My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 11

We exit the building and there sits a limo waiting for us. Not wanting to stand out I try to pretend I do this everyday. I strut to the limo, at least I think I strut, but by the amusement dancing in Lucan’s eyes I wasn’t strutting.

Dimitri and Skylar enter first followed by Aubree. Lucan lingers back with me. I wait for Tray and Mason to enter before I do. When I slide in I end up next to Tray with Lucan snagging the seat on the other side of me. Grand. Sandwiches better someone who has made himself blatantly known he wants in my pants and another who it’s complicated on two legs.
Skylar wiggles her eyebrow in my direction as she types on her phone. Not long after my phone vibrates in my purse. Making sure nether one of the boys can see whatever Skylar sent I sneak my phone from my purse.

I’ve never seen Lucan show this much interest in someone and as for Tray he’s harmless. Just give him a swift kick and he’ll leave you alone.
I raise my eyes to her and she smiles. She’s barking up the wrong tree. One man is more than enough in my life. Especially since Lucan might be Hunter’s dad. Talk about a plot twist. I end up with my sister’s baby daddy.

I catch Lucan eyeing me out of the corner of my eye. When he realizes I caught him he glances away shyly. Is he blushing? I’ve never been around a lot of males, outside of Emma’s party and you avoided them like the plague. There was a time or two when I was in class and one of the girls would comment how someone was interested in me, but I could never see what they were talking about. I also didn’t have the time for a relationship, still don’t.

Aubree eyes us with interest. Great. Another one believe something is brewing between Lucan and me. Tray and Mason thankfully seem oblivious.
Lucan rests his leg against mine and when I don’t pull away, not like I have the space to anyways, he adds more pressure against my leg.

Luckily the limo comes to a stop and the door opens. If I was closer to the door I would have bolted out, but not sure what happens next has me rooted to my seat. My uncertainty rises and contemplate if I can escape.

Lucan exits first and offer me his hand. I must of been starring at the offering too long because loud grumbles can be heard behind me. Mainly Tray.

“If you aren’t going to sleep with me than get a move on so I can find someone who will. Unless you changes your mind in that case everyone out we are going to circle for a few.”

Lucan reaches in and takes my hand upon hearing Tray’s words and gently demands I exit the limo. Tray’s laughter can be heard from inside and he starts to sing Another one bites the dust till Skylar hits him upside the head. He then can be heard complaining how she is going to give him brain damage and he will no longer be able to preform so the band would fall apart since he’s the real reason people come to see them.

I hear no more once we hit the crowded club. Lucan continues to keep a strong grip on my hand and I’m grateful figuring I would of gotten lost in the crowd without him. He heads directly to a roped off area and speak to the security guard. The guard checks his clipboard, nods his hand and we are in. The others trail in behind us. People watch us with interest and women’s eyes shift to hunger when they notice the guys. So far being out with a famous rock band hasn’t been too bad. Granted it’s only been a few minutes.

We claim the wrap around booth with a small sign stating reserved for SW. The second we are seated a waitress approaches. This time I’m in the middle with Aubree to my right and Lucan to my left. She starts at one end and works her way around. I shift nervously in my seat unsure what to order since this is my first time in a club. I’ve been to plenty of parties my sister dragged me too and I’ve been to a bar a time or to, but I never really drank. Seeing the dark side of alcohol makes you want to avoid it as much as possible.

Aubree must be picking up on my discomfort because she orders me whatever she ordered, frozen strawberry daiquiri. The waitress shifts her attention to Lucan and takes his order.
“The nervousness on your face had me stepping in. You really don’t go out much do you,” Aubree stays into my ear.

I shake my head no. “Thank you. No I don’t. No time to go out with school, work and you know who.” I whisper the last part afraid Lucan would somehow manage to hear me.
She smiles. “Well you need to live a little too. I’m all for keeping up with one’s responsibility, but I’m also learning life it’s all about work. Now you will have us and we will find the worlds best babysitter.”

I got to interrupt her to explain when I should say if we move out here even with a babysitter available I can’t be going out every night. When you have a child your entire life changes.
She must be a mind reader because she adds, “not saying you have to go out every time with out, but you deserve at least two nights a month out. And now that there are three of us and with the wedding on the horizon Skylar is going to want girls nights.”

Girls night. I’ve seen those events in movies and on television. Never thought I would ever be included. Not only am I included, but the girls in question are an extension of Steel Wolf. I must be dreaming that’s the only logical explanation. I’m going to wake up and discover all of this is only a wonderful dream.

Our drinks arrive and we fall into conversation. I take a small sip and find myself enjoying the drink Aubree ordered. By the time I set the glass down half is gone. “Glad you like it,” Aubree says. “Best part its not overly strong.”

Not long after out drink we’re dropped off she returns with a tray of shots and passes one to each of us. I take the shot and find myself falling into the level of tipsy. A goofy smile graces my lips and I no longer feel any worries.

Lucan raises his brow at my change in behavior. “Are you drunk already?”

“No,” I giggle shaking my head. Wait did I just giggle. “Maybe,” I state changing my answer. Then changing my mind again and nodding my head say, “yes.”

He laughs at my ridiculousness. “Don’t drink much,” he asks.

“Nope. My Mother is an alcoholic and let’s just say she left my sister and I to fend for ourselves going up.” I spring my hands over my mouth in shock over the words falling past my lips. I’ve never really told anyone about my past. Lowing my hands my lips loosen once again. “Whenever her and one of her boyfriends would get drunk, high or both they would end up either beating the shit out of each other or fucking out in the open.” I slur.

Lucan leans back shock evident over his face. Apparently alcohol helps to lower my defenses and I become a sharer. Over over in my head I remind myself say nothing of Hunter that could tip him off. Telling him he might have a son while I’m drunk would not blow over in a positive way.

“Wow Kinsley. You really have over come the hand you were dealt in life.” He says with pride.

“Do...” I struggle with my words. Taking a deep breath I form the sentence in my head first. “Do you drink a lot?” I ask since he’s drank more, but seems no where near drunk.

“Yes and no,” he says seeing my confusion he explains. “Usually I’m the one who has to play adult because the others get themselves too drunk and I end up taking care of them. Especially when they are drinking because of a girl. The only other one who stays semi sober is Aubree too make sure we all stay out of trouble.”

So he’s responsible. Check. If he can help keep Tray alive I hope he can keep Hunter alive. Since Hunter seems more mature than Tray should be easier for him. Also not being a heavy drinker is a plus.

“But you drank more than me and seem more sober than I.” I say poking him in the chest. What the fuck is wrong with me?

He chuckles. “I said I usually I plan adult meaning I don’t get wasted. Never said I don’t drink.”
All very true. I was finding myself enjoying my conversation with Lucan and a ping of sadness settles when Skylar drags myself and Aubree to the dance floor.

We head out past the ropes and onto the dance floor. She claims a more open spot not far from the ropes. I can feel eyes burning onto my back so I turn to discover Lucan watching me with Dimitri standing beside him.

“Seems Tray and Mason are in the move,” Skylar says point at a bachelorette party with Mason and Tray in the middle. “They will not be joking us on the way home.”

“Nor will the bride be getting married,” I add watching while the women with the sash proclaiming her at the bride rubs up on Tray. Skylar and Aubree stare at her in disgust.

“All I hope is disgruntled groom shoots famous rockstar for sleeping with his fiancé does not turn into a headline. Wish I could say he has more sense, but to him a willing hole is a willing hole.” Aubree says exasperated. “Tis his funeral. I can only do so much.”

Thoughts of Tray leave our heads and we dance to the music. Lucan’s gaze never leaves me and I find myself adding an extra sway to my hips. After a few songs Skylar proclaims we need another shot. So we head to the nearest bar which happens to not be behind the safety of the ropes.
Aubree catches the attention of the bartender and places our order of drinks and more shots. The dancing helped to sober me up some so I felt okay taking another shot.

I glance to the side and find two girls huddled together eyeing Dimitri and Lucan. The little green monster pops up at the thought of one of them catching Lucan’s eye. From my position I could watch Lucan and Dimitri, but they couldn’t see us. The glance up from their conversation to where we had been dancing. Both of their expressions turn to fright when they don’t see us there.

Dimitri pulls out his phone and Skylar’s phone lights up with an incoming call. She rolls her eye and ignores the call. “Seems they discovered we moved.”

Her phone starts up right away. She sighs and sends a quick text, but the phone rings again. “Hello,” she says answering the phone and holding a finger to her other ear.

Dimitri is over loud even I can hear him. “Where the fuck are you,” he growls. “You promised me you would stay close.”

“Relax we got thirsty and went to the closest bar. Our drinks are in the process of being made. We will be right back.” He continues to yell. “I’m hanging up now.” She says and hangs up the phone. My mouth falls open over her actions.

The bartender places the drinks and shot before us. Aubree hands him her card and he turns to finish the purchases. After he returns we take the shots and grab our drinks. We head back over to two not so happy males. The both have their hands on their hips sending us disapproving expressions.

Skylar twirls to Dimitri and kisses him. He tries to fight a smile, but fails and wraps an arm around her tucking her in close.

“Ryder would have all our heads of something happened to you,” Lucan scolds Aubree.

“Than maybe you guys need to be better body guards,” she sasses and continues to the table not waiting for a response.

Lucan puts his hands in his pockets and watch her sit with worry plainly in his eyes. “She’s taking him being gone harder than she wants to admit. But she also understands he’s where he needs to be and if it wasn’t for that he would be here.”

Once again the alcohol strikes again and I ask. “Where is he?” I take a sip of my drink waiting for him to decide to answer me or not. Usually I’m not one to pry I let me tell me what they want to tell me. Mainly because I have enough of a shit show to deal with and I don’t need the extra shit to added on.

He studies me debating within himself if he should answer me or not. Lucan rubs his forehead. “I’m only sharing this with you because the information will help you understand why Aubree is in the dumps. Sharing someone else’s tale to tell is not my MO. People have a right to share what they want when they want, but in this case I’ll share what I feel you should know.” He glances around the crowded dance floor. “But not here too many ears.”

Once again I find myself being lead around by Lucan’s hand in mine, but instead of returning to the booth he take me to a hallway the staff uses. I glance around nervously unsure if we should be back here or not. Signs are posted stating this is a staff only area, but Lucan seems unfazed. I take another drink from my glass needing something to do with myself while I wait for him to explain.

“Ryder is another member of the band and him and Aubree have had feelings for each other for while. He also has been dealing with demons even before the band was signed.” He trails off for a moment.

“Drugs,” I ask.

He nods his head. “Drugs. Well last tour Aubree and Ryder dealt with some highs and lows. I won’t go into detail what those were because she has a right to share when she’s ready. Anyways at the all time low Ryder turned back to what he was familiar with and ended up overdosing. Thankfully he was okay and they were able to patch their relationship. Long story short Ryder is at a facility getting the help he needs to stay sober indefinitely.”

“Good for him seeking help. I wish my sister would have done the same. Then maybe she would still be here.” I almost slipped up and added about how Hunter would still have his mother, but I was able to bite my tongue at the last minute.

“I gather she wasn’t as lucky as Ryder?” He asks watching me closely. My throat closes and I’m unable to speak. Then the tears fall freely. “Kinsley,” he sighs. “Did she pass recently?” I nod my head unable to answer. At this point he gathers me in his arms and I find myself enjoying the comfort he is offering. My drink slide from my fingers and falls to the floor, but neither of us pay attention.

Back home I had to be the strong one and comfort Hunter. I didn’t really have anyone to comfort me. This was nice. Too nice. Not sure how long we stayed huddled in the hallway together when I pulled back slightly to stare up at him. His gray blue eyes were full of concern, but there was also a hunger in their depths. I should have been scared of what I say , but like a mouth to fire I felt drawn to him.

He takes my chin between his fingers and tilts my head back and then ever so slowly lowers his mouth towards mine. Giving me plenty of time to pull away, but I find myself entranced and wanting to feel the pressure of his lips against mine. Right as he is about to kiss me someone stumbles into the hall.

We spring a part and turn out attention to the door. I had expected to see a staff member standing there, but to my surprised Tray was standing there with the bride from the bachelorette party. Her appearance was in no way kept.

“Not what I was expecting,” Tray says glancing back and forth between us. I’m sure I looked a mess after my crying session. I try to hide behind Lucan.

“We were just talking.” Lucan explains in a no nonsense voice.

“Yeah talking,” Tray comments with a roll to his eyes. He glances at the women next to him and he winks at her. She melts into his side. “Well me and this pretty lady were just going to talk.” He says pulling her in close to him and kissing her neck. “So why don’t the two of you leave so we can talk.”

Lucan takes my arm and with a nod to Tray we leave the hallway to the two of them to talk. Needing to break the ice I say, “they aren’t talking are there?”

He smiles. “Not the verbal way at least.”

“Does he have no shame,” I ask curious to learn more about the women hungry Tray.

Lucan shrugs his shoulders. “Demons Kinsley. We all have them and we all deal with them in different ways.”

His statement has my brain shuffling through everything I learned in school about self medicating. Maybe I’ll be more of a help to the group then I first thought. As long as Lucan still wants me around after he learns the truth.

“I also don’t understand her,” I say when we reach out table.

Lucan orders another round since mine was now on the floor in the hallway. He guides me to a seat and sits down next to me putting his arm around me. I rest my head on his shoulder feeling drained from my emotional breakdown.

“What do you mean,” he questions playing with my hair.

I remove my head and adjust myself so I can see him better. “She has no idea how lucky she is to find someone who loves her enough to marry her. In my experiences that type of love exists only in books and movies. But she is throwing all of it away for a one night stand with Tray.”

Lucan shrugs his shoulder and returns my head to where I was resting it before. “You forget Tray is famous a lot of people make stupid decisions when presented with someone who is famous. Also want to clarify by what you mean in your experiences?”

I roll my eyes he’s trying to dig for information about how many guys I’ve been with well jokes on him because the number is a big fact zero. In no way shape or form am I about to tell him I’m a virgin. Then he really might see me as a conquest. The allusive virgin. “My mother. Or as I like to call her Pam. Like I said before she wasn’t the greatest at picking men, but now as I look back I think the boyfriends were clients. While growing up the only person to show me true love was my sister.”

“Didn’t you have your first true love in high school like most of the population?”

The drinks are served giving me a few minutes to figure out how to respond to his question. He hands me a shot, they sure do a lot of shots in this group. We clink our shot glasses together and take the shots. The liquid flows down my throat and warms my stomach. I take a drink of mine to erase the other taste from my mouth.

He eyes me waiting for my response. Guess I have to answer. “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” I admit the shot once again loosing my lips because what I was going to say was no and not add the park how I’ve never had a boyfriend.

He sits back in his chair shocked. “I find that to be highly unlikely. The males you’ve come across must all be blind. Your beautiful Kinsley. The real kind of beauty.” I blush under his attention.

“They weren’t blind. None of them interested me. My focus was on finishing school and...” Shoot I almost blabbed about Hunter again. I take a drink hoping to lead him off the scent. But like a Pitbull he won’t.

“And ,” he presses me.

“And... I had other responsibilities on my plate that were more important than dating.” I answer pleased with myself.

“Such as,” he ask appearing genuinely curious running his fingers down my arm leaving a trail of fire.

“Such as,” I restate watching him with hooded eyes. “Keeping a roof over my head and food in the fridge. I moved out of Pam’s house the second I was able to and have been out on my own ever since. Life has been a struggle, but being able to be away from her makes all the struggles worth while.”

He nods his head in understanding and tucks me in closer to his side. We sit like this watching the people around us. Small talk fills the silence between us, but neither one of us strays to more serious topics. Enough sharing has happened this evening.

Lucan’s touches grow more bold, but he always pauses to make sure I’m okay with what he is doing. When I don’t push him a way or comment he continues. The warmth his is awaking in me is leaving me aching for something I don’t understand. I’ve never felt this way before. At one point my fingers accidently brushed along the front his pants and I became conscious of his growing need.

Tray returns to the table and flops in a seat, alone. None of us mention what he had been up to. He was smiling, but the smile didn’t exactly reach his eyes. There was an empty ness attached. The others filter back to the table as well. Aubree and Skylar commenting on the fact I had disappeared from the dance floor. I had sifted my eyes to Lucan and blamed him for being abducted.

The other talks about hitting another club. Mason and Tray complaining they’ve already spoken with all the attractive women and were itching for a new pool to explore. My tried body wasn’t excited about going to another club. One was enough, but I didn’t want to seem ungrateful.

Lucan must be great at reading body launage because he whispers in my ear. “If you want to head back to Aubree’s I can take you. She gave me a key awhile ago.”

“Don’t you want to go out with your friends? I don’t want to be a bother.” I tell him.

He runs his fingers over my bare shoulders. “Nah. The only reason I would go would be to peruse for someone to warm my bed, but I have someone much more sitting next to me. No reason to seek anything different.”

I raise my brow. “I never agreed to sleep with you.” I remind him.

He smiles. “Who said anything about sleeping?” I shove him and he laughs. “I’m only kidding. I’ve been enjoying our conversation and would like to continue. Your not at all like the bimbos I seem to attract.”

I ponder his suggestion. Going to another bar or club was not at all an interest to me and I was enjoying my time with Lucan. Too much. But I was trying to get to know the man who could be my nephews father was the lie I kept telling myself.

My gut chimes in reminding me if he is Hunter’s father would mean he slept with my sister and I’m not so sure that road is one I want to travel down. I’ll always worry and wonder if he is comparing me to her. That is if he remembers her. Lucan doesn’t seem to be someone who struggles with finding someone to sleep with. I bet his number of bed partners is way bigger than I ever want to think about. So how would he be able to remember Emma.

But the alcohol has taken hold and my logically side no longer exist. So I find myself saying, “okay.”

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