My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 13

For my much anticipating readers!

I sit up pulling the blanket around me to cover my nakedness. The fog in my brain starts to disappear, but I’m in desperate need of a cup of coffee before I have this conversation. I also need to think quick of how to explain this too him. Can’t be like hey I think Hunter might be your son or surprise you could have a son named Hunter.

Lucan paces the room with heavy movements and the veins in his neck protrude from under the skin. He has his hand in a clenched fist and I fear he is going to somehow break my phone with the pressure he is putting the innocent bystander through.

He stops and I debate if pulling the covers over my head and hiding is an option at this moment. The fire in his eyes tell me I’d be better off with a bucket of water. Not at all how I ever pictured the morning after I love my virginity playing out. But I shouldn’t be surprised by this point.

“Who the fuck is Hunter,” he says pronouncing each work slowly as though I’m an idiot. I must not answer fast enough because he runs his hands in his hair and yells, “fuck Kinsley. If you used me to cheat on your boyfriend with I swear I will make sure you never work with Aubree and Skylar. Hell I can’t even fucking look at you now.” If Aubree was sleeping she ain’t now.

Wait did he just say me, Hunter, boyfriend and cheating all in the same sentence. I need to figure out what set him off on this rampage because sounds to me like he thinks Hunter is my boyfriend. Now it’s my turn to run my hand through my hair. “The fact you are holding my phone tells me you saw something on it. Can you please explain to me how you came to be going through my phone.”

“Fine.” He bites. “I was going to the bathroom to start running a bath for us when your phone started lighting up and chirping like the fourth of July. So I went to mute the fucker when I noticed some texts from a Hunter coming in. Can’t believe you don’t have a passcode on your phone. Who the hell at this point doesn’t have a passcode on their phone.”

Hunter must of texted me using the phone I gave him for emergency use. “Give me my phone,” I demand holding out my hand.

“Not till you explain if I just dipped my dick in someone else’s pussy. I can’t believe you Kinsley cheating on your boyfriend. Especially after the comments you made about the bride Tray slept with. I thought you were one of the good ones guess I was wrong. You’re just another bitch looking for their next meal. Well it won’t fucking come from me.”

Now I was seeing red over his harsh words. How dare he make such accusations without allowing me to explain the mistake. I slip out of bed and strut over to my bag grabbing some under clothes. The quick movement causes me to wince from the pain, but I refuse to have this conversation with him naked. After I pull on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt do I turn to him.

“Give me my fucking phone,” I demand once more. Not only am I pissed at him I’m also worried something could have happened to Hunter. This time he hands me my phone without a word. I flip through the messages Hunter sent me and see the eight missed calls.

When are you coming home?

I couldn’t sleep.

You promised to leave in the morning.

I love you.

I miss you.

I smile reading his messages and send him a quick text.

Sorry buddy just woke up. Will me heading home soon. I love and miss you too.

Lucan remains silently looming in the background. Once I’m done I return my phone to my pocket and prepare myself for battle with Lucan. “I’m so glad I learned how lowly you actually think of me. Was getting me into bed a game to you. Something you concocted with Tray? Do you get extra point because I was a virgin?”

He narrows his eyes at me, but says nothing. We enter a stare off neither one of us wanting to break the silence. But I ended up losing because I really do have to get going and head home to the only man I need. This entire experience with Lucan remines me why I decided a long time ago to swear off men. All the do is fuck with your life more and my life is fucked enough. I don’t need his shit and nor am I going to take it.

“Not that I need to explain myself to you but Hunter is my son.” I say the last part slowly. The second my words reach his ears the anger melts from his expression and remorse takes over.

The wheels in his head begin to turns and he shakes his head back and forth. The anger returns. “Now you are fucking lying some more. No way he is your son. Just tell me the truth and be done with it.” He crosses his arms against his naked chest.

I roll my eyes at him. “Hunter is my son. Well not officially, but he will be soon as soon as the papers are signed. By blood he is my nephew.”

Once more the anger flees from him and is replaced with uncertainty. Right at that moment my phone rings. I show him the caller is Hunter than hit answer leaving the phone on speaker.

“Hey buddy,” I say faking cheerfulness.

“Mom when are you coming home? Tina has the yucky cereal,” Hunter informs me his young voice filling the room.

“Soon buddy soon. I have a few things to do and then I’ll hit the road.” I say staring Lucan directly in the eyes and wondering if he realizes his son might be on my phone.

“Okay,” he sighs.

“I have to go buddy, but I’ll call you when I hit the road. I love you and miss you.”

“Love and miss you too,” he grumbles.

I end the call and wait for Lucan to say something. “You have a son,” he starts with. I nod my head yes. “How come he never came up in conversation?”

He’s not wrong for asking me this and looking back I probably should have mentioned something about Hunter, but with the alcohol flowing I was fearful I would share my other thoughts. So not mentioning Hunter was the better option at the time.

“Well...” I stutter. “I figured we were out to have fun last night and not swap our life story.” I say the lie with a shrug hoping he doesn’t catch onto the fact I was lying to him.

“Having a son is a big deal Kinsley.” Lucan says sitting on the bed. Just wait till I tell you I think he’s your son then new of me having a son won’t be quite so big.

I position myself in front of him leaning against the wall. “What if you knew I had a son you wouldn’t have slept with me,” I ask dying to hear his answer.

“I... I...” now he’s the stuttering one. “No,” he answers. “I still wound have slept with you.” He pauses for a minutes then inserts his foot directly into his mouth. “I’m not looking to play daddy to someone’s kid right now.” I waves his hand between the two of us. “If this ever happens again there will be no strings attached. So if you were trying to trap me into a relationship to take care of you and your son not going to happen,”

My head falls back in laughter and tears spring to my eyes. “After the shit you said to me this will never happen again so you don’t have to worry. No way in hell am I going to chase you and I wasn’t trying to trap you. I don’t need your fucking money. I’ve been doing fine on my own since I was eighteen so fuck you.”

The only way I can explain why the next statements flew out of my mouth was because my anger caused me to have an outer body experience. I position myself in his personal space. “As for playing daddy Lucan who says you would be playing daddy for someone else’s child when there is a strong possibility you would be playing daddy for your own child.” I show him a picture of Hunter and watch all the color drain from his face. This was not the way I was planning to tell him, but there is no turning back now. All I can do is see this through.

He takes my phone and flips through my pictures in a daze. “I can’t deny he resembles me, but no way in hell do I have a child. I’ve always been careful.” Some of the color returns to his face with his new conclusion.

“Apparently not always,” I mutter earning a glare from him. I take my phone back and return it to my pocket. All I want to do is get out of this condo and hit the room leaving the past twenty four hours in the past. Never to be thought of again. I’ll just have to work hard at avoiding him.

He stares at the wall above my shoulder. “Other than the resemblance why would you think he was mine?”

I sign debating if I should tell him or not. Deciding I need to be the grown up and the fact I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did end up pushing Hunter’s father away so I say, “around the time Hunter was conceived she went to a Steel Wolf concert then came home bragging how she slept with someone there who blew her mind, but she couldn’t tell me who. A couple of days ago I came across a letter she wrote to a Lucan.”

“What did the letter say,” he asks.

I shrug my shoulder. “I never had a chance to read it before I left for here.”

Lucan shakes his head and stands making fists at his side. “No. I refuse to believe I have a son. You are only trying to get a meal ticket. If he was my son I would know.”

Tired of listening to him bad mouth my character I grab my bag and head to the door. “You’re right no way in hell is Hunter your son because even as a child he has more decency then you ever will. After what I have witnessed from you this morning you don’t deserve to have a son as wonderful as Hunter because all you would do was taint him.”

I stride out of the room bag in hand and not once glance to the man behind me. The tears begin to build behind my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall till I’m alone in my car. Aubree is sitting in the kitchen on her lap top.

“Good morning,” she says cheerful. “Was that Lucan I heard up stairs? ” She then glances up from her computer and does a double take when she sees my expression. “What the fuck did he do?” She seethes with narrowed eyes and standing from her seat.

I shake my head. “Don’t. Please. What happened is between the two of us and I would like for it to remain there.”

Aubree nods her head in understanding and retakes her seat. “Can do. But I am here if you need a shoulder to lean on. He may be like a brother to me, but I have no problem calling him out for being stupid.”

“I told him about Hunter,” I confess softly.

“Oh,” she says. “How’d that go?”

“As well as expected,” I tell her leaning a hip against the counter and anxious to get out the door before he comes down. “He’s mind is closed to the possibility. I don’t fully blame him for not believing me without concrete proof, but he would have handled himself better.”

“They all seem to have this problem of not thinking their words through. Ryder and I have gone rounds, but we are in a good place and stronger then we were before. Maybe you and Lucan will be able to do the same.”

I stare at her with disbelief. “In no way shape or form will the three of us ever become a happy family. If he runs a test and discovers Hunter is his son that’s all he is going to be. Hunter’s father. And we will figure out a way to be civil with each other for Hunter’s sake. We will never be friends let alone lovers again.”

“Again,” Aubree asks with a raised brow.

I ignore her question and she lets the matter drop. She can come to her own conclusions without my help. I want to regret my actions, but I can’t. At the time I wanted him and I enjoyed our evening. He was my first and after the warm cheery morning there won’t be another for awhile. I will hold the fond memories of the night before the disastrous morning closes to me heart.

“Can I have a picture of Hunter, please,” Aubree asks when I don’t answer her first questions. I send her a couple of pictures and we make plans to me in touch soon. No way in hell was I going to let Lucan Taylor chase me way from this great opportunity. Also because I was currently jobless till the new one started.

After much argument Aubree won the battle of sending me money to cover the moving expenses and to get us by till I could officially start working for them. She also shared she had a few apartments lined for Hunter and me. I put my trust in her to find the perfect apartment for us because the next time I visit Nashville I want to be staying.

After a tearful goodbye we hug and I escape out the door only seconds before Lucan came down stairs. He calls my name, but I act as though I didn’t hear him. Aubree must have detained him because I make it my car and out of the garage without him on my tail.

When I hit the highway I call Hunter to let him know I was on my way home, but I keep the call short. As soon as I end the call the tears flow. For the duration of the car ride home I will cry and feel pity for myself, but when I park the car the pity party will be over. And the door on Lucan Taylor will be not only shut, but sealed shut.

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