Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 5

I stand in the mirror fully dressed in just a plain beige, knee length, thin strapped dress. My hair long hair in a neat bun on top of my head and my face covered in my make up to make me look some what pretty. Applying the last finishing touches to my lip stick I’m done and I don’t look to bad for my first night back in Los Angles.

“POPPY! Are you ready to go?” The sound of my daddy's masculine voice shouts. He’s back!! My daddy is here. I grab my clutch bag and phone and run down down the stairs to see him standing with his hands in his suit pockets rocking back and forth on his heels.

“I’m ready!” I say running down the stairs knowing this is his impatient look.

“Good! LUCAS!” He shouts then looks down at me smiling.

“Every time I see you, you grow” he says as stand in the living room ready to go.

“I’m wearing heels, it’s why I’m taller”

“But you just look so grown up. Stop growing you won’t be my little gal anymore”

“I’ll always be your little gal” I wrap my arms around his waist resting my head against his chest.

“I’m starving! Are we ready?” Lucas says loudly ruining our lovely moment. He parts away from me smiling.

“You look nice” Lucas says and I smile from his compliment.

"Thanks" I say slightly blushing. He looks so hot him self. Wearing skinny black jeans and a tight navy shirt which sticks nicely to toned chest. His hair pulled to one side which makes him look younger than he did earlier today. He looks so hot my god!!

“I wasn’t talking about you. That suit is that the one you were talking about the other day” Asshole! I curse to my self. Now I feel stupid!

“Yeah it is” my daddy replies as he walks over to the door and opens it.

“It’s nice! You look lovely too Poppy” Lucas says placing his hand on my bare back as he pauses me out of the apartment and I swear my knees go weak. His warm hand touching my bare skin makes me all tingly inside.

We arrive at a beautiful restaurant with valet service, glass windows for the entire restaurant and the most amazing view of the sun setting over the ocean.

“Mr James and Mr Leyden your table is waiting” the friendly waitress with blonde short hair flashes Lucas a grin before leading the way to our table.

“If you need anything, i’ll be your waitress for this evening. My name is Layla but you already know that don’t you Lucas” she winks at Lucas but he dosent respond, he dosent even look up at her. The women walks away from our table not impressed by Lucas's lack of interest.

“Seriously! Do you have no self control?” my daddy sharpishly says shaking his head.

“Its been a hard time on me! Im just trying to find happiness again!”

“Its been hard on me too! You just think about your self with out thinking how its going to effect the people around you!” he grabs his tie loosening it roughly.

“You have NO idea what I’ve been through!”

“I KNOW! But all I’ve done is be here for you and look where it got me! My f*cking wife won’t even let me stay in my own house because of you”

“Yeah, well at least you have one!” Lucas looks away and everything goes silent.

“Lucas. Im sorry. You know I didn’t mean it like...”

“Its fine! Lets just forget about it have a nice meal for Poppy”

“Yes. Poppy! Did you get settled in ok?” and as quick as that the conversation is changed. I want to know what the hell is going on. What the hell happened with Lucas and his wife? From what I can make out she must have cheated on him or something because its two women in the same I’ve learnt who has been with him recently. He seems like a player, a man whore.

“Yeah sure. My room is lovely. Thank you”

“Its ok” they both say in unison.

“So what looks good?” Lucas quickly says breaking from awkwardness.

Dinner was lovely and there was no more akwardness from either one of them. I still haven’t figured out what happened to Luca's wife and my daddy hint dropped any hints on why Lisa won’t let my father in his own home! She’s such a bitch I told him not to trust her from day one but does anyone listen to me? No of course not!

“Ohh your teacher emailed me to tell me to make sure your studying for your tests when you get back!”

“Eugh!” I groan thinking I was going to get away without him knowing.

“Yeah! It’s for one of my final exams. I just find it hard to study by my self, there’s always something to distract me. I can never force my self to do study, I need someone to sit and help me”

“Done let me down Poppy! I believe in you and I know you can get those good grades to get into college. I’m sure Lucas wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you’re struggling. He’s not just a handsome man he’s very clever as well”

“What can I say, I was born with brains and good looks, I’m an all round awesome guy!” He arrogantly says but he is really attractive I cant say anything bad about that one.

“So do you want me to give you hand?” as much as I want to say no because he seems like a f*cking annoying asshole I really do want to make my daddy proud and get the best grades as possible just so I can be one step closer to my carer.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I would appreciate so much”

“Its not a problem. We’ll figure out a routine or something tomorrow” Lucas says smiling whilst sipping his his drink.

“So have you planned to meet with your old school mates whilst your back?” My daddy asks.

“I sure have. There still in school until next week so when they finish were going to go out on road trips and days out just like the old times. Its been forever since we’ve done something like that so it should be really nice to catch up.”

“It sounds lovely. We can do some of the things we use to do when you were little if you wanted to”

“Like go to the zoo and you being scared to feed the animals” we both laugh because me, mom and daddy took annual trips to the zoo were we both fed the animals but daddy was a little girl, scared that they were going to bite him or something. He’s a real big softy my daddy, most people don’t know it they think he’s just a harsh business man but deep down he’s got a big heart.

“We can go to the zoo but I’m not sticking my hand in front of those monsters”

“Ohh come on, there not going to eat you. They’ll just eat the food out of your hand”

“Its stil not happening” he laughs.

“Excuse me for one second” Lucas gets up and leaves the table.

“You know your mother would be proud of what how much of a young lady you’ve become”

“I wish she was still here” I whisper resting my head on daddy’s shoulder.

“Me too sweetie. Me too” we sit in silence for a seconds then I turn to face him.

“What happened with Lucas's wife?” I curiously ask wanting to know his deal and he runs his fingers through his hair looking down at his hands.

“She left me!” Lucas quickly says returning to the table. I gulp from the hurt in his voice.

“Im... Im sorry”

“Me to” he is sighs looking down. “Anyway I’m leaving you two to it. I’ve got to be somewhere.” he gets up and puts on a jacket. He takes out his wallet and places a pile of cash on the table. “What ever is left treat your self to something nice tomorrow Poppy” he smiles and then walks away.

“You’ll get use to him disappearing like that. I never know where he actually goes” my daddy laughs and then we spend the rest of the night catching up before going back to the apartment.

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