Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 13

“Good morning” my daddy says cheerfully pouring a cup of coffee as I walk into the kitchen.


I walk over to the sink, turning it on, removing the cloth wrapped around my hand and rinsing it under the water. The cold water stings my cut but it’s stopped bleeding now so there’s nothing to be worried about.

“Are you okay? How did you cut your self?” he says walking over to me sipping his coffee.

“It’s fine. I dropped a glass last night, cut my hand whilst I was clearing it up.”

“Let me have a look and make sure”

“I’m fine, I’ll just a plaster for it.”

“Okay if you’re sure.”

“Im sure, I’m a big girl now. I can take care of my self” I smile at him as he shakes his head grinning.

“You’ll always be my little girl.” he hugs me tightly kissing me on the top of my head then pulls away looking at me seriously.

“When you came back last night was Lucas okay?” He questions looking worried

“He was a bit quite why?”

“He was just really angry and left this morning when I got up and asked him if he was ok”

“Im sure he’s fine” I try to smile but I know why he was angry because I mentioned his wife.

“Im sure he is, I just worried he’ll do something stupid to himself one day”

“Because his wife died?” daddy raises his eyebrow giving me a questioning look.

“You know about that?”

“Theres this thing called Google. I read it all on there because you didnt think it was relevant telling me she was dead!”

“You never asked” he shrugs his shoulders walking out of the kitchen and I follow him out as he slumps down on the sofa.

“You didnt think it was a good idea not it to him as he gets so angry and upset over it?”

“I didnt think you would be so interested in his personal life”

“Im not.. I’m just.”

“Is this why he was angry this morning. You mentioned Amber to him didnt you” My daddy stands up quickly.

“Yes I did. I want to...”

“No Poppy! No. You don’t mention her to him. This is why he’s gone of today. We probably won’t see him for the rest of the day now. F*ck if he dosent turn up tonight Lisa is going to be pissed for making food for six. Just promise me you’ll never mention Amber to him again whilst you’re here. Nothing ever works well when people start talking and questioning the while situation over her. I know because Ive tried to talk to him. Just leave it”


“No buts. I need you to listen to me its best for everyone if Amber isn’t spoken about in this apartment or around Lucas. Do you understand me”

“Yes daddy” I look down to my feet. He’s clearly hiding something and the fact he dosent want to help his best friend makes me sad but I saw how angry and upset it makes Lucas, I’ll keep quite I guess.

“Good girl. How about I take you shopping for something new to wear tonight for Lisa’s”

“Eughhh. Do I still have to go to that?”

“Yes! She’s worked really hard on a lovely meal for us all. Please just pretend you want to be there.”

“Fine. I’m sure I can pretend to like her for one day”

“Thank you. We’re leaving about midday. You still have some clothes at the house but if you want to bring any spare clothes please get them ready before we leave!”

“Im surprised you still have my stuff over there. I would have thought she’d got rid of everything that belongs to me.”

“Don’t think like that Poppy, she’s not that much of a bitch. Just please be nice to her.”

“If she’s nice to me I’ll be nice to her”

“Well that’s alright then because she’s looking forward to seeing you” I roll my eyes knowing that’s a big fat lie.

“Sure, what ever. I’ll be ready to leave for queen bitch” I say walking towards the stairs.

“POPPY! Watch your language!”

“Sorry” I sarcastically say walking up stairs and then into my room to pack my bag for tonight and to get ready to go shopping.

The morning spent with my daddy shopping was really lovely. We talked about the whole Lisa situation and how much he was sorry for lying to her and how much he really wants things to get back to the way they were with her. We also spoke a little about Lucas but I quickly changed the subject not wanting to talk about him because of what we’ve done behind my daddy’s back and because of how angry he was towards me just because I tried to help him.

We’re now in the car heading towards my daddy’s home, my family home but Lisa is in charge of it. It doesn’t make sense to me why my daddy dosent tell her straight, it’s his home he can do what ever he wants but I’ve tried asking him that and all he said is that it’s not worth the arguments.

We pull up to the house I thought I would originally be staying in. A beautiful four bedroom Malibu beach house. The views of the rich blue ocean sea with the gold crisp sand as a back garden. Oh how I’ve missed this home.

“It will be nice to spend time with your brother and sister, I’m sure they’ve missed you” my daddy opens the door for me and I hesitate with stepping out.

“They are not my brother and sister, they never will be!”

“Okay I’m sorry but it will be nice to see them again”

“Yeah what ever you say” I step out the car in knee length dress which clings to my body, nothing special just something but just enough so Lisa cant complain to me for not making an effort but I’m sure she’ll still find something to moan about.

I follow my daddy’s lead as we head through the door and into the kitchen to find Lisa frantically rushing around.

“Hey babe, the food is smelling good!” he smiles placing his arm around her and kissing her cheek. Lisa dosent smile back, she dosent move into the kiss, no she shakes him off.

“Finally! Do you know how much i’ve been struggling all day by my self. I would have thought you would have at least came earlier to help me”

“Me and Poppy spent the morning together, I asked you yesterday if you wanted help you said no”

“Let me guess you tok the spoilt brat shopping and you’re suppose to just come and help me I shouldn’t have to ask you”

“Don’t start Lisa! I haven’t seen my only daughter in over a year she deserves my time as well”

“So Kylie means nothing to you?”

“She’s your daughter , you can take her shopping as much as you want, it dosent bother me!”

“Well I’m going to my room” I interrupt their argument feeling awkward that they are arguing already.

“Okay sweetie, I’ll call you when dinner is ready”

Everything has been left the way I left it before I was sent to England. Im surprised its not been made into Lisa’s room or she’s got rid of everything that belongs to me.

Grabbing one of my old photo albums of my bookshelf and slump on my bed. Sitting cross legged on my bed flicking through old photos of me, my mom and daddy all together in the photo albums I have, makes me so happy seeing the three of us together, smiling. The times we use to spend together, all the memories we share together. I miss it so much, I miss my mom, I miss her so so much and I miss the three of us. Things just won’t ever be the same and that makes me sad. Lucas not wanting to share things about Amber made me realise how much I really miss my mom and wish she was still here to share those memories with.

There’s a small tap on the door so I close my photo album quickly and make my way over to my door, slowly opening it to find him standing there.

“Lucas... What are you doing here?” I say surprised to see him as my daddy said he probably won’t show today.

“Can I come in?” He stands leaning against the door way wearing a thing, long sleeve shirt that clings to his body.

“Sure” I open the door wider letting him come in and Lucas walks straight over to my bed sitting down on the edge.

“What are you doing here? Daddy said you weren’t coming any more after you disappeared this morning” I sit down on my bed next to him.

“I wasn’t going to but everything I did, no matter what it was or who I spoke to you kept coming to mind and I couldn’t help but smile. As I said the other day for the first time in forever I feel happy again but only when I’m around you so I had to see you” his warm masculine hands cup my cheeks looking deeply into my eyes.

“But you were so angry last night, I’m sorry for mentioning.....” Lucas's finger lands on my lips stopping me from talking.

“I know and I’m sorry... It’s really hard to talk about her but I promise when I’m ready to talk about it, you’ll be the person I’ll come to but until then can we forget my outburst that happened last night and just focus on the now” his lips land on mine with his hands exploring my body. Working their way down my chest massaging my breasts gently, down my stomach, gliding over my crotch then he spreads my legs apart, grabbing my p*ssy through my shorts. I breathe deeply as he touches me.

“Lucas... We can’t.. Not here. My daddy is down stairs. Anyone could walk in” I say pushing him away from me.

“You’re right. Im sorry again” he throughs him self back on the bed sheets looking up at the ceiling. My eyes land on his stomach where his shirt has ridden up and then to his bulging crotch. I lick my lips wanting to taste him again, to feel him, to make him happy.

“Can you stop licking your lips like that or I will have to risk being caught” he sits back up smirking.

“Can you not control your self Mr James?”

“Not around you no, so don’t tempt me”

“Okay, well I’m going to continuing doing what I was doing. You can stay if you can control your self around me”

“I’ll try my very best to. What were you doing?”

“I was looking through old photos of me, daddy and mom”

“Aww thats so sweet. Let me look with you” Lucas fluffs my pillows and lays up against them with his arm stretched out. I shuffle up the bed with the photo album and lay down into his arm. He pulls me close to his body and we lay together looking at the memories.

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