Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 11

As I open my eyes slowly the sun beams through the windows and straight away I sit up! Waking up in a foreign bed, a room thats not mine makes my heads spin, I’m dazed and confused. I look around and remember I’m in Lucas's room.

I lost count the number of times and ways we had sex last night, we didnt stop for hours. I kept wanting more and he kept wanting to give me more. I dont remember nodding off but I do remember the night we had together and last night will be a night i’ll never forget. I slept in his bed and now I’m still naked. Wrapping my self in the blanket feeling insecure, I look across to see he’s not next to me, hes not even in the room which is a disappointment but kind of a relief. I wanted to wake up in his warm arms but I dont want things to be awkward now we’ve encounter more than we probably should have done together.

Scrambling around for my bed clothes I quickly put them on and stand up taking this opportunity to look around his room. I walk up to his dressing room table where a picture stands in a smashed frame. Its Lucas with his arms wrapped around a beautiful, tall, slim gal looking happier than ever. This must be his ex wife. She’s beautiful, absolutely stunning. If she hurt him so bad why does he still have a photo of them in his room on show? I still haven’t worked out what went on between them but what ever it was its left him heart broken. I can tell from last night when ever someone mentioned her his body became tense and he just directed the conversation to something else. The rest of his room is pretty boring, the white walls and white furniture. I don’t look through his draws as that’s a little to private to do so soon of moving in here, so I sneak out of his room quietly hoping my daddy isn’t back.

The faint sound of singing comes from the downstairs and the smell of bacon fills the air.

The closer I get the better his voice sounds and god he sounds so sexy. I never knew he could sing actually I still don’t really know much about him, I do know he is the best sex I’ve had, it was heaven. The way he caressed my body, made everything about me, slow and passionate but also lustful.

“Morning” I smile interrupting Lucas’s singing as he has his bare back to me. I notice the red marks down his back and begin thinking about how those marks were made, the way he made me feel last night, the things he done to me.

“Good morning you! How did you sleep?” he turns around grinning as he holds a pan in his hand. I slept with you so pretty amazing thanks.

“I slept very well thank you” he’s topless as usual wearing only a pair of grey cotton shorts.

“Good good. You hungry?” Yes im hungry for your body again. I lick my lips staring, remembering last night and his body all over mine.

“Yeah sure”

“Awsome. Im making you a full Enlglish breakfast. Thought you might be missing home”

“Nope. Not one bit. Do you.. do you not liking wearing tshirts or something? You’re always topless” I ask not being able to take my eyes of his amazing body.

“I get to hot, is it problem for you? I can put one on for you if you want me to” Ohh I know how hot you get. I had your hot, sweaty body all over mine last night and I want it all over me again, right now, right here. I squeeze my legs shut feeling my self become turned on just by him standing there, in front of me.

“No its fine”

“I didnt think it would be a problem” he smirks turning back around and continues to cook.

The room is silent with just the sizzling of the food cooking. I don’t know wether to bring last night up, what he’s thinking or what? I know what I’m thinking, I know I want him again and again. My body tingles for his touch.

He places a full English breakfast in front of me and takes a seat opposite. I look down at the plate full of freshly cooked food and it looks divine. This man has many, many talents I’m interested in what else he’s capable of doing. We sit in silence for a few minutes slowly eating until he looks up at me with those perfect brown eyes.

“Ermm Poppy! What we did last.. night..” he stutters his words.

“I know..” I say with disappointment knowing he’s about to say how much we shouldn’t have done and how much he regrets it already. It just felt so good though. I can see hes regretting it, the freshly homemade breakfast says it all.

“Yeah... It was.. It was just a one time thing right?” he hesitantly says placing his fork down and scratches his head.

“Sure” I dont want it to just be a one time thing, I want it to be an all the time thing. Just me and him felt so good being together.

“Good. Its not going to be weird between us now is it?”

“Only if you make it” He smiles then picks up his fork and starts to eat again. I sit in silence feeling used like every other girl that spends one night with him. I thought we were different, I thought I was different to the rest of the girls. I gulp deeply trying my best not to cry I thought I meant something more to him.

“I had a lovely evening with you though Poppy”

“It was the best ” I say quickly making sure he dosent notice my crackly, near to crying voice.

“It was... Wasn't it, but why did it feel so good?”

“Becuase you know what you’re doing” I smirk thinking back over at how good it was compared to Jay.

“Well you’re not wrong there but it was just a one time thing”

“Sure! Although..” he throws his fork on the plate smiling as I sit still smirking, still not wanting me and him to be over just with one night.

“I like althoughs!”

“Well, there was this one thing I didnt get to do to you so thats not been a one time thing”

“And that would be?” he raises his eyebrows

“I’d be returning a favour to the thing you done multiple of times” Lucas gets up from his seat and walks around the kitchen island towards me. I know he regrets it but I just want him, I want him to see I’m not just a gal he can just f*ck and forget, I’m someone who can give him things, heal his pain.

“Hmmm that sure wasn't a one time thing” he whispers standing behind me. Spinning the stool around slowly making me face him.

“So tell me more about this returning favour thing you want to do” his warm thumb slides along my bottom lip, tilting my head making me look up into his dark lustful eyes.

“Why don’t I show you” I whisper standing to my feet sinking my lips into his neck, leaving tiny red marks along his collar bone. I grab him through his shorts feeling his already hard, warm c*ck. He growls as I graze my lips down his chest, down his stomach. I watch him swallow hard as I drop to my knees, my mouth inches away from his throbbing c*ck.

Wrapping my fingers around the waistband of his shorts I pull them down slowly and his erection springs free. My eyes examine his length up close. Pre cum leaks from his swollen head, my fingers lightly trace his c*ck up and down, breathing gently over him. Rubbing my thumb along his tip, I spread his pre cum around him, sliding my hand down and slowly back up, jerking him of.

My tongue slowly licks down his entire length and he growls loudly, throwing his head back and grabbing onto the kitchen counter behind him. My lips wrap around him, his eyes roll back as my tongue swirls around his head.

“Ahhh” he moans as he grips the back of my head pushing his entire length down my throat, thrusting him self into my mouth causing me to gag.

“You okay?” he pants staring down at me. I nod moving my hands to his ass, holding and digging my nails into his skin as I suck harder and faster, bobbing my head along him.

“F*ck baby” Lucas growls holding my hair back as I flatten my tongue on him.

My hands come back around gripping the base of his c*ck pumping him into my mouth. I look up to see his eyes rolling back and his grip on my hair becomes tighter the faster I stroke and suck him.

He pulls my head back and wraps his hand around his own c*ck stroking him self as I kneel in front of him with my mouth wide open.

“Sh*t im cumming!” he growls loudly shooting his warm cum all into my mouth and over my face. He breathes heavily sitting on the stool behind him and I wipe my chin with his dripping cum and saliva.

I stand to my feet, between his legs and Lucas pulls me closer to him, running his fingers through my hair.

“Why don’t we get you cleaned up” he whispers standing up grabbing my ass firmly. I jump up, wrapping my legs around his . I feel his c*ck rub up against me as he carries me through the living room and up the stairs.

“Wont my daddy be back soon?” I say not wanting this to end here but not wanting him to find out about what we’ve done.

“Not until later. He’s going to text you when he leaves Lisa’s, we have all day together baby girl” Lucas walks us through the bathroom door, placing me to my feet and walks over to the shower turning it on.

“Take these off baby” he tugs my clothes then steps under the shower, smoothing his hair back as the water trickles down his naked body. I drop my shorts along with my underwear and take of my t-shirt. Covering my arms around my breasts, feeling insecure as last night we had alcohol and it helps relax me but today I’m sober and I hate the look of my body.

“Come join me” he whispers leaning back against titled wall. I walk slowly over still with my hands covering my self and step into the shower, standing opposite him.

“Don’t cover your self up baby, you’re beautiful. Let me see you” Lucas steps forwards and pulls my hands away from my body.

“Im not” I say quietly looking to the ground.

“Don’t ever say that. You’re so beautiful” his hands land on my hips and his lips press against mine, pushing me back into the wall behind us.

“You’re different, I need you to know that” he steps back looking me up and down.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean for the first time in months you being around here for just a few days has made me feel something different I haven’t been able to feel for a long time” Lucas cups my face gently looking deeply into my eyes. My heart races as he presses his body into mine.

“What do you mean different?”

“I don’t know but you cant tell anyone about what we’re doing” his warm lips sink into my neck and his erection presses between my legs.

“What are we doing Lucas? Am I another one of your one time girls ” I manage to push his chest making him stop and look at me.

“No, of course not. I told you, you are different from the rest” he laughs walking to the other side of the shower and leans up against it.

“You don’t even know who I am and you speak and treat me as if I’m a normal person. I haven’t had that in a long, a very long time. When you’re around... I don’t know you make me feel just like a normal person and you’re not just being nice to me for my money or because of who I am. It’s just really lovely to be around someone who genuinely wants to be around with me”

“So I’m special to you” I smile feeling meaningful to him. He walks back over to me, grabbing my face in his hands, pressing his warm wet body up against mine.

“No more talking”

His lips devour mine, sliding his tongue inside my mouth. Kissing me deeply, pressing his body against mine. His hard c*ck slides between my thighs as he presses me against the cold titles.

“Condom” I whisper against his lips, pushing his chest not wanting to do this without one.

“Got it” he smirks reaching to the shelf hung on the wall and grabbing a condom already waiting. Tearing it open with his teeth, his body still pressing against mine and I feel him reach down between my legs. Lucas grabs my leg lifting it in the air. Wrapping my legs around his waist I feel his warm c*ck slide down my slit then pushes him self into me. I moan loudly and the sound echoes the bathroom as the warm water falls down on us both. My arms hook around his neck as he lifts me up and down his c*ck.

“You feel so good” I moan into the air as he picks up the pace thrusting into me faster. My back is flat against the wall as he slams into me over and over, groaning deeply as I bite down on his shoulder, digging my nails into his warm skin.

“It feels so good to be inside of you” he pulls back gazing into my eyes with his glowing emerald green eyes, burning my insides with his look. His deep thrusts hit every spot possible and I lean my head back against the titles knowing I cant last any longer.

“Lucas... Im..” before I can moan my words his lips engulf mine as he pounds into me harder and harder until I clench around him.

“Thats right baby, let it go” he groans as my nails dig harder into his skin, trailing down his back surely leaving marks. My body shakes releasing my climax all over him.

“F*ck Poppy” he shouts my name gripping my sides so tight and thrusting faster than ever. Lucas kisses me again but this time its slow and gentle. He pulls out and settles me to my feet cupping my face.

“That was amazing” I smile softly looking into his eyes.

“I know” he smiles pulling me closer to him and drags us under the warm water. Lucas reaches for the body wash and the loofah and holds me against his warm, naked body.

“Lets get you cleaned up”

Im sat on the sofa with Lucas next to me as we wait for my daddy to get home from Lisa’s. The rest of the day we spent on the sofa together. He went over some of the things I’m struggling with at school and made it much clearer to understand. Nothing else happened after we left the shower, we dint even speak about it or anything else to do with us.

“Hi sweetie I’m back” I hear my daddy shout as he steps out of the lift.

“Hi honey, how was your day” Lucas jokes in a female voice.

“Lucas? What are you? It’s Friday night aren’t you suppose to be out finding some low self of esteem, small body, big breasted gal or gals to bang for the night. Isn’t it your thing now”

“Just because gals think I’m more attractive than you, you don’t have to be jealous but no, not tonight” he looks at me as my daddy turns his back. Lucas grabs my hand gently squeezing it and let’s go quickly as he turns back around. What ever he did or does its none of my business, I don’t know what we are or what I mean to him.

“So for the first time since forever you’re actually not going out on a Friday night”

“That is true”

“Oh god someone hold me” my daddy jokes dramatically falling onto the couch where me and Lucas are sitting on.

“Are you okay?” My daddy leans over me putting his hand on Lucas's forehead laughing but he smacks his hand away.

“Yes I’m fine. Can I not just sit here with my best friend and watch some soccer?”

My daddy raises his eyebrow trying to read Lucas's face.

“What did you do?” His tone is serious looking straight at Lucas. I gulp in fear he knows already about us.

“Nothing. We just haven’t really spoke since the whole Lisa thing started, I just want to see how my best friend is doing?”

“You’re creeping, I know you Lucas and I’ll find out what it is but for now it’s good to have your company. Yours too Poppy” my daddy puts his arm around me, pulling me to into his shoulder. My palms are sweaty, my heart pounds in my chest. The feeling of hiding this from him is so much harder than I thought. I suddenly feel guilty of everything me and Lucas did together.

“I’m not creeping but anyway we ordered pizza it should be here soon” Lucas leans over to the table and opens a bottle of beer and hands it to my daddy.

“You got a chick pregnant again didn’t you?” My daddy sits up releasing his arm from around me. AGAIN? He has a child? It must be his big secret why my daddy said he suddenly disappears. But he did say he didn't know where Lucas goes.

“No, I’m just here to talk to you about Lisa”

“Right!” My daddy goes quite and sits back against the couch taking the beer out of Lucas's hand.

“Oh by the way, we’re going to Lisa’s for dinner tomorrow night. She said she’d love it if you stayed over as well”

“I can’t I have plans friends” I quickly say hating the idea already. Also isn’t a lie because I’m suppose to have a double date which I really don’t want to go along to anyway.

“Cancel them. Come on I’m trying to do good can you just for once stop holding this grudge against her and stop being so selfish and just please come along”

“I’m not being selfish, the women dosen’t like me. But if she starts..”

“She’s not going to say anything and you’re going to behave. You’ll make me the happiest”

“I should do already, I’m your only daughter”

“You’ll make me even more happy if you come along”

“Fine I’ll come”

“Thank you sweetheart. Lucas are you coming or is it bang a stranger night for you?”

“Nope I’m free. I can come” he says not looking from the TV.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay? It’s Friday and Saturday night your not going out to find some chick with a nice big rack but little brains to screw”

“I guess people can change”

“Right! There’s something different about you man. You’re a lot happier, I don’t know what it is or who it is but I’ll find out sooner or later” I gulp deeply. He can never find out about it. He’ll be so angry, it shouldn’t have happened.

I stand to my feet quickly not being able to sit in between them both any longer.

“I’m going out for a walk”

“You okay?” they both say in unison looking up at me.

“Yeah I fine. You know soccer isn’t really my thing. I’ll be back later” I grab my phone, jacket and keys and head towards the lift.

I step outside the building breathing deeply in the fresh air. What have I done? What have we done? I don’t know how my daddy would react if he found out. I didnt really think how guilty i’d feel. Im confused, so confused about Lucas. He said I was different, he made me feel special but I still feel like his ex wife has something to do with his weird, mysterious ways and pregnant again what did my daddy mean by it. Lucas and his ex wife must have a child together that’s what my daddy must have meant. I take out my phone, I google Lucas James and his wife and pictures come up straight away of them both. The same women that was in the photo that was in his room this morning. She absolutely beautiful, they look perfect together. I click news to see what the latest stories on them both are and that’s when it hits me.

Lucas said she was gone, gone because she’s dead!

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