No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 72 - Bonus Chapter

**Eight Years Later**

**Oliver’s Pov**

Eight years had gone fast, once the twins had started prep Tas went back to work she is now the floor manager and in my opinion, she is doing amazing at it. I love that I work near her’s enjoy having lunch with her without our boys tagging along or taking her food. My work has been going great I’m now the duty manager and the crew I have working with me are amazing and wouldn’t move to another shop any time soon either.

All three boys are doing good at school and all three are different, I did thought the twins would be close to liking the same things but really they are so different from each other. They are close yes but all of our family can tell them apart so easily only those who don’t know them cannot tell them apart. Christopher loves anything to do with robotics and cars so if myself or Tas are fixing something on the farm his the kid that is next to us asking a million questions, I will be shocked if he doesn’t end up in the same career as myself or his mother.

The twins not too sure just yet, but Hunter loves playing any form of sports and he is getting pretty good at Hockey and he is loving that, which is making Tasmine so happy and proud, would have been lovely for her auntie to have seen this, she had sadly passed away two years ago. Rose is currently living with Lee, believe she is giving him hell at the moment not as bad as Tasmine but she is getting there.

Elliott does enjoy playing sports, but he’s not as into it as Hunter. He is also becoming good at hockey too, but he doesn’t love it like his twin brother. I have found him a few times sitting around drawing like what Max used to do when he was younger.

Rushing out of my work ute, shit Tasmine is going to kill me, running so late bursting into the front door to walk in on Christopher and Elliott are fighting again, really am sick of these two not getting along.

"I don’t care Elliott! You broke it now you have to pay!" Christopher screamed, "I told you Christopher I did not do that! Why aren’t you blaming Hunter his the one that most likely broke your stupid toy!" Elliott yelled, "Was not a stupid toy Elliott!" I saw the object Christopher was waving around oh fuck his school racing car model got broken. "YES, IT BLOODY WELL IS!" Elliott roared out, having enough of the pair of them screaming at each other.

"NO, IT IS NOT ELLIOTT!" I yelled out causing both boys to stop mid fight as Christopher had made a beeline towards his brother but was frozen in fear, good so they should be scared. "I don’t care who broke it, that was for Christopher’s group class project which is due in a few day’s time! I want all three of you to fix it and I don’t care how long it takes you to do it!" I snapped, "Why the hell am I being punished I didn’t break it, dad!" Christopher winged, "Don’t care all three of you work it out! Hunter! Get your bum out here right now!" I yelled out to our other son, "What dad?! I did not do it! Whatever they said I didn’t do it!" He started screaming as he walked out of his room, "As I told them I don’t care who broke it, all three of you are fixing it now get to it before we drop you off at your Uncle’s house!" I snapped.

"Do we have to?" Hunter complained in that annoying voice that kids have when they don't want to do something he sounds like Jackson right now. "Yes, you do! Nothing wrong with staying the weekend at Uncle Jackson’s house!" I snapped at him giving him my look that says enough, where the hell is Tasmine all of this fighting didn’t bring her out of where ever she is, leaving them to work out that mess hopefully they can work it out.

"Babe?" Nothing so she is not in the laundry room, is she in their rooms? Quickly checked the boy’s rooms and the spare one nothing maybe she is in our room getting ready for our weekend away to celebrate our ten years of marriage. I cannot wait, it’s been a long time since we had time away from the boys not talking about sex we have worked out ways of making that happen around the boys.

"Kitten?!" I call out louder she is not in our room, but then I spot movement in the bathroom I walk in finding her sitting on the floor looking at a pregnancy test in her hand in sheer shock. "Tasmine?" I asked in sheer shock, she looks up in shock seeing me home. "What are you doing home this early?" She asked, "I’m not early babe, I’m late are you packed?" I asked, "Yeah, I’m packed. But I’m late this is why I’m late. I thought you got the snip, Oliver?" She asked.

Sitting down on the ground next to her looking at the pregnancy test in her hand which is reading positive, fuck do I want to start all over again? It’s a massive ten and eight years age gap between this one and the boys. But how did this happen I have been snipped. "I have been snipped, babe" I started telling her, "Yeah, if that is the case then how the fuck did I just fall pregnant? Because I have only slept with you Oliver no one else either the condom broke before you got snipped or it didn’t fucking work!" She screamed at me cutting me off, "I don’t bloody know Tasmine, are you upset at being pregnant?" I asked.

"YES! I have just gotten my life back somewhat, we no longer need to wipe their bums and well we are starting all over again we have nothing of their baby items left we gave them to Max and Justine, and what if this is a boy?! I cannot do another boy Oliver I love them really but I would love a girl.

Then she starts crying, ah man I get it all, I would love a little girl. Sadly none of us Brown boys had girls, Jackson only had two boys, Max has his stepson, and another son the lucky couple has another one on the way which they are hoping to be a little girl. They both had issues trying to fall pregnant four years ago was when their son was born, so for them to try again shocked a lot of us as Justine had made it clear she didn’t want to go through all that heartache again.

"Oh fuck what if this is another set of twins? That’s five fucking kids Oliver!" She snapped at me, I cannot be in the dog house on our anniversary, "Tas, babe first take a deep breath we won’t know until you get your bloods and ultrasound done and secondly, it’s not that bad we can handle it." I told her, "Not that bad? We are in our mid-thirties and starting all over again Ollie, we have full eight to nine hours sleep to go back to none" She rambles, "Tasmine please stop, let's finish getting ready drop the boys off at Jackie’s house, and make our way to your surprise." I told her. "Ok, the voice of reason." She grumbles.

I chuckle, helping her up she grabs my shirt pulling me into her wrapping her arms around my hips. "Did you know that if we did what our dad’s feared we would have a fucking seventeen years old right now?" She asked, I looked at her in shock while I did the maths in my head fuck she is correct, that is scary. "Wow that is fucking scary shit Tas, yep I’m happy with how our lives together have turned out," I told her.

"Really, no regrets?" She asked me, "Only regret I have are allowing Vincent in our lives longer than he needed to be Tasmine, everything else I have loved and enjoyed." I told her, she looks up at me with that look I love so much. "Wow, didn’t think I could love you any more than I already do." She whispered, "What do you have regrets?" I asked, "Just that Vincent thing, and well your broken fucking condom right now." She grumbles, "What? Are you thinking of terminating" I asked shocked, "What? No, I couldn’t do that. Still our child Oliver I just wasn’t expecting to get pregnant again." She said I started to breathe again. "Surprise babies are just that babe you didn’t expect it, I want to make our booking and enjoy our tenth wedding anniversary with you, Jackers is going to be pissed if we keep him waiting." I told her, "Ok." She whispered.

"MUM! WHY DO I HAVE TO HELP THOSE ASSHOLES IN FIXING MY CAR WHEN THEY ARE THE ONES THAT FUCKING BROKE IT!" Christopher screamed out so loudly, "Oh dear lord give me strength to not kill these children. Tasmine muttered under her breath I chuckle, we walked into our room just as he raced in ready to fight reminding me so much of myself. "I clearly remember telling you that all three of you are to fix it and that I didn’t care who did it you all to fix it." I snapped.

"But mum!" He complained, "Don’t but mum me, boy! Your dad has spoken to you already I’m not overriding what your dad has just said because it all seems fair to me." Tasmine snapped, "This is so unfair" Christopher snapped, "But also I remember you had used swear words, no tablet when you go to your uncle’s house and I will be letting him know what you had said so he can add his own punishment." Tasmine snapped, "That is so unfair!" He cried out in anger, "Oh it’s totally fair, deal with it. You chose to use swear words you deal with the punishment young man!" I yelled back at him. "You’re sounding so much like grandad!" Christopher screamed at me and I just smiled, "Good! I always wanted to sound like him!" I said loudly to my oldest son. "Everyone packed?" Tasmine asked, "No!" He snapped at her, "Get moving!" She yelled back at him.

God, it took the boys a good twenty minutes to pack their stuff, the amount of time it took them you would think they are going for a month, not two days. Pulling up to my brother’s house his out in the yard working on the commune veggie garden building another bed by the looks of it, that man cannot stop tinkering on things. "You’re late!" He snapped at us, "Blame mum Uncle Jackie she’s not coping." Christopher yelled at his Uncle, who just glared back at him, "No blame you, you dipshit for crying over a stupid toy that got broken!" Hunter yelled at Christopher, "Enough the lot of you!" Tasmine screamed at them.

"Oh I see what type of mood you three are in, put your bags in Jasper’s or Charlie’s rooms or the spare one don’t care just put them away, and once that is done come out here, do not take your time!" Jackson snapped at my three son's all three looked scared so they should be a cranky Jackie is a scary one. "Can I come with you dad?! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fight with my brothers!" Elliot cried out, "Nice try son, doesn’t work that way." I told him, no way am I having them tag along on this trip.

"Why aren’t you coping little thing?" Jackson asked, he walked closer to her, and I hope he doesn’t notice I know I have now after she has shown me the test his looking at her like he has worked it out oh crap. "No fucking way!" He cried out in shock, Tasmine looking at him in fear, then back at me trying to get me to help her out. "No way what? I’m lost Jackers." I said, he looks at me, fuck I hate how good he is at reading us both. "You know what I’m talking about and I believe your boys do too." He said. "Well, then you tell me it then seeing as you know it all!" Tasmine snapped at him and he just laughed.

"You crazy fuckers have gone back and did IVF didn’t you?" Jackson asked, that shocked us both we looked at each other, I don’t think we would have done that why get the snip just to try IVF? "I’m wrong? So what your not pregnant Tasmine? If not you should see your GP cause you fucking look it mate." He snapped at her, "I’m pregnant" Tasmine whispered, "What the hell?! Really?! How? Ollie, you're snipped?" Josephine asked shocked as she walked up towards us. That seemed to have clued Jackson in why we are acting odd he bends over laughing. "Let me guess your last fuck before you got snipped was without a condom?" Jackson asked trying not to laugh at us.

"No, we had used a condom." Tasmine snapped at him, "Oh it broke, ah fuck sorry you two so you didn’t plan this?" Jackson asked, "Nope didn’t fucking plan this Jackson if we had the age gap wouldn’t be this big." She said sounding angry to my own ears, "It’s not that bad, could be like Justine and Max with Freddie and the bub we are waiting any day now to arrive." Josephine reminded us, "I know, you guys are right with our three they are moody as hell right now." I said, "They can help me out here, our boys are doing the chores with the animals right now so once they are done they can come over here and help us out too." Jackson said sounding like he had a plan for them all tonight.

"Ok, we will be home late Sunday night." I said, "We are happy to take them to school for you on Monday." Josephine said while Tasmine looked at her oddly, "How?" She asked, "Oh fuck sorry Tas forgot we don’t have enough seats in our car," Josephine said, "Nah one of us will walk down to the bus stop with all the kids making sure they catch the bus." Jackson said, "Thanks, will text you if we get back early." I told them, which I doubt we need this time along, "Go enjoy your tenth wedding anniversary love birds! Also, congratulations let us know when you know more as I’m guessing you two have just found out about it." Josephine said.

They give us both a hug and a kiss each, just as our boys came outside still looking upset. "Ahh can’t we go to this with you two?" Hunter asked, "What so we can hear them having sex? No thank you!" Christopher snapped at his brother, "What’s sex?" Elliot asked. I just stood there looking at my sons in sheer shock when the hell did they learn this shit? Jackson is sharing the same look while the girls are looking either like they are going to laugh or scream unsure on which. "What Christopher Alexander Noah Brown?!" Tasmine snapped at him, "You heard me!" He yelled back at her, "How" She started to say, "Best you yell at Freddie his the one" Hunter had cut her off telling her, "Fuck you’re a dobber!" Christopher screamed at his brother, "With me now Christopher!" Jackson snapped.

"Wow, you’re on a roll today Christopher!" I snapped at him, "What?!" He asked like he just didn't do anything wrong, "Follow your uncle now! We will talk about this when we get back!" Tasmine screamed at him, he glared at us both before storming off following his Uncle, hopefully, Jackson can get him to cool down and open up to what is going on, I do get the feeling it could be a girl but I fucking hope not, not yet anyway he is too young in my eyes. We said our goodbyes to the boys, well minus Chris he wouldn’t talk to us believe that hurt Tasmine more than she is letting on.

Off we go to our little getaway, have kept the location a surprise for her have rented out an Airbnb place about an hours drive north of our house, Tas’s hand goes right to my leg I quickly smile at her. "Is he acting up because we are going away for the weekend?" She asked me, "Unsure he was in a mood after the twins broke his project car, but I thought he would like to be at Jackson’s house he normally is hard to get him to come home when he’s at his place." I said, "I know he and Jasper are close like you and Jackson are, do you know if they are fighting?" She asked, I think we would know if those two are fighting I thought, "Nope, unsure haven’t heard anything kitten. Has he put a damper on our weekend away?" Asking worried, I don’t want her to be worried about him the whole time I know he is fine he is with his brothers and family.

"No, he hasn’t you planning on telling me where we are going?" She asked, letting out a loud laugh, like hell am I going to fill her in just yet. "Nope my beautiful wife it’s a surprise," I told her, "Is it romantic?" She asked, getting the feeling to slap her, and in a kinky way too, it’s a big fat yes to this weekend being romantic. "Yes," I said loudly, "Good, is it going to be quiet?" She asked, I looked over at her, "You’ve seen the bank statements haven’t you?" I asked, she starts laughing, bloody knew it, tried to keep it a secret but I was hoping the statement would be out after we went away not before.

"You mad?" She asked, "A little. Wait did you think I had cheated on you?" I asked, "At first but then I saw the date for when it was when the email came in I knew then it was for us." She told me, I let out a sigh, "How am I going to ever get you to stop thinking I would cheat on you?" I asked her, "It’s my worst nightmare babe, unsure of how you are going to stop me from thinking it, I know you would never do it." She said, "Ok, let me think about it." I said as it hurts me every time she thinks I would cheat on her, I would never do that she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

"Babe?" She asked, "Yes?" I said, "I would like to find out the sex of the baby right away, but also I would like to let you know that if it is a girl I would like to name her Monica Madison-lee Francis Brown." She said, I just about drove into the oncoming car, I want to cry so much right now. How did she know that is what I wanted to name our daughter if we ever had one, those names and in that order, I never told her out of fear she didn’t want to. "Please talk to me, Ollie. Do you not like that?" She asked softly, "No Tasmine I fucken love it, and how did you know I wanted to name our daughter that if we ever had one?" I asked shocked.

She is giving me that look that is telling me I’m stupid. "I know you so very well, you are my best friend and my husband I worked it out, besides I had always wanted to name our daughter after your sister that night of your senior dance." She told me, I looked at her in shock, wow she wanted to do that as early on as I had? I love her so much and am so fucking proud of myself for finding her in our teen years we have lived so much already and I cannot wait for the next chapter in our lives. "And we are here, what do you think?" I asked.

We had pulled up to a cute little Queenslander cottage that has a small front veranda, I know she would love it she has a thing for Queenslanders. "Oh my wow! Oliver, I fucking love it! Also you, you know." She said, "Gez thanks." I mumbled, she gently nudges me, while giggling. "You know what I mean love, come on grab the bags let’s get inside!" She said loudly. We both jumped out of the car, raced at the back of the car getting the bags as she walks up to the front veranda sitting down in one of the chairs with a big smile on her face. Unsure if she knows but pregnancy makes her look so radiant and beautiful in my eyes. "Ready to enjoy our kid free weekend?" I asked her, "Fuck yes, are we going to unpack first or" I cut her off, "Tasmine I’m going to make you legless first before we do anything love!" I said loudly, "Perfect answer bring on the next twenty-odd years!" She said happily.


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