Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 7

As soon as I get into my room I walk into my wardrobe and pull out some shorts and a colourful vest top and quickly change into them.

I don’t know if I should be drinking alcohol with my daddy’s best friend, I don’t want my daddy to tell Lucas off for giving it to me as I’m under age. He’s not here so maybe he dosen’t even have to know.

My phone buzzes on the night stand so I sit down on my bed and reach for it.

‘New message from Jay’ I sigh sliding unlock on his message. I never messaged him back after Lucas read the message and I thought maybe he had forgotten about me already.

‘Hey beautiful haven’t heard anything from you in a few days just making sure everything’s ok. I miss you X’

Without replying I lock my phone and head out of my room back down stairs into the big open room space.

The glass doors are open which leads to the balcony and I notice Lucas laying on a sun lounger.

“That was quick” I say standing in the door way looking down at the pink coloured liquid jug with fruit floating on top.

“Quick but efficient” he smiles sitting up and looking up at me with his piercing brown hazel eyes. He’s still topless and handsome as he pours the jug into two glasses.

“Here! Take a taste of paradise” he laughs handing me my glass.

“Thanks” I sit on the side of the other lounger as the sun beams down on us both. I can’t help but notice how toned and defined his body is for his age. I’m not to sure how old he actually is but I’m guessing around my daddy’s age. Taking a long sip of the cocktail my mouth waters even more than it already was. He’s a mouth watering man who makes mouth watering drinks. My day can’t get any better than this.

“Hello!” He snaps his fingers in front of me. “Do I need to put on a shirt to keep your attention?” He laughs holding his nipples which makes me nearly choke on my drink.

“I wasn’t looking, I was just thinking?” I lie I was looking and now I don’t know where to look.

“Thinking about my body?”

“Nooo! I was... Thinking about how good this drink is” I lift my glass and take another sip trying not to make eye contact with him as I feel my self become embarrassed and hot cheeked.

“Let me get a shirt so I can actually have a conversation with you” he winks standing up and entering the apartment. I’m so embarrassing, I made him feel uncomfortable. It’s my daddy’s best friend I can’t be looking at him like I want him, like I want to touch his perfectly sculpted body, run my tongue over his abs tasting his...

“What are you thinking about now?” He laughs stepping back out side with a black tank top on that clings to his body.

“How do... How do you know I was thinking about something? I could have just been sitting here thinking of nothing”

“You’re always thinking about something even if you think you’re thinking of nothing”


“Never mind! What do you think of the drink?” Lucas sits back down on his lounger. As I go to take another sip he yanks the glass out of my hand and downs the rest.

“Hey! I was drinking that”

“You were drinking to slow”

“I was savouring the taste and I don’t want to get drunk”

“You’re a light weight that’s cute”

“I didn’t say.... I’m not a light... You’re an asshole” I mumble my words trying not to sound like a complete nervous idiot.

“You’re so easy to wind up and I love how embarrassed you get around me. Just relax I’m a normal guy and I’m actually quite nice when you get to know me as well.”

“You’re just a bit intimidating at times. Yannoo with how good looking you are, your confidence and you being famous but it’s really nice of you to agree to help me out with school work”

“I don’t like the word ‘famous’ but I have worked my way up to where I am today and if I didn’t have and show confidence I wouldn’t be who I am! You can’t be shy in this industry , you just wouldn’t get very far. I’m helping you because I like your dad and I know how gutted he’d be if he knew his daughter was struggling so much she failed her classes! Tell me though what do you need me to help you in?”

“Maths! I just don’t understand it. All the numbers get muddled up. I need a C to make my daddy proud and go to any college and at the moment I sit in class nothing makes sense it’s why my teacher gives me private lesson”

I stop immediately talking about him. I don’t want to think about him whilst I’m here. I don’t want to even think of him.

“Ohh right. And you concentrate and learn more on a one to one basis that’s fair enough. What did he do? Sit there and go through the lesson giving you more examples and solutions?”

If I got all the questions right at the end of the session we have sex.

“Yeah pretty much that” I lie! I can’t tell him everything.

“Sweet. Well give me a text book and I’ll come up with something for us to work through in the mean time more drink?”

“Yes please! Don’t drink mine this time” I laugh as he stands up with the jug.

“Only if you can keep up with my pace I won’t” he winks before entering the apartment again.

A few hours have passed and all we’ve done is talk, laugh and drink. I’m feeling a little tipsy right now, I’m not sure how many I’ve had or what is even in this drink but it tastes so good.

“What are you scared of the most in life?” Lucas says finishing his drink and placing it down on the table as we watch the sun begin to set. I gulp the rest of my drink and place the glass done.

“I’m scared of losing my daddy! He’s the only one I have left, without him I don’t know what I’d do. Everyone needs their parents but it’s even harder when you loose one then get sent to another country by the other, but it will destroy me if anything ever did happen to him.”

Lucas dosent respond he just continues to look forward into the sun set.

“What about you? What scares you the most?” His lips part into a small grin as he looks over to me.

“Poverty!” He chuckles. “I would hate to have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or how I’m going to pay the rent”

“Aren’t you like some Hollywood actor? You don’t need to even think about that”

His smile fades and he looks at me blankly.

“What?” I chuckle.

“You’re kidding me right? ‘Some Hollywood actor?’ Don’t you know who I am? I’m not just ‘some’ Hollywood actor I’m one of the biggest Hollywood actors! Have you been living under a f*cking Rock?”

I shrug at him as I don’t really know who he is due to the fact I don’t watch many films.

“Aren’t you studying film? You’re just messing with me to wind me up! Your father told you to do this to wind me up didn’t he!” Robert chuckles not taking his eyes of me.

“I genuinely have no idea who you are! I don’t watch films”

“WHAT? You’re a film student. That makes no f*cking sense!”

“I know I am but it’s not what I want to do” I whisper under my breathe looking to the floor instantly regretting what I just said.

“What do you mean? You want to work in film for your career? It’s why you chose to study it”

“I didn’t choose it! It’s what my mother wanted me to do and when she left its what my daddy pushed me to do. I didn’t want let her down”

“But you’re letting your self down! No one wants to be doing something they don’t want to do!”

“I know but it made him happy and that’s all that matters!”

“Are you happy?”

“I guess I’d rather be doing something I enjoy better but it’s to late” Lucas shakes his head furiously.

“It’s never to late! What are you passionate about? What is the one thing you want to do in life. Not anyone else just you”

He shifts closer to my chair as I twiddle my thumbs.

“I ermmm.. I’ve never told anyone before”

“You can trust me”

“Promise you won’t laugh” Lucas's manly, large hand covers my small hand and uses the other to tilt my chin making me look at him.

“I promise you Poppy”

I take a deep breathe in as I stare into his big brown eyes.

“I love to draw. To paint, sculpture things into something new, turn a plain piece of material like paper or card, regular things and change them into something unique and different. It sounds so lame I know but I enjoy doing it alone. No ones ever seen anything I do, I don’t think anyone would appreciate it” I smile but deep down it hurts that something I love doing I can’t share.

“It’s not lame! Never say something you’re passionate about is lame. It sounds different and creative.”

Lucas lifts his glass and unfolds his white napkin.

“Show me what you mean by taking something regular and turning it into something unique and different.” He hands me the napkin and my heart races. I’ve never made something in front of someone let alone show or even tell anyone. I can’t believe I’ve even told him.

“Are you sure you want to sit through this?”

“Yes! I want to see what you can do”

We sit in silence as I fold each corner perfectly creating what I create best with the most powerful meaning.

“It’s a pretty f*cking impressive swan. This is some talent you have. I can’t believe you’ve never told anyone about this. I’m curious to see what other things you’re talented at.”

“It’s nothing. Just something I was taught years ago and never forgotten! It’s nothing really, well nothing you can make a career out of”

“Show me what else you can do”


“Please come on. I’m sure there’s ways you can make this into a career somehow! Show me what you can do” Lucas grabs both of my hands as I shake my head at him laughing.

“It’s embarrassing! Not today maybe another day”

“Are you getting my daughter drunk?” My daddy interrupts standing in the door way. Lucas quickly lets go of my hands and stands up.

“Just a few drinks enjoying the sun. How did it go with Lisa?” Lucas quickly changed the subject.

“Yeah it went ok” my daddy’s smiling. A smile I’ve only seen when he first saw me at the airports a few days ago. He looks happy again.

“It went more than okay. Look at you, you finally know how to smile again”

“She forgave me for your sh*t and believes nothing happened”

“FINALLY!” Lucas shouts as I sit still trying to figure out what happened between them.

“But she won’t let me stay at the house until she forgives me for lying to her”

“So she let you in the house?”

“Yup!” I Watch my daddy’s face light up.

“You two totally had make sex didn’t you! That’s why you’re smiling”

“EWWWW!! That is disgusting. I don’t want to know” I interrupt loudly making them stop talking. Lucas places his hand in front of my eyes.

“Did you?”

“I’m so proud of you. How was it?” Lucas asks ignoring the fact I’m standing here and would rather not know about my daddy’s sex life.

“Like our first time together again!”

“PLEASE STOP!” I shriek batting Lucas's hand out of the way.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I’ll go have a quick shower then we can have some food! What do you fancy?”

“Nothing now! I think i might puke”

“Just me and you then. I won’t be long” my daddy bounces up and down punching Lucas gently in the arm then turns around and runs across the room.

“I haven’t seen him this happy in ages.” Lucas smiles looking at me.

“Right! Can you tell me what happened between them both?”

“I don’t know if I should”

“Please! I told you something I’ve never told anyone. Tell me pleaseeeeee” I flicker my eyes sweetly at him.

“Fine but only because you have a face you can’t say no to. It was about four months ago, me and a few lads including your father were going on a night out because it was my birthday. Lisa told Jason he couldn’t come out with us as they had to go to her parents the next day. Being my best friend its a must you have to come out on my birthday so he told Lisa we were having a ‘quite’ night at mine and was staying over but would be back early Sunday morning! Things got pretty crazy in the clubs and somehow the party ended up back here. Sunday afternoon came and that’s when Lisa walked into this apartment and found your father on the couch with a half naked striper. He was fully dressed and absolutely out of it. he couldn’t even remember his name let alone be able to function to actually do anything to any women. Anyway Lisa was furious! She wouldn’t believe him that nothing happened so threw him out and because this is ‘my fault’ he has to live here rent free. Lisa hates me but she’s always hated me so it dosen’t matter but I hope they work things out because he loves her and I know that might hurt you as she’s not your real mom but she does mean the world to him. So yeah that’s what happened between them!”

My daddy would never cheat on anyone he’s a loyal man. I can’t believe she’d even think he would. I hate that he loves her so much but I have seen how happy she makes him, especially the few years after mom left. He was so sad and depressed and when he met Lisa he became happy again.

“Ohhh. She should have believed his words in the first place and I can see why it’s your fault! You made him go out.”

“I didn’t make him it’s the best friend code” Lucas laughs folding his arms.

“What did your wife have to say about the stripers?” I laugh but he dosen’t. He clenches his fists. His eyes turn a different shade of brown.

“I told you! She left!” He hisses through his teeth.

“Left to where? What happened?”

He turns into the wall placing his head against it and gripping his chest.

“NEVER” he shouts “never talk about her!” He lowers his voice as he walks back into the apartment and disappears.

My heart races from his behaviour. How angry and hurt he looked. What happened to her? What did she do to him?

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