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Most people are lucky to have even one great love in their life. But I found two- Rose Knight. Rose knight. The free-spirited beautiful but spoiled rich girl who falls for the Roy Grayson. A hot, badass, volatile man who falls in love with Rose too but somehow Rose gets married with the business tycoon, Fredrick Lockhart. Now, Rose has to choose between Roy, the man who taught her to fall in love; and Fredrick, the man from whom she learnt how to abide and fulfill promises of love.

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Rose Knight

Rose’s POV

Alex, Stacy and I shrieked out loud when our car flew in the air and landed on the ground with a strong thud. I glanced at my left mirror and let out a screak before pushing the accelerator in panic. My tire screeched and released a white smoke as I raced forward with my eyes focused on the road ahead.

Never in my life I thought that one day I’m going to be chased by the cops!

“Rose, you need to drive faster!!” When Alex’s voice hit my ear, I glanced at my rear-view mirror and my breaths picked up. The cops were getting closer and closer to us. I gulped and increased the speed. My heart was throbbing in my ears, loud and irregular, but I barely heard it, for my mind was clouded with fear.

God, coming here was the worst idea ever!

“They’re gonna catch us, Rose. What’re you doing?” Stacy yelled from the back seat. I didn’t respond, just kept my focus on the road to prevent accident, “Increase the speed damnit! Faster, drive faster! The-The cops are right behind us!”

“You need to calm down, Stacy!” Alex yelled, the annoyance and worry was evident in his tone.

“Calm down?” Stacy let out a dry chuckle, “They’re right behind us, Alex. I don’t want to ruin my career by going to jail just when I’m a year away from getting my fucking masters!!”

“You’re not the only one whose future is at risk tonight, Stacy McEnroe!” Alex yelled, “So, please, sit calm and keep quiet!” she opened her mouth to argue but her eyes widened when she saw the cops on the rear-view mirror. She looked behind and gasped audibly, “Oh my god, they’re closer. Fuck, they’re getting closer and closer. Faster! You need to drive faster, Rose!!” I looked at them too through the rear-view mirror and tightened my grip around the steering wheel before I spun it and send my red Hyper sport into a hairpin turn around the corner. Changing the gear, I twirled my steering wheel and took a U turn drift and raced it past the cop’s cars.

“Ha-Ha! Your department will be very disappointed on you, cops!” Alex chuckled. Stacy punched him on his shoulder. He grunts, “What?”

“You’re provoking them!” She yelled. He smirked and held his middle finger out of the window, “IF YOUR ASSES HAS ANY GUTS THEN CATCH US PUSSIES!!!” He shouted and widened Stacy eyes. I laughed by shaking my head.

Alex Howard and Stacy McEnroe. We’ve been best-friends since we were in kindergarten. Alex and I are crazy as fuck, we don’t give a damn to anything or anyone and do whatever comes in our crazy heads. Whereas our Stacy is a kind-heart and very impeccable manner woman who never resents.

Basically, we belong to New York but after graduation we all got admission in the same university, The Stanford University Of California and moved out. On the weekends, we comes back to New York and do so much fun as after our MBA, we won’t be having time for all this but none of us wanted to be chased by the cops as fun. Just minutes ago, we were having a car race with bunch of other kids when suddenly the cops appeared and started chasing us to death. Our families are known personalities; if we gets caught, their reputation could be ruined in a blink of an eye.

But this isn’t the reason why we are scared!

The maximum court imposed fine for a street racing offence is $3,300 for a first offence and $3,300 and/or 9 months imprisonment for a second or subsequent offence. A 12-month automatic period of disqualification applies to those convicted of this offence. How cool the first offense is, no? But in New York, if you are found guilty of street racing, you will go to jail for up to 30 days and/or pay a fine between $300 and $525. I could pay the fine, doesn’t matter how huge it is but could not serve the probation of imprisonment! And after how I am circling the cops behind me, they’re sure going to increase the charges on me,

Now tell me, isn’t it more scary?

I pushed the breaks in the middle and caused us all to bolt forward by the sudden halt. My heart froze and stomach turned icy. Two police cars were standing right in front of us. The red-blue light flashing on the building and streets of the downtown. I looked back to reverse but worry consumed me whole when the two more cars stopped behind and blocked my way.

“Goddamnit!” I muttered and looked back in front of me. One cop gets out of his car and yells at me to come out. I bit my lower lip and glanced at Alex who was beyond worried. "I dare you to call them pussy again, Alex!" Said Stacy, her voice filled with fear. Alex looks at me and sighs. Indirectly asking me to get out. I shook my head and rev up the engine to a mid/high rpm. Stacy looks at me surpised and quickly grabbed the heads of our seats and closed her eyes. The cop again asked me to step out but instead, I raced the car forward and startled him. He immediately jumped away from my car to let it pass but I took a sudden U turn and went inside an alley. My car’s tire screeched and formed a smoke when I raced it forward in full speed.

“Fuck, that was close!” Alex lets out, staring at the road with heavy breaths. I kept my feet on the accelerate and drove it as fast as possible without caring that my one wrong move can cause us all an instant death.

"And pretty cool!" Stacy comments with a small smile and Alex nodded. I smiled but then the red-blue flashes reflects in my rear-view mirror again and increased my heart’s beats.

For fuck’s sake!

I clenched my jaw and took my car on walkable suburbs but maybe that was the worst idea ever because the way’s shortness and fear of cops behind me were causing my car to wobble due to which it was constantly hitting the wall and stuff, earning itself ugly scratches. I took it down and immediately got on the wrong way.

Our sudden appearance rattled almost all the cars and vehicles and seized many in between which not blocked the cops way to us but also gave us enough time to get out and run away from them.

“Is anyone hungry?” Alex asked us in his tired and weak tone. Stacy and I looked at each-other then back at him. I clenched my jaw and threw my heel at him. He grunts, holding his arm, “Ah, what the hell?” I took off my other heel as well and his eyes widened like tennis balls. He raised his hands at me, “Whoa, what’s wrong with you Rose?” The amount fear could be notice in his tone.

“You bastard, I will kill you!” I sneered and threw the other heel at him but he dodged it and hid himself behind Stacy’s back but to his surprise she pushed him away and kicked him hard. He groaned, “Jesus Christ! What is wrong with you two, huh?”

“Like you don’t know!” I kicked him on his butt. He whimpered, putting his hand on his butt as he looked at us confused. “Don’t look at me with those not really innocent eyes, Alex Howard. You literally had us arrested tonight!!” I was about to punch him but he moved away which caused my hand to smack the air.

“What? Oh, c’mon! You were the one who wanted to do something thrilling tonight. Now, what could possibly be more thrilling than getting chased by the cops?” He chuckled only to earn himself a slap from Stacy. He hissed, “Fuck, just stop hitting me, ladies. It hurts!”

“We could have died, you idiot!” She snarled, “How could you do that, huh?”

“What did I do?”

“You lied to us,” I raised my voice, “You told us it was a race but turns out it was an illegal street-racing! Do you realize what could have happened if the cops had caught us?”

“I don’t see any lie anywhere, Rose!” He retorted, “Just like I said, it was a fucking race. Yeah, an illegal one but I don’t think none of you were aware of the fact!” and we both fall mute because somewhere we knew about it. “Also, I do realize what could have happened if they had us caught, but I didn’t invite them goddamn it. So, don’t yell and hit me for that!” Stacy and I exchanged a look with each-other and let out a sigh, “But it was fun, no?” He chuckled but none of us joined him. He sighed, “Alright, who wants to join me to club?”

I shot my brows up, “Club?” He nodded. I looked at Stacy and didn’t seem like she has any problem. “Alright, then let’s go. I’m starving bad anyway,” Alex smiled and we started walking again.

It was 3am when we arrived at night club. The loud music could be hear from the outside. It was a huge three floors building, all made of wood and glass. The third floor is a VIP section, second floor is a restaurant and first is our destination. I showed my city membership card to the guard and walked in with my friends on either sides of me. The beat is vibrating off the walls as I enter the admission doors; the crowd is out in force and ready to party. The drinks are flowing across the tables just as fast as the bartenders can make them, conversation is loud and patriots are struggling to hear over the thumping music and the dance floor is filled with sweaty bodies swaying to the beat. I smiled and moved towards the bar table. The raucous music was literally deafening me and the intense smell of alcohol mixed with the rose petals fragrance gave me a weird feeling in my guts, reminding me of the day I left NYC. I took my seat on the bar-stool and looked around, people were dancing, screaming, getting high and making out with no worry or shame of being watched. The bartender came to us and asked for our drinks. Stacy told him our preferences and took her seat next to me.

“I feel like to dance!” I said, looking at the crowd with excitement. Alex jumped in front of me and lift his hand to me with a sly smile. “Not with you, Mr. Howard,” His smile vanishes and hand falls down. I laughed, “I’m sorry but you know we have a dance contest coming next month. For that, I’d be dancing with you anyway!”

“Yeah, you’re right!” he nodded, “I’m myself bored with this petite body of yours. I want to hold someone healthier than you!”

“I am healthy,” I retorted, “And please. I have a figure that other girls dies to have and boys yearns to touch!”

“That speech suits Stacy more because she has that kind of figure!” Hearing him, she chuckled and looked away. I smiled. The bartender served us our drinks and went to the other costumers. I took my tiny-glass and was about to take a shot but couldn’t when my phone buzzed in Alex’s jeans pocket and snapped my head at it. He pulled it out and grimaced. I put my drink on the counter and took my phone out of his hands. It was my latest boyfriend, Andrew's another text where he was begging me to not ditch him. Andrew is my bench mate. I dated him because he’s pretty attractive and plays basketball but because after 5 months of dating, I still don’t feel anything for him, I’ve been ignoring him.

“Is that Andrew?” Stacy asked, reading his texts. I nodded, my eyes fixed on my cellphone, my fingers dancing on the screen as I couldn’t come up with any good reply. “You should break-up with him!”

“Yeah, I will," I bit my lower lip and was about to reply to him but before I could Alex snatched my phone away, “Alex?” I scolded and tried to get it back but couldn’t reach my phone. He was writing something to him, “Alex, give me my fucking phone!” I yelled but he didn’t stop and when he was done, he smiled and handed over my phone gently, “What did you do?” I asked, taking the phone and looking at the screen. My mouth dropped open when I saw that he’s broke up with him. I shot him a glare, “I didn’t want to over things over a stupid text, Alex. It’s offensive and super childish!”

“No time like the present,” He smiled and I rolled my eyes in the back of my head. “Rose, I want you to stop wasting your time in dating an go fuck! Have long are you going to stay a virgin?” My cheeks reddened in embarrassment and I quickly glanced around to see if anyone heard him and to my good luck, no-one had his attention on us. I looked back at him and clenched my jaw, “You’re an irresistible piece, Rose Knight. Use the advantage!”

“He’s right, Rose,” Stacy said, holding a glass of beer in her hands, “You need to stop dating and go for causal stuff!”

I sighed, “Look, I understand your concern but I want him only to ravish this sexy body of mine!”

Alex shot his one brow up, “Him?”

“Her soulmate!” She told him with a light slap on his chest.

“Wait, what?” He looked at me in disbelief, “Are you telling me that you’re keeping your virginity for your soulmate?” I pressed my lips together and gave him a nod. His mouth fell open, “Are you fucking kidding me?” I opened my mouth to reply but couldn’t when he added, “Time slips away before you even realize it, Rosie. You need to stop waiting for him!”


“Trust me, Rose,” Stacy said, “Your soulmate won’t be upset if you lose your virginity to someone else!”

“Yes. There are many hot guys with whom you can have a one-night-stand tonight!” He smiled and turned to the crowd. I looked at everyone but none of them gave me a jolt in my heart. “Ah, I think I found the one!” I followed his gaze and saw a guy standing near the staircase. He looked quite handsome and in that black shirt his well-built body could be seen but... Not my type.

“Uhm, to have sex with that antic-piece, I’d really have to get high first!” I joked and turned back to the bar-counter. Stacy chuckled and I smiled by shaking my head.

“Fine, don’t have sex tonight but promise me that you will no longer waste your time in dating,” He brought his hand up and waited for me to place my hand in his. I lifted my hand and put it in his, giving him a nod. He grinned, “Great!” the playfulness was back, “May I have the honor to have dinner with you ladies?”

I giggled, “I’m afraid, Mr. Howard, but I want to stay here a little more. You can go with Ms. McEnroe. You see, she’s also starving!”

“Is it true, beautiful?” He asked, holding out his hand to her now. Stacy placed her hand in his and smiled, “Yes, sir!” He helped her down the stool and took her away. I grabbed my shot and gulped it down in one attempt.

“My friends bet me I couldn’t find the prettiest girl in the bar,” A chilling voice hit my ear and snapped my head towards it. The guy looked at me and threw me the most disgusting smirk ever, “Want to use their money to buy more drinks?”

“No, I got my own money!” I faked smiled and took another shot. He chuckled, “Yeah. I’m Nate Wilson, anyway,” I didn’t respond, not even looked at him. “Rose?” he called out my name.

“How do you know my name?”

“Well,” He cleared his throat, “I overheard your privet conversation with your friends,” He moved unnecessarily closer to me and says, “Since then I’ve been wondering how could someone as beautiful as you still a virgin?”

“You need to keep a distance, Mr. Wilson!” I said and got down the stool to beat Alex for this but just when I took a step away from him, he grasped my wrist and yanked me back to him. My chest collided with his and eyes widened, “What the fuck?” I yelled and pushed him back.

He rolled his eyes, “Stop being so pushy, Rose! Give me a chance and I promise you, you will have a memorable first one night stand with me!” I clenched my jaw and was about to slap him hard but before I could someone turned him around and landed a strong punch right across his jaw. My eyes widened and mouth slightly dropped open cause he was knocked out on the floor at an instant. I lifted my head from that unconscious guy and looked at my unwanted rescuer but as soon as his sterling blue eyes met with my green ones, my heart was flattered.

God, he's hot!

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