Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 2

6 weeks ago

It’s the last lesson of the term and everyone’s pissed of at Mr Adams for giving us a test. It’s our last f*cking day and he’s giving us a f*cking test!!! He says tests are good and we have to study throughout our holidays but that’s just a load of bollocks really. Who’s even going to do that?

Pens rapidly write on the papers beneath us trying to get the rest done as quick as possible before we get 6 weeks of freedom. I’m jetting back to Los Angeles tomorrow which I can’t wait! As much as I love England you can’t beat LA’s beautiful weather in the summer also I get to go back and see my daddy and old friends. I haven’t been home in a year and I miss them a lot so I can’t wait to go back.

Scribbling down the last few words to the final answer I throw my pen down and look up.

I’m met by the most gorgeous set of blue eyes smiling over at me. Mr Adams the schools hotty. The man that everyone whispers about when he passes you in the corridor. The man that every girl has a crush on. The man that everyone fantasies about and the man that’s sleeping with his students. Yup I’m one of them.

Picking up my pen again I bring it to my mouth running my lips around the edges. I watch the dimples in his cheeks form as a smile spreads across his face. I begin to lick and suck the pen sexual just to tease him and he mouths stop it to me. Laughing silently I place the pen back down and wait for the exam to be over.

“Stop eye f*cking Mr Adams” I get a kick in the back as I hear my best friend and room mate behind me whisper. She’s the only one that knows about us two and I trust her to keep it a secret.

“Shhhh. I’m just taking every last detail of his beautiful face in before I go back home” I whisper still facing.

“You like him so much! Told you the whole no feelings just sex wouldn’t work”

“I don’t have feelings for him! He’s just super hot” I whisper shout turning around to face her. It’s the truth, I have to much to focus on than have feelings for guys, especially my teacher.

“Poppy, Layla do you have something to share with the class or are you both cheating with the exam?” My head quickly turns to face him.

“I’ve actually finished my exam and I did it all by my self” I sarcastically say patting it on the table.

“That wasn’t my question. You and Layla are staying behind after the exam”

“But Layla started talking to me first” I whine and she kicks in the back.

“The more you keep talking the longer I’m going to keep you here. Everyone wants to go home for the summer so I suggest you be quite” his angry commanding voice behind to turn me on but I quickly snapping out of it from the sound of the bell.

Me and Layla both wait until everyone leaves the class room. The girls obviously fluttering their eyes at Mr Adams as they pass him. I’m not jealous just makes me think who else he’s with.

Making our way to the front of the class room I put my test down on his desk and his beautiful set of eyes gaze into mine.

“I need to see you before you go back to LA. Come see me tonight” his warm hand places over mine.

“As long as you’re quick with her, I’m already throwing a goodbye party for her tonight” Layla interrupts.

He smirks not taking his eyes of me.

“I can’t promise anything quick but I’ll get her back before the party finishes”

Layla rolls her eyes sighing then turns to me a hugs me tightly.

“Im going to miss my sister”

We’re not actually sisters but she’s the closest person I’ve ever been to and we’re always looking out for each other so it’s why we call each other sisters.

“I’m only going for away for 6 weeks. You’ll be enjoying your summer to much to even notice I’m not here.”

“6 weeks is a long time but you better keep me updated with any hotties you meet”

“Hey! I’m the only guy in her life”

What did he just say? The only guy in her life? My heart races in my chest. He’s jealous of the idea of me being with someone else. We agreed not to get jealous, that this was just a bit of fun!

There talking is muffled as I think I’m having a mini panic attack.

“Earth to Poppy!” Layla’s hand waves in my face snapping me out of my thoughts.

“So I’ll see you later yes?”

“Sorry! Yes I’ll see you later”

I help clean his classroom still thinking about those words he said. What if he wants more! I can’t give him anything else. I’m his student, I’m pretty sure what we’re doing is illegal in the first place. He knows we can’t have a relationship right?

“You ready to come back to mine?” he breathes down my neck wrapping his arms around my waist.

Jay, Mr Adams cooked me my last roast dinner before I leave the UK for 6 weeks. He knows how much I love them so it was really sweet of him to do it for me. He hasn’t said anything weird since the classroom so I think it was just an accident.

“Do you want a beer?”

“Sure” I reply sitting on his sofa flickering through the TV channels. He hands me my beer and sits down next to me and lets out a deep sigh.

“A whole six weeks without you. I don’t know how I’m going to cope” he whispers placing his arm around me, pulling me tightly into his body.

“I’m sure you can call one of your other girls to entertain you” I sip my beer looking over at him as Jay shakes his head.

“Nope.... You’re the only girl for me” my hear begins to race again from his words.

“We agreed on not saying sweet things to each other”

“I know but you deserve to be told how amazing you are, you deserve to be treated like a princes and that what I want to give you” he shifts his body and looks deeply into my eyes.

“No really. I mean it. Poppy I’ve been thinking” he grabs the beer out of my hand and places it on the coffee table and takes my hands in his.

“I know teacher, student relationships are forbidden but you’re all I think about. I want to be with you Poppy not just using each other for pleasure but to take you to nice restaurants, buy you gifts, spoil you rotten” Tugging my hands from his I stand to my feet quickly.

“We cant! You know we cant!”

“But we can Poppy. We can make this work” he stands up and grabs my hands again but I shake him of.

“I cant! Im going away for 6 weeks then I have exams! I cant be involved in anything serious or be the reason you loose your job”

“I’m willing to risk everything for you. You have no idea how you make me feel. Please Poppy, lets try”

“I cant” I manage to say looking into his desperate eyes.

“Please” he pleads getting closer to me and I find my self bumping into the wall behind us.


“WHAT did you say to me?” he shouts slamming his fists either side of my head.

My heart races fast from fear he might hurt me. All I want is to go back to my room but he’s standing in my way blocking my exit. “I said no!” I whimper and the anger in his eyes as he stares down at me makes my body tremble.

“You were using me?”

“We were using each other. Its what we agreed when we started this! Nothing more than just sex and you’ll help me get my grades up! Theres nothing else here”

“You’re such a f*cking slut!” he shoves his body hard against mine and I try to hit him but he grabs my wrists pinning them above my head.

“Let me go! I want to go back to my room!”

“Not until you tell me you want me”

“I’ll think about it Jay. Don’t do anything you’ll regret though. Let me go” I say softly trying to calm him down, scared of what he might be capable of. He roughly runs his fingers through his hair then steps back.

“Promise me!”

“I’ll think about it” I say quickly picking up my bag and heading to the door.

“Have a good time in LA princess” smiling I close the door without responding.

Reaching my room I quickly open it and surprised by the dancing and singing people squished in my shared room with Layla. Sh*t I forgot about my going away party, all I want is to go to sleep so tomorrow comes faster!

“Hey sis. That was quick” she laughs nudging me and handing me a drink.

“Yeah, you can say that.”

“Everything ok?”

“It will be” I smile trying not to show my mixed emotions over Jay. I don’t have feelings for him but I don’t want to hurt him. Times like this I wish my mum was still here to help.

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