my swimmers so is Christopher who is loving this. I do have towels all around the pool so the floor isn’t too dangerous for us. “Wow, are you two good?” Oliver said from the front door, myself and Christopher look up from playing together with smiles on our faces. “Daddy! Your home!” Christopher screams out, “Hi babe.” I said.

“Yes, daddy is home early today, had a feeling you might need me home so I bought my paperwork home so I can be with you guys. That looks like fun Chris, are you having fun?” Oliver asked getting down to our level, “Yes, it is daddy you want to play too?” He asked, “Let me get out of my work clothes and I will join you both.” Oliver leaned over giving us both kisses, before heading off into our room to get out of his work clothes.

“Oi are you guys home?” Jackson said from the front door, “Yeah bro door is open!” I yelled back, Jackson pops his head in from the front door spotting us he walks in closing the door behind him before laughing. “Not able to cool down I see little thing?” He asked, “Nope, what’s up?” I asked, “Seen Ollie walk in need him to help with one of the tractors it now won’t start.” Jackson said, “I could have a look at it for you” I started saying, “Like hell you are Tasmine! Not until those two are out!” Oliver’s voice came booming out from the hallway, Jackson snickered. “That is why I was asking him not you love.” Jackson said, “Is Max coming over?” Oliver asked walking back into the living room, “We all are, believe the girls are also bringing dinner over.” Jackson said.

“Knock, knock, knock anyone home?” Josphine calls out from the front door, “CHRISTOPBHER!” Jasper yells out, “Yeah, in here babe!” Jackson yells back, she walks in with Jasper running past her, “Good, here is dinner, oh Tas babe hop out of that pool now before you and Chris get sick!” She snapped at us both, Jackson helps me out of the pool while Chris jumps into his dad’s arms, I glared at them all.

“You all are aware that it feels like fifty degrees right now!” I snapped, “Tas just get into your underwear and go for a nap in the bedroom, we will wake you when dinner is ready hey?” Oliver said, “What about Chris?” I asked, “We have him, love, go you look like you need a nap.” Josephine said.

I smiled at her, she is correct I do need a nap. Oliver follows me to our room, turning around giving them both a kiss before pulling out a clean set of underpants and a singlet, not even drying off throwing off the wet clothes into our bathroom and slipping the dry clothes on. Oliver had turned the aircon on the lowest setting and the fans on high. Laying down on top of the covers not even going to cover myself as I know I would kick it off later. Oliver leans down giving me a soft kiss on the lips and holding Chris out so he could give me a kiss without having to climb onto me. “Have a little nap love, I love you so much kitten,” Oliver whispered, “You nap now Mumma! You and my babies need it!” Christopher ordered pulling the same face as his father, doing my best not to laugh at his cute little face, “Thanks baby, mummy sure does.” I told him, a few minutes later I was sound asleep in the ice-cold room.

Our room is large, I made sure it at least had two walls with windows we opted for one wall to be push out french style doors that open up to the patio to our own little private sitting area, love having my coffee out on this porch looking out to the river. We kept it light and bright in style and colour, a massive super king size bed with a beautiful Australian native flower print bed head, I love that we both have our own walk ins on either side of the bathroom. In our bathroom, I had found charcoal wallpaper that had brass leaves printed on it with chair rail molding painted white on the bottom half of the walls, with the same floor tiles as the other bathroom, we had also found a brass freestanding bathtub, all the hardware and light fixtures is also brass, we also went with the same white tiles that were in the other bathroom and kitchen but added brass mosaic tiles in the shower caddy hole. The vanity is grey that matches parts of the floor tiles. I wasn't going to go all brass like that but after finding most of them on sale the vision came together, I thoroughly enjoy sitting in my tub looking out to the river and bushland.

“Baby girl you need to wake up love,” Grandma calls out softly, I felt her brushing my hair off my forehead, smiling in my sleep mumbling just five more minutes please grandma. “No Tassie you need to get up love.” She said louder, “Hhhm why I’m so tired right now.” I grumbled, “I know you are tired love, you are doing so well, but you need to wake up.” She said again, “Why do I need to? I miss you so much,” I whispered, “I miss you too baby girl, but you NEED TO WAKE UP NOW!” She yelled at me, my eyes shot open in shock, did I just have a dream with my grandma? I sat up and the bed was socking wet oh fuck!

Standing up in shock, pulling my undies off throwing them into the bathroom walking into the bathroom letting out a small groan as my stomach tightness up grabbing some towels leaving my singlet on walking out to the living room found it full of our loved ones, spotting Oliver on the lounge laughing at something Max had said to him. Jackson spotted me from the kitchen, he spoke up over everyone so they could hear.

“Tasmine what’s wrong?” Jackson asked, “Someone please call an ambulance” I cried out, “What?! Are you ok?!” Oliver asked just about yelled out as he jumped up from sitting down, “Hmm need to push Ollie.” I moan out, “Fuck!” Oliver muttered, Max and Justine rush over to me helping me walk to the lounge, Max had taken the towels off me throwing them over to Oliver, and Josephine started laying them down on the lounge and floor as the others help me walk over to the lounge.

“Babe, how far apart are your contractions?” Josephine asked me, “Haven’t had any, woke up to the bed soaking wet. Oh, fuck!” I cried out in pain, I had just sat down and straight away put my legs out onto Oliver’s chest both he and Josephine look at me in sheer shock. “Jackson babe tell them she is fully dilated and I can see the head!” Josephine yelled out in shock, Jackson throws the phone at Max, taking the spot he was in holding my right hand while Justine holds my other. “Max you keep talking on the phone.” Jackson snapped.

“Ollie get ready!” I screamed out, Josephine grabs my right leg moving it out more to help me as I push, this feels nothing like Christopher, yes it hurts but nothing like him at all. Just breathing deeply as I felt our child come out while Oliver is looking at me stunned and started laughing, wrapping the baby up in a towel.

“Ahh babe it’s a boy!” Oliver cried out in joy, holding my hands up to hold our new son, while Max tells Oliver and Josephine what they need to do now with the cord. “A boy?!” I asked shocked but sure enough, a little boy was in my arms, I looked over at Jackson and started laughing. “You got the sex of one of them wrong bro.” I told him, “Seems so Tas.” He whispered smiling at my new son in my arms, I didn’t get to hold him for long as the need to keep pushing started again, Oliver and Josephine had finished tying off the cord and cutting it, handing him over to Justine.

“That’s it, babe, give me one big push, yes that’s it,” Oliver said, “Shit Tas you’re a machine,” Justine said in shock, not even paying much attention to them, Oliver reaches up grabbing a hold of my free hand letting out a sigh, Oliver lets out another laugh. “Ahh Tassie sweetheart it’s another boy, fuck you are amazing kitten.” He whispered he hands me our son kissing my forehead, he has the biggest smile on his face. Justine hands me our other son, Jackson throwing a towel over my legs given me some privacy as the three boys come flying into the room.

“Oh, mummy they are my babies?” Christopher asked.

Everyone laughs at him as he walks up towards us, Oliver turns around picking his son up whispering loud enough for us close by to hear. “Yes, they are your baby brothers Christopher. Want to say hello to them?” Oliver asked, “Brothers? Like Jaspber and Freddie are like to me?” Christopher asked, “In a way they are.” Oliver said, “Cool! They look the same.” He said loudly, leaning on my legs to get a closer look at his brothers, “That’s because they are identical twins.” Oliver said our son just looks at him not understanding, “What?” Christopher asked, “They look the same because um” I started to say, “Cause they were born on the same day Chris.” Jackson said.

“Ambo’s are about ten minutes away, Jo has she delivered the afterbirth yet?” Max asked. “In the middle of doing that Max.” Josephine replied, “Good.” Max said, “Can we please hold off from telling the dads, please.” I said loudly, “Sure babe.” Justine said, “Not like you gave us much time to tell them little thing.” Jackson said laughing, “You good Tas?” Oliver asked, “Yes, Ollie. I want a shower and them cleaned up a little and dressed.” I said, he smiled at me, “Sure, Jo and Justine want to help?” Oliver asked while Jackson scoffed next to me, “What I and Max are just chopped liver over here?” Jackson asked, “No, you’re watching those boys, while Max is on the lookout for the Ambos.” Oliver ordered.

The two girls grabs a baby each, while Oliver helped me up, wrapping the towel around me while Jackson quickly starts cleaning up the lounge room. “Well, Kitten that was fucking fast, compared to birthing Christopher,” Oliver said, “Tell me about it and so much less painful too.” I told him, he gave me a massive smile with so much pride on his face, “It didn’t hurt?” Justine asked shocked, “Babe it hurt just not enough to cause me to scream out in pain like birthing Christopher which felt like he tore me in half.” I told them. Oliver heads into our bathroom to get the water going, while I pull out fresh pair of underwear and the leggings I had worn right after having Chris and a top from that time too.

Walking into the twin’s bedroom pulling out two nappies, a set of singlets, and two bonds onesies. We kept the twin's room neutral and bright and light, with whites, natural woods, and greenery, now that they have come out boys I'm more than happy to throw in more colours for them. Love the K-mart artwork that I found for them which one picture says 'I belong with you.' the other says 'You belong with me.'

Justine had gone into the bathroom to get two face washers wetting them, coming back to gently wash the twins, while I throw my singlet into the hamper stepping under the water letting out a moan, Oliver closing the bathroom door gently. He walks up towards me, I haven’t seen him this happy before, all I want to do is clean up, and eat shit tones of food with no fear of vomiting it back up. "Babe thought watching you birth Christopher was my highlight of our lives together, but just then wow" He didn’t finish he pushes me up against the bathroom wall kissing me softly. "Thank you sweetheart your just amazing." He whispered, "Your welcome, boys hey, I’m surrounded by boys." I said laughing trying to snap but I'm too much in love with my four boys.

"Still want a girl?" Oliver asked me, "Right now? No three kids are enough babe. My heart feels full now Ollie." I told him, I know I wanted a girl but now that they are both here I'm happy with what we have. "So does mine Tassie dear." I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before finishing cleaning myself up, stepping out, and drying myself, quickly getting dressed leaving Oliver in the bathroom. Finding just Justine in the bedroom. "Wow your glowing love, also stripping your bed and going to bring fans in here to try and dry it out for you both when you get home," Justine said. "Thanks feel the same at the moment, thank you Justine you don’t have to," I told her, I was more than happy to do it as I was the one that had wet the bed. "I do babe, this will help you and besides you and Oliver would do the same thing for myself and Max." She told me, walking up to her giving her a hug, she hugs me back I leave the room as I can hear one of my boys is crying.

"Good, look baby B mummy is back." Jackson said sounding thankful, "Baby B?" I asked, "Well he has no name, what do you want me to call him?" He asked, I laughed at his smart-ass tone to his voice. "I know, pass him here," I ordered, sitting down on the chair he passes me baby B so I could feed him, Jackson sits down next to me looking over at me. "So what are their names?" He asked, "Haven’t gotten that far, and besides Oliver will find out their names first not you." I said firmly, "Told you husband will always trump best friend." Max said laughing shaking his head at his older brother, "Sure of it." Oliver said laughing, taking baby A from Josephine’s arms.

"How far off is the ambo mate?" Oliver asked Max, "Driving down the driveway mate!" Max yelled out from the front patio, Oliver laughs shaking his head. "You two couldn’t even wait for mummy to get drugs into her." Oliver said, "She didn’t need drugs bro! She just held onto my hand didn’t even squeeze it tightly at all, if it wasn’t for Jo and you pulling faces and making sounds or telling her to keep pushing I wouldn’t have known she was giving birth." Jackson said sounding amazed, "Yeah, my question is was she like that when giving birth to Christopher." Justine asked, "Nope." Oliver said so fast, "Hell fucking no! These two even weighing them together they still do not come close to his birth weight or size he felt like he tore me apart." I said loudly, "Hahaha so he made it like a slippy slide for them to get out." Josephine said laughing.

"Fuck wife quit talking about my sister’s vag!" Jackson snapped, "Um, wow! Yep oh goodie the ambos are here!" I said to stop all talk about my lady parts with my family, the two Ambulance officers rushed into the room holding two big bags, they both had big smiles on their faces. "I see they both did not want to wait for us. How are you, mum?" The male officer asked, "I feel good." I said, "We still have to take you three into the hospital just to get checked out." The second officer said while they had quickly checked me over, "Can myself and our other son join you?" Oliver asked, "We won’t have room and he will need to be in a car seat which we don’t have for him on board." The first officer said, "Ok, will call you guys when we know more." Oliver told the rest of our family, "Sure bro." Jackson answered.

The ambulance officers helped me into the back holding onto one baby as the other is holding on to the other baby while his mate is getting into the front. Unsure on time but we are all now in the hospital room waiting to be seen by the Doctor, cuddling up to Oliver with Christopher sound asleep in between my legs the other two are being fed. "Tas you thought of any names for them?" Oliver asked, "Hmm pull your phone out babe and let’s start looking." I told him, he looked at me in shock, "You serious?" He asked, "Yes, I didn’t think of any names cause I didn’t want to get my heart set on a name to find out it’s the wrong sex etc." I told him, "Ok." he said.

The doctor had come in and given me the all clear, the boys are getting some tests done which is all the normal ones is what we have been told, but they would like us to stay the night to make sure they are both ok as they are still classed as arriving early. While we wait around I look at the names we have narrowed it down. "Ok Oliver I have chosen and you can tell me if you hate it or want to change it," I told him but he cuts me off, "Tas sweetheart I think I will love it no matter what, spill, please." I nod my head, grabbing my husband’s hand giving it a gentle squeeze, before letting go to pick up baby A handing him over to his father. They look like Oliver when he was born, not as chubby as him or their older brother, cannot wait to see what they are going to be like.

"Say hello to Hunter James David Brown," I said with a big smile on my face, he looked up at me and smiled broadly at me. "Oh babe I loved it and you named him after me again why?" He asked, "Hmm I liked those names together." I stated, "Hi Hunter, I’m your dad." he whispered giving him a hug and a kiss on the top of his head, picking up baby B holding him so he’s facing his father I said with a big smile on my face. "Oliver say hello to your son Elliott Lee Daniel Brown." I told him, trying not to cry, "Oh your dad is going to love that." He said chuckling, "Felt right naming them both after the twins that I know in the family." I said, he leans over giving me a passionate kiss, I felt complete now, tired but complete.

"Let’s call the dad’s up." I said loudly, "Grandad’s!" Christopher cried out, "Yes kitten let’s do that, yes my boy we are calling up the grandads." Oliver helped Chris onto his lap while I rearrange the twins in my arms as he calls his dad up.


**CHARLES** Hello Son, what’s going on why are you in a hospital room?
**OLIVER** Hi Dad, hold up going to patch Lee in unless he’s with you?
**CHARLES** No son believe he is at his shop, as you know it’s Friday afternoon.
**OLIVER** Ok, just hold up a minute.

Oliver said this as he calls my dad in.

**LEE** Hi Oliver, oh wait hey Charles, what’s going on?
**TASMINE** Nothing much dad.
**LEE** Wait why are you two in the hospital?
**CHARLES** They are not sharing that bit, Lee.
**CHRISTOPHER** Hi grandad’s my babies love
**LEE** What was that baby boy?
**OLIVER** This.

Oliver said as he moves the phone so you can see the two boys that I’m holding with a big smile on my face, both dads yelled out in joy.

**CHARLES** Ahh they are so cute! Why didn’t you both call or text to give us a heads up to head down?
**OLIVER** Dad they didn’t even give us enough notice to call the ambulance, they both arrived a good ten minutes before they arrived.

Oliver moves the phone to Hunter first.

**OLIVER** Dad, Lee say hello to Hunter James David Brown our middle boy.
**LEE** OMG, I love his name, you guys! Grandad cannot wait to get down to see you, Hunter!
**CHARLES** Fucking love his name you two! Lee are we heading down tonight or tomorrow morning?
**LEE** Morning mate.

Oliver moves the phone over to Elliott with a big smile on my face knowing dad is about to flip his switch at his name.

**OLIVER** Dad, Lee say hello to Elliott Lee Daniel Brown our baby boy.
**CHARLES** Ahh I love his name, you guys.
**LEE** I love the fact you named him after your grandma Tassie.

I smile at my dad, noticing that Oliver and Charles have just clicked at what I had done.

**OLIVER** Oh, Elliot-lee her middle name! How did I not notice that?
**LEE** Pretty easy Oliver, don’t beat yourself up over it. Fuck how fast did they arrive? Are you ok and them?

Dad asked me looking worried, I just want to give him a hug.

**TASMINE** Woke up from my nap with the bed wet and just made it to the lounge before Hunter arrived, as Oliver and Jose cut the cord Elliott was out. Dad, it was so fucking fast and it did hurt but nothing like the first time with Christopher.

Oliver looked at me with pride on his face, he leans over giving my forehead a soft kiss, while Christopher forces his way into the front with a big smile on his face.

**CHRISTOPHER** Mummy had my babies Grandads, she had them on the lounge with her legs up on my daddy and Auntie Jose’s body, and and Uncle Jackers was holding her hand so was Auntie Justine. Uncle Max was talking to someone on the phone he was being very rude Grandad when you see him you need to punish him and put him in the naughty corner got it!
**CHARLES** Hahaha ok Christopher I will tell Max that when I see him soon ok.
**CHRISTOPHER** It was so yukky! Jaspber kept on looking while Freddie kept on moving us away from the room.
**OLIVER** What you boys had seen it?
**LEE** Oh well that is how babies come into the world son.
**CHARLES** Ok, we love you and we need to leave and start sorting ourselves out we are staying for two-plus weeks guys not fighting over it, we will also help you all out with your houses too. I will let your brothers know too, so you don’t have to.
**LEE** Want us to let the family know?
**TASMINE** Please don’t dad we will tell them.
**OLIVER** Ok, we will talk to you soon, the Doctor is here.

We all said our goodbyes, once the phone was put away we looked up at the Doctor he had a big smile on his face. "Good news Brown family the boys are good to go home, I have checked their test results and their charts I’m happy to let you all go home." He said, "But you said" I started to say, "Yes, I know they have done so well since I had said that." The doctor said, "Let’s be honest here you want the bed?" Oliver asked, the Doctor wasn’t expecting Oliver to be that blunt but I get it place is busy today.

"So sorry we are very busy today have had a few emergencies and I’m sorry but you three are in perfect health." He said, "All good thank you though." I said with a smile, I just want to get home anyway. "The health nurse will be at your house sometime next week she will call you up to book an appointment, could you please also book your six weeks check up with your GP but if you start feeling cramps, fevers, and so forth please come back right away." he said, "Ok, thank you," I replied, he said his goodbyes to us and quickly raced off as he was being paged, I smiled up at Oliver. "Let’s go home handsome."

"Sure my beautiful wife." Oliver said, "Am I handsome too?" Christopher asked, "Yes you are my little man!" I told him, Oliver picks up Hunter off the bed, holding Christopher’s hand while I hold onto Elliott off we go as a family of five, knowing our lives are about to change forever.

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