My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 14

Saying Hunter was excited to see me when I got home would not give his reaction any justice. The second he saw me he launched himself in my arms. This was the first time we had been separated for so long. Neither one of us was used to be a part for so long. I missed him the same amount he missed me.

He spent the remainder of the day glued to my side, which made going to the bathroom difficult. With the extra money in my back account I was able to have some pizza delivered. We ended up inviting Tina and her children over as a thank you.

While the kids played in Hunter’s room I told Tina everything that happened, including how I think I found Hunter’s dad. She was exited for the new opportunities coming our way, but also sad I was moving. We made plans for her and the kids to come visit once we were settled in. I did leave off the part about Steel Wolf, but Tina already knew. She had seen pictures of me out with them and told me I was the talk of the building.

We then jumped into the difficult conversation about Lucan. She told me to give him the benefit of a doubt, but Tina is a romantic at heart where as I am not. Then she went on to gush how wonderful me and Lucan becoming an item would be. That we could then raise Hunter together. I rolled my eyes at this plans of her. One major problem I couldn’t stand the guy after the way he treated me.

Tina and the kids left leaving me with an exhausted Hunter. He begged for me to let him sleep in bed with me. I relented easily because I needed him as much as he needed me. We snuggled into bed while I read him a story. Soon we were both sleeping.

Time flew by and soon the next court date was looming before me. I had yet to explain much of what was happening to Hunter, but he knew something was up. We had sat down to talk about my new job and how we would be moving.

I sat him down on the couch one afternoon after school. “Remember how I went to Nashville,” I ask him opening the door to the conversation about moving.

He nods his head. “Yeah,” he responds.

“Well very soon we are going to be moving down there for my new job,” I explain. Aubree had called me the day before saying she had found us the perfect location and everything was set. All I needed to do was wait for the court date granting me full custody.

I had broken down on the phone with Aubree and she continued to reassure me all would be well. She was working on something on her end and for me to keep my chin up. For the little amount of time I’ve known Aubree she seems like a go getter and when she sets her mind to something she gets what she wants.

After my conversation with her I felt a little less stressed out knowing I had someone else in my corner. I wasn’t dealing with all of this alone any more. The only other people I’ve ever been able to rely on where Emma, when she wasn’t high, and some of the people in the building.

“How soon,” Hunter wants to know drawing me from my thoughts.

“Soon buddy,” I tell him ruffling his hair. “I have some things I need to take care of here and we also need to do some packing.” Glancing around our sparse apartment I realize packing shouldn’t take too long. Maybe a week tops especially since I didn’t have to go to the club anymore.

Hunter jumps from the couch and makes a dash to his room. “What are you doing,” I ask him.

He skids to a stop at his door. “To pack,” he responds as though I’m ridiculous for asking such a question. I laugh at his excitement. Hunter was use to change. When he was younger we moved a lot, but we have been in this apartment for a while now.

Hunter remained in his room for about an hour before I went to check on him. I opened the door to a mess. He had piles all over the place. “Hunter buddy how’s it going,” I ask eyeing the piles with frights.

He pops out of the closet were a huge grin on his face. “I’m organizing!” He points out the different piles. “Clothes to bring. Clothes to donate. Toys to bring. Toys to donate.”

I smile proud of him wanting to donate his belongings. The first time I did a purge of all his clothes that didn’t fit and toys he never played with he had a break down. Tears and snots were free flowing. He screamed and carried on the entire way to the shelter.

What Hunter didn’t know was when I first left Pam’s house I ended up in a shelter very similar to the one we were going to. If it wasn’t for the people who worked there and the donations they received I’m not sure who I would have pulled through.

Working in the kitchen was my first job and eventually I was able to get a better paying job and find a place to live out of the shelter. Ever since I try to give back when I can, wither I was able to through volunteering time or making donations.

Today was the day Hunter was going to learn the importance of giving back. We may not have the latest gismos or fancy clothes, but we had a roof over our head and food in the fridge. Many others had even less then what we had.

I pull up to the shelter and Hunter watches with sad eyes while we drag the bags inside. Some volunteers come out to help us with our bags. After everything has been unloaded we are invited inside. Hunter grabs my hand and trails in behind me. He has never walked so slow.

Finally, we are inside and he watches while his toys are passed out to some of the children. Hunter watches in fascination as the children become so excited for the unexpected gifts. One boy even exclaims to his mother how he always wanted one of the toys and never thought he would get one.

Hunter stares up at me nods his head and smiles. Even at a young age he was able to make connections of the good he was doing. Hunter lets go of my hand and helps to pass out the toys stopping to show some of the kids the different things they can do.

I couldn’t have been more proud of him. What starts out as tears and tantrums turned into something beautiful. My only wish was Emma and his father could have been here for this experience.

Ever since Hunter has been more open to the idea of giving back. The two of us have spent more than one Thanksgiving working at a shelter or soup kitchen. Everyone loved having Hunter around and kept complementing the fact he was even there. And now here he is organizing what he wants to move and what he wants to donate.

I couldn’t be more proud of the man he is going to become. If only his father and Emma were here to be a part of his journey. One chose a path of no return and one wants nothing to do with him.

Then again saying Lucan wants nothing to do with him isn’t fair to Lucan. At this point I’m not even sure Lucan is his father. Granted my gut believes he is, but just because my gut believes doesn’t make it to me true.

I help Hunter organize a little better so it doesn’t look like a tornado came through his room. We put everything he wants to donate into garbage bags, but have to leave the other since I haven’t gotten boxes yet. Something else to add to my to do list.

Once we had everything we could in bags he wanted to start on my room and help me figure out what I want to donate. I put a stop to that he was sad at first, but I distracted him with promise of television time and mac and cheese.

Bed time rolls around and like every seven-year-old in the word he tries to barter to stay up longer, but I need some time to myself. When I’m with Hunter my sole focus is on him and when he goes to sleep I’m able to relax. He pouts, but eventually caves and go to sleep.

Now here I sit combing through all the paper work see if I could find anything to help me on the court day, which was only a few days out, and wallowing in my own self-pity. Only now do I allow myself to review what happened the morning I left and the more I think the angrier I get.

Where does he come off saying those words to me? I never gave him the impression I was interested in his money. In face I tried to do the opposite. When I had first gotten home I consider changing my mind about the job, but when I thought about it longer I came to the conclusion no way in hell was I going to let him chase way this dream for me. We would either learn how to get along or learn how to avoid one another.

Aubree had sent over earlier the official documents for me to sign and had me send my stuff for the file. My official start date was to be determined based on court, but on the paper work they had listed my start date the day of the interview.

Kim, from social services, at been to moon the second she received the documents outlining my new career. Apparently she was a huge Steel Wolf fan, who would have guessed that, and recognized Aubree’s and Skylar’s name. She had called me begging for details on what they were like. I told her the truth of how wonderful the two girls were and only spoke a few words about the band.

I left out the part where I think Lucan might be Hunters’ father because I in no way wanted to open that can of worms. If he wants to do the test to see if they are related that is all on him. No way was I going to force the matter and put Hunter through all of that.

I had told Lucan my piece and the rest was up to him now. If I wouldn’t have said anything I would have regretted, it the rest of my life and always wonder what if. Granted in no way did any of that morning turn out the way I has hoped, but the truth was out there.

Thoughts of Lucan reminded me I never checked the letter. My curiously got the best of me and even though I tried to refrain myself from going I went into the bedroom, but the letter was gone. After some searching I was able to locate the missing letter under the bed, must have gotten knocked onto the floor. I check the name and Lucan Taylor sits proudly in the middle of the envelope. Should I or shouldn’t I open the letter.

After much debate decided against doing so for a few reasons. One the letter wasn’t written to me. Two the letter could be a fan letter she wrote and never mailed. Three I didn’t want to see what the letter contained.

I already felt guilty for sleeping with him and finding myself drawn to him I didn’t need to see her written words to make me feel worse. My mind kept going back and forth between what I did was wrong and it wasn’t. Yes, Emma was in love with him, but my drunken thoughts weren’t wrong about how much did she really know him. Also the fact Emma was gone.

If they had been together all of this time then yes crossing the line would have been wrong, but you can’t pick who you fall in love with. The second the word love filtered in my head I throw the breaks on. No way in hell do I love him. I barely know him and the way he treated me the morning after was not okay. Maybe something could have blossomed between us, but the ship set sail with no return date.

Returning to the family room I set the envelope on the table with all my other papers. As each hour passes I become more and more worried I won’t be able to convince the judge to let me have Hunter. I have two options if he doesn’t and one of the two I don’t know what it is. The one I have no information on is whatever Aubree is cooking up and the other is figuring out a way for me to get him and Pam keep the money. Honestly I could probably take him from the home and as long as the check continues to come to her she won’t say a word.

Till she wants more money and demands I send her a check from my own account. Also Hunter and I would be moving and I can’t image how all of that would work because she would probably call and say I kidnapped with him. Which wouldn’t be untrue. And then I would find myself sitting in jail being no use to Hunter. All of this is so fucked. If only Emma a written some kind of will naming me his guardian or if she had signed off on the adoption papers I had once brought home.

Then Hunter would be safe from Pam and I wouldn’t be dealing with a judge who’s being paid off. Hunter and I would be able to live our lives without worry.

Soon I start to see double and decide to throw the towel in. Sleep. Sleep is exactly what I need, but more than likely I’ll spend the night staring up at the ceiling. Keeping Hunter off the trail of my emotions is turning into a struggle. Everything has turned into a waiting game.

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