No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 8 - Hens and Bucks Night!

**Tasmine’s POV**

I know I am drunk, not smashed but definitely going to feel it in the morning. I am dancing with Rach, Jo, and Justine, myself and Jo have been getting a little naughty with our dancing to the point both my aunties have pulled us apart reminding me I am taken. I guess they just don’t know how much Oliver is turned on by hearing what I get up to with Jo on the dance floors. We don’t cross the boundaries he has left us just grinding and a few kisses or hugs he’s happy with. Was hoping to have caught up with Oliver out on his buck’s night being a small party area but we haven’t seen them yet. “Tass, babe I think you have had enough to drink don’t you think?” Rach asked me as I made my way towards the bar. “No, I am good love,” I replied to her, my Aunties, Gran found me at the bar all giving me hugs. “Tas, baby girl as much as I love hanging out with you this Grandma is way too old to be staying this late out on the town, I will see you sometime tomorrow if you chose to get out of bed with the hangover you are bound to have. I love you and enjoy your night love!” Grandma said, I have such a cool Gran, I give her another hug as my Aunties pretty much said the same thing as they are leaving with each other.

I got my water as the bar staff wouldn’t serve me another drink of alcohol guess I am drunker than I thought. Ava found me she looked pissed, what have I done now. “Is it true?” She asked, I looked at her stunned. “Is what true?” I asked, she wrapped an arm around my shoulder. “That you did invite Amanda and she just said no because she is still pissed off at you from our high school days?” I looked at her I thought I had told her. “Yes, that is why I had a fight with your dad. I thought I had told you this?” I said, she starts laughing. “Drunk me forgot.” I start laughing as I heard Josephine screaming, I look up and see why she was screaming the men had caught up to us, as she raced off into Jackson’s arms, I quickly give my cousin a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I walk towards the hottest man I know.

As I got closer to him, I started running and jumping up into his arms laughing as he caught me with ease. “Hi, kitten did you miss me?” Wrapping both my arms and legs around his body as I start biting his earlobe. “Hi Sexy, most definitely have!” I hiccupped and laughed at the same time, he pulls me away just enough to look at my face. “Gez how much have you had to drink love?” I looked at him wanting to slap him and kiss him at the same time. “Lost a few games, why aren’t you drunk?” He starts laughing. “What after all of this time you didn’t know me well enough to get things correct?” He asked shocked, I slapped his chest softly. “No, I won those rounds, I lost the ones that had to included doing things in public, I just fucked them up.” He is now laughing. “Oh you are so cute you know that; I am drunk your just worst than me.” I kissed him not caring who can see us.

“I know the pair of you are getting married soon but can we keep it a little PG while I am around?” My dad said loudly enough for us to hear. I jumped down from my soon-to-be husband’s arms and drunkenly ran into his arms giving him a hug too. “Oliver, think you might need to take this one back to the room.” I shot out of my dad’s arms. “Nope! It’s my hen’s night too dad, I am having fun, come on soon to be hubby let’s dance!” Oliver is laughing as I drag him onto the dance floor, we kept it PG for two songs before we couldn’t take it any longer.

“Ready to head back to our room?” Oliver whispered as his grinding up against my back, pressing his hard body into me. “I am up for it.” I spun around pulling him down for a passionate kiss, we pull away breathlessly like normal. “Tasmine answer this one quick question before we go back up to our room?” He asked, I looked at him. “If this has to do with Jose” He puts a finger to my lips stopping me. “Don’t care what you and Josephine did on the dance floor. I want to know do you still love Noah. Is that why you have been all over the shop? Are you wishing it was him you were marrying and not me? The runner up?” I reared back at him in shock, what the hell? Where is this coming from, why is he bringing up Noah for? He knows all of this what has made him change his views on this?

“Oliver you know my answer, I will always have a spot in my heart for him. You have known that what has changed?” He looked upset at this. “So it’s true you do still love him.” I looked at him with tears threatening to spill down my face. “What does that suppose to mean Oliver?! I said yes to marrying you! You’re the one I want to marry! Last time I checked you cannot marry a dead person!” He looked like I had slapped him. “You do want to marry him if he was still alive!” He snapped, I shake my head. “You’re not making any sense Oliver, I love you, I want to marry you, I am about to marry you in under forty-eight hours’ time! What is wrong here?!” I go to grab his arm as he shrugs me off, I notice everyone who was with us is now watching on in shock.

“You still love him, Tasmine Kelly, that is what is wrong here!” I see tears are threatening to fall down his face too. “Oliver Brown! I love you so much more how can you be so angry at me over this!” I look around I see Jackson looking on in shock if he knows something he’s not telling me. “Have you been mixing your spirits again?” I asked, he glares at me. “Don’t change the subject Tasmine! How much of your heart still loves him? In percentages!” Tears are falling down my face now, this hurts so much, why is he doubting us now for? “I love you ninety-nine point nine percent, Oliver Brown!” His eyes snap at me. “So he still has zero point one percent of your heart! WHEN YOU HAVE one hundred percent OF MINE!” He storms past me brushing off my hands as he races out of the club, I give chase somehow through my tears, and in heels, I found him storming off in a park area.

“OLIVER!” I called out to him, he looked back at me tears falling down his face. “What do you want Tasmine.” I raced at him stopping short right at him. “I want you, Oliver, I always want you!” He looks hurt. “Then give me one hundred percent of your heart Tasmine!” I looked at him shocked, who is this man standing in front of me? “You know” He cuts me off. “If you are about to say you cannot then why are you marrying me Tasmine?!” He snapped at me, that hurt so much. “Because I love you, Oliver! I love you so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with you! I want you to be my husband, the father of our children! I want to grow old with you, are you listening to me I want you Oliver all of you! Why are you fixating on something that had happened when we were teenagers? After all this time together now, you are angry at me over it, why?” I asked.

He’s swaying on his feet or is that me? “Because what we are about to do is big Tasmine! I want to make sure you are one hundred percent sure you are in it for the right reasons! I don’t want to wake up one day to find you taken off with our children!” I looked at him shocked like he hit me in the face, I know dad and Jackson had just caught up to me as I heard them both swearing under their breaths. “Did you just compare me to my mother?!” I looked stunned at him. “Yes, I did!” I walked up to him and slapped him in the face. “I cannot believe you! I cannot believe you would think I would do that to our own children! Knowing full well what it is like! Spend the bloody night in Jackson’s room for all I care right now!” He looked at me shocked like he was sober now; I ran past my dad and Jackson not even listening to what they are saying to me as I raced back somehow back to our room.

What is he so worried about? That I would leave him? Is that it? Or is all this just the alcohol talking? No, it cannot be a small part of him thinks this otherwise drunk him wouldn’t have said that. I feel sober now, I didn’t even change nor wash my face as I slam into the bed hugging his pillow crying. I haven’t cried like this before I feel my heart has just been shattered, does that mean our wedding is off?

A soft knock on my door filled the room, I didn’t answer I couldn’t move. Whoever they are, they knocked again but louder, I still couldn’t get up, my phone was ringing so they know I am in here, I can hear them talking but I cannot make out what they are saying or I don’t care. I don’t know when but the door opened, wishing it wasn’t him I am too hurt to see him right now. The bed dipped as I felt a strong pair of hands wrapping around me, I try to fight them as I cannot. “shhh baby girl, it’s just me.” My dad whispered, I rolled over and wrapped myself in his arms crying harder. “WHY DAD?!” He lets out a loud sigh. “I am hoping it’s because he has had shit tones of mixed shots and mixed drinks that are doing all the talking right now and allowing all his fears no matter how small they are to come to the surface.” My dad rubbing circles on my back trying to get me to calm down.

“Where is he?” I asked, I know I am angry at him but I still want to know if he is ok. “He took off after you raced off, Jackson was chasing him down I went to see if you are ok. He is so out of line; you are nothing like her.” I nod my head. “I know that dad, I thought he did too.” He sat up looking at me. “Tasmine go and have a shower and clean yourself up I will get your bed ready,” Dad ordered, I looked at him. “Dad?” He looked at me as I stood up. “Can you stay the night?” He gave me a sad smile. “I will sweetheart. Do I have permission to punch him?” I chuckled and it wasn’t a kind one at that. “After I get a chance at him.” He laughs as I grab a pair of pg friendly PJs and clean underwear as I clean myself up. I came out of the bathroom and dad had looked like he had raced back to his room had a quick shower and was in his PJs too.

“Now, this is odd for us sweetheart.” He said as we are about to share a bed. “I know but I need a parent right now and your all I’ve got.” I climbed into bed cuddling up to my dad crying as he holds tightly onto me. “I know, I’m so sorry.” I looked at him. “Sorry for what?” He looks at me. “For not stopping him, for letting him continue to yell at you. I should have” I shake my head. “No, dad you had nothing to do with that he said it all no one else. Does this mean our wedding is off?” I burst into a loud screaming style crying, god I hope not I cannot live a life without Oliver, he is it for me. “God, I hope not kiddo, you two will need to really talk once you both sober up.” I nod my head. “I know... But do I want to listen to him?” I asked, “Judging how upset you are, I believe yes you do. I hate seeing you this upset. Try and get some sleep love it will help with the hangover.”

Loud banging on the door as dad groans out. “LET US IN BITCH!” Rachel screamed, Dad gets up and lets them all in. “Sweetheart!” Justine screams out as she races to the bed climbing in behind me, Josephine didn’t say anything just jumped right in front of me cuddling up to me while Rach hoped in behind Justine. Dad just stood at the end of the bed looking at me confused. “Did you want me to still say, baby girl?” I smiled up at him. “Please stay dad!” Justine and Rach lean over giving me a kiss as they jumped out of bed as they both said at the same time. “We will share the couch, Lee you take the bed Tassie you take the middle the other two on either side of you.” Josephine climbed over me hugging me from behind as my dad climbed in the side of the bed as I cuddle him, I know it’s weird but I need him here, mum is not and I don’t want to wake up my gran so the next best thing.

“Night Bitchs!” Josephine yelled out as she crashed next to me, wasn’t long before everyone else in the room was sound asleep apart from me. I cannot sleep I just kept on thinking about what he said and the look on his face. I climb out of bed my head hurting like hell and the room spinning collapsing down onto the quilt cover groaning out, holding my head as I look around for my phone, I found it started calling Jackson up, it keeps ringing and goes to voicemail, did the same with all the other boys they all went to voicemail. I groan out and tried Oliver’s number it rings but also goes to voicemail looking at the time it’s four forty-five in the morning either they are all passed out or still partying.

I am hoping they are all passed out. Getting up grabbing a glass of water and painkillers taking them, my phone, and room key as I make my way towards Jackson’s room, god I should still be sleeping this hangover off. I raise my hand knocking on the door and nothing, I do it louder and nothing. I try ringing both their phones I can hear them ringing on my line but not coming from the room. Where the hell are, they? Not going to get any answers if they aren’t in their room, so I made my way back to mine grabbing a pillow as both the people I was sharing with have taken over the bed so no room for me. Heading out to our balcony and on the lounge chair, I try and get some sleep.

“Why the hell is she sleeping out on the balcony?”

I hear someone say.

“By the looks of it, she couldn’t get any sleep.”

I heard someone else say.

“No don’t wake her she needs her sleep.”

Someone else said.

“But she needs to go find him and find out what the hell is going on!”

Someone else yelled, I let out a groan. “Well, no one will be able to get any sleep with you lot talking!” I opened my eyes and smiled at my two best friends and my dad, groaning again when my head started to thump again. “Here drink this, Rach said its magic.” My dad said stunned, not believing it, I take a sip it’s gross but I know it works so I drank it, I started to feel somewhat human. “Has he called?” I asked, my dad shakes his head, I quickly snatched my phone, and no messages or texts from the boys at all. “What is going on?” I asked, I get a mixture of lost and confused looks. “Jackie is not even answering my calls.” Josephine looked a little upset at that, ahh that is nice. “Come on babe go have a shower get dressed and let’s go find these men hey.” Rachel said cheerfully, I smiled at Rach. “Tassie, how much do you remember from last night?” Dad asked softly, a few tears spill out. “All of it,” I whispered, with a tear falling down my face.

Twenty minutes us girls were all cleaned, dressed, some of us had our hair and makeup done the rest of us had some food while dad sat and waited as he was already ready. “Tasmine let’s go!” He looked upset, are they going to fight when they see each other? “Already let’s go to their rooms see if any of them are awake,” I said.

We made it to Jackson’s door, we found Dean sound asleep on the floor we left him, as I knock on the door no answer, I turn the door handle and it opens right they didn’t lock it. I walk slowly into the room I found Sam passed out hanging half of the armchair, Max naked on the couch Theodor passed out on the quilt and Jackson naked too, face first spread out on the bed, I look around the rest of the room and no Oliver at all I see his shoes and wallet are in here but no phone or him. Josephine slapped Jackson’s ass hard he shot up in the air screaming out in pain. “WHAT THE HELL!” He looked around spotting us four looking at him he groans. “Baby why did you hit me, also why are you three glaring at me?” I walked up to him and slapped him in the face.

“Where the fuck is Oliver!” I snapped, Jackson realising, he was naked quickly grabbed a pillow covering himself as he rubbed his face. “Ouch, what the hell Tasmine! He was in the same bed as me the last thing I remember before passing out.” As he’s saying this the rest of my party are waking up the others trying to find out where the hell Oliver is. “Jackson does he have found my phone thing on his phone?” He rubs his face as he groans. “I believe so, why are you so keen on finding him for? Did he not fuck your brains out enough last night?” I slapped him in the face again as he screamed out. “WHAT THE FUCK JACKSON! DO YOU NOT REMEMBER WHAT HE DID?!” I screamed out so loudly, he groaned out holding his head. “Please stop hitting me and yelling I am trying to remember.” He mumbled, then he must have remembered as he looked upset up at my face seeing how puffy my eyes out.

“Oh, fucking hell Oliver!.... um... I remember we were fighting he wanted to keep drinking and the rest of us wanted to go back and get some sleep. I remember getting undress and into my PJs and faceplanting the bed next to him and that is it. You guys?” He asked the others they all said that Jackson was the last one up with him. Crap. “If he comes back here tell him to call me!” I go to storm out of the room. “Wait up! Let me wake up and quickly clean myself up and I will help you look!” I sat on the bed waiting for them all to get ready, it was another twenty minutes by the time we had gone down to the lobby, I had gone and asked the front counter and they said they had not seen him at all. I was starting to worry now. I am hoping to find him passed out some place and not in jail or worst. Jackson had grabbed my hand giving it a squeeze, “We will find him, babe.” He whispered.

We split up in groups of three, myself, Jackson, and Dad was a group, “I just been told by your Uncles they are all out by the pool all the oldies recovering they haven’t seen him but they are on the lookout for him.” He put his phone back in his pocket, ok that is getting worrisome. We chose to check the beach, down near the hotel, so far nothing but then I see someone spread out but naked on the other side of the beach, I raced over towards the person slowing down as I got closer as my heart shatters into a thousand of pieces.

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