Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 12

She’s dead! He said she was gone I just assumed she left him, not actually dead. I take a seat on a bench as I scroll through the articles of her death.

Her name was Amber she was only twenty eight. It says she was in car accident a month before, hit straight on by a drunk driver but it wasn’t the accident that killed her. It says she died of natural causes. Surely she’s to young for that to happen unless it was the accident that caused the issues. I carry on scrolling reading more about Amber and Lucas. She was a model but started of her career as a waitressing. They both met when Lucas was filming in Los Angeles and used the restaurant in one of his films. The restaurant is here in LA which makes me wonder if he still goes back there.

They were the perfect couple, every photo they both look so happy together. No wonder Lucas is so hurt and angry at times. Someone helped kill the love of his life.

I keep reading, article after article but nothing anywhere says anything about a child. My daddy couldn’t have meant Amber when he brought up Lucas getting someone pregnant again.

My heart aches for him, if only he told me at the beginning she died I would have never asked him about her.

I get back to the apartment and see only Lucas sitting on the sofa watching TV. I walk over quietly not sure of what to say to him. He’s wife is dead but every time someone talks about her he dosen’t want to talk about it. If you love someone so much you’d happily talk about them. Remember the good times you had together not the bad. It’s how to cope with loosing someone so close to you that you love so much.

“Everything okay?” Lucas smiles reaching out for my arm gently running his fingers up and down.

“Where’s my daddy?”

“He went to sleep. What’s wrong?” He stands up taking my face in his hands.

“I know!”

“You know what?” His eyes look into mine with question.

“I know about Amber” his hands drop from me and he steps back quickly not looking at me.

“Never say her name again!” He breathes heavy clenching his fists.

“Why? She was your wife and every time someone mentions her you put up this barrier like you’re trying to forget her, trying to block her out of your life!”

“YOU DONT UNDERSTAND!” He shouts walking away down towards the kitchen.

“Make me understand then! What happened really? I can help you, I’ve lost someone close to me before” I follow him into the kitchen as he runs the tap and takes out a glass from the cabinet above the sink and fills it up.

“YOU CANT HELP! Just....” He places the glass on the kitchen counter and leans over the sink resting his elbows on the surface.

“Just what Lucas? I can help you” my hand places on his back and he shivers shaking me off standing up quickly. His hand swipes the glass making it fly of the counter smashing on the ground.

“YOU CANT HELP! Just forget it” Lucas shouts angrily, pushing me out of his way and leaves the kitchen. My body shakes from how angry he was towards me, the look in his eye of anger and loss when I mentioned her name. What happened to him? What happened to Amber? It’s all I want to know. I want to try help him, make him drop what ever barrier he has up because she dosen’t deserve to be forgotten. He should remember her and the good times they had together not what ever caused him to act this way when someone brings Amber up.

I look through the cupboards for a dust pan and brush and clear up the broken glass from the floor Lucas pushed. Pulling out the shards of glass stuck in the brush a piece pierces my skin causing blood to gush out.

“Sh*t” I say out loudly as it drops over the floor. I grab a tea towel and wrap my finger up in it, holding it tightly as I walk out of the kitchen down the hall to the living room.

I see Lucas sitting leaning against the locked door, the room I tried getting into the first day I moved here. He’s just staring straight at the wall in front as I get closer and walk in front of him.

“I’m sorry” he whispers scrambling for my hand as he still sits on the floor. I pull my hand away from his reach carrying on walking as he’s done enough for one day already.

“Goodnight Lucas”

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