Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 15

A week has passed since diner at Lisa’s and not much has happened between me and Lucas. My daddy has been home quite often so doing anything with Lucas would be to risky. We text a lot of the time when daddy’s around and he’s opened up to me a lot about his past and his troubles with addiction but he’s still not spoken much about Amber. We have tried to keep our distance from each other but we crave for each other’s touch so much. Just brushing up against his skin makes my body tingle for him. I haven’t gone a day without thinking about him and wanting to be in his arms again. His lips on my lips. His hands softly running up and down my smooth skin. Him being inside me again.

I stand in the kitchen wearing a pair of white shorts and a bright flowery pattern crop top as I pour my self a glass of water when I feel a warm pair of hands wrap around my waist pulling me back against his hard warm chest.

“Lucas” I whisper slapping his hand but that just encourages him to grip me tighter.

“Stop. Daddy’s in the other room, he’ll...”

“I know, I know! I just really need you alone. I need to tell you something” he loosens his grip and spins me around to look at him. I look at him worriedly, thinking over everything he might want to talk to me about as his eyes gaze at with a nervous look.

“Meet me in my car in five minutes, we’ll go for a drive” before I can respond to him he walks out of the kitchen, leaving me confused and thinking over what the hell he wants to talk to me about.

I walk through the living to find my daddy sitting on the couch watching a movie.

“Are you going to come spend quality time with your daddy?” He taps the empty space on the sofa.

“Err... I have plans sorry”

“With who?”

“Just some friends. I’ll see you later” I quickly say heading towards the lift and pressing the button.

“Do you need me to drive you?” He shouts.

“No I’m fine! They’re picking me up”

“Okay sweetie. Stay safe. I love you”

“Love you too daddy” I say stepping inside the lift, closing the doors and pressing the button to go to the parking lot.

It’s dark and cold down here. It reminds me of the moments before someone gets attacked then shoved in the trunk of someone’s car. I quickly walk over to Lucas’s parking spot to find his car isn’t there. Looking around his car is no where to be seen. Taking out my phone I scroll to his number and quickly text him. Paranoid from the echoey sounds that bounce of the walls.

Poppy: Where are you? It’s cold, dark and I don’t want to get attacked!

The sound of screeching tyres and then the beaming of lights from the opposite end of the parking lot makes my heart pound on my chest!

The car speeds towards me with no sign of stopping, I can barely see the car as the lights are so bright. Walking quickly towards the exit, I hear the car closer and closer to me. Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!

Starting to run I feel it right behind me then looking out of the side of my eye I see it driving next next to me.

“Get in!” A deep voice says unwinding its window and that’s when I recognise the voice.

“You’re such a f*ckin asshole! You had me scared shitless!” I shout stopping in my tracks not even recognising his car.

Lucas sits laughing historically behind the wheel!

“You’re not even f*cking funny! I’m going back up stairs!”

“No please don’t! I can’t be alone tonight” he steps out the car quickly leaving his engine still running and walks around the car to me.

“I know it wasn’t funny, I’m sorry. Please get the car baby!” My heart melts at the word ‘baby’ a warm fuzzy feeling ripples throughout me and for the first time something tells me he needs me to listen to something he has to say.


“Because you said please” I smile and sit in the passenger seat heart still racing from being petrified thinking I was about to die!

As we drive through the night time LA traffic in silence something tells me he wants to say something but he’s worried. His finger keeps taping against the wheel although no music is playing, every time he looks over at me and I turn to look at him he gazes forwards again quickly.

“Is everything okay?” I finally break the silence.

“Sure! Why wouldn’t it be?”

“You’re acting weird!”

“Weird how?”

“Like you’ve got something to say but not sure how to come out with it!”

“Ohh. No I just....”

“Lucas, just pull over and talk to me” He sighs loudly but indicates and pulls over to the side of the road. He turns of the engine and sits back in his chair breathing in deeply.

“Its ermmm.. Erm..”

“Take your time” I rest my hand on his thigh reassuring him.

“It’s just... It’s her birthday today”

“Ambers?” He clenches his fist looking straight out of the car.

“Don’t say her!”

“Sorry...Ermm.. How old would she have been?”

“27” he smiles and finally answers one of my questions about her.

“You like your younger gals don’t you” I joke playfully hitting him in the arm.


“What did she like doing on her birthdays?”

“Nothing! She hated celebrating them and now she dosen’t get the choice” he whispers lowering his head onto the steering wheel.

“I’m sure she’s up there celebrating it now!”

He lifts his head, eyes glazed but shaking his head.

“No! I can’t... I don’t want to talk about her, it’s not why I wanted to talk to you about us” that’s never good to hear! I swallow deeply, preparing my self for what he has to say.

“Don’t look so worried, it’s nothing bad.. I don’t think anyway.” Lucas takes a deep breathe and turns to look at me.

“You probably think I’m an asshole for not telling you things but it’s just... I find it hard to open up to people. Everything just kind of gets kept inside, I feel it’s the best for everyone. I don’t want to be treated differently or smothered like a child. I’m fine not talking about things so you don’t have to worry about me. The main thing I want to tell, well ask you about is, I know you don’t really know much about me...”

“I know you were born November 25th 1985 in Manhattan, New York which is one place I’ve dreamt of going to before. I know the biggest and most successful films you’ve been in are the ones where you're an undercover spy and help save the world from a mass terrorist attacks....”

“You watched them?” Lucas interrupts and his face lights up as I nod.

“Well I watched one and got bored so I didn’t watch any more! Don’t hate me” I cover my face innocently but he grabs my hands removing them and replacing his warm hands against my cheek.

“I don’t think I can ever hate you Poppy! You’ve come into my life when I’ve needed someone like you for so long. You’ve brought happiness and meaning back into my life and I can’t thank you enough. I want to make it up to you but you can say no if you want to”

“I won’t say no”

“You don’t know what it is yet but from what you said earlier I don’t think you’ll be saying no.”

“What is it?” I excitingly say slightly jumping up and down in my seat. He takes his hands from my face into his own hands.

“I’ve been invited to go to an art show. I wouldn’t normal go but I know you have a passion and a talent for art. So do you want to come with me?”

“Of course! Yes! I’d love to go to one of those. I’ve never had anyone who’s wanted to go to one before”

“There’s just one problem” he drops my hands and looks straight ahead with a serious face. What can possibly say. F*ck.

“What’s the problem?” My voice shakes slightly from the seriousness of his face.

“It’s just.... It’s kinda in New York. You wouldn’t mind going there with me would you!”


“I don’t want to beg but please. I want you all to my self, without sneaking around or worrying about getting caught”

“YES!! Yes I’ll come to New York with you! I could kiss you so hard right now!” I smile watching a devilish smirk spread across his lips.

“Do it then” his mouth curves into a crooked smile as his gaze travels slowly downwards and up again. The devilish face with lustful eyes. I’ve only been with him a few times but I know this look. The look he gives me when he wants to f*ck me. He slowly licks across his bottom lip and my entire body quivers in anticipation. One week without his touch and just a look is driving me crazy.

I lean forward closer to Lucas and he grabs my chin, pulling me against his warm lips, swirling his tongue inside my mouth while he moans down my throat.

“Take off your shoes baby” he groans pulling away from my lips and I do as he says slipping my converses of my feet.

“What if someone sees us though?” I ask as Lucas unbuckles his belt.

“In all honesty, I dont really give a sh*t. Im sure they’ll enjoy the show. I need you now but we can try be discreet” Unzipping his jeans, his beautiful hard c*ck stands in full view.

“That dosen’t look very discreet to me” he shrugs quickly before moaning loudly as I lean down, circling my tongue over his swollen head. My hand wraps around his length as I take his entire length into my mouth. I watch him push his head back against the seat as he breathes deeply.

“Sh*t Poppy, stop, I’ll loose it!” he growls loudly fisting my hair and puling my head up. He slides back the seat as far as it goes.

“Take of your shorts and come sit on me” I do as he says, pulling them off and then straddle his lap, my knees bent as I place them either side of his crotch, feeling the heat of him beneath me. I hook my arms around his neck and slowly start to move my hips against hard c*ck, teasing him with my dripping wet self, pulsating against him.

“You’re only teasing your self” he smirks gripping my hips hard.

“Are you sure?” I bite my lip kneeling up slightly, staring down at his rock hard c*ck.

“F*ck pass me my wallet!” I turn on his lap, ass facing him and bend down to his jeans wrapped round his ankles. Pulling his wallet out of his back pocket I wiggle my ass against him and feel his large hand spank me.

“Pass me my f*cking wallet or ima f*ck you straight without a condom!” He growls spanking me again.

“Yes sir” I playfully say hooking my legs back around to face him. Lucas pulls out a condom, tears the package open with his teeth and quickly slides it down on him self.

“Now ride my c*ck like a good girl!” positioning my self over him, he pushes my hips down, making his full length fill my insides.

“F*ck Poppy” Lucas moans tilting his head back and closing his eyes. His hands firmly grip my ass pushing me down onto his c*ck, burying himself as deep as possible inside me.

“I’ve missed your wet p*ssy. You” he groans pressing his forehead against mine, locking eyes as we f*ck.

Holding his shoulders for support I ride his him, feeling completely lost in the moment every time his c*ck fills me up. His fingers dig in tighter against the skin of my ass and shifts us both in the seat.

“Sh*t you’re amazing Poppy.” he growls thrusting up hard into me.

“Give me everything.... everything Lucas....f*ck!” My hands make there way up to his hair, tugging roughly feeling my self about to loose control.

“Baby.. im gonna cum so hard!” he groans loudly.

As I still sit on top of Lucas both of gasping for air, coming down from our high, Lucas wraps his arms around my neck continuing to look down at me.

“You’re perfect Poppy. Everything I need right now”

“Im here for you. What ever you need. Im yours” I smile up at him, my heart jumping with joy and at the moment before he can respond theres a loud tap against his window which makes us both jump out of skin.

’F*CK!” he shouts and I jump of him covering my self up. Lucas quickly pulls up his jeans and un winds the window.

“What can I do for you officer” Lucas sweetly says knowing damn well why he’s tapping on the window.

“Drivers licence and paperwork. You know you cant be doing... holly sh..... You’re Lucas James! My son loves you in those movies”

“Im so sorry officer. We just got caught up in the moment. It won’t happen again”

“I know it won’t but I still need to see your license”

Lucas sighs reaching for his wallet.

“Whats your sons name?”


“Thats a nice name. Have you got anything on you I can write something for him and sign?”

“You’d do that for him?” he hands Lucas a piece of paper from his note pad.

“Sure. If you know.. can we keep this quite.. we’re trying to keep things low between us for now” The officer looks over at me , making eye contact with me.

“She’s cute.. You know what I didnt see anything. Just get going and we’ll forget about this!” The officer hands Lucas back his licence and takes the note Lucas wrote for his son.

“Thank you officer”

“No thank you. My son will over the moon with this” the officer smiles and waves him a goodbye. We watch the flashing lights disappear and then burst out with laughter.

“Oh my god. I feel so naughty” I giggle leaning against Lucas’s shoulder.

“You are naughty! Lets get you back home before we get in any more trouble”

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