Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 10

I lay tossing and turning not being able to sleep because all I can picture is Lucas. Picturing our hot dance together, how his body felt against mine and what I felt against mine. How close I was to kissing him on the couch, how much I really wanted him to make a move on me. The way his hand felt on my thigh as we sat around the table. He’s only a few steps from me but he seems so much further away.

Getting out of bed I tip toe out of my room and stand outside Lucas's to hear if he’s still awake but there’s no sound. I sigh with disappointment and make my way down the hall to the bathroom.

As I open the door Lucas stands drying his hair with a towel. Water drops down his almost naked body causing my mouth to water.

“S.... SorryI thought you were sleeping” I say not being able to move as he stand up straight showing of his incredible wet body with just a small towel wrapped around his waist. When I look down even more, I notice he’s fully hard again through the thin material of the towel. My frustration grows even more seeing what I do to him. He’s breathing heavy and swallows when he notices I’ve noticed his arousal.

“I couldn’t sleep” he shakes his head laughing knowing what I’m looking at.

“I should have locked the door” Lucas pats his face with the towel then does the same down the front of his body. My body tingles for his touch watching him touch his own body. All I want to do is run my hands over his body, touch him, feel him, taste him.

“Stop it!” He smirks throwing the towel at me making me come back to real life. Closing the bathroom door, I step forward, inches away from him. I feel the heat from his body, I feel him breathing me in but that’s the only thing I feel. I want to feel him, I want him to consume all of me.

“Do you... Do you need a hand with that” I whisper biting my lip wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted some much before.

He slowly reaches out for my waist, holding my bed tshirt as he caresses my sides with his large manly hands. His fingers dig into my skin as he breathes deeply looking down at me. He tugs at my tshirt but then backs away quickly.

“Fuck!” He growls gazing at me with dark, lustful eyes. I step forward, heart pounding with excitement.

“Goodnight Poppy” his warm body brushes against mine as he opens the bathroom door.

I follow him quickly out and he stands against his bedroom door as I stand against mine, lustfully staring into his eyes.

“You don’t know what you’re doing! You’re drunk, go to bed Poppy” he demands not taking his eyes of me.

“I’m not! Look I can walk in a straight line” I walk towards him but trip over my feet and end up pressed against his chest as he catches me in his arms.

I lick my lips and press them firmly against his warm bare chest, he lets out a deep groan as I move up his body. I feel his hands run through my hair then grips it tightly, tugging on it making my head throw back and look at him grinning.

“You’re the only thing I’ve been able to think about since you moved in here. You walking around in little clothing, tight little shorts, teasing me with your small bikini leaving little to the imagination. I’ve tried.. ahh I’ve f*cking tried to not get my self in this situation but you just keep on doing this to me” his hands move down my body slowly, gripping my ass and pulling me into his body feeling his rock hard self against me. I feel the heat from his erection through his towel against me causing his breathing to become deeper.

“Keep doing what?” I whisper looking up at his lips wanting them to devour me. The desperation of wanting his body, wanting to feel what he has under his towel inside me is driving me crazy.

“You can feel what” he smirks as the door opens and drags me inside his room.

“I want to feel all of you” I look into his eyes as he looks into mine. Finally he pushes me into the wall behind us, holding me up, pressing his body hard against mine.

“Well thats good because I want you to feel all of me as well” he thrusts his hips up against me and grazes his thumb over my bottom lip. I lean forward towards his lips and immediately Robert begins to take over, kissing me passionately and hastily. Ive never been kissed with so much passion and lust before, its making every inch of my body crave for his touch even more. He tugs on my bottom lip harshly before pulling away, letting go of me and walking over to his nightstand. He throws a strip of condoms on top then sits down on his bed still with his towel wrapped around his waist and his hard on visible as ever.

“Come here” he whispers gesturing with index finger and I do as he commands, slowly walking over and standing in front of him as he stays seated. His fingertips brush lightly up my legs until he gets to the waist band of my bed shorts and tugs them down, leaving me in just my lacy thong. He pulls me closer to him, squeezing my ass cheeks as he looks up at me.

“Do you know how many times I’ve imagined touching you like this whilst you’ve ben across the hall?” I shake my head not being able to speak as his tongue grazes my lower stomach.

“Every night since you moved into here, my body aches for you Poppy” he swallows hard and licks his lips causing my body to heat up, wanting those lips all over me, wanting him to do what ever he’s imagined to me. I need his lips on me.

“Kiss me” I whisper with desperation and he pulls my body down on to the bed.

“Where?” he asks laying beside me gripping the back of my hair firmly.


His hands trail down my body to the hem of my t-shirt and pulls it up over my head leaving me in just my bra and thong. He hovers his body over mine kissing me long and hard. As I tug on his lower lip he moans into my mouth, kissing me more deeply.

He brings his hands to my chest gently squeezing my breasts before un clasping my bra, sliding each strap of my arms and throwing it across his room.

“Perfect” he growls staring down at my bare chest, continuing to massage me before taking each one of my sensitive nipples into his mouth, gently kissing and sucking each one.

I look down at the towel still wrapped around his waist and see he’s harder than ever so I reach down and start to rub over the towel feeling the size and hardness of him.

His breathing becomes deeper the more I touch him as he sucks my nipples harder.

He stops and shifts his body up mine and whispers in my ear “You’ve felt what you do to me, let me feel what I do to you”

His hand slides down the front of my body, slipping under the waistband of my underwear and slides his fingers down my already wet slit and I gasp from his light touch.

“So wet” he growls pushing his fingers inside me and continuing to move them. I soon feel my self about to loose it the faster and deeper he pumps.

My thighs clench around his hand and he brushes his other hand through my hair making me look at him as he smirks.

“I almost lost it my self” he whispers leaning down, taking my face in both of his hands and slowly licks my lips before kissing me hard and passionate. I’d never experienced slowly and meaningful before normal with Jay it’s rushed and quick before someone catches us. Lucas's slow and giving, making every second count, making it all about me.

My hands drop to his waist and I squeeze his perfect firm ass pushing it against me, feeling his hard arousal rub against my bare p*ssy through the towel, eager to see and feel him with nothing in between us.

“Ahh stop baby. It’s my weakness, I want this to last as long as possible with you” he groans as he grips my wrists, placing them above my head.

“You’re beautiful Poppy, never let anyone tell you different” he says slowly lowering his mouth down to my neck, to my breasts sucking each nipple and rubbing his thumb against them. His touch is like ecstasy, I just can’t get enough of him.

He trails his warm tongue down my stomach lowering him self between my legs. His warm, hot lips open and close on me, kissing me gently. Jay or in fact no one has ever gone down on me before. He never returned the favour but I never asked, I never wanted to sound needy but Lucas, he’s a gentleman.

Lucas begins flickering his tongue against my throbbing clit and the feeling is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Lucas between my legs, pleasuring me, all sweaty, her messy and practically naked is something I’m never going to forget. I grip the sheets hard, throwing my head back as he sticks his fingers inside me, carrying on licking, sucking and kissing my p*ssy.

“You taste so good” he moans against me and the vibrations send me screaming in ecstasy, now gripping his, squeezing my thighs together feeling my self about to loose control.

“Let go baby” he looks up at me and smirks against my p*ssy the more I squirm beneath him.

“Lucas!!” I scream as I come in his mouth. I feel his tongue laps my p*ssy, tasting every last drop of me then he kisses slowly up my stomach, over my breasts and up to my mouth.

“Do you want more?” he smirks against my lips.

“I want you” without hesitation I unwrap the towel dropping it to the bed, wrapping my hand around his huge c*ck and begin to slowly stroke him. He kneels on the bed, breathing deeper and heavier as I take in his beautiful fully naked body. He’s defiantly bigger than I ever expected. His tip glistens in pre cum, swollen and throbbing for more. Circling his tip with my thumb he closes his eyes, biting his lip and throwing his head back.

“Ahh f*ck.. Stop!” he growls taking my hand of his c*ck and reaches to the nightstand grabbing a condom, tearing it open with his teeth and sliding it on his hard, ready big c*ck.

Lucas spreads my legs wider as he looks down at me running his fingers through my hair. “You’re so beautiful” he says softly as he strokes my bottom lip with his thumb.

I gasp as he lowers his self into me slowly, feeling the pleasure of him fully inside me.

“If it hurts tell me to stop” he kisses my lips gently as the painful pleasure of his huge c*ck slides right inside me. He starts of slowly, going easy, almost pulling out completely each time before pushing slowly and deeply back inside of me.

“Its ok. You can go faster” I grip his ass teasing and letting him know its ok.

He thrusts harder and faster and deeper and grabs my hands of his ass putting them against the headboard.

“Should we be doing this?” Lucas grunts as he holds my hands against head board thrusting into me.

“Probably not” I pant not wanting this to end.

“Should we stop? We should probably stop” Lucas continues thrusting gazing down into my eyes.

“We probably should” I know we should stop and this should have never happened for future sakes but for now this is all I want, all I wanted since I laid eyes on him.

“You... Don’t want me to stop. Do you?” A smirk forms my lips and using all my body strength I roll him over and straddle his crotch. Slowly I sink down on him and I feel my self stretch out for his size again. He pulls my face into his hands, pulling me in for a long deep, passionate kiss before rising up, puling him almost completely out from me then sliding back down taking him all inside me. He groans loudly gripping my hips, pushing me down harder on him and lifting me up faster. My moans fill the room as our bodies slam together.

Lucas pulls me forward licking and sucking my hard nipples, rolling his tongue around them as he grips a fist full of my hair and starts to thrust up, slamming his hard c*ck into me, pushing my hips down as hard as he can.

“Yes....yess.. Lucas” I moan loudly throwing my head back feeling my self clenching around him realising my self over him.

“Poppy... F*ck....” he growls loudly thrusting faster and gripping my skin tighter. His head falls back onto the pillow as his thrusts slow down and eventually stop. His arms wrap around me pulling me onto his chest and I feel his heartbeat race quickly as we lay in a heap all sweaty and heavy breathing.

“That was so.....”

“I know” he finishes my sentence and I look up to see him smiling. Lucas reaches for a tissue and disposes of the condom then grabs my body pulling me down to the centre and holds my face in his hands kissing me long and hot making my body tingle to feel him inside me again. I feel his d*ck poke into my stomach as he settles between my legs again and I cant help but rub my self against him.

“You’re so wet” he moans into my mouth moving his with mine.

“Its all for you Lucas”

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