No Longer The New Girl.

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Chapter 9 - Broken Heart


I never thought he would ever do something that would cause my heart to break that bad but to do it days before our wedding, hurts. I screamed out in shock when I realise what I was looking at, my dad is now holding my hand as Jackson raced towards Oliver and sliding to his knees as he checks him over. I hear Jackson yelling, I walk closer, not sure if I want to see it, but I need to make sure what I am seeing is real. I stopped right behind Jackson as I see this hot young naked blonde hair girl sound asleep next to Oliver who is also naked.

Instead of being upset, I started to see red, how dare he do this to us, I shoved Jackson out of the way as I started slapping and punch any part of Oliver I could get to, he groans out, then starts screaming out and trying to block my hits. “Arghh, what the hell!” He opened his eyes looking at my face in sheer shock. “What the hell kitten why are you hitting me? Why am I naked on the beach?” He didn’t get to finish as my dad and came over kicking him in the stomach. “How could you?! How could you do this to my daughter you asshole!” Oliver screamed out in pain. “What the hell Lee?!” He looked at me. “Why? Oliver, why did you do that? Where you that angry at me last night that you had to go and what sleep with a complete stranger?!” I said half screaming and half crying, he looked at me shocked not understanding what I had said to him.

“Tasmine, what are you talking about?” He sat up looking at his body seeing he was naked, then looked around seeing the naked girl next to him he started to move fast away from her towards us. “What the hell! Tassie I... I have no memory of this! I would have not done this!” He screamed out in shock and fear, my dad scoffed next to me. “Right just like you screamed at her for being zero-point one percent in love with Noah and not giving you one hundred percent of her heart! Along with comparing her to her mother! That you think one day you will wake to her have taken the children and ran! Please tell me why I don’t smash your head in right now?!” As dad is yelling at him his mouth opens in shock and confusion. “What Tasmine I wouldn’t!” I couldn’t think right now as tears fall freely down my face. “Well, you did you dickhead!” Jackson said as he slapped his cousin on the back of the head.

“Why are you dickheads so bloody loud? Can’t you see I am asleep here!” The girl grumbled, we all looked at her shocked as she opens her eyes up in shock looking at us, then spotting Oliver, enjoying what she is seeing. “Well hello handsome, who are you, and why are you naked next to me?” She rubbed her eyes then looked up at us all. “Wait for a second, you’re the drunk guy who was looking for a kitten, did you end up finding your cat?” She asked, I just want to go to her and punch her in the face, but both my dad and Jackie are stopping me. “Yes, I remember that I was looking for my kitten.” He smiled up at me, but his smile dropped when he saw my emotional face. “Did you sleep with her?” I asked softly, unsure if he heard me but she did, her head snapped up at me as her eyes roam over my body. “Oh, you must be kitten. That makes so much more sense, cutie pie I would rather blow your mind than his.” She said smirking at me, I raised an eyebrow up at her. “Did you or did you not sleep with my fiancé?!” I asked again but not dropping the bitchy tone of mine at all, she stood up with no shame at all.

“I lost a bet with my wife and friends, which meant I lost my clothes. One of them thought it was funny to hide them on me, I was out looking for them when I ran into that very drunk man mumbling about how sorry he was that he fucked up so much that he lost his kitten and something about the men in his kitten’s life will kill him today. He was fully clothed when I had passed out love, we did not do anything in the way you’re thinking. I know it looks bad us both being naked but I would not have touched him at all. I prefer hot chicks with brown hair, big eyes, and kissable lips if it was you, I had run into last night I may have tried to kiss you.” I just looked at her shocked while Jackson helped Oliver up giving his cousin his shirt to wrap around the lower part of his body so we can make our way back to the hotel. “Do you know where my phone, wallet, keys, and clothes are?” Oliver asked her, she points to a pile of stuff down near the water, my dad raced towards the pile picking it up and bringing it towards us, it was his clothes, phone, and keys. “Lee is my wallet with all of that?” Oliver asked sound worried, Jackson slapped his cousin on the back of the head. “No you idiot it’s back in my room.” Jackson snapped at him.

Oliver reaches out to grab my hand I moved away, tears falling down my face. “Babe, what’s wrong? Who hurt you?” He asked softly, I glared at him. “You did! Do you not remember anything from last night?” I asked sounding hurt, he looked at us all. “I remember running into you and the girls dancing with you, asking you a question about Noah but it’s all blank I don’t remember your answer, I have no idea why I asked you a question about him either.” I walked up to him, he gives me a smile as I slapped him hard, then I started punching him in the stomach, yelling at him. “THAT IS SO UNFAIR YOU ASSHOLE! YOU DON’T GET TO FORGET BREAKING MY HEART!!” I screamed, he grabs my hand, stopping my next round of hits on him. “Stop Tasmine! I would never do that” I cut him off before he could finish. “You did and you did it so close to our wedding! Why? Why does its mater that Noah has zero-point one percent of my heart? You have known this and was ok with it until last night?” He was about to respond when the strange girl spoke over him.

“From what he said last night, he felt like he was your second choice if Noah hadn’t died you would still be with him and not drunk boy over here. Mind you he was talking about a kitten last night I worked out he was talking about you just then. He also mumbled that he was shocked he even said it and turned it into a bigger problem than it should but he said once he got started it was like he could not stop.” I want to hit her too, none of this is making much sense to me at all, I am now shaking my head and pointing my finger at Oliver. “None of what she just said excuse you for what you have done!” He goes to wrap me up in a hug but I pushed him off crying and raced off back towards the hotel with the others yelling at me to come back. I just cannot, he has no memory of what he’s done but that is all I can think of. His angry face, his angry voice, and words are all of it, we are supposed to be chilling out together today before we get married instead, I have no idea if that is going to happen.

Can I marry a man who still has issues with my first boyfriend being murdered and myself still in love with him? My love for Noah is nothing like Oliver’s at all. It’s just a lot of what-ifs with Noah, but with Oliver, I cannot think, or do something without thinking of him.

Not noticing my loved ones as I ran past them, I hit the stairs and before I knew it, I was at our door realising I left my room key with my dad. Banning on the door hoping someone was still in the room. No luck, I scream and cried at the same time wishing I had my key on me right now. Sliding down the door leaning against it, hugging my legs as I bury my head in my arms crying. “Tasmine!” I hear him screaming my name out down the other end of the hall, I didn’t look up at all I stayed in my curled-up spot crying as his arms wrap around me lifting me off the ground as the door clicks open, he spoke to someone behind me. “Thank you, I’ve got her.”

The door closes as he takes me to bed, I shot up at glared at him. “Put me down! Sex is not going to solve this!” I snapped, he looks sad then smirks. “Alright then, also I know sex is not going to solve this Tasmine.” Before he finishes, he drops me down onto the bed, he walks towards his bag pulling out some clothes. “I’m going to jump in the shower, I know we are on shaking ground but do you still want to share a shower together?” I look at him, I know I am hurting but his touch before had helped. “Ok,” I said, he smiled at me, it’s a sad smile. I am hoping that my father and Jackie had filled him on what he had said and done.

We quietly walked into the bathroom I stripped down and followed him into the shower as we both stood in front of each other while the waterfalls, my tears had stopped falling for now. I look up at his face in sadness this hurts more than anything that has happened to me in my life. His hand goes out to touch me and flinched away. “Tasmine...” I have never heard his voice sound so hurt. “Please, I know I have hurt you so much” I didn’t let him finished I slapped him hard in the face. “How would you know, you don’t even remember what you had done.” I snapped, tears threatening to fall again, he has a tear falling down his face. “I know... Jackie and Lee had filled me in on what I had done. Tasmine I would have never” I stepped back from him. “Don’t you say that, because you did, you did say it and you did do it!” I have never seen him this upset before his now crying.

“If you let me finish what I want to say Tasmine, you would know that was not what I was going to say!” I go to slap him again, I am so angry with him, he grabs my hand tilting his head at me. “You only get to hit me once kitten.” I glared at him. “Don’t you dare use that name!” He grabs both of my shoulders pushing me gentle against the cold tile wall, he looks between a mixture of anger, upset, hurt, and sad. “I will always use that name for you, no matter how angry we both are with each other! I get you are angry I really do! I would be too if you had done this to me! I am trying to apologize to you.” He said, I glared at him. “An apology is not going to fix this or us!” I said around my tears. “It’s a bloody start Tasmine!” He wipes away my tears. “Please, I cannot live without you in my life... is our” He rubs his face as he started crying again. “Are we still getting married tomorrow?” His hands are now holding either side of my face, we are both now crying. “I don’t know, are we?” He lets out a breath that he was holding. “No matter what our fight was over last night, I still want to marry you. I love you so much Tasmine. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you for what I had said to you!” I just looked at him stunned he still wants to marry me after what he said to me.

“This won’t come back and bite me on the ass when you are drunk again? You asked me to marry you knowing full well that a ridiculously small part of me still loves Noah, that love is nothing compared to the love I have for you. But the most hurtful thing you said to me was you waking up to find I had taken off with our children. You know how much it has hurt me and Lee for what she had done! You also know that I would never do that to someone I love! So, what is it that you had kept from me and needed to cause all this hurtfulness at our bucks and hens’ night so close to our wedding? I just want to know why?” His forehead is now leaning against mine his eyes close silent tears falling down his face. He didn’t respond he wraps me up in a hug as we both hold onto each other crying, not carrying that the water is still going, sliding down to the ground I’m in his lap as we just hold each other as the waterfalls on us.

“Kitten I cannot tell you why because I do not remember why I asked those questions, why I got so upset with your answers. I know I have been getting a bit cold foot or is nerves, no I have been getting anxious as I have been so worried about you, fearing you had gone into your head and was thinking you might do a runner, with how emotional you have been these past couple of days. I know I should have sat down and talked to you about my fears, but I truly didn’t think they would play such a horrible part last night. Tasmine, I know I have hurt you badly, I am truly sorry Tasmine, I hope one day you can forgive me” I put a finger to his lips. “Sshhh, please I...” I couldn’t say the words I don’t think I can forgive him for this, or am I just still hurt from it, and just play it up to a very drunk moment? He notices I couldn’t say what I was thinking he lifts me up turning off the water grabbing my towel wrapping it around me, then wrapped one over his shoulders taking us to the bed. “Sex is not going” I whispered, but he cut me off. “We are just going to lay down on this bed and cuddle up to each other. No sex as we need to keep talking but right now if you’re feeling as green as I do, we need to get some sleep first.” He throws the sheet over us cuddling up to me from behind kissing my neck. “I do love you so much Tasmine Kelly, I hope you do too and want to become Tasmine Brown.” I couldn’t say anything instead I wriggling into him more, I felt him smile against my cheek, as he was right, I am feeling sick still and I believe sleep will make me feel better when I wake up.

I rolled over to find a cold and empty bed, I groan out really? I thought I would wake up to him being in bed with me. I sat up and nearly screamed, my hands raced to my mouth as he is standing in front of me with three very large bunches of flowers, my favourite box of chocolates as I swing my legs off the bed, he gets down onto his knee holding the box that has our wedding rings in. “Tasmine, as I had said earlier, I will be doing everything I can to make it up to you, but we cannot get married until I hear it from you, my love. Tasmine, my kitten will you marry me tomorrow?” I was crying I notice so was he. “Oliver, I am unsure if I have forgiven you just yet, but I do not think I will be able to forget it either, but I do love you and yes I will marry you, but get this straight you bring up my small amount of love for Noah and also compare me to my mother like that again I won’t be staying. Because it’s so unfair that you are allowed to love him like a brother but I cannot hold a small amount of love for him” He cut me off. “So you will go ahead with our wedding?” He looks like he cannot take it any longer, I nod my head and whisper the word yes as he places the items in his hands on the ground storming towards me, leaning down kissing me hard, he picks me up and throws me at the top of the bed. “Now we need to talk about everything from last night and this morning, we leave nothing out kitten,” Oliver ordered.

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