Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 14

We sit for a couple of hours going through my old photos, me sharing all the old memories with Lucas. He dosen’t share anything about Amber but I’ll give him time and maybe he’ll tell me about her.

“It feels so strange being back here. Everything is the way I left it. I’m surprised Lisa hasn’t thrown everything of mine away”

“It must do. You and Lisa just have your differences I’m sure they’ll be a day you’ll both sort them out”

“I doubt it Robert. All she wants is my daddy’s money. She’s taking over his house, she spends his money and carries on treating him like sh*t!”

“You’re always spending his money”

“Yes but I’m his only daughter, he loves me loads so he buys me nice things”

“He loves Lisa so he buys her nice things”

“Why are you taking her side?” I punch him in the arm.

“Im not, I’m just.... look I’m not trying to start an argument. Im sorry baby. Lets just forget about it” Lucas sits up and glances at me with his bog brown puppy eyes.

“Kyles room stinks of weed and I have to sleep on the floor, can I not just stay in here tonight with you” Lucas smirks reaching out and holding me close to him.

“Yanno I’d love that but it’s my daddy’s house. If we’re going to keep doing this we have to respect him”

“I know but it’s been so long since I’ve touched and tasted you! I want you so much” he grips my skin through my tshirt harder, kneading his fingers.

“It was only yesterday. Control your self just for today and tomorrow I’ll give you something special” I lick my lips, gently running my hand up his thigh.

“Tell me what you’re going to do” he whispers.

I lean closer to his ear as my hand slowly reaches his crotch.

“I’m going to wrap my hand around your c*ck whilst I’m on my knees. Slowly I’ll flick my tongue against you as I jerk you off” he takes a deep breathe and I begin to feel him harden beneath my hand.

“Then what?” I tug his ear lobe gently and palm his crotch before standing up quickly.

“You’re going to have to wait because dinner is nearly ready. Get up!”

“Ahh no. Come on carry on”

“Nope get up and get that ass down stairs!”

“Fine but you’re paying for this! You can’t begin to tease me and not finish!” Lucas stands up placing his hand down his jeans re adjusting him self.

“What ever, just get down stairs before anyone figures out how long you’ve been in here for!” I grab his hand dragging him to the door and open it slowly. Peering my head out I see no one is around, so I open the door wider and push Lucas out.

“Make your self useful. Go help my daddy out” I slap his ass playfully and close the door on him.

As we sit around the dinner waiting for Lisa to bring the dinner out the room is silent. Kelly sits opposite me. Now Kelly she’s not your typical gal. She’s quite, dosent really say much, she’s never really spoken to me properly. I think she might be intimidated by me as I’m older than her and a lot louder and more confident. She’s slim built but you can’t see her structure as she hides her self away below the clothes she wears. Kelly wears all black clothing. Black baggy shirts, with black boyfriend jeans and a black hoodie. She has long black hair which covers the only thing that’s not black, her beautiful blue eyes. I guess if this is what she likes wearing then I’m not judging her. Her brother Kyle is the complete opposite. He’s one of those guys who loves him self. He takes care of his looks, his body, wearing the latest fashion clothes. He’s tall, tanned and toned with the whisk skater boy hair style. The only bad thing is that he’s a pot head. I caught him smoking one time and he promised me not to tell Lisa or my daddy. We got into a massive argument one time and to get him in trouble I told Lisa about the weed. Of course she didnt believe me and thinks Kyle is god’s gift. The perfect child, her ‘favourite’ child. I do feel bad for Kelly as it seems like she gets left out.

Lucas sits next to me and we’ll he dosent need an introduction and my daddy and Lisa are going to sit at the opposite end of the table.

“Who’s hungry?” my daddy shouts entering the room carrying plates of food.

“Im starving” Kyle says grabbing a plate.

“Of course you are you’re high bro” Lucas whispers under his breathe.

“What did you say Lucas?” my daddy asks placing a plate in front of me and then Lucas.

“I said im starving bro” Lucas says louder enough for him to hear.

“Good because I’ve worked all morning on this for you all” Lisa walks in smiling which is a very rare sight to see.

“Well thank you . It looks delicious” I say telling the truth because it does look really tasty.

“Your sarcasm isn’t needed Poppy!”

“I wasn’t. I was....” My daddy glares at me down the table so I don’t continue on talking I just roll my eyes. Even when I try to be nice to her she just takes it badly. What’s the point in even trying?

The table is silent as we eat dinner, the only sound is the scratching of the knifes and forks on the plates.

“That was delicious Lisa” my daddy breaks the silence dropping his napkin to his plate.

“Im glad you enjoyed it baby.” Lisa whispers louder enough for me to hear and leans in placing her lips against his cheek and then up his jaw tugging on his ear lobe. I nearly puke seeing what she’s doing, knowing I can see, winding me up.

“Don’t pay any attention” Lucas whispers in my ear placing his warm, smooth hand on my thigh. I look quickly down at his hand on my thigh then up to his face which has a big smirk. I pick his hand up of my thigh but he places it back tightening his grip.

“So tasty Lisa, what’s for dessert?” Lucas says looking straight past me up the table like nothing is happening. She looks up from making out with my daddy’s ear smiling as Lucas’s hand slides further up my thigh.

“Salted caramel cheesecake”

“Mmmm, sounds delicious” Lucas licks his perfect lips seductively.

“Why don’t you make your self useful and go get it Poppy” Lisa says finally taking her dirty mouth of my daddy’s face. Screeching back the chair I stand up quickly pushing the chair aggressively out of the way and storming out of the dining room to the kitchen.

I pace the kitchen frantically trying to calm down. She makes me so angry thinking she can treat me like my mum telling to do things, throwing her self all over my daddy.

“I HATE HER!” I shout to my self.

“Woah, woah hate is a strong word” Lucas's warm voice comes from behind me as I feel his hands grip me from behind.

“Lucas stop! You heard what she’s said to me. Bossing me around like I’m her daughter or slave. I try say something nice and she just moans at me”

“Baby just calm down. Relax” his warm lips attach onto the back of my neck.

“I can’t! I’m trying but she’s not and stop you’re not helping” I giggle as his hands work there way up the front of my body.

“You can help with a problem of mine though” he pulls me roughly back against him making me feel his hard erection through his jeans.

“I told you we can’t here!” I brush my ass up against him before pushing his body of mine.

“Tease!” He whispers walking towards me.

“Is everything okay Poppy?” I hear my daddy shout from the other room, so I pick the glass dish with the cheese cake up and head towards the door before turning back around to Lucas.

“You better sort that out before you come back in” I wink staring at his obvious bulge in his jeans licking my lips and then leave him to it, returning to the dinner table with the dish.

The rest of dinner was uneventful expect fighting Lucas’s hand away from me. The six of us sat around the living room eating popcorn and watching a few movies until everyone started falling asleep so we decided to turn in for the night.

My phone buzzes under my pillow as I lay about to fall asleep. Reaching it for it I see that the text is from Lucas which makes me smile.

Lucas: Can I sneak into your room. You made me so horny around dinner, I can’t stop thinking about your hands all over me.

Poppy: No, someone might hear/see you!

Lucas: You’ve made him sad now ;) Picture attached.

Opening the attached photo I gasp loudly at the photo of his hard c*ck pressed against the thin material of his boxers.

Poppy: I cant believe you just did that with Kyle in the room to!

All I want to do is have him inside of me the way he teased me at the table still has my body tingling for him but I’m sticking to what I said earlier. I respect my daddy so nothing happens in his house.

“So what the deal between you and Luca?”

“What...?” I say shakily and scared turning around quickly to find a shadowy figure of Kelly standing above my bed.

“What the f*ck are you doing? You scared the sh*t out of me!” I clutch my chest with my shaking hands.

“You and Lucas. What’s going on between you two?” She says climbing into my bed. What the f*ck is happening?

“I don’t know... What is deal with Lucas?” I fumble with my words trying to sound innocent.

“Don’t try to hide it from me. I’m more clever than you all think yanno. My mom might always say Kyle is the clever one, that Kyle is doing so much better than me but I know there’s something going on between you and Lucas”

“How?” I shake my head “I mean there’s nothing going, why would you think that?”

“I saw you both at dinner. Your hands under the table touching each other.” She turns to lay on her back looking up at the ceiling. My heart pounds. What if everyone else saw it? F*ck!

“You... You saw that! Sh*t. Do you think anyway else saw?” She shakes her head then turns to me again.

“No of course not. My mom was to busy all over your dad and well Kyle he was just stoned out of his head. I won’t tell anyone don’t worry”

“Oh god thank you” I sigh with relief. I roll onto my back and look up, laying in silence for a few minutes until she taps me on the shoulder.

“Poppy?” She hesitatingly questions as I look at her and she’s looking at me. I can see somethings worrying her, she wants to ask me something.

“Never mind” she shakes her head.

“You can tell me you know”

“Can I trust you?”

“Of course you can. You know my biggest secret at the moment all my trust is in you so you can tell me anything and I’ll keep it a secret.”

“You promise?”

“I promise” she drags her fingers through her long black hair taking in a deep breathe.

“Everyone knows I’m different, I know that”

“You just like wearing different clothing to everyone else it’s no biggy”

“No I mean like I don’t fit in around people. You, you’re beautiful people always look at you, they like you, guys like you. Whereas me if anyone looks at me they’ll never look at me again”

“Everyone’s beautiful in their own different ways..” She places her hand over my mouth stopping me from speaking.

“Just let me talk. I’ve never told anyone this and now I know you’re secret, I feel I can trust you and also kind of ‘sisters’ should be able to talk to each other right?”

I nod trying to figure out what she’s going to tell me.

“I’ve never kissed a guy before, I’ve never even kissed anyone before with meaning.. I don’t know how to say...”

“Oh hell no! If you’re going to ask me to practice kissing on No! No! No! No! Nooo!” I sit up edging to one side of the bed.

“This is why I can’t tell anyone” she buries her head in her hands and begins to cry.

“I’m sorry... Carry on. You can tell me” I place my arm around her back trying to comfort her.

“I’m gay! I’m a lesbian. I like girls alright! But the way you just acted, freaking out and horrified by even the thought of it is why, is why I’ve never told anyone” I definitely didn’t see that one coming. I know she’s different but a lesbian, I never even thought about it.

“See you’re judging me! I hate it. I hate having these feelings. I hate being different. I hate my life so much” her small weeps echo through the room and I can’t help but feel for her.

“No. Don’t say that. Everyone’s different it’s fine. You have a great family kind of. You’re brother seems nice when he’s not high and although your mom hates me, I know she loves you and will love you for who you are”

“No” she shakes her head furiously.

“If she knew the real me, she would disown me. She’s a believer in God and the fact we’re here on earth to love the opposite sex and re produce. She hates anything that’s not normal to her, she judges everyone and everything without letting them have their say. Its why my mom and your dad broke up. She didn’t let him have his say and when she did she didn’t listen. I’m scared to ask her or even speak to her about things a teenager should know and feel comfortable with speaking to their mother about. I’m scared she’ll judge me and throw me out like she did your dad”

“My dad was different, he lied to her you’re not lying, you’re telling the truth about who you are. She might find it hard at first but you’re her daughter she has to love you. You should never be afraid of talking to your mom about things because you never know when she might not be around any.... More” I pause thinking about my mom. She never actually got to see me as a teenager but I know she’s always be there if I needed to talk to her about something.

“Ohh I’m sorry. I forgot, I feel so selfish now” she continues to cry against me and I now feel her wet tears through my thin bed top.

“It’s fine don’t worry about it but I’m just saying from someone who dosen’t have a mom anymore, if I did I’d always go up to her and ask and tell her things. I’d love that so much. My daddy tried but he’s a guy, he dosen’t know anything. This will make you laugh no doubt. I was fourteen years old and I started my period for the first ever time. I didn’t know what to do so I went up to my daddy obviously shocked what was happening and told him blood was coming out of my vagina what should I do? He panicked so much he rushed me to the hospital, frantically shouting at all the nurses saying I was dying. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life” I laugh placing my head in my hands remembering how red and embarrassed I felt as the nurse had to tell him it was just a sign of me growing up. Kelly bursts out with laughter sitting up and she smiles a beautiful smile as she wipes the tears from her blue eyes.

“You’ve made that story up. He took you to the hospital seriously?”

“Yup and from this day forward he will not enter that hospital again. See parents are there to not only embarrass you but be there for you. My daddy was worried so took me to get help. You shouldn’t be afraid to talk to your mom. I think she’d hate it if she thought you couldn’t talk to her”

“I guess you’re right” she smiles looking at me now with a calming, reassured look.

“Thank you Poppy”

“It’s what ‘sisters’ are here for right?” I gesture my arms open to give her a hug and she dosen’t hesitate.

“Yes ‘sister’” my phone buzzes again and she pulls away from me grinning.

“So tell me about Lucas. Have you two you know?” She raises her eyebrow at me.

“You literally just told me you’re a lesbian and you want to know about a guy? Are you sure you’re not bisexual?”

“I don’t know what sexual I am! Tell me about him and maybe it’ll help figure this out”

“You make no sense what so ever but fine what do you want to know?”

“Is he big?”


“What I can be a lesbian and be curious”

“Bicurious is the word for it! You’re bisexual idiot! You don’t know if you’re into men or women. You’re curious about them both”

“Well.... If you say it like that I guess but I’ve never been able to have those experiences” she looks down to the bed with disappointment.

“You don’t need to rush into anything but I’ll help you out as much as possible. I can give you advice and tips to talking to people if you want me to”

“You’d do that for me?”

“Of course! I tell you what! Next week I’m meeting my friends down at the beach for a little party, why don’t you come with me, meet some new people, have some fun, you never know.. experience new things” I playfully nudge her and you should see the smile on her face, I’ve never seen anyone get so happy over inviting them somewhere. I feel sorry for her for not having any friends to talk to all of this about so I guess she’s kind of family so it makes me feel good I can try and help her.

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