My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 10

My heart races in my chest at the thought of facing him again. At least my new appearance is giving me some confidence. The deep green halter backless mini dress hugs to my curves. A metal ring connects the top of the dress to a strap of fabric that ties around the neck. My shoulders are left bare and only a bit of my cleavage shows.

Overall I feel not only comfortable, but sexy in the dress. Aubree and Skylar did a fantastic job in dressing me. In no way would my appearance embarrass myself or the famous rockstars I’m about to hit the club with. The shock and nerves hit me hard causing my knees to clank together.

Me Kinsley Kelly is going to a club with Steel Wolf because they want me to be there. Granted I’ve never really listened to them nor followed their career. Hell when I first met them I had no clue who they were. But google is a wonderful tool. Before the search I had known they were famous based on conversations with Emma, but never in my wildest dreams would I have ever guessed they are as famous as they are.

I’m curious to see what a night out with them is like, but more importantly how a night out with Lucan would be. Will he drink too much? Get himself in trouble? Maybe when he has some drinks and I too have some liquid courage I’ll be able to drill him for information. I just need to make sure my tongue doesn’t get too lose and I tell him about Hunter when he is intoxicated.

Taking a deep steadying breath, I exit the bathroom to find Aubree and Skylar waiting for me. Skylar has her phone in hand and is waving me over. “Let’s be those girls who take a ton of selfies because each of us are hot!” She exclaims.

I make my way over to them and they pull me in the middle. For the first time in as long as I can remember I actually feel my age. Like I’m any other girl with her friends getting ready to leave for a night out on the town. All the worries and stress, which has been pressing heavy on my shoulders for many many years, disappears. I’m sure tomorrow every bit of the stress and worry will return with I wake up, but in this moment I decide to throw caution to the wind and enjoy myself. Be the young women life has never allowed me to be.

My smile brightens with my new found plan. Skylar continues to snap away and I even start doing some funny poses and the others join in. When we are done and over being blinded by flashes we huddle around Skylar’s phone to glance through the photos.

To my astonishment Skylar posts some of the pictures to her Instagram account and captions the picture going out with my girls #womenofsteelwolf. I stumble backwards slightly overcome with emotions over being included.

“You okay,” Skylar asks.

Not wanting to cry in front of them I blink my eyes rapidly to fight back the tears. “Ever since Hunter was born my life has evolved around him. I would be sitting in class on Monday morning listening to everyone share stories about their weekend and I never had that. A few times I was invited to go out, but I could never justify going when Hunter was waiting at home for me.”

“Well now you can have it all,” Skylar informs me.

“We don’t let people into our inner circle easily, but there is something about you that meshes well with us. Plus, I believe you’re going to shake Lucan’s world and he needs a good shaking.” Aubree adds.

I laugh shaking my head at her statement. He’s not the only one who’s life is going to be shaken and I’m not only talking about myself. Skylar and Aubree add some finishing touches and we walk out of the bedroom to join the males waiting downstairs.

The four males are lounging in the kitchen making the space appear smaller than I remembered. By the way they were laughing except Tray I figure Tray was being the butt end of a joke. Skylar shakes her head at their behavior. They continue to ignore us too focused on picking fun at Tray’s expense.

Skylar crosses her arms and clears her throat gaining everyone’s attention. Dimitri sends her such a heated glare I find myself blushing. What must it be like to have someone notice you the way he does? He opens his arms and she practically floats in his direction. He has her twirl in front of him and pulls her into his lap whispering into hear ear. Now she blushes with frantic eyes seeking to make sure no one heard whatever he said.

Mason walks over to us. “Aubree as beautiful as ever. If Ryder was here he wouldn’t let you out of his sight.” At the mention of Ryder tears glisten into her eyes and Mason gathers her in close for a hug. I overhear him whispering to her how he will be home and whole before she knows it.

I try to distance myself from the pair feeling like an outside looking in. Not that either one was trying to make me feel that way, but since I didn’t know what was going on with Ryder I was lost. My quick movement has me bumping into a warm body. Instantly I spring away embarrassed of my actions muttering an I’m sorry.

I raise my eyes to see who I ran into and find myself memorized by a pair of gray blue eyes who belong to none other than Lucan. He continues to stare directly into mine. “Beautiful,” he whispers then seems taken back he spoke out loud. I chastise myself for being pulled under his spell. I did not come here to fall into bed with someone especially if the someone is possibly the long lost father of my nephew.

Even with all these thoughts running through my mind I can’t seem to look away and neither can he. Warning bells are sounding in my head, but I pay them no mind. Lucan slowly reaches a hand out to brush away some of my hair and I find myself leaning into his touch.

The spell is broken when a loud fuck forces it way thorough the bubble surrounding us. I shake my head and step away from Lucan only to discover a not so happy Tray.

“Are you kidding me,” Tray states animatedly glaring daggers at Lucan. “I called dibs back at the restaurant.”

My anger over being claimed as though I’m some toy comes ranging through and I turn my inner fire breathing dragon onto Tray. “Dibs,” I state in disbelief. “You called dibs on me. What are we five or something?” I continue not pausing for him to respond and move closer into his person space. I might get fired for this before I even start, but I refuse to be disrespected in such a way. “I’m not an object you can call dibs on.”

“Told you how you were being stupid,” Mason whispers to Tray with a smug expression. I turn my heat his way and he runs and hides behind Aubree. Chicken.

Tray attempts to slink away, but he has nowhere to go since everyone else are blocking all the exits. “I… I…” he stutters not saying much of anything.

“Here let me help you,” I say using the voice I use when disciplining Hunter, which is not very often. “I’m sorry for being a pompous pig.” Turning my attention to Aubree and Skylar I ask, “is he always this childish?”

Aubree is the one who answers, “this is mild for him believe it or not.”

I narrow my eyes and he says, “easy dragon lady. Anger on you is not sexy at all, but scary as hell. Lucan can have you.” And there he goes again.

Right as I was about to rip him a new one Lucan jumps into the conversation. “Kinsley bring the fire down. Tray isn’t trying to be disrespectful he just has issues with knowing when and when not to say something. You’ll get use to him. Eventually,” he mutters the last part to himself. “And Tray will continue to work on not having word vomit.”

“Like he’ll ever master the skill of keeping his foot out of his mouth,” Dimitri adds with a laugh. “I think he likes the taste of his foot.” Tray flips him the bird.

They make an interesting group not at all what I expected. Once I learned who they were I figured they would be stuck up and snobbish. Maybe even wild, but they seem none of those things.

“Shots,” Mason yells pulling out a bottle of whiskey. I might need to rethink the non-wild observation.

Aubree flutters into the kitchen pulling down shot glasses. Mason fills them and passes them out. I find myself sandwiched between a Skylar and Lucan. Once every one is holding one Lucan speaks. “Here to a fun night out,” he pauses to turn his eyes one me, “and a new friend.”

I blush under his intense gaze. He clinks his glass with me first and then the others. Only when Skylar bumps my shoulder do I remember there are other people. I shake my head and clank my glass against hers and whomever I’m able to reach. We all take the shot and the liquid burns like fire down my throat and I choke.

Lucan pats my back. “Are you okay he asks in concern?”

I nod my head still coughing. Through coughing visits I tell him. “Been awhile since I drank and when I did drink I never did shots.”

“Lightweight,” Mason yells refilling my shot glass.

I eye him. “Getting me drunk is still not going to get you in my pants.” Mason’s eyes grow huge and he stumbles over his words. I take the shot and down the content. This time the burn wasn’t as bad.

My head starts to spin slightly the alcohol already starting to pull me under its spell. I stumble slightly and use the island for support. This is going to be a rough night for me tonight. Note to self, do not try to keep up with them. They obviously are seasoned drinkers and seasoned drinker I am not.

“Another,” Skylar exclaims knocking her shoulder against mine. Aubree eyes me with worry. Seems she’s picked up in the alcohol is starting to take hold.

“Maybe we should let Kinsley sit this one out. Since she had the second one Mason poured.” Aubree states trying to reason with her.

“We are here to have fun,” Skylar says. “So let’s have some fun and you heard her earlier she seldom has the chance to let her hair down for the night.” Skylar pours me a third shot and I’m not so sure I want to take it. I had been hoping Aubree would win the argument.

Skylar raises her glass. “To new additions.” She takes the shot without clinking It with the others.

I stare at my still full shot in my hand trying to figure out a way to get out of having to take it. Sure I want to get drunk to night, but not sloppy drunk. If I don’t slow down, I’ll be sloppy before we even get to the club.

Seeing my dilemma Lucan takes my wrists and takes the shot for me never once letting go of my wrist. Once again we stare deeply into each other eyes till Skylar pulls me into a hug. Her eyes telling she is well on her way to being drunk,

“Sorry,” Dimitri mouths from behind his wife. “She’s a lightweight.”

“Me too,” I mouth back with a smile.

Aubree raises her voice to be heard over the loud males. “The limo of here.”

“Let’s go,” Tray yells dragging out each word. My brain was still stuck on the fact she said limo. A limo was going to be taking us to and from the club. Then again I shouldn’t be surprised they are famous after all.

Traveling by limo is probably safer for them to move around and not to mention this way no one would be driving home drunk. If I’m going to be around more often I’m going to have to get use to all of this. If Hunter is Lucan’s son, he too will be dragged into this life.

“Ready to go,” Lucan asks offering me his hand. I stare at his hand long than necessary debating if I should take it or not. Must have waited too long because he says, “promise I won’t bite.”

Embracing my new throwing caution to the wind attitude I take his hand. A warmth spreads from my hand through the rest of my body. He smiles in my direction and his eyes dance with delight.

Lucan leans down to whisper in my ear, “at least not till you ask me to.” My knees wobble and I stumble slightly. A heat burns and settles in a location that has never been alive before. I’m in trouble if I don’t keep my steel self-control in place this evening.

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