My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 12

Once the words are out of my mouth he waste no time leaving the club. I find myself saying a quick goodbye to everyone and how I will see them soon. Aubree and Skylar slow our departure when they pull me aside to make sure this was what I wanted. My response was nothing is going to happen we are only talking. They both looked at me like I had lost my mind and told me I was only lying to myself. I brushed them off believing my words to be true.

Aubree told me she will be home as soon as she makes sure the others don’t do anything more stupid than they already have. Since Lucan wasn’t going out with them she would need to be the one to play adult. I told her goodbye and that I would see her in the morning before I headed home.

Lucan had called for a car and by the time we were done saying our goodbyes the car was outside waiting for us. The others were still trying to figure out which club they were going to hit. I was more than happy to be leaving. For one of my first official nights out I felt like it was a success, but I was ready to change. Also to be away from all the loud music and crowds.

Lucan has no problem navigating us though the club and out the door. People yell his names asking for pictures and autographs. He smiles at them, but keeps moving. A few more ballsy people ask who I am. Those he ignores.

He ushers me into the waiting car and once we are both inside he closes the door. The driver pulls away and disappears into the light traffic. Lucan not liking the fact I was sitting so far from him undoes my seat belt and redoes the buckle with me into the middle seat.

“Much better,” he says. I tense setting so close to him. If he notices the change in my body he says nothing.

Everything within me is in turmoil. A part of myself is saying keep space between the two of us because of my sister, but the other is saying take what you want. The other problem is I don’t know what I want. If Lucan is Hunter’s father and the one my sister proclaims to love how can she love someone she only spent one night with. Maybe instead she only loves the idea of him and not actually him.

If sure the night they meet there were no in depth conversations and only connected physically not mentally. All evening we have been connecting on a more mental level. Yes there is some physical attraction on both our parts. I wish I had a close girlfriend I could talk to about all of this. Sure Aubree and Skylar have proclaimed themselves as my friends, but they are to close to the situation to give an unbiased answer.

Emma is gone and you are still here are the words next to float in my head. They aren’t wrong. If Emma was still alive and the two of them were trying to make a relationship work for the son they had I would in no way try to get between them. Instead I would support them and be happy for my sister. But she’s not here and I have a right to try and find my own happiness. All of this makes me want to scream. If my life isn’t difficult enough through in an attraction to my sister’s son’s father.

Lucan brushes the hair off my face causing me to start. “Sorry,” he says gently. “Didn’t mean to startle you. What thought had you so far away?”

I must be losing my mind because when turn my head to face him laughter spills from my lips. He tilts his head to the side much like a puppy when they are trying to understand you. “Would take weeks for me to explain because the answer isn’t simple.” I explain to him. He nods his head and doesn’t press me for more. Lucan seems like one of those guys who wait for you to come to them when you are ready.

My mind is all over the place and who’s to say he even wants to sleep with me. He may not and maybe once I tell him of my theory he may only see me as his kids aunt. So then all of this worrying and self hate would be for nothing.

My eye lids start to drop and I rest my head on his his shoulder and snuggle into him. As I’m drifting I could have sworn he kissed my forehead and whispered the song line another one bites the dust. All to soon he is gently shaking me awake. I stretch my stiff muscles and follow him out of the car. He links his fingers with mine and we walk in holding hands.

We reach the door to Aubree’s condo and Lucan easily unlocks the door. He holds the door open for me to pass him. I stand with my back facing him unsure of what to do next because I’ve been in a situation like this before.

“Would you like something to drink,” I ask him with a slight tremor to my voice.

All the hair on my body stand on end tell me he is close behind me and he sends shiver down my spine with he says a firm, “no Kinsley I don’t want anything to drink.”

He places one hand on my hip and the other on the side of my neck. His fingers tilt my neck slightly to the side and graze my skin. I swallow. “Something to eat then,” I stammer.

Without saying a word Lucan pulls me flush against him and I turn into a puddle on the floor. Every nerve ending in my body is alive and starving for his touch. He rest his lips against my ear and in a sinful voice says, “no Kinsley I don’t want something to eat unless you are offering yourself.”

I freeze. So much for him not wanting me. I also never wanted to give up my v card for a one night stand and I have a feeling this might be all this is. He will probably wake up the next morning say thanks and walk out the door. But he is the first male to awaken my body the way he has. My sister’s face flashes in my mind and I feel some guilt for wanting him. But like I told Tray you can’t call dibs on a person. And all my life I’ve done everything I could for Emma. Never once asking for something for myself. I stopped living my life and started raising Hunter.

Now is the time I start living my life too. Tomorrow I can call myself all the awful names I can think of. Tomorrow I can embrace the fact I’m a horrible sister. But today I’m going to take something for myself for the first time in a long time. Today I’m going to pretend Lucan is just a boy and I’m just a girl.

Turning in his arms so I can face him I make the first official move. I wrap my arms around his neck and he wraps his around my body. Standing on my tippy toes I bring my lips to his. At first he is stunned by my action, but he soon brings his wits back to himself and returns my kiss. He tightens his hold and I can feel his erection pressing against my belly. The longer he kisses me the more my head spins. How I wish he would have kissed me back in the hallway.

Lucan’s hands end up gripping my ass and he groans against my mouth when I rub myself against his member. My mouth parts in shock and he uses the opening to slide his tongue against mine. I thought he would taste of all the beverages he has been drink, but I’m pleasantly surprised to discover mint filling my senses.

He knocks the breath out of me when he turns my sideways and picks me up bridal style all in one movement. With nothing more to do I wrap my arms around him and rest my head on his shoulder. Gracefully he makes his way through the apartment only pausing between two doors.

“Which one are you staying in,” he says gruffly. I point to the open door on the left and he heads inside.

When we are in the room he returns my feet to the ground, but I don’t get far from him. He pulls my back tight against his chest and runs a hand on either side of me down my bare shoulders. “Please tell me you want this, but if you don’t say so now I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop.”

My heart pounds in my chest and I swear he can hear the ruckus. Two options are before me I can tell him no or I can embrace this and live a little more. My awaken feminine bits make the decision for me as well as the alcohol buzzing in my blood.

“I want this,” I sign signing my name on the dotted line and leaning into his touch.

Probably fearing I’ll change me mind his mouth latches onto the side of my neck and I moan. Never did I imagine the touch of someone’s lips along my neck would provoke such a reaction. He cups one of my breasts through the fabric of my dress and I want more.

“More,” I moan attempting to remove the dress, but he stops me.

“Slow. I want to take this slow and enjoy you. Next time can be fast I promise.” I mutter my displeasure and he smiles against my neck. Lucan continues his slow exploration of my neck and shoulders. My mouth aches to feel his lips once more against mine.

When I try to spin to face him he allows my movement and I wrap my arms around his neck. He runs his eyes over my face. “So beautiful,” he tells me and I blush. Never have I been called beautiful like I have this evening. For once I feel as though I am.

Lucan teases me by only kissing each side of my mouth and then my nose. I pout at him when he avoids my advances causing me to pinch the back of his neck. He glares at me and I smile at him innocently. He laughs. “Impatient are we?”

“Maybe,” I flirt winking at him and earning another glorious smile.

Finally he kisses me and all the tingles and shocks from earlier return. I could kiss Lucan all day every day. Slowly he walks me back to the bed till my knees bump the mattress, but he doesn’t push me onto the bed. Instead he separates us with a few inches between us. I cock my head to the side and wait to see what he does next. My lack of experience makes me feel anxious. What if I wasn’t pleasing him as much as he is pleasing me?

“Now we can lose the dress Kinsley,” Lucan instructs me reaching for the bottom and pulls the material over my head till I’m only standing there in my bra and lacy thong.

My body trembles from either excitement, nerves or both. Can he tell I’ve never been with someone like this? I can’t believe I’m giving my virginity to practically a complete stranger, but all of this feels right. Like I’m exactly where I need to be. As though I was saving myself for this man. Fuck. I’m losing my mind. The only reason we are here is because for once my body has awoken and won’t return to normal till I fuck him out of my system.

Lucan runs his eyes all over my body seeing every flaw, but he says nothing about them. Instead his eyes become a darken gray color and his nose flares with each breath he is taking. He places one hand on each of my breasts and cups them. “Perfect handful,” he tells me. “As pretty as your bra is I want to see the gems they are containing.”

“Aren’t you a little over dressed,” I counter dying to see his naked chest and fun my fingers all over him.

He smiles. “Seems so,” he states reaching for the buttons on the front of his black dress shirt and undoes each one painfully slowly. The shirt flaps open, but he makes no move to remove the shirt. “If you want it off you have to do the rest,” he instructs me eyes dancing with challenge.

This is a challenge I have no problem stepping up to the plate for. Without a second thought I push the material from his shoulder and discard the shirt to the floor. Hungerly I run my eyes over his exposed skin and my fingers follow. His chest is firm and hard against my finger tips. No softness here.

Craving a taste of him I run my tongue over his nipples, but he stops me. “Later,” he states. Maybe I am doing something wrong and I’m hurting him. Tears form behind my eyes and I turn offering him my back so he can’t see. I feel ridiculous. Lucan is probably use to experienced women, which I’m not.

Lucan comes up behind me and wraps his arms around me. I lean into his warmth. “Kinsley what’s wrong,” he asks.

“Am I doing something wrong you don’t want my touch,” I finally tell him.

I feel a rumbling along my back and then his laughter reaches my ears. Great not he is laughing at me. All of this was a horrible idea. He turns me around to face him, but I drop my chin not wanting to see the regret in his eyes. “Kinsley look at me,” he commands, but I refuse. So he takes my chin in his hand and raises my head so our eyes can meet. “You aren’t doing anything wrong. Honestly its been awhile since I slept with anyone. I’ve been too busy playing relationship counselor to two of my best friends.”

No he blushes and scratches the back of his neck. “This is so embarrassing,” he admits. “But every time you touch me I almost lose my control and I really really want to be inside of you before I turn into the three pump chump.”

He wipes my tears away and I smile at him. “Thank you for telling me,” I say feeling some of my confidence return. If he didn’t want me he wouldn’t be standing in this room with me I remind myself.

Lucan kisses away my worries and without me realizing what he was up to my bra pools between the two of us. My breasts spill free more and more while the straps slink further down my arms. He continues to kiss me not leaving me time to think about how exposed I’ve become.

My head is spinning by the time he steps back enough for my bra to float to the floor. He positions us so he is sitting on the edge of the bed with me standing between his legs. I thought for sure he would go for the newest addition he unwrapped, but instead he kisses my belly and runs his fingers over my back. I run my fingers through his hair and my head falls back.

Lucan smiles against my belly and his fingers change position to skim around the edges of my thong. I stiffen at the newest touch. Sensing my actions he removes his finger and draws random designs on my stomach instead.

“I’ve never felt skin so soft before,” he tells me spanning his hand on my stomach. “I wonder how soft you are elsewhere.”

I squeak when he quickly stands and has me tumbling onto the middle of the bed. I land on my back and stare up at him since he remained standing at the edge of the bed. The urge to use my hands to cover my breasts has be doing just that. Lucan frowns when he sees my movement. Not wanting to upset him I take a deep breath and remove my hands.

“Never cover yourself from me. You have the sexiest body I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.” Lucan informs me in a gruff voice. He removes his jeans, but remains in his boxer briefs.

Lucan joins me on the bed to hoover above me. He brushes the hair away from my face and kisses me while one of this thumbs rubs my nipple. An emptiness settles between my legs driving me wild with a need I don’t understand nor know how to get it to stop. But Lucan seems to know.

He leaves my lips and trails kisses down one side of my neck and down my chest. He continues till he is in-between by breasts. Lucan glances up at me to judge my reaction, but only when I stare at him does he take one breasts in his hands and lower his lips to my nipple. My back arches over the new sensation and he continues to suck, lick and tease me.

A new growing passion awakens between my legs and I feel myself coiling tight till the spring can’t take anymore pressure and a small ripple releases between my legs. I moan his name and my body quakes. Sweat glosses my body from the intensity.

“Did you just orgasm,” Lucan asks sounding proud of himself.

So that’s what one of those feel like. Embarrassment has me turning my face to the side and trying to hide in one of the pillows, but of course he won’t let me. Lucan forces me to meet his smiling eyes. “Yes,” I squeak.

He puff his chest like a proud peacock. “Wait till me tongue brings you the same release.”

“Wait I get to experience another one of those? Yes please.”

“Will I’m hoping for a few more out of you tonight,” he says making me realize I had spoken out loud. My cheeks turn bright red. Lucan kisses me. “Do you trust me?” He asks against my lips.

So far this evening he had taken every touch, kiss and action slowly. Making sure I was comfortable before continuing. At every turn he had made sure I was ready for the next action on his list. So I nod my head yes. “Words,” he demands. “I need to hear you use your words.”

“Yes Lucan I trust you,” I tell him. He smiles, pecks my on the lips and removes my thong from my body. Now all that separates us is his remaining article of clothing, which I hope he removes soon.

Lucan slides down my body till he is at the edge of the bed and kneels on the floor next to the foot of the bed. He grabs my legs and pulls me till my legs are dangling over the edge. Leaving my pussy at his eyes level. I freeze once again feeling shy having his eyes on that part of my body.

But I shouldn’t have worried because once again Lucan doesn’t go for the prize he kisses the inner part of one foot and then the other. He trails kisses up my legs till they relax. Only then does he glance up to my eyes searching for any indication I don’t want this and when he finds none he parts my folds with his finger.

His eyes darken at the new present he unwrapped. I almost jump off the bed when his thumb grazes my clit. My entire focus is on him and one part of my body. The house could have been on fire and I never would have notices. He presses his thumb against my clit and rubs back and forth. Right when I don’t think I can take anymore he replaces his hands with his mouth earning himself a loud moan of pleasure.

I am at his complete mercy at this point and fear is he stops I will die. Lucky Lucan seems to have no plans of stopping. He runs his tongue over my folds till he probes the tip in side of me and moves it in and out of me. My hands take a tight grip of the bed and I wiggle before him. Forcing him to grip my hips to keep me in place.

A pressure starts to once again build between my legs and is stroked to new nights when he rolls my clit with his tongue. He continues to bring my body alive with no means of stopping. My body no longer able to keep itself in check explodes with even more intensity than before. The orgasm ribs though my body.

While I slowly return to earth Lucan springs up from the floor and picks up his jeans. He pulls a foil packet from his pocket. I scoot myself back to the top of the bed and watch him while he pulls his underwear down. His member sprigs forth and all I can think about is how the fuck is he going to fit.

Lucan seems to not have the same worry at me because he continues in his mission. He rips open the foil and slides the condom in place. Noticing my pout over not getting a chance to explore this part of him he says, “next time.” He seems to be saying those words a lot. Maybe this is more than a one night stand. I refuse to allow thoughts of Hunter or Emma or float in my head while I’m laying naked in bed with Lucan looming before me.

He return to the bed and nudges my legs a part. I have feel his head probing my entrance, but he keeps himself in check. “Kinsley you can still back out if you want to.” He tells me. I have no desire to back out. I shake my head no and lift my hips, but he prevents himself from entering me any more. “Words Kinsley use your words.”

I lick my lips realizing the only way I’m going to get what I want is if I tell him. “I want you,” I sigh.

As soon as he hears the words from my lips he pushing into me. Tears spring to my eyes at the new sensation between my legs. My inner walls feel like they are ripping to accommodate him and I flinch when he breaks through my hymen. Lucan freezes leaving me with an uncomfortable fullness between my legs.

He wipes away one of me tears and stares at me in awe. “You’re a virgin.”

“Not any more,” I chuckle trying to lighten the mood. “You kind of took care of that.” He continues to stare at me in shock. “Can we discus this later?” I ask him pressing my hips against him.

Lucan seems to get my nonverbal cues and moves in and out of me. But he is more gentle now understanding my body has never been invaded in this way before. Soon the pain gives way to pleasure and I find myself coiling once again. We continue to rock back and forth against each other. Each of us seeking our release, but not in a hurry to do so.

Lucan is the first to come on done and his release triggers my own. My inner muscles grip him tightly milking him dry. He flops down on top of me and I giggle. In a muffled voice he says, “never a good thing with the girl laughs after sex.” He turns his head to show me he was only joking.

“You’re heavy,” I complain pushing at him.

He rolls his eyes and carefully removes himself from me. I wince when he pulls himself free. He stands from the bed and exits the room. I sit up on the bed and draw my knees to my chest. Once again insecurity begins to creep in. Quickly he returns with a wash cloth ins hand and condom free.

He frowns when he seems my position, but says nothing. Gently he lowers my legs and parts them enough to wipe me clean. “Tomorrow you are going to want a warm soak in a bath to remove any lingering pain. And you’re in luck Aubree has an amazing tub big enough for two.”

“Inviting yourself to my bath,” I state trying not to smile.

“Fuck yes I am,” he says discarding the washcloth and joining me in bed. “Its late and I’m to tired to drive.” He yawns. I shrug my shoulder why the hell not I’m already in this deep.

We pull the blankets back and slip between them. I lay on myside with my back facing him and leave some space between us. Lucan once again not liking the physical distance between us gathers me in his arms against his chest and we drift off to sleep.


The next morning I stretch my stiff muscles and the events from the night before play through my head like a movie. I smile in joy over the turn in events. My joy is short lived thought because when I open my eyes I’m met with a fire storm. Anger flares in his entire demeanor. What the hell could have happened between last night a now?

When he notices me watching he practically yells, “Who the fuck is Hunter?” In that moment I realize he is holding my phone.

Hope I did their first time justice. Let the fireworks begin!!!!

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