My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 18

WHAT!?!?! Another update! I need to go on long drives more often. Nothing to distract me from writing. Maybe I’ll pull out a third one today. Updates more than likely will slow over the holidays. We are going to be visiting my Husbands family out in Rhode Island.

Entering the courthouse this time was not as smooth sailing as this morning. Lucan got stopped a few times to shake his hand and get autographs. Luckily since no one allowed phones in the court house they weren’t asking for pictures. Hunter watched all of this happening and kept sending me questing glances. Thankfully Aubree thought ahead and left more than enough time for us to fight our way through the crowd.

I kept a tight grip on Hunter’s hand not wanting to lose him in the crowd. Lucan kept glancing our way to make sure we were all still standing around. Seems his protective instincts where coming out or he feared the wrath of his bandmates if something happened to Aubree or Skylar.

After much whining and begging we were standing outside the door of the court room waiting for our time to enter. Pam came breezing down the hallway in a different outfit. She was wearing a dress so tight, low cut and short I fought the urge to cover Hunter’s eyes. Her eyes were zeroed in on Lucan.

Seems she came prepared to try and wiggle her way into Lucan’s bed. Good luck. Lucan glances over her and then does a double take disgust apparent on his face. He turns to me and says in a quiet voice so Hunter doesn’t over hear him. “Kinsley I understand she’s your mother and all, but…”

“Lucan believe me you I get it,” I tell him watching her approach. She tries to smile coyly in Lucan’s direction, but due to all the make-up she reminds me of a creepy clown.

“This is how she dresses for court,” he asks trying to take his eyes off the train wreck.

I laugh and pat him on the shoulder. “No dear Lucan this is how she dresses for you.” He turns his head to stare at me with a raised brow. “She changed outfits from this morning. The only reason why would be because of you.”

Lucan shutters at my confession and moves closer to me. “I need a shower,” he mutters as Pam runs her eyes over him and licks her lips.

“Just wait. You think this is bad wait till she forces you to talk to her.” I tell him shoving Hunter towards Skylar in hopes of preventing him from having to be part of the conversation about to take place.

Skylar reading my mind takes Hunter inside the court room with promises of being able to watch other cases. Kim too disappears stating she has some emails to answer, liar her phone is back in the SUV with the rest of them. Aubree’s eyes dart around and I wait to hear her excuse. She ends up saying she’s going to use the bathroom really quick. The lot of them leaves Hunter and me face her alone. Pansies. Though I to could disappear. Lucan latches onto my hand as though he can read my thoughts and sends me desperate glances. I sigh and decided to stand beside him to face my tramp of a mother.

“Lucan,” she purrs when she reaches us and runs her hand down his chest. Lucan stiffens next to me and stands behind me using me as a shield. I glance over my shoulder sending him a glare. He tries to appear innocent. Pam pouts over his action and only than pays me any attention. “Kinsley,” she says shortly.

“Pam,” I answer in the same tone. There is no love lost between us only disdain.

She pushes her chest forward and almost suffocates me with her fake breasts. “I was hoping to have a moment alone with Lucan to discuss some opportunities.”

“Sure you were,” I mutter without thinking. Pam’s hate filled eyes flash to me and I watch her hand twitch with the desire to slap me. The only reason she doesn’t is because of present company and where we are at. Lucan notices her response and positions me along his side instead draping an arm over my shoulders.

Pam’s eyes zero in on his arm around me. “But it seems my daughter has already beat me to it. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” She taps her finger on her lips. “Lucan dear why try the second edition when you can have the first?”

Lucan runs his eyes over her. Is he really going to take her up on her offer. Pam sends me a gloating smile believing she’s won. Then he steps to the side to run his eyes over me causing me to blush. “No thank you. The second edition has all the improvements the first edition is lacking.” Then he rubs more salt into her wounds. “Why would I down grade?”

Not waiting for her response he guides us into the court room and we take a seat near the others. “This isn’t over with her,” I tell him. “She now sees all of this as a challenge and Pam hates to lose.”

Lucan shrugs his shoulders. “As soon as you and Hunter move into my place we won’t have to deal with her. She will be here and we will be Nashville.” Wait what? Move in with him? And of course the little shit drops the latest bomb seconds before we are called before the judge. He sends me a gloating smile figuring I will do has he dictates. I think not.

“Lucan, we will talk about this.” I inform him.

He shrugs his shoulders and whispers so close to my ear I can feel his lips brush against me. “I can’t wait.”

Kim, Lucan and myself approach the front of the courtroom. We decide to leave Hunter with the girls and only drag him up if asked to. Pam takes her position on the other side still eye fucking Lucan. The judge clears his throat she her attention returns to him. She batts her eyes at him and I try hard not to gag.

The judge turns his attention to Lucan. “I gather you were able to get the test completed.”

“Yes sir,” Lucan responds.

“Do you have the results from the lab,” the judge presses. Lucan turns white having forgotten all about the envelope we were handed back at the lab.

“Right here sir,” I jump in handing the sealed envelope to the bailiff. Lucan sends me an appreciative look and takes my hand in his giving me a slight squeeze. The feeling of my hand in his seems normal and so for a moment I pretend he isn’t my mortal enemy.

The judge scans over the results inside the envelope and I can tell when he reaches the part declaring Lucan Hunter’s father because he pauses in his reading to stare at Lucan. When he finishes reading the results a few times he turns sad eyes onto Pam. I guess we ruined his plans for later.

“So it would seem Lucan Taylor is in fact the biological father of Hunter Kelly. This majorly changes what would have been my original verdict. With no other option I grant full custody of Hunter Kelly to Lucan Taylor.”

“But he’s fucking Lucan Taylor,” Pam screeches. “He has no need of the money.” The entire court room goes silent at her outbursts. “I need the money. You don’t understand I have people who are expecting a payment.”

“Mrs. Kelly I would ask you to refrain from yelling out in my court room,” the judge scolds Pam, probably only to save face in front of all these people. She goes to speak again, but he jumps in. “Or I will be forced to hold you in contempt of court.” Pam instantly shuts her mouth, but sends me a death glare. I shudder at the intensity of it. Lucan sensing the change in my demeanor follows my eyes to Pam and sends her a glare of his own.

Kim helps us with the necessary paper work legally declaring Hunter Lucan’s son. Lucan joked he had to sign less paperwork getting a child than he did when he got his house. I rolled my eyes at his comment. We file the paper work with the court and Hunter is legally Lucan’s.

The nightmare is finally over, but a new one is starting. Lucan wanting Hunter and me to move in with him. I already can see the future he will get his way, but I don’t have to make it easy on him. Lucan holds the trump card, Hunter. Where ever Hunter goes I go. Guess I should be grateful Lucan is open his home to me as well.

Skylar and Aubree had left with Hunter to go find somewhere to keep Hunter busy while we handled all the boring paperwork. Aubree had told us to send her a text when we were almost done. Both of us had forgotten so while we were exiting the court house Lucan was calling her.

I was trailing behind him not paying much attention to where I was going. A hand comes flying out and latches onto my arm dragging me away from Lucan. I try to yell out to him, but he was to focused on his conversation to notice me being pulled away.

As suddenly as the hand grabbed me we come to an abrupt stop and a bump into the back of the man dragging me. He lets me go and I stager back a few steps. When he turns around I’m surprised to find the man manhandling me is none other than Joe, Pam’s boyfriend.

He gets in my face. “Since you ruined our ability to get some easy cash you are going to make the money for us.”

I glance around my surroundings calculating the best way to escape. “Excuse me,” I retort when I should have kept my mouth shut.

He narrows his eyes on me. “Are you as stupid like your mother?” He continues giving me no time to respond. “Do I need to tell you slower? You,” he says point at me, “are going to make me the money you stole from me and extra for pain and suffering.” My nose twitches from the stench of his breath.

“You have my mother for that,” I tell him running my smart mouth once again.

He throws his head back and laughs. “She’s not pulling in the money like she used to. I need the newer model,” he tells me running his finger down the side of my face. “Now you will catch a pretty penny. Hell I think I will try you out first.” His eyes drift to my breasts and he licks his lips. Joe lowers his hand to cup his dick and he strokes himself though his pants. I cringe at the sight.

“Kinsley,” I hear my name being called and then more frantically, “where the fuck are you?”

“My boyfriend is looking for me,” I tell him deciding a little while lie in this situation would not be a bad thing. Lucan pick that moment to come around the corner and sees us. He comes directly over to me. “Lucan,” I gush batting my eyes at him.

“Kinsley are you okay? Do you have something in your eyes,” he ask.

“No baby why would you say that?” By his expression I can tell I’m laying this on too think. Lucan raises his brow, but makes no comments. He turns his attention to Joe.

“Who’s your friend,” he asks reaching for my arm then glaring at Joe when he notices the faint bruises from when Joe grabbed me.

“Lucan this is Joe. Pam’s pimp. I mean boyfriend.” I tell him. “Joe this is my boyfriend Lucan Taylor.” At the mention of me calling Lucan my boyfriend his eyes shoot to mine in question. I take a tight grip of his arm and beg him with my eyes to play along.

Lucan whispers in my ear. “I demand an explanation later and payment for pretending to be your boyfriend.”

I narrow my eyes at him. “Fine,” I respond angrily not seeing any other option out of this.

Lucan holds his hand out to shake Joe’s. “I would say nice to meet you, but that would be a lie.”

“She wasn’t lying when she said Lucan Taylor from Steel Wolf was involved in all of this.” Joe states. “This will complicate matters,” he says more to himself.

I move closer to Lucan and he positions me behind him picking up on the threat before us. “Sounds like you’re making a threat,” Lucan growls.

Joe hold his hands up. “No not at all. I would never.” But all his words are lies. There is an evil glint in his eyes making me glad once we move I will be nowhere near him or Pam. By Lucan’s clenched fists he doesn’t believe him either.

Lucan nods his head and starts to slowly walk backwards forcing me to do the same. “Kitten our ride is here,” he says. “Why don’t you head to the SUV while Joe and I have a little talk?”

I was conflicted between heading to safety and not wanting to leave Lucan with Joe. My eyes dart from the SUV to Lucan. He sends me a reassuring smile and kisses my forehead. “Go,” he tells me. “I’ll be right there this won’t take long.” When I don’t move he adds, “please.”

I make a dash and head to the SUV. Lucan watches till I’m safely inside and then turns his attention to Joe.

“Kinsley are you okay,” Skylar asks when I flop into an open seat. “You are shaking like a leaf.” I take a deep breath not wanting to worry Hunter, but I don’t have to worry about that because he is passed out in his seat.

“Joe,” I say at their confusion I explain. “Let me back up a bit. Joe is Pam’s pimp who parades as her boyfriend. He grabbed me and demanded I work for him to pay back the money they aren’t getting because custody was granted to Lucan and not Pam.”

“What the fuck,” Aubree snaps loudly earning a glare from Skylar and me. Aubree eyes Hunter. “Sorry.” More quietly she says, “I’m glad you’re moving by us and away from all this. Like I said the apartment is ready you just need to sign the paper work.”

I sigh. “Lucan wants us to move in with him,” I admit to her. They both seem taken aback by my disclosure. “What,” I ask them.

“Lucan is big about privacy.” Aubree explains. “For him to offer for you to move in is huge.”

“I’ve only been to his place like twice,” Skylar adds.

I shake my head. “So much is happening at once.”

Skylar pulls me in for a hug. “All good though.”

“Where’s Lucan,” Aubree asks changing the conversation.

We all turn to look out the windows in the direction I had come from, but Lucan and Joe are nowhere in sight.

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