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Teresa Smith is a fearless, passionate girl who worked hard to achieve a life of her dreams. Little did she know that her vacation trip to Paris with her best friend will be the turning point of her life. It was late at night, and her friend ditched her. Bad luck was at peak when last bus to the hotel point was never caught. If not for that element of trust she had put in Alex to drive her to her hotel, she would never have known the word called Love. Alex McOwen is the owner of McOwen industries, world’s biggest hotel chains. That night, when he saw her waiting at the bus stop, he wanted to help. He wanted to know her, and above all, he wanted to have her. If not for that gesture of humanity that night, he would not have known the meaning of belonging. What will happen when Teresa’s brutal past will follow her with Alex? The past she had long forgotten and ran away from. Being one of the most powerful men in France comes with a cost, the cost of Alex’s loved once. How will he protect Teresa from those who want to hurt her to take down his empire? Dive into the love story and fierce past, present and future of Teresa and Alex.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1: Club Betrayal

Hello everybody,

My name is Tanya and I am so delighted to share with you all my first book: That One Ride

If you are reading this, THANK YOU for giving my book a chance. THANK YOU for the trust you’ve put in my story.

Your honest reviews and comments are very much appreciated. Tell me my flaws because English is my second language and this is the first time I will be writing a book. You can say that it is purely out of curiosity to take a step ahead in the direction of my passion for reading.

I was sitting in my college cafeteria when the idea popped up in my mind, and I was like yeah! why not give this thing a try? All I want to say is, now that I have started writing this story I am devoted to it entirely.

Before diving deep into the story, READ THESE POINTS:

1. This is the FIRST draft of the story. I will write with as much correctness as I can, but mistakes are prone to happen.

2. Your REVIEW, COMMENTS and LIKES are needed for the story. Why? Because every young writer like me needs to know the reader’s perspective to grow. Also, the algorithms used to highlight the story in others’ feeds is highly dependent on user interaction.

3. Follow me for an UPDATE whenever I upload the chapters.

4. I update the previous CHAPTERS simultaneously while writing the new ones.

Be my guest and read the book only if you are 18+ .

Much Love

Tanya (Ta_Bloomfield)

Teresa’s POV (edited)

“What do you think about this?” Jessica asked.

“Hmm… 300 lines?” I said, licking the ice cream.

We both had been standing in front of the Louvre museum for half an hour, admiring the beauty of it from the outside. When Jessica bought ice cream five minutes ago, we agreed to compete with each other and count the number of lines on the marvellous architecture.

She narrowed her eyes, biting and swallowing a mouthful of ice cream, making me cringe at the sight. “Why would you do that?”

“Don’t judge.”

It was officially our 6th day in Paris. A trip of our dreams. I sighed deeply, inhaling the air of this city in my lungs and snapping a picture in my mind. Jessica and I worked hard and saved money for this vacation, especially in October, since it was less crowded during this season of the year. It not only gave us time to explore every detailed beauty of the place, but space as well.

I blinked at the sudden excess amount of flashlight and snapped my head at Jessica. Under the moonlight, her pale skin lightened up like embers and I snatched the phone from her hands. Raising my brows, I looked at the candid she just clicked. Okay, that was a beautiful one.

We stood there for a moment, gazing at everything around us. The first things were special, be it the first trip with your own money. That sense of independence and happiness when you cut one item from your bucket list… was out of this world. And I had that moment right now, that too with my best friend; Jessica. We met in the first year of college, under the most unexpected circumstances. We both were computer science majors and didn’t prepare for the practical exam, so we teamed up and hacked into the college computer systems. Since it was a practical exam and we were not allowed to use our laptops, they had to reschedule it.

Since then, we were sticking up to each other through thick and thin.

“Where to next?” I asked, not averting my eyes away from the moon shining over the Parisian sky. Even the moon was different in this city, so vibrant and… romantic?!

“To the club!”

From my peripheral vision, I looked at Jessica smiling at me like a five-year-old kid.

Anyway, with countless talks about nothing and everything, we reached the club. The receptionist of our hotel was so kind to talk to us after her shift got over and told us about this club not so far away from the hotel. Neon light flickered everywhere, loud music making my ear bleed. I sighed deeply as warmth filled my heart at the liveliness of the people. A group of youngsters, which I believe had entered via fake id, were dancing with sweat gleaming over their foreheads. Several groups formed and thumped their legs on the floor as Dj dropped and raised the beat.

I was already feeling a little happy. Jessica grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the drink counter. We situated ourselves on the stools, looking underdressed for a club. Jessica was wearing her signature black jumpsuit with wavy hair and red lipstick, giving her plump lips more definition. I was wearing sky blue jeans and a sea-green crop top, pairing it with the same sea-green heels. Basic.

Moments later, the waiter came in our direction with a flirtatious smile on his lips.

“What can I serve the beautiful ladies?” he asked.

I looked at Jessica, who had the same dumb expression as mine and then at him. My lips moved upward, out of politeness.

“Lemonade for me,” I said.

Jessica rolled her tongue over her teeth, as she thought for a second, hanging the bartender in wait. “Same as her, yeah.”

I laughed and shook my head at her as the waiter disappeared among his co-workers.

“Today was the best of all the days,” Jessica said, a dreamy look in her eyes as she smiled at me.

“Indeed, it was until you stole my chocolate,” I said, narrowing my eyes at her. She gave me an innocent smile, and I flipped my middle finger at her.

Our drinks came soon, and we discussed our day over the drink. One thing that we both enjoyed doing together was looking at people with judge eyes and discussing their outfits. Since we both were massive gossip queens, sometimes we quietly sipped our drinks and listened to the story of a girl beside us. It was terrible how her friend dripped red wine on her white shimmer dress, and the maid could not remove the stain. And then we listened to the boy, who was sad that his dad did not give him the credit card for partying in an expensive restaurant in Hawai.

Grow up, kiddo!

“I am bored. Let’s dance.” Jessica shouted in my ear at the loud music.

I smiled and took her hand as we reached the dance floor. Keeping our distance from any hungry tiger on the hunt, we moved our hips to the familiar beat of Taylor Swift’s song. My hands flew in the air as shook my shoulders up and down, moving my arms left to right in a wavy rhythm. Jessica followed my steps, and we both danced together for as long as I remembered.

Jessica’s body stiffened as one large arm scooped her waist. I stopped in my tracks, blood rushing to my face as my heart drummed inside fast with anger. My ears might blow steam from them. Before I could rip apart Jessica by snatching her arms, she turned her back towards me and looked at the man with fire in her eyes.

You are so dead, young man!

One moment she was ready to slap the soul out of the monster and on the other she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. What the fuck? Panic rushed through my body. No. No, she had a boyfriend. Wait- was that? Light flickered over the face and John, Jessica’s boyfriend, came into my vision. Warmth filled my chest. Did I tell you that Jessica had two reasons for this Paris trip? One: She never visited Paris. Second: Her boyfriend moved here 2 months ago for a job.

John, with the grace of God, pulled apart from Jessica and looked over her head at me. I smiled from ear to ear as he approached me and engulfed me in a bear hug. Just like Jessica, he was my best friend, too. All three of us were inseparable in our college and hacked into many systems. We did fun together at college parties and I spent holidays with either of their families. Ah! Good old days.

it’s been two years since we graduated and it warmed my heart that we were living the reality we dreamt of in our college days.

“John, my boy. How are you?” I asked.

John took two steps away, grabbing Jessica from the waist. “Never been better!” He said, raising his voice over the loud music.

We talked and danced and I gave the couple some privacy as I seated myself on the nearby stool, heels aching my ankle. I never had a problem with being left alone by them, and I could not stand them all over each other all the time. Not from the day I found them on my couch half-naked. I pushed the image to the back of my mind and sighed.

An hour passed and there was still no sign of them. My eyes scanned every corner, or every seat where couples were glued together, all efforts in vain, as my eyes found nothing. What can two months of celibacy do to humans?

I drummed my fingers over the counter as I sipped another mouthful of lemonade. The phone in my jeans pocket beeped twice. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my phone. Jessica’s name flashed on the screen as her message popped. All the colour drained from my face as I clenched my jaw.

Will you go to the hotel by yourself? My phone is about to die, so I can’t call and John left his phone in his apartment. I am going with him. I am so sorry, Tee. I know we were supposed to be together, but I hope you understand. Be safe for me, okay?Love you, xoxo!



Damn you, Jessica. Just come within a mile of my reach, and I will show you how to rip your head. I groaned and rolled my wrist to look at the wristwatch, rolling my eyes as the watch read 1:15 AM. Why did we decide to go for late-night fun again? The receptionist once told us that the hotel provided cab service, but it was until midnight. Which was a unique service, and I could not gain the benefit from it.

Why did you have to be so inconsiderate about my existence? I slipped from the stool and turned my heels towards the exit, halting myself at the corner of the silent street. I clutched my purse together, dipping my hand inside to get easy access to the pepper spray.

I will kill you when I see you, I swear. Bitch of the year!!I hate you!-Teresa

I typed and clicked the sent button to Jessica, which, as expectedly was ignored by her. Well, at least one of us had real rock and roll.

Sitting at the bus stop, I looked at the schedule posted on the board. I scratched my nose, blinking a few times as the last bus toward the hotel left three minutes ago. My ankle started numbing the feet as the pain increased. I looked left to right; the street resembling a barren land with no sign of humanity for years. I closed my eyes and tried booking an online cab for the umpteenth time, only to get disappointed when the driver cancelled the ride.

My left ear twitched as the sound of footsteps filled the silence from my behind. Even though the sound was distant, and the laughing was manly, I composed my figure and curled my fingers into a fist. The laughter and footsteps came near and near, making my heart jump out of my chest. The footsteps halted, and I controlled the urge to snap my head to my back to look at what happened when whispers erupted and removed the silence.

They could be three or four men. I can fight them, can’t I? Of course, you can, stupid!

A shaky breath escaped my lips.

From the right side of my peripheral vision, a black top to bottom luxurious Mercedes car made its presence noted as the engine roared.

“Fuck my life,” I murmured under my breath as the car halted in front of me.

Could this night get any worse?

The black tinted window dropped in a slow motion, taking my breath away when honey brown almond eyes met mine. As the glass went down and down, the heat in my chest grew. That had to be the most handsome man in the entire world. The jaw was sharp enough to cut the glasses and high cheekbones sculpted the square face in the best artistic way possible.

I averted my gaze from him and shifted more into my seat when I heard a click and watched heavy footsteps coming toward me. I tilted my head up, looking at his muscular body, the biceps ready to jump out of his navy blue Armani suit.

“Excuse me?” I nearly fainted at how deep and husky his voice was. But I was alone on the street of an unfamiliar country with nothing but pepper spray and the group of people behind me. Oh god! I should have killed Jessie the moment she stole my chocolate.

The beautiful man in front of me cleared his throat. “Excuse me?” He said, again.

“You are excused,”

His jaw twitched, his lips forming a thin line. “You are sitting alone here. Do you want me to drop you somewhere?”

“Umm- I -”

Think,Teresa. Think. There had to be some way. You could fight one man, not four. But that one man was looking like a combination of four men in one. Still, there were more chances of survival with his offer.

I tilted my head up until my eyes landed on the street camera. Looking eye to eye in the camera, I moved my vision from left to right, catching the sight of every camera on the street. I was out of luck with this, too. There was only one camera to my right, but thank heavens that the angel was perfect for getting both of our faces.

“Look, I don’t have time for this. I am a busy man, and if you want me to drop you somewhere, just say it, okay?”

I cleared my throat. Okay! So I am declaring myself the most idiot girl in this world. “Name. I’d.” I said.

His eyes narrowed a millimetre. “Pardon?”

“Your name and identification. I need to make sure that you are not a threat to me.”

“And what if I am?”

“Then you are in a trouble, big boy,” I said, tightening my grip on the pepper spray bottle in my bag.

He raised his brow into a perfectly inverted V. I pressed my lower lip between my teeth as his hand travelled behind his back and into the back pocket of his pants. He took out his driving licence, and I scanned the picture with the face in front of me.

Hmm! Alex McOwen. A beautiful name for a beautiful man.

What now?

Now? I prayed to God to not let me die tonight as I turned on my heels and crossed his car from behind. With a quick, considerable look at the car’s number plate, I sent Jessica my live location along with the car number.

I hopped into his car, ignoring the drumming concert of my heart inside my chest.

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