Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 3

My plane lands and a sudden urge of excitement to see my daddy fills my body. It’s been so long since I’ve seen him in person I can’t wait to hug him, to talk to him, to have someone there to do parent like things with. Living independently is nice but having your parents around makes me you feel a little more at home, well that’s when he was around. He is a busy man working as hard as he can to pay for the all the luxuries we want in life.

Collecting my bags from the luggage drop off I quickly make my way to the exit and that’s when I spot him.

His dark brown hair slicked to one side. He’s wearing a grey fitted suit and he holds a sign that reads “princes” . My daddy’s eyes widen and a smile spreads across his face as he spots me. I run over to him smiling uncontrollably and throw my arms around him. He holds me tightly against him. My daddy gives the best hugs and I’ve missed them so so much.

We just stand there hugging each other not saying a word as people rush around us. It’s a hug like no other hugs. I’m home.

“I’ve missed you so much” he finally says letting go and when I look into his eyes a tear falls down his cheek.

“Don’t cry daddy. You’ll make me cry. I’ve missed you so much too”

He wipes his cheek and picks up my bags.

“Look at you. You’re all grown up.” He ruffles my hair just like he use to when I was little child.

“I have indeed but what about you. You look bigger”

“I’ve been working out quite a lot. It’s always good to know it’s noticeable”

“You look so much like your mother. Your long brown hair with those piercing green eyes.” He places his arm around me and I walk closely as we leave the airport. From the memories and photos my mother was beautiful, a natural beauty. She just had to roll out of bed and she was ready for the day but that’s not me. I roll out of bed I look like someone’s dragged me through ten different bushes. My make up and hair products are my main essentials on life. With out them I will not leave the house. It’s more of a self conscious thing than trying to impress and look good for guys.

We walk out of the airport to his parked black shiny new Mercedes. I hop in the passenger seat as my daddy places my bags in the trunk.

“I have some important things to do back at the office so I’ll have to drop you off at the apartment and head off again. I’m really sorry but it’s important I go back. I promise I’ll take you out to dinner tonight to catch up then we can go shopping tomorrow. What do you say?”

He looks over to me and I swallow hard. I should have known really. He’s always been to busy with work even to get away to spend a day with his daughter he hasn’t seen in a year. I guess it’s what it’s going to be.

“Wait apartment? What happened to your house”

He runs his fingers through his hair taking a deep breathe.

“Me and Lisa are going through a rough patch. She made me move out for a little while so she can think. You remember my best friend Lucas right?”

I rack my brains trying to think what he looked like last time. Vague memories of a small short man with long hair and stubble come into picture but then again my dad introduced me to a lot of his friends as they were always looking after me whilst he went to work.

“Not really no”

“Ohh. Well I’m staying at his place until me and Lisa sort things out between us. He’s a decent guy I’m sure you’ll get on fine with him”

I smile awkwardly. Why is it fair she gets his house. He pays for it and worked hard for it! I knew she was trouble.

Pulling up to a big glass building in the middle of the city I step out and look up. The building is never ending. The sun rays reflect of the glass windows. Men and women leave dressed in fitted expensive clothing. This looks more of a business place than apartments.

“Impressive huh” my daddy stands next to me looking up.

“There’s so many floors. It looks so grown up and expensive.”

“I was amazed when Lucas brought me here to. We’re right on the top floor to. Wait until you get up there you’ll be speechless. I’m sorry I can’t come up with you”

“It’s fine. I’m sure I can find something to do” my eyes can’t de attach from the building, it’s beautiful.

“I better be going princess. If you need anything just call me. I don’t know where Lucas is but if he’s up there he’ll make you feel at home. I’ll be back in a few hours, make your self at home”

I hug my daddy tightly again before he gets back in his car.

“And Poppy! Please don’t break anything or do anything to bring attention to your self!”

“How could you even accuse me of that. I’m quite”

“Poppy!” He looks at me laughing and I couldn’t even say that with a straight face.

“I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you later”

I watch his car disappear into the midday traffic and look up one last time at my home for the next six weeks. It already looks like heaven I can’t wait to see the inside.

Walking inside the building it looks like a five star hotel reception area. Crystal Chandeliers hang from the ceiling, tall green plants dotted around the room with a pure white flooring. Everyone around wheres expensive clothing and this is defiantly somewhere I can fit in. I gaze around watching people walk past me as I pull the key out from my bag which my daddy gave me in the car. Placing it in the key hole I turn it and wait for the lift to come down to the ground floor. The doors fly open and I step inside the glass box. It’s beautiful. The glass windows allow me to see the city as the lift climbs the very top of the building. Higher and higher until it comes to an abrupt stop. Placing the key in the key hole the doors swing open and I’m met by the most special open floored room. Daddy was right it’s beautiful. I’m speechless.

The giant glass windows allow the sun to shine in and lights the room so bright I think I need to wear sunglasses. On the coffee table next to the door there’s a bunch of beautiful flowers with a card sticking out the top with my name on.

‘Welcome home. I hope you like the apartment I’ll be back later to take you to dinner. Love D x’

I smile at how my daddy is trying to make an effort but I know he’s always been busy with work so he can give me the things I want and he can have the life he enjoys. Im spoilt I know I am but its daddy’s way of showing he loves me and his new women will never take his real family from him.

Glancing around the room there is a big luxurious piano in the corner. It like one of those ones they use on stage in theatres. I wonder if anyone actual plays it or if its just there for show. To the right of the room there is a big white sofa which faces a fire place in the wall and on top of it attached to the brick wall is a large flat screen TV. Everything is really quite up here. Rummaging through my bag I take my phone out and press play on my music app. Im assuming Lucas is out as walk through the arch leading to the kitchen and not seeing him in here. The kitchen island is a light marble colour with kitchen appliances I wouldn’t know how to use lets alone know what they do. A giant fridge which me being nosey I have to open and see what they have to eat. I Open the two large doors beer is the first thing I see. Typical men. Theres a few meat products, vegetables but not much food to make meals with. Opening a cupboard I find cereal, another one has canned food and the one next to it is filled with sweets and chocolate. They must have stocked up for me. Exiting the kitchen I walk back through the arch way but notice a door a to the left of me. I turn the nob but it’s dosen’t open. I try again putting a little more force into it but then I realise the bolted lock and the key coded entry. What the f*ck has he got hiding in here? I bet it’s a sex room, filled with kinky shit. I giggle to my self thinking what goes on behind this door.

I feel like I’m invading someones elses home walking around snooping in every room and draw to find out more about Lucas and what my daddy does here in his free time. This is my house for the next six weeks I can snoop right?

Passing back through the open floor I take the stairs up to the second floor of the apartment to try find my room. I was told it’s the first door on the left is my room and the room opposite mine is Roberts. I still can’t remember what he exactly looks like but I’m looking forward to meeting him.

Walking down the corridor I get to my room and on the door there is a sticky note that says “Princess” Which makes me smile as I open the door. Wheeling my bags inside I notice the large white sheeted bed in the middle of the room. It has little fairy lights around the bed frame and the walls are a pale pink. Did Lucas really let my daddy paint the walls my favourite colour just for me staying here for six weeks. I like him already. Theres a two doors which leads to a balcony and I step out side to admire the view. Its beautiful. I feel on top of the city as I look down at the crowed streets.

I go back to my bags and un zip them ready to un pack and make my self feel at home when I hear the faint sound of music from inside the bedroom opposite me. I assumed Lucas was out as his door was closed. Opening my door I step closer to his door and listen to see if he’s in there. The faint sounds of music suggests to me he’s in there so I reach for the door handle but then I hear a girls laughter over the music. “Oh crap!” he’s in there with someone. I turn to go back to my room but then I hear deep groans and loud moans. SH*T! There having sex!

I quickly run into my room and quietly shutting my door. Its one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon and he’s having sex. What has my daddy made me live with! I sit on my bed trying to block out the noises of the bed squeaking and the ‘ohhh yeah more daddy’s’ and ‘ahhh sh*t more...harder’s’ mostly coming from the female who’s in there. The more I try not to think about what Im listening to the more louder the moans and bed squeaking gets. I grab a pillow and place it over my head trying to muffle the sounds but it dosen’t help. I think it’s his wife! Last time I knew he had a wife but is this how it’s going to be? Me listening to them have sex all day and night. I sigh grabbing my phone and standing to my feet. I tip toe out of my room and enter the big spacious living room area where I sit down on the long plush sofa and switch on the tv.

I must have fallen asleep because when I open my eyes he’s there! Sitting in the chair opposite me, sipping out of a mug, TOPLESS and so f*cking handsome. I’m assuming this is Lucas. If it is why don’t I remember him being this good looking. Short dark brown hair. Green emerald puppy dog eyes. Perfectly shaped facial hair around his upper lip and around his chin. Tanned skin with a body sculptured like a f*cking masterpiece. I feel my mouth water and my cheeks warm as his eyes meet mine.

“You must be my new roomy” his pearly white teeth flash me a smile as he reaches out for my hand.

“I’m Lucas, Lucas James”

I clear my throat and take a deep gulp.

“I’m.... I’m Poppy”

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