Daddy's Best Friend

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Chapter 9

We both sit in the back of the car as the driver take us to the venue.

“They’ll be a lot of people shouting, trying to take photos when we arrive by the way but you don’t have to worry, I won’t leave you we’ll just go straight in side”

“It’s fine. If you want to have photos done and whatever you can. I can stand by my self for a few minutes”

“You can in the photos with me if you want?”

“Wont people think we’re you know... dating?” I awkwardly say trying not to look at him.

“People can think what ever they like. You no we’re not thats all that matters”

“Hmmm.. Well I’ll be in the photos if you want me to be”

“Its something to remember the night by” I finally bring my self to look into his beautiful brown eyes.

“Im sure i’ll remember the night anyway but yes I’ll be in some of them with you, if you don’t mind!”

The closer we get the more nervous in getting. I don’t know how people will react to Lucas bringing me. I know he said not to care what other people think and say but I do care what people say.

“Thank you” he smiles placing his hand over mine as it rests against the leather seats. He probably can sense I’m nervous just relax Poppy.

“We’ll have a good night I promise” he squeezes my hand in reassurance as the car pulls up to the venue with crowds of people surrounding the sidewalks with cameras.

Looking at all of the people waiting my heart begins to race with nerves. What if I’m not good enough to be seen with Lucas? Taking a deep breathe in I try not to panic to much as the car pulls up outside with the over whelming sight of people and cameras.

“See that wasn’t to bad was it?” We’ve passed the cameras and crowds of people and now heading to be hall where the fundraiser is being held. He’s right it wasn’t as bad as I expected, I actually quite like the little attention I received being by Lucas's side.

“It was quite fun, I see why you like these events. All of the attention you get, hundreds of people screaming over you. Must set your ego of like crazy”

“Premieres are a hundred times crazier but so much better. Maybe I’ll take you to one soon”

Heading through the beautiful building Lucas walks closely beside me linking my arm with his. All around us are couples of people, the men dressed in suits and ties and the women in beautiful dresses. I feel like we both belong here although we’re not a couple but we look the part.

Lucas seems so relaxed and different to how I’ve seen him these past few days around me and my daddy in the apartment.

He’s introduced me to so many people already I can’t even remember anyone’s name, everyone wants to talk to Lucas. I know I’ve only known him for a few days but I prefer this Lucas to back at home Lucas.

“Lucas, it’s so nice to finally see you again. How are you doing now?” Quite a large man with a talk skinny blonde clutching his arm shakes Lucas's hand.

“Yeah I’m doing a lot better thanks” Lucas replies slowly shaking his hand.

“When I heard about what happened, I was so shocked I can’t believe something like that actually happens, I always thought its just something the authorities scare people wi....”

“Yeah well it happened! Can we... Can we not talk about it” I feel Lucas's muscles tense as he still has hold of my arm and I look down to see his fist clenched. I bet there talking about his wife or ex wife, I haven’t figured out what has happened or if he’s still legally married or not. But I do know he hates talking about her for what ever reason.

“Yes sorry, I understand.” The man looks at me smiling. “Who is this beautiful and very lucky gal?”

“It’s Jason’s daughter. She’s back from England for a few weeks”

“Ahh yes. She looks just like her mother, so pretty and elegant. It’s nice to meet you Poppy” he takes my hand and grazes his lips against it. I shiver from his touch. He looks like one of those men who are filthy rich, slightly pervy but fall for the pretty girls just because they give him attention but really they just want his money. My point proven by the blonde hanging of his arm. I don’t know how he knows my father or my mother. Maybe they use to come to these events together.

“It’s nice to meet you to”

“We best go find our seats, wouldn’t want to be late” Lucas quickly says nudging me to move.

“Well it was nice to see you. Maybe we can meet up and discuss working together sometime”

“Give my agent a call. I’m sure she can sort something out” we walk quickly carrying on towards the main hall.

“He’s such an asshole! I’ve never liked that man” Lucas says as we enter a large open room with a bar in the far corner.

“He seems like an asshole. I feel sorry for the gal”

“He has more money than brains. I’ve never liked him even when we use to work with him.”

“What did he do?” I question wanting to know if it links with my daddy.

“AHHH sh*t” Lucas whispers stopping abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” I ask stopping as well and looking at him as he covers his face.

“The gal behind you in the red dress, she’s f*cking crazy. Where ever I go she’s always there”

“Why don’t you tell the police she’s stalking you then”

“I can’t” he laughs turning his back to her and looking down at me.

“Why not? What did you do?” He runs his fingers through his perfect hair.

“Because there was this one time we may have slept together”

“Of course you did! This is what you get using women for sex” I hit him in the chest.

“I was sad and lonely and she was there to fill a hole for the night...”

“That is disgusting!” He smirks for a second then cringes as he remember who it was with.

“I did tell her it was just going to be a one time thing but now she’s crazy obsessed with me” Lucas looks over his shoulder and she spots him.

“Sh*t she’s coming over. You’re my girl friend, we’ve been dating for about a month. Don’t mess it up. Okay go!”

“Wait what?” I whisper as he grips my waist and turns to face the crazy lady.

“Hi Robert, it’s lovely to see you here. I didn’t know you were coming tonight, you could have brought me as your date” the blonde women whips her back flirtatiously.

“You knew I was going to be here and this is Poppy, my girl friend” Lucas pulls me closer into his body.

“Yup! It’s been on of the best months of my life. Isn’t he perfect?” I throw my arm up stroking his stubbly chin then running my hand down his chest over exaggerating.

“Ohh sweetie he’s just using you to make me jealous. You’ll realise one day Lucas that I’m the one for you and you truly love me”

“But we are in love he tells me that every night after he makes sweet, passionate, lustful love to me. Honey you were his mistake everyone has them, that’s all you are to him” her face drops like someone’s just slapped her and then she barges past me and storms of.

“Ohhh DAMNNN!! Bitchy Poppy is super hot. Have you ever thought of being an actress?”

“I was just playing the role, you’re welcome” I drop my hand from his chest and take a few steps away from him.

“Thank you. I think you may have scared her of for a couple of weeks.”

“You owe me!” I wave my finger at him laughing.

“I’ll make it up to you. Should we get a drink then take our seats?”

“Yeah I need a drink. How many more of your one nighters are we going to run into?”

“Hopefully no more! I’m not that kind of guy yannoo! It’s just a couple of stupid, meaningless things I’ve done in the past”

“Okay what ever you say” I laugh walking in front of him towards the bar.

“You don’t believe me?”

“I don’t believe that theres only been a couple” I sit on the bar stool facing the bar.

“Why not?” he spins the stool around making me look at him.

“Because you’re a good looking man and...”

“You think I’m good looking?” he interrupts smirking.

“You know you are”

“I know I am but you think I’m good looking!”

“Yeah so... you think I’m good looking!”

“Meh.. you’re alright I guess!”

“You’re such an asshole! I take it back you’re not good looking” I hit him in the arm then spin my stool back facing the bar.

“No take backs and I don’t think I’m aloud to say my seventeen year old best friends daughter is good looking”

I grin spinning my stool around to face him “I thought Im twenty three?”

“I was testing you! You remembered, I’m impressed” I shake my head and turn back around waiting to be served. A tall, slim male smiles as he makes his way down the bar to me.

“Hi beautiful, what can I get you?”

“We’ll have a bottle of your best red wine” Lucas interrupts being protective as he places a hundred dollar bill on the bar.

“Sure!” the cute bar man takes the money and disappears.

“He could have been the father of my children, we would have had beautiful children”

“Thats not even funny! You’re to young for kids, work on your career first” Lucas takes the bottle of wine from the bar tender and I stand up of the stool.

“Ohh sorry dad!” I playfully say looking up at him as his arm wraps around my waist.

“Ughh don’t say that! It makes me sound old plus I’m more fun than your dad!” Lucas warm hand moves up my bare back as we walk into the room of the fundraiser with tables spread out, filling the hall.

“I don’t know, you don’t really leave the apartment much do you? I bet you’re really boring” We stop in front of a big chested lady with a clip board. I watch Lucas’s eyes wonder up and down her body as she does the same.

“Lucas James” he grins checking out the beautiful women but I’m not letting him get away with what he just done in front of the cute bartender.

“Ohhh Lucas, what would our three beautiful kids say if they knew you were checking out other women and not there mommy” Both of there faces drop as I grab hold of Lucas’s arm.

“Table 11” The lady bluntly says and Lucas shakes his head as he starts to walk with me still clinging on to his arm.

“I cant believe you just said that. She was beautiful”

“Yeah well you ruined my chance with the cute bar tender, we’re even now!”

“You like playing games? I can play games to missy”

All night it’s been different between me and Lucas, flirtatious banter between us both as the more drink we have the worse it’s getting. We’re sitting on a table with three other couples and we are all quite loud and having a laugh but right now, right now I sit here trying to concentrate what the man opposite me is saying but all I can think about is Lucas's warm hand resting on my thigh. His hand isn’t moving its just resting on my thigh over my dress as he carries on the conversation like he’s doing nothing.

My leg twitches as thumb begins to stroke my inner thigh in little tiny circles. Is this way of playing games because it’s working, I’m falling for it.

“You okay?” He leans over into my ear and whispers.

“Yeah you?”

“Mhmm! Yeah..” His whole hand slides between my inner thighs, gently squeezing them with his warm hands.

“Do you want to dance with me Poppy?”

“I... I don’t know how to dance like that” I say looking over at couples on the dance floor slow dancing as I shift my leg making his hand leave my thigh and instantly I miss his touch.

“I’ll teach you. Come on” Lucas stands up and takes my hand, leading us to the centre of the dance floor.

“Just relax and follow my lead” his low sweet voice makes me relaxed already as he clasps my right hand with his left. Lucas puts his right hand on my hip, holding my hand up in the air and stands only centre meters away from my body as he looks directly into my eyes smiling.

He steps to the left slowly and I follow trying not to trip over his feet. We sway back and forth, Lucas pushing me and pulling me closer to his body, not taking our eyes of each other with every step we take.

“You’re a natural” he whispers pulling me in close to him then pushing me back out.

“I have a good teacher” I smirk looking at Lucas in a more than appropriate way. He looks so hot in his suit and tie and as we we dance closer together, I feel the more I want something to actually happen.

“I am pretty good, you just wait until I help you out with your school work, you’ll be top of the class”

“Im twenty three. I don’t go to school”

“Ahh yes you are, then I can do this” he smirks holding my hand above my head spinning me around then pulling the back of me into his body, just as he does the music changes to a more fast pace song and his hands land on my hips. Our warm bodies move together to the beat of the music, brushing up against each others as he moves his hips against the back of me. My hands slowly slide down his thighs as he grips my sides even harder making me feel what I believe is his hard arousal. Holly sh*t did I really do this to him? Is this really happening.

“What are you doing to me?” he whispers brushing my hair away from my neck, still grinding him self against me, not caring who’s around or watching.

“Lucas f*cking James” I hear someone shout and feel Lucas let go of me and I instantly miss his touch and warm body against mine.

“Always good to see you Jamie!” I see Robert shaking a mans hand who just ruined our moment.

We get back to his apartment and I slump down on the couch kicking of my heals and rubbing my sore feet as Lucas walks into the kitchen. Nothing else happened after we got interrupted, we spent the rest of the night dancing with a group of people who I had no clue who they were but seemed everyone seemed friendly.

“Did you enjoy your self tonight?” he shouts through the sounds of glasses crashing together.

“Yes I did thank you. I had a really good time and It was different” I smile to my self as I did enjoy the evening so much.

“Different how?” he appears in the arch way holding two glasses and another bottle of wine.

“Different as in you seemed a lot happier and just seemed more relaxed like you’d just forgotten about everything and had fun”

He dosen’t respond as he walks over and sits beside me opening the bottle and pouring two glasses. He hands me one then looks deeply into my eyes.

“Do you know why I forgot about everything?” he whispers sipping his drink.

“Why?” I gulp not knowing what he is going to say.

“Because you were with me.” he smiles leaning forwards and placing his glass on the table.

“But I’m nothing special, how did I help?”

“I don’t know, I’m trying to figure it out. I don’t normally spend a lot of time around women”

“Thats a lie!”

“No, its not”

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“A few days ago but that is different”

“How? You still spent time with a women”

“Because you’re different and I haven’t slept with you” I feel my cheeks blush from the topic of sex. I don’t know if its the alcohol, the subject or how we’ve acted all night around each other but I’m totally picturing us having sex on this couch right now, this is bad, so bad.

“Well yes that is true and I’m different because I respect my vagina, I don’t hoe around like the gals you’re use to.”

“Ohhhh harsh”

“But its the truth” I smirk taking another sip from my glass as he nods his head.

“How many guys have you been with then?” he asks with no hesitation or discretion what so ever.

“One” I say with pride.

“Your whole life? Seriously?” Lucas says like its a bad thing.

“Yes one! Im only seventeen remember and as I said I don’t hoe around!”

“Well I respect you even more... Do you... Do you have a boyfriend then?” he asks but this time I can sense he’s not to sure wether he wants to know the answer or not.

“He wishes!” I laugh placing my empty glass on the table and watch Lucas raise his eyebrow.

“So you’re like f*ck buddies but he wants more?”

“Pretty much, yeah” I nod biting my lip.

“Im telling your dad right now” he laughs pulling his phone out.

“No don’t! Please don’t” I reach for his phone kneeling and throwing my arms around but I loose my balance and end up straddling his lap, inches away from his beautiful lips, intoxicated from his cologne. My body presses against his and I can feel all of him again between my legs. I lick my lips wanting to feel more of him. He breathes in deeply as I just lay on him not wanting to move.

“I ermm” he clears his throat. “I best ... be of to bed now” he lifts me up of him and sits me on the sofa as he stands up and adjusts him self.

“Yeah me to” I stand to my feet quickly feeling slightly awkward. Did I just make him feel awkward as well throwing my self at him. I make my way to the stairs where I hear Lucas closely following.

As I reach my bedroom door I stand looking at the handle not wanting to leave the sight of Lucas. Tonight has been such an amazing night, I just want it to end with something special. He obviously knows theres something between us as he wouldn’t have left his hand on my thigh for the majority of the evening and the hot and heavy dance we had, I definitely felt something and just now when a was on his lap. chemistry. sexual tension. Lust.

I turn around slowly to see Lucas leaning up against his door, with his tie loosened and a few of his shirt buttons un done. My eyes trails down to his bulging crotch. I’ve never wanted someone as bad as I do right now. He clearly wants me to I can see it.

“Lucas” I seducively whisper not taking my eyes of him.

“Goodnight Poppy” and with no more words and not a look back he opens his door and closes it behind him.

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