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•-Warning-18+• The burning devils were founded years ago by 4 men that are now closer than brothers. They experienced horrific things as children, at a orphanage in the UK. As boys, they took every form of abuse before finally coming together and made a plan to escape. They took what they were taught and those 4 boys killed everyone in their path to freedom. Saving a few other boys along the way. They crossed the ocean into the states because they didn't feel safe in United Kingdom any longer. None of the boys could function in the real world without the others, so Ryver came up with forming a club, a club of brothers promising to always have each other's backs. This is a collection that will have at least 4 books in it. Follow these snarling cold bikers on their journey to find the one women that can calm the rage swirling inside them. ●Trigger Warning● 18+ readers only! The books in this collection can be read as standalones but to get the full experience of them as a club is recommended reading all😍

Romance / Drama
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R&A-Chapter 1

Turning into the Burning Devils compound, I feel my heart beating fast inside my chest. I wouldn't be here if I didn't need a job so badly. My only friend in this town Kayla told me not to come here to stay far away from this place as I could, but no other place is hiring right now and I need to save enough money to be able to get an apartment at least.

She doesn't know I have nowhere to stay, all she would do is offer me to stay with her and I don't ever want to be a burden on anyone. My parents both died when I was 17 years old and I was on the streets when I met a man named Dan. Looking back, I wish I was never walking that street that day.

That was the stupidest decision I ever made was moving in and getting married to that abusive man. Since the day we say I do, he was nothing but mean and heartless towards me and if I didn't follow his rules he would come home from work and beat me so badly I wished I would finally die.

If I didn't have supper cooked by 6 pm on the dot he would beat me, if I didn't wash the dishes directly afterward he would beat me, if I didn't have the laundry done he would beat me. Did you get the picture yet? Several times I went to the hospital having to lie about how I got my injuries or overloading my face with makeup to hide the bruises when company came over.

I left that house a few weeks ago and never looked back. I drove several states away hoping he won't one day find me. Kayla said she should fire the girl she had working for her but I wouldn't allow that. It's not right for me to take a job away from someone that's been there for years.

I saw an ad in the local newspaper saying bartenders needed for the Burning Devils clubhouse. I have never been around bikers before, but what I have heard about them isn't all bad. They help with the community, they hold bike rallies for children in need and they donate a good amount of money to the local school and the orphanage.

So they can't be all that bad, right? I mean, even if they are bad, I guess I'll have to overlook that. I need this job too badly to give a shit about how they act as long as they treat me right, I'll have no problem working for a bunch of bikers.

Beggers can't be choosers and all that.

That's what led me to sit in my car in front of the clubhouse for 10 minutes trying to gather the courage to walk through those two metal doors.

I see about fifteen bikes lined up in front of the clubhouse, which is what has me staying inside my car a little nervous. I never met any of the bikers since moving here and I don't know what to expect but I guess the sooner I get this done, the sooner my chest will calm down to the normal speed.

Taking a deep breath, I grab my purse and climb out of my car shutting the door and pressing the lock on the key remote several times to make sure it's locked. Everything I own right now is in this car. I had to save money for over a year to be able to afford the cheapest care I could get once I got away from my husband.

I knock loudly against the big door and wait for someone to answer the door, it's Saturday afternoon and all I hear coming from inside is loud music, I doubt anyone could even hear the knock. Knocking louder this time I lean forward to listen against the door frame seeing if anyone says they are coming but nope nothing.

I slowly push the door open, and the loud music hits my ears the same time the weed smell hits my nose causing me to cough. Jeez.

"Well, well. Are you here to entertain us sweet cheeks?" Smirks, a good-looking man with black hair.

"Um.. n-no. I'm here for a job" I whispered looking up at the tall man.

"I'm sorry what sweet cheeks you will need to speak up" He's practically shouting over the loud music.

"I'M HERE FOR A JOB" I start shouting too, trying to make him understand me.

"Oh, you mean the bartending job? No offense, honey, but you don't look much like a bartender," He smirks as his eyes move up and down my body while he's checking me out.

"CAN I SPEAK TO WHOEVER'S IN CHARGE?" I shout again, trying to hide my body with my hands.

"Oh, you wanna talk to the Prez. Sure sweet cheeks. Follow me" He chuckles loudly " Ryver is gonna love this" He chokes out.

Love what? Love someone looking for a job? I ask myself as I follow the big man down the hall away from the party going on.

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