My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 19

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Anxiety rises over not knowing what is going on. Is Lucan hurt? Arrested? I have no trust for Joe and could see him doing something dirty. All three of us wait in silence for Lucan to return.

“How much time do we give him before we send out the search party,” Skylar asks.

“A few more minutes,” Aubree responds with phone in hand at the ready.

Thankfully no search parties are in need of being summoned because not long after I spot Lucan heading to the SUV. Other than his pissed off expression he seems unharmed.

He enters the SUV and takes a seat next to the sleeping Hunter. Aubree goes to speak, but Lucan cuts her off. “Not now Aubree I need a minute.” Aubree turns around and faces forward telling the driver to drive.

He asks to where and I give him the address of my apartment wanting to get Hunter home. The drive puts it into the GPS and heads out. I turn slightly in my seat and notice Lucan flexing his hands. A slight bruise is forming over his knuckles and some of the skin is split. I turn back around before he notices me staring.

No one says a words during the ride. Lucan continues to seethe silently in the backseat. Whatever happened during their exchange is not sitting well with him. The only time his expression softens is when Hunter snuggles into him and he runs his hand over Hunter’s face.

The SUV stops in front of my building. After some maneuvering Lucan is able to gather a sleeping Hunter in his arms. Lucan glances up at the apartment building with distain.

“This is where you live,” he asks.

Suddenly I feel ashamed of my poverty and inability to provide the best for Hunter. But I did the best I could over the years and this was the nicest place we ever lived. If I wasn’t so exhausted from today’s events I would have laid into him for his comment.

“Lucan,” Aubree scolds not seeming to have a problem putting him in his place. “Seems you are forgetting where you come from.”

Embracement reddens his cheeks. “I was only commenting because of the lack of security.”

“Sure,” Aubree says opening the door for us.

I lead the way through the building directly to the apartment, but stop when I reach the door. A part of me hesitates because I fear Lucan’s reaction when he sees our sparse apartment, but there is nothing I can do. I remind myself how I’ve done the best I could.

With a heavy heart I open the door. Holding the door open they slip inside. Skylar and Aubree head to the small kitchen leaving me with Lucan.

“Which room is his,” Lucan asks. I lead him to Hunter’s room and he lays him on the bed while I remain standing by the door. Lucan tucks the blanket around him and kisses his forehead. He stands from the bed and stares at Hunter before slipping out of the room.

“Kinsley wait,” Lucan states closing Hunter’s door. “Is there a place we can talk,” he asks eyeing my kitchen. “Away from prying ears.”

The only option we have is my bedroom so I open the door across from Hunter’s and usher Lucan inside. He raises his brow when he notices we are standing in my room.

“If you wanted me in bed all you need to do is ask Kitten,” he says moving into my personal space. I move backwards, but he continues to stalk me across the room till me back makes contact with the wall.

He stands directly in front of me. I take a tight grip of his shirt with the plans to push him away. Lucan leans in closer resting his forearms on either side of me and instead of shoving him I pull him in closer. His eyes drift to my lips and I find myself desiring for him to kiss me.

Lucan must have the same desire because he leans down and brushes his lips against mine. He pauses waiting to see what I will do. I know I should push him away, but my body isn’t cooperating. My arms wrap around his neck and I pull him down for a deeper kiss. Lucan wastes no time crashing his lips against mine.

He buries a hand in my hair tugging slight causing me to moan and he presses his growing erection against me. I should be putting a stop to this with Hunter in his bed and Aubree and Skylar in the other room, but not one fuck is given. Being in his arms feels so right I can forget about how shitty he can be. Maybe as long as he can keep his mouth shut we can keep doing this.

We are both adults and no one says you have to particularly like the person you are fucking. Would be a reason to move in with him easy access. And we both find each other sexually attractive. But I doubt the buffoon would be able to keep his mouth shut and will end up sticking his foot in said mouth.

Lucan digs his other hand in my ass pushing me off the wall. I end up clinging to him and wrap my legs around his body putting more core in line with his erection. He rubs himself against my entrance and we both moan.

Lucan spins us and tosses me onto the bed. The separation from him is what I need to get my head on straight. When he moves to join me on the bed I hold me hand out shaking my head no.

“No,” he says more like a question.

“No,” I say. “We can’t.” Lucan pounds his fist into the mattress then shakes it in pain. “You okay,” I ask.

“Which part of me,” he responds with sitting next to me on the bed.

“Both,” I squeak not sure how to answer.

Lucan glances down at his erection. “For him nothing a few moments in the bathroom can’t fix.” I crinkle my nose at his disclosure. “As for my hand I think I’m going to need some ice. And once Aubree sees my fist she is probably going to force me to go get x-rays to make sure nothing is broken.”

“Lucan why did you hurt yourself anyways. Your injury could prevent you from being able to play,” I scold him.

He turns to stare at me. “You didn’t hear the vile things he was saying Kinsley. I couldn’t let him get away with it nor think he had any chances of making them a reality.”

I knock my shoulder against his. “Thank you. And thank you for pretending to be my boyfriend.”

Lucan links our fingers together. “Anytime Kitten.” He taps his other fingers against his chin. “But I do recall there was a promise of payment.”

I roll my eyes and pull away from him resting my back against the headboard and pulling my knees to my chest. “What do you want?”

“For Hunter and you,” he stresses the word you, “to move in with me without a fight.”

I pout. “But where is the fun in that. I was all prepared to go toe to toe with you.”

Lucan rests a hand on my knee. “We both know you would be moving in because where Hunter goes you are going to follow.”

He has me there and we both know it. But by doing it this way he is allowing me to save face. “Fine,” I mutter.

Lucan smiles. “See now what that so hard.”

I narrow my eyes. “You get what you want and see have the ability to make me want to hit you.”

He positions himself next to me on the bed and folds his hands behind his head. “Can’t figure out why. Usually the ladies love me.” I roll my eyes at his comment. “Especially now since the have gone from five available rockers to three.”

I turn my head to stare at his profile. “Because I’m sure you do a lot of talking. If you were to have an actual conversation with them they too would call you an asshole and want to smack you.”

Lucan flips so he is hovering above me and a gasp escapes my lips over his movement. He rubs his nose against me. “If I promise to not say a word will you allow me to fuck you again?”

I shove him off me. “No,” I tell him even though I really want to say yes. My body remembers how wonderful he made me feel and it wants another sampling. “Who knows what you might have caught since the last time.” I state hoping to put a divide between us. I sit on the edge with my back to him.

Lucan turns so he is laying on his side behind me. He runs his fingers over my spine. “Nothing. Since I haven’t been with anyone else since you and I.”

I turn my head to glance at him. “Yeah right.”

He chuckles. “Believe me or not. I don’t really care because I know it to be truth.”

I stand from the bed to stare down at him. “So your telling me since that disastrous morning you haven’t been with anyone else?”

He props himself up with his head resting on his hand and his elbow on the bed. “Exactly. Though it’s not because of their lack of trying.”

“Why,” I ask before I can stop the word from leaving my lips.

Lucan flops into his back and uses an arm to cover his face. “What you want to hear how you’ve gotten under my skin? How I can still taste you in my mouth? How my dick now seems to only awaken for you?”

I sink back onto the bed stunned by his confession. I’ve gotten under his skin. Me a nobody. Has a famous rock star wanting me.

Lucan groans from behind me. “And she has nothing to say.” He sits up next to me.

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you?”

“Thank you? Your response is thank you. Here let me help you.” He slips into his impression of a female. “Oh Lucan,” he even batts his eyes, “I’m so honored and I would love nothing more than to spread my legs for you.”

I turn and cross my legs underneath myself. “And then he goes and opens his big mouth.”

“You really need to get over this distain and let it go,” Lucan tells me.

“Nope. Not going to happen.” I inform him. “Only around Hunter will I play nice.” Hunter. Thoughts of Hunter reminds me exactly why we can’t be doing this.

“Don’t you think he will still pick up on this unjust hatred you have for me?” Lucan asks with his hand on his heart.

I roll my eyes at his ridiculousness. “I don’t remember you being so…” I trail off throwing my hands in the air.

“So what,” he presses leaning in close. “So handsome. So sexy. So well…hung?”

I shove at him laughing. “I don’t remember you being so absurd.”

Lucan shrugs his shoulders and goes back to staring at the wall. “Maybe if you gave me another chance you could see all my sides.”

I bite my lip studying him for a moment. “I’m not saying I forgive you. But I’m willing to take this one day at a time and see what happens.”

Lucan nods his head. “I’ll take what I can get… for now.” He glances at the bed then me. “So are we doing this or not?”

“I shove him laughing. Not. Differently not. I’m not going to roll over on my back so easily.” Lucan sends me a smile and stands from the bed.

“If I’m reading between the lines you are implying you aren’t rolling over yet, but in the future you will.” He wiggles his eyebrow at me and I shake my head in answer.

Then I remember the letter. I roll over to the other side of the bed and shuffle through the papers I was looking through the other night till I locate the letter. With the letter in hand I pause for a moment debating if I want to give this to him or not without seeing what my sister has written.

Before I can change my mind I had him the letter. “Here this is for you. Emma wrote this a long time ago.”

Lucan takes the letter from my hand as though he afraid it was going to bite him. “Emma is your sister right?” I nod my head in answer unable to speak. “Hunter’s birth mother.” He says softly. He then turns his eyes to me and waves his hand between us. In a gentle voice he ask, “is weird for you? I mean you and me when I fathered a son with your sister.”

I get up from the bed without answering and pull out a picture of her and show him. “Do you even remember her,” I ask instead.

He takes the picture and studies the image. “I really want to say yes…” he turns saddened eyes to me.

“But you don’t,” I state for him.

“I don’t.” He admits handing me back the picture. “I wish I could say I remember the mother of my son.”

Tears choke in my throat. “Can we table the discussion on wither or not this is weird for me? I’ve had enough emotion roller coasters for one day.”

“Of course,” Lucan says sitting back on the bed letter in hand. He bounces the envelope on his knee.

I move towards the door. “I’m going to go check on Skylar and Aubree while you read.” I can hear him ripping open the envelope as I close the door.

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