Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 4

“I hope you settle in ok Poppy” he stands up grinning and all my eyes can pay attention to is his tight basket ball shorts. The thin material makes it very clear to see his outline and holly sh*t he’s big. Like it’s just there, right in front of me. I can’t help but look. F*ck!

“Earth to Poppy!” He snaps his fingers in front of my face making me focus back on his face and not his crotch.


“Your father called. He said he’s coming to pick us up at 7”

I reach for my phone for the time!

“ITS 6:30! You didn’t think to wake me an hour ago and tell me this!”

“I was busy. I didn’t get around to it” yeah busy banging your wife I say to my self!

“I’m never going to be ready in half and hour!” I jump to my feet.

“I’m kidding. I changed the time on your phone! This is going to be fun living with you!” He chuckles to him self!

“You’re such an asshole” I laugh back at him.

“So I’ve been told” he sits on the arm of the couch with a blank facial expression. Clearly I hit a nerve there.

“Soooo.... I’m going to go get ready” I spin around on my feet pointing towards the stairs.

“Poppy?” My name coming from his mouth is music to my ears. So deep and sexy.

“Yeah” I smile turning back around and girlishly flicking my hair. What was that. Why did I do that?

“Your best friend text you saying hope you had a good flight, text me when you land”

“You read my messages?” My arms are folded and I’m annoyed now. He went through my phone and read my messages. Who does that.

“Yup! And someone called Jay said how sorry he is for leaving things the way he did with you!”

“NEVER READ MY MESSAGES AGAIN!” I’m fuming. I want to hit him in his perfect face.

“So what did Jay do?” He grins

“This is why people call you an asshole!” And with that I get up and leave heading up the stairs.

When I get to my room I slam my door shut. Who does he think he is invading my personal space like that? I swear it best just be a one time thing or I’m going to hate living here. The fact he was topless just to walk around showing of his body suggests to me he is an ass hole who thinks he control and have everything the way he wants, oh but not now. Not that I’m here, he’s not controlling me or telling me what I have to.

Gathering all my toiletries and my robe I walk down the hall to the bathroom. I should probably start getting ready if my daddy is coming to pick me up. When I get inside the bathroom it occurs to me that Robert’s room is right next to it. He’s literally metres away from naked me. I cover my self up and quickly head under the shower closing the frosted glass door. I know it sounds strange and he cant see me but I’m just self conscious.

As the hot water pours down me, I try to relax but I keep replaying everything in my mind. How I left things with Jay, my daddy and the bitch now living with in this apartment with a smoking hot roommate who’s my daddy’s best friend but based on first impressions he’s an asshole. I’ve only been here for a few hours and he’s already messing with my emotions! I HATE MEN!

Wrapping my wet hair in a towel and securely tightening my robe and open the door and there he stands. Leaning up against the wall arms folded.

“Finally!” he says and I clutch onto the robe even harder. His eyes scan my body quickly then he looks deeply into my eyes. His stare burns through me making me feel different. Different as in turned on by the way he’s looking at me. He licks his lips and I swear I can feel his warm tongue on my skin. What is happening?

“You better go get ready. You really don’t want to keep your dad waiting. Never keep him waiting.” he laughs brushing past me and closing the door.

I quickly run to my room and lay down on my bed. Burying my head in my hands. He’s so attractive this is going to be so hard living with him.

I get up and walk over to my suit case dropping the robe to the floor and picking up some panties, slipping them on.

“Eughhh hi?”

I fall to the ground covering my exposed chest up. With shock and embarrassment I look up and see Robert standing in my room.

“WHAT THE F*CK! Do you not know how to knock?” he steps back and knocks on the door.

“Happy?” he smirks.

“NO! Go away!” I shout throwing a shoe at him.

“Feisty but I came to return these to you. There not mine so I can only assume they are yours.” He reaches into his pocket lifting my lacy underwear out.

“You left them on the bathroom floor.” I feel my cheeks burn up. Still hand over my chest I stand up and snatch them out of his hand. Im mortified. My dirty underwear I must have dropped and not noticed.

“Thanks” I awkwardly say smiling and clutching my chest. He stares for a few seconds, grinning slightly.

“Anyway. Are you nearly ready? We’re leaving in a little while”

“Yeah give me 20 minutes. Wait we? You’re coming?” I question thinking it was just going to be my daddy and me.

“Of course I am. Im not staying here by my self”

“What about your wife? Is she coming to?” his face drops whipping the cheeky grin right of his face.

“No... she’s.. she’s not coming” he says and with that he leaves shutting my door behind him.

What the hell was that?

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