My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 16

“Who dares barrages into my courtroom and speaking out of turn,” the judge asks sounding not too pleased. Great he’s screwed this up already and he’s only said two words.

A panting Lucan stands in the court room. “I’m sorry for barging in your Honor,” he says walking to stand next to me. Him and Hunter eye each other. Pam watches in him interest. Let the circus begin.

“Mr. Taylor what a pleasant surprise.” Yes, another fan! “What bring you into my court room,” he asks in a pleasant tone completely forgetting about his earlier anger.

Lucan gives me the side eyes and scratches the back of his neck. He then glances behind him in Aubree’s direction. She sends him a pleased smile. “Well your Honor…” he pauses for a moment to gather his thoughts and stares down at Hunter shaking his head in disbelief. In a stronger voice he says. “I have reason to believe Hunter very well could be my son and I’m here to get all of this straightened out.”

At the mention of how Lucan could be Hunter’s father his eyes grow the size of saucers and he stare at Lucan in awe. This was not the way I wanted Hunter to find out about Lucan. I would have prepared him if I had known Lucan was going to make an appearance. Seems nothing involved in all of this has gone right.

Hunter isn’t the only one in shock. Kim, Pam and the Judge all stare at Lucan as though he is an alien from another planet. Only myself, Aubree and Skylar aren’t shocked by his words. Kim sends me a not so happy glance for not sharing this with her prior to court. I shrug my shoulders.

The judge is the first to gain his composure. “Your son?” he questions.

“Yes. My son.” Lucan continues. “I was hoping you would allow for a slight recess so I can get the paternity test completed.” The judge goes to speak, but Lucan keeps rambling. “I’ve already found a sight and they promise to have the results no more than an hour after we give samples.”

The judge sits back in his chair eyes shifting between Lucan and Pam. I could tell he was torn between granting Pam custody and allowing Lucan to take the test. Lucan notices the same connection between Pam and the judge.

“With all due respect sir if it was later to come out Hunter is my son and I was not given the opportunity now…” Lucan allows his words to trail off and shrugs his shoulders. For the first time I’m grateful for Lucan’s fame and money. Hunter might be saved from Pam’s clutches.

The judge picking up on what Lucan was implying nods his head. “Agreed Mr. Taylor. Since you have already found a sight and they guarantee the results today I will allow for a short recess. Will three hours be enough time?”

Lucan nods his head. “Yes sir. That will be more than enough time.”

“Okay we will reconvene in three hours.” The judge decides. Pam goes to argue, but he shuts her up with a look. Pam rolls her eyes than gets an evil glint when she eyes Lucan. Great the witch is up to something else now.

Not wanting to give Pam the opportunity to corner Lucan I basically shove him out the door and into the hallway. Hunter follows behind me along with Kim, Skylar and Aubree. I take Hunter’s hand and continue to walk towards the elevator even though the others paused. When they see I have no plans on stopping they follow me inside.

Only when the doors closed and I see Pam rushing down the hall towards us I let out the breath I had been holding. Hunter watches me with curiosity. I give him a smile in hopes of reassuring him all was well.

Lucan had managed to position himself next to me and every so often his hand would graze against mine. I lift my eyes to him and the fire I had seen still rages in his eyes. He still wants me and I him. His lips twitch in a known grin when he sees the same response in my eyes. I shake my head reminding myself of all the hurtful things he said and the true reason he was here.

He wasn’t here to see me. No he was here to find out if Hunter really was his son. Seeing the two of them side by side I had no doubt they were father and son. They even carried themselves the same way.

When the elevator reaches the first floor we head directly towards the awaiting car. “What’s with the rush,” Lucan asks.

I sigh. “I don’t want to give Pam the opportunity to corner us,” I explain. Lucan watches me with a concerned frown.

Kim jumps in drawing the attention away from me. “Pam is the one who is fighting for custody. She’s Kinsley’s Mother.” I cringe hearing Pam called my mother. Hunter sensing my distress wraps his arms around me in a hug which I return kissing the top of his head.

Kim eyes Hunter and then the SUV giving me the subtle hint I should have him enter the vechcal so we can talk freely. I kneel down in front of Hunter. “I’m sure you have a ton of questions Buddy and I promise I will answer them.” When I mention questions he focuses his attention on Lucan for a second.

“Is he really my dad,” Hunter whispers with an expression full of hope.

Both Hunter and Lucan watch me closely for my response. “He might be hence why we have to go to this place so they can run a test to see for sure.” Hunter nods his head in understanding. “But right now I need you to get inside the SUV.”

Hunter rolls his eyes, the same color as Lucan. “So the grownups can talk and I can’t hear,” he asks.

Me being used Hunter’s wiser than his age ways don’t bat an eye at his question. Lucan seems a taken back. “I can’t pull the wool over your eyes can I?”

“Nope,” Hunter responds with a huge grin. I open the door and usher him inside. When I turn around Lucan is once again standing in my personal space and I have no way to escape since the others are boxing us in against the truck.

“Now that Hunter is out of ear shot,” Kim starts off saying, “we can speak freely. I have reason to believe Pam is paying off my supervisor and the judge.”

“But how,” Skylar asks in confusion. “She didn’t seem like she had the money to do so. Hence why she wants Hunter for the life insurance policy.”

Aubree pats Skylar on the shoulder. “One would think with being engaged to a rocker you wouldn’t be so innocent.”

Skylar glares at her earning a chuckle from Lucan. “Don’t you start,” she snaps poking him in the chest. “Just because you finally pulled your head out of your ass doesn’t mean you are in the clear.”

Kim and I glance at the three of them. To Kim I say, “I feel like we are missing something here.”

“I agree,” she states.

Aubree turns to us. “I’ll explain later.”

“Was he your main plan,” I ask her shifting slightly away from Lucan. He frowns at my movement to which I glare at him. He has no right to put on the sad act me not wanting to be next to him is justified.

Aubree gives him the side eye. “He was. And I’m glad he showed because by the way the judge was responding I doubt we would have had any time for plan B.” By her glare I can tell there is more behind him being here.

“Anyways,” Kim interjects. “like I was saying more is happening behind the surface.”

“What…” Lucan pauses. “I’m sorry I didn’t get your name and who you are exactly.” Lucan questions staring at Kim.

Kim blushes under his steady gaze. I roll my eyes. “Kim,” she stutters. “I’m with child protective services.”

“And she’s on our side,” I state crossing my arms.

Lucan smiles and sends her a wink. “What Kim was basically saying is Pam is turning tricks to get what she wants.” Skylar’s face changes to one of absolute disgust.

“If we don’t get out of here she’s going to try to turn tricks for Lucan. If I know Pam she’s already figured out who Lucan is and has now concocted a new plan.” I add waiting to get away from the court house.

“Jealous Kitten,” Lucan whispers huskily in my ear.

I turn my head to the side and discover how close he actually is. My eyes on their own accord shift to his lips and watch in fascination as he bites his bottom lip. No Kinsley. Stay strong remember how much of an ass he is. I harden my gaze and respond with, “hardly. You want her go for it, but keep a tight leash on your wallet. Unlike me she will only want you for your money.”

I hide my face into my other shoulder wanting to hide they smile gracing my lips. Proud of myself for getting the stab in. And kitten? When did he start to call me kitten? I’m going to have to put an end to the stupid nickname.

“I hate to break up the party, but we have somewhere to be,” Aubree says.

Skylar pats Lucan on the back. “We need to go see if you’re a dad or not.”

Lucan’s face loses all of its color when Skylar mentions the word dad. Not that I can blame him. All of this would stress anyone out. Depending on the results Lucan’s entire like could change. Including mine and Hunter.

Without saying a word Lucan slides into the back of the SUV. Hunter is the next followed by Skylar and Aubree. When I enter I discover the only seat available is the one in back next to Lucan. Right as I was about to change my mind and sit in front Kim declares she is going to sit shotgun. Just my luck.

Having no other options available to be I sit in the spot near Lucan leaving the middle seat open to separate us. I may have to sit near him, but I don’t have to sit directly next to him. Though if I had to sit right next to him I don’t believe he would have even notices. He was so lost in his thoughts the SUV could have want to the moon and he never would have noticed.

Once we are all inside the drive returns behind the wheel and pulls out into the light traffic. Seems Lucan has already shared with him where we are going because I don’t remember him giving the address to the driver when we entered.

Hunter engages Skylar in a conversation over the excitement of Lucan entering the court room. He asks Skylar why everyone was staring at Lucan in awe and shock. Hunter has no idea how famous Lucan is and if Lucan is his father then by default he too with be famous. Especially since he will be the first member of the new generation. He will go from having only me as family to four uncles and two aunts. Also all of Lucan’s family.

Skylar tries to down play everyone’s reaction to Lucan as they were shocked by the way he entered the court room. Hunter watched her for a moment and when her story doesn’t change he nods his head satisfied with her answer. Since Emma lies a majority of the time Hunter learned how to see through lies. Well I should say lied not lies.

The SUV comes to a stop at the back of a building. Kim glances around nervously. Reading the question on Kim’s mind Aubree says, “because of who Lucan is we tend to enter places in the back to avoid the public as much as possible. Especially with this delicate situation. We don’t want Hunter to be overwhelmed.”

“Don’t you mean you don’t want the press to catch wind in case all of this is another farce,” Lucan snaps causing Aubree to frown in his direction.

“Lucan,” Aubree scolds with pursed lips. “Not the time nor the place,” she adds nodding her head in Hunter’s direction. “And I’m upset with you for even pondering I would think those thoughts. We are family. I simply want to protect all involved the best I can. Because once the press gets ahold of this all hell is going to break loose and all hands are going to be needed on deck.”

“I think the ship has already sailed,” Skylar interrupts showing Aubree something on her phone.

“Fuck,” Aubree says taking Skylar’s phone scanning the article. Aubree glances up between Lucan and myself. “Can you to handle this so I can work damage control? I want to road block as much as I can so we can release the news how we see fit.”

“As long as asshole can control himself we should be more then capable,” I tell Aubree.

“Asshole really? Couldn’t come up with something more creative Kitten?” Lucan picks fun.

“And Kitten is creative,” I dish back getting in his face.

“Lucan,” Aubree scolds. “I have no clue what the hell crawled up your ass and died, but knock this shit out. Where is the level headed calm Lucan I’ve known all these years? You are not acting like yourself. So figure your shit out and soon.”

Lucan throws his hands up in the air. “Blame her. If she would have stayed out of our lives none of this would be happening.”

“Everyone out,” Aubree yells.

“Come on better to listen to her and plus you don’t want to get caught in the crossfire,” Skylar says opening the door and ushering everyone out.

Before Skylar is able to shut the door I over hear Aubree say, “I understand you are stressed right now, but don’t take your shit out on Kinsley she is not…” The door closes before I can hear the end of her sentence.

We all stand around the SUV waiting on Lucan and Aubree to finish their talk. Raised voices can be heard, but not words. The clock continues to tick while we wait and I start to get nervous we are going to run out of time. Right as I’m about to open the door and get them moving the doors open and Lucan steps out. He has his head down and his hands in his pockets.

I watch while he shuffles in my direction while Aubree watches from the SUV. “Kinsley I’m sorry,” Lucan sighs glancing back at Aubree. “Happy?”

I roll my eyes and Aubree narrows her. Without responding I take Hunter’s arm and head towards the door. Aubree calls Skylar back into the SUV so they can do damage control. Lucan and Kim follow us inside.

The lady at the desks greats us with a smile. “How can I help you?”

Lucan is the one who steps up, “I called ahead the appointment is under the name Bruce Wayne.” I raise my eyebrow hearing the name he selected to use. By the women’s raised eyebrow she too knows the name is a dud.

She clicks away on her computer. “Yes I see it hear and you have the rapid result option selected. Please know that option is costly.”

“Money isn’t a worry,” he responds.

“Please have a seat someone will be with you shortly,” she tells us.

We take a seat off the beaten path hoping less people recognize the famous rocker in their mix. Everyone seems so focused on their own problems not a sole pays us any mind.

Soon we are called back to a smaller office where they take the samples the need. We are lead back out and told to wait. Throughout all of this Hunter remains silent, which worries me. Usually he’s talkative. All of this must be taking a toll on him. A lot is happening all in one day for him.

Hunter ends up sitting in between Lucan and myself. I gave him my phone to occupy himself with. Currently he is playing some game and his face furors when he’s stuck on a level. Lucan noticing his frustrations talks him though something else he can try and when Hunter succeeds he sends Lucan a huge smile. As though the ice is broken between them Hunter finds another game the can play together and soon I’m the outside looking in.

Is this how things are now going to be if Hunter is in fact Lucan’s son? Will I become the outside? These worries bounce around my head causing tears to form with the thoughts of losing Hunter. For the past seven years my life has revolved around Hunter. Everything I did was for him. Its been the two of us against the world and now he might have a father. Something he has always wanted.

Our small family of two is about to change depending on these results. If Lucan really wants he could push me out of Hunter’s life. Then where would I be.

Our party is called to go to one of the rooms to hear the results. I can’t believe an hour has already passed. My dark thoughts helped to pass the time.

We follow the women into the room and we all take a seat. A smile comes to my lips when Hunter choses to sit in my lap. Lucan may try to push me from Hunter’s life, but Hunter would never let him. He leans back and rests his head in the crook of my neck.

“Mom when this is over can we get some lunch. I’m hungry,” he whines.

I kiss the top of his head and squeeze him close to me. Lucan’s eyes soften as he watches our exchange. “Of course Bud. I’m sure we can stop anywhere you want.”

“Anywhere?” Hunter questions leaning back to watch my expression.

I’m going to regret this. “Anywhere.”

He throws his hand up in the air. “Ice cream for lunch,” he exclaims.

Lucan chuckles catching both our attention. “I like the sound of that.”

A man joins us explaining he is here to read the results and he has already prepared a document of the findings for the judge we can bring with us.

“After running the tests of a Lucan Taylor and a Hunter Kelly we have found without any doubt Lucan Taylor is the biological father of Hunter Kelly.”

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