Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 8

I sit on my bed flicking through the photos of me and my friends we took today down by the beach. It was such a lovely day to see them all. Everyone came down during there lunch break to see me. All of my old school friends and my ex boy friend even came down who I must say has for incredibly hot since we split up when I moved to London. He’s tall, tanned and blonde haired, your typical surfer kind of guy. It was really nice catching up with him and seeing what he’s up to although he does want to take me out for some food one evening for a date. I told him I’m only back for six weeks there wouldn’t be any point in ‘dating’ but he insisted he wants to take me out at the weekend.

I haven’t spoken to Lucas all day since yesterday he stormed off and my daddy he’s been working all day so now I’m back at the apartment I don’t really know what to do this evening.

Knock knock

“Come in!” I shout and Lucas enters with a blank, sad facial expression as he stands topless by the door.

“Your topless again! I get it you have a nice body but cover your self up please!” I joke throwing a pillow at him. He places his fingers over both nipples and a small smile forms on his lips.


“It will do. What’s up?” I smile patting my the space on my bed. He walks slowly around and perches on the side of my bed looking out of the window.

“I’ve just come to say I’m sorry how I reacted yesterday. I hope I didn’t scare you its just...” He pauses taking a deep breathe in. “It’s a touchy subject I’d rather not talk about. It’s in the past nothing can be done about it” I move closer to sit by the side of him not knowing whether he needs a hug or a pat on the back or just to be left alone.

“I’m sorry for bringing it up. I promise I won’t say anything again” hes still staring out of the window but opens his hand, resting it on my knee. I place my hand on top of his and he interlocks his warm fingers with mine. I watch his face light up as I squeeze his hand lightly trying to comfort him.

Silence fills the room as we sit hand in hand just looking out of my bedroom window. It’s not the kind of awkward silence but a peaceful silence, a silence that comforts him from what ever happened between him and his wife.


“Yeah” I smile facing him.

“Do you have any plans tonight?”

“I was just going to sit here and watch some TV nothing special. Why?”

“I’ve got this fundraiser to go to and I was wondering if you wanted to come with me. I’d ask Jason but he’s no fun”

“Do you mean go with you as in your date?” I giggle slightly blushing.

“Don’t be weird about it” he pushes me making me fall to the bed.

“I’d love to but I don’t really have a dress for a fundraiser that is dress worthy, walking along side Mr big shot Hollywood” I joke sitting up and nudging him.

“I still can’t believe you don’t even know who I am! You don’t need to own a dress my stylist will bring some later on and you can choose one you like to wear”

“Awww you have someone to dress you, that’s cute”

“Look if you don’t want to come it’s fine! I’ll find someone else” he stands up and walks towards the door. I stand up quickly running over and jumping up on his back wrapping my body around his.

“NO!! I want to come. I was only winding you up. Thank you for asking me” he looks over his shoulder at my hands wrapped around his neck then looks up at me laughing.

“What are you doing?”

I let go and fall back to the ground.

“I don’t actually know. I got a little excited. I’ve never been to a fund raised gala thing before. Will there be other people like you?”

“By other people like me you mean actors, yes there will be”

“I’m so excited! Will Channing Tatumn be there?” I squeal.

“You know him but not me?” Lucas shakes his head leaning against the back of the car.

“You haven’t been a male stripper!”

“I can be what ever you want me to be honey” he seductivly says winking at me. I swallow deeply staring at his topless body picturing him dancing and grinding against the chair as I sit in it.

“Take a shower, shave what ever needs to be shaved and be ready for hair, make up and to pick something to wear in two hours.”

“Yes sir” I salut to him playfully.

“I like it. Good girl!”

My dress is beautiful. It’s a slim fit, creamed backless dress with a silky texture. It comes just above the knees with a sense of elegancy but it also has the sexy look to it. I have my hair down which has been partly curled at the ends with a light shade of make up and glitter eye shadow.

“We’ll don’t you look beautiful” Lucas says loudly entering the room and my god does he looks good! Grey fitted suit pants with a matching jacket. A blue patterned shirt with a grey tie with his hair waxed upwards but to one side.

“You don’t look to bad your self”

“I look hot. It’s okay you can say it” he sticks out his tongue winking at me.

“If anyone asks you’re 23” he says looking at him self in the mirror.

“Why 23?”

“Because it’s two years older than the legal age to drink, no one will bother asking for ID if you say you’re 23.”

“How old are you? You look 20 or 21 anyway” his stylist asks as she places dresses back in the clothing bags.

“I’m 17”

“17? No way? You look way older than 17”

“What did I just say? If anyone asks you’re 23!”

“I didn’t know we’d started but ok from now on I’m 23”

“I swear if you get me in trouble tonight, your dad won’t be very happy with me”

“I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour” I smile sweetly at him.

“Good girl! Have you got everything because we’re now leaving”

“Yup all set”

We stand waiting for the lift to come. I’m really excited I’ve never been to a fundraiser before and to go with Lucas whos supposedly this big movie star is really exciting. I still don’t believe he’s as big as he says he is as everyday I’ve been here not once have I seen him leave the apartment to go to a movie set or even go do some work. I should probably google him. That’s what I’m going to do tomorrow, see what I can find on him, see if there’s anything about his wife.

“Woahhh!! Where are you two of to looking so glamorous” my daddy says smiling as the lift doors open and he steps out.

“Just some fundraiser Lucas asked me to go with him”

“Well have fun kids! Don’t wait up Lisa said I can stay the night” he dances with him self shaking his hips and hands.

“This is another reason you’re coming with me and not him! I hope you dance better”

“Much better” I laugh as my daddy continues to dance.

“I’m happy for you Jason! Have a good night and remember to use protection”

“Gross!” I cringe stepping into the lift.

“Ahh shit! I forgot to pick some up from the shop.”

“There’s some in my top draw! Don’t take them all though”

“Why? Who are you planning on...” My daddy stops talking and stands serious looking over at me and then back at Lucas.

“Oh god no!” Lucas takes a step away from me. Thanks I didn’t think I was that bad. Ass hole!

“Good because you know I’d kick your ass even if some other guy touches her tonight it’s all on you alright” Lucas laughs nervously as my daddy points at him.

“Yes! I’ll make sure no one touches or even looks at her. Stop worrying, go have fun with Lisa”

“Ohh we’re going to have a lot of fun. Over and over and...”

“OH MY GOD STOP!” I shout burying my head in my hands not wanting to listen to what my daddy wants to do to Lisa.

“Sorry sweetie. Have a good evening. I love you loads.”

“I love you loads to”

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