My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 20

Skylar and Aubree are sitting at the table deep in conversation, but stop once I reach them and take a seat. “Don’t stop on my account,” I tell them resting my head on the table.

“We were only discussing shit going on with Steel Wolf.” Aubree explains. “The label is undergoing some serious changes.”

Skylar rolls her eyes. “That’s an understatement. The boss was discovered to be a pedophile and is now sitting jail.”

“Don’t remind me,” Aubree says rubbing the sides of her head.

“What happened,” I ask not fully following.

Aubree shakes her head. “Nope not today. Ask me on a different day.”

“Where’s Lucan,” Skylar asks changing the subject.

I raise my head enough to look at her. “Reading the letter Emma wrote him.”

“Oh,” she responds.

A yawn forces its way past my lips and I sit up to stretch. “Yeah.” I shake my head trying to wake myself up. Maybe I should follow Hunter’s example and take a nap.

Aubree sits back fidgeting with her phone. “What’s next,” she asks watching me carefully.

“Since now Hunter’s custody battle is over all I have left to do is pack up the apartment, take care of transferring Hunter to a new school and move.” I explain creating a check list of everything I have to pack, but then again we are moving in with Lucan we won’t need all of this. Maybe I’ll see if anyone in the building could use any of this.

Lucan isn’t going to want any of this second hand furniture in his home. Nor the chipped plates and mix matched silverware. What I was once proud to own seems like garbage compared to where we are going.

“Packing won’t take as long now as before,” I say softly. When Skylar and Aubree send my confused glances I add, “with us moving into Lucan’s home we won’t need any of this.”

They nod their heads in understanding. “But I’m sure you still have things you want to talk,” Skylar says softly.

I offer her a smile that doesn’t reach my eyes. “Of course.”

Aubree taps her fingers on the table and watches me. “Kinsley,” is all she says with a raised brow.

“I feel so inadequate sitting at this table with you… and well him too.” I finally admit to them.

Aubree reaches across the table and rests her hand on mine. “Let me explain something to you. The guys pretty much came from nothing. Not a single one of them has had an easy life. They’ve had to fight for what they do have. Each carrying their own baggage.” She pauses to give me time to digest the information she as imparting upon me. “But I can promise you none of them will ever look down on you for not coming from money. Look at all you have accomplished. Two degrees and you are raising a wonderful kid, who isn’t your own.”

“Kinsley,” Skylar jumps in. “You alone have managed to keep a roof over your heads and food in the house. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You are a fighter and that’s what they are going to respect.”

“I agree,” says a male voice. We all glance over to the voice and discover Lucan leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over her chest. There is a new light and softness in his eyes when he stares at me.

Lucan pushes off from the wall and takes the empty seat next to me. He pulls his chair close to mine and drapes an arm over the back of my chair. I freeze at his closeness not sure how to respond to this change in him. What was in Emma’s letter?

“See,” Skylar exclaims throwing her hands in the air.

Aubree and Lucan have a silent conversation with their eyes. She narrows her eyes at him and he smiles reassuringly in her direction. Aubree nods her head. “Skylar we should go.”

“But… but…” Skylar but one glance from Aubree has her closing her mouth.

“We need to get up early to head back I have meetings,” Aubree states standing and dragging Skylar with her. She then turns to Lucan. “Shall I tell the others you’re staying here till the move?”

He scratches the back of his neck. “Do you think they will mind? With everything that’s happened I don’t feel comfortable leaving them.”

“No they won’t. Lucan of all people should know that. Family always comes first. And now Kinsley and Hunter are a part of the family. They would be mad if you didn’t stay.” Aubree says standing near the door. I follow them to the door.

Lucan stands and pulls her into a hug. “Thank you Aubree.” Then more quietly he says. “If you need anything let me know. All of this has kept you busy and your mind off Ryder, but…” She returns his hug and sighs. “Don’t leave just because.”

Aubree pulls slightly away from Lucan and smiles at him. “Always the big brother.”

“Always,” he interrupts her.

“True fully I do have meetings. After the fall out this is the first time everyone was able to meet at once. They want to discuss where we are going from here.”

“Remember Steel Wolf is prepared to pull out and do our own thing if they try to remove you. Or if you don’t like the direction the label is taking. Family first.” He tells her sternly. I can tell they’ve had this conversation more than once.

“Family first,” she agrees. After we hug each other goodbye Aubree and Skylar leave the apartment and once again Lucan and I are left alone. But this time I have nowhere to hide.

The two of us remain standing at the door both unsure what to do next. Then we end up speaking at the same time. I tell him to go first.

“Can we go sit on the couch,” he says pointing towards the family room. I nod my head and lead the way.

We both flop down a slight opening between us. Lucan eyes the space with a frown, but say nothing nor makes a move to close it. For which I’m grateful.

Lucan starts first. “You need to stop knocking yourself down Kitten. Aubree and Skylar are right none of us think poorly of you. Especially me.” My face heats under his confession and I try to hide my face. “You took my son in when you didn’t have to and welcomed him as your own.”

The tears I’ve been holding leak and I find myself ugly girl crying. Lucan doesn’t even flinch or make a comment and run. Instead he closes the gap and holds me in his arms.

He kisses the top of my head and holds me closer. “I’m sorry. Okay enough of the sappy shit I don’t want to get my period.” I laugh through my tears over his comment and pull back enough to glare at him. “Got you to stop crying,” he says with a smug smile.

At this point Hunter enters the room and smiles when he seems me practically in Lucan’s lap. When I try to spring away Lucan tightens his hold, but releases me. Hunter seeing the opening dashes and jumps between us.

He glances back and forth between us with a huge smile. “So…” He starts and I hold my breath afraid of what he is going to say. “what are we doing for dinner?”

Lucan and I share a glance then pounce on Hunter tickling him. Hunter’s laugher fills the space. All of sudden the tides change and I’m the one being tickled. The jerks gain up on me.

I manage to shove them off and leap from the couch. Lucan’s eyes dance with merriment and he whispers something in Hunter’s ear. Hunter turns to him eyes shining with agreement and nods his head up and down like a bobble head. Lucan gives a half smile and nods his head in my direction.

Hunter turns around to face me. “Dad wants to take us out for dinner at an actual restaurant mom,” Hunter says in excitement. Lucan and I clash gazes when Hunter calls Lucan dad for the first time. Tears spring to Lucan’s eyes and I can feel mine streaming down my face.

Hunter stares at the both of us as though we have lost our minds. I choke though my words. “I’m going to… run to the bathroom.” Then I make a dash for the bathroom giving them a moment alone.

I close and lock the door needing a moment to myself. Hearing Hunter call Lucan dad did something to my heart. We haven’t really had a chance to sit down and talk to Hunter about everything that happened today. But Hunter being Hunter bounced through all the craziness. To him Lucan is his dad and that’s that.

Closing the lid, I take a seat on the toilet and grab some toilet paper to wipe my eyes. Too many changes for one day. At least Lucan has no plans to push me out of Hunter’s life. At least not yet. I shake my head stopping my thoughts from going down that path. I told Lucan I could give him a chance and I plan to stick to my word.

A soft knocking on the door has me sitting up. “Kinsley,” Lucan calls out. “Are you okay?”

I take a deep breath, check myself in the mirror and open the door. “I’m fine. Why?”

He studies me with his gray blue eyes seeing parts of me I wish he wouldn’t. “Well you took off seconds after he called me dad. Hunter was worried he upset up and well so was I.”

I wipe at my eyes. “No not all. I’m going to have to go talk to him. I wanted to give you two sometime alone. I remember the first time he called me mom. It’s a big moment.” I say with a smile.

“So you’re okay with it,” Lucan asks.

“Lucan of course. You are his dad after all. I’m so happy he has you in his life. I also felt Emma should have reached out sooner. You both have missed out on so much.” I tell him in a rush.

He smiles and kisses my forehead. I jump slightly backwards by his actions. “Like you told me before focus on the here and now not what we missed,” Lucan reminds me. “So with keeping the focus on the present and not the past go get changed so we can go make some new memories.”

I wiggle my way past him trying not to touch him, but my breasts still brush against his arm. His eyes darken with need. I’m in trouble. The second I’m clear I dash to the bedroom.

“Wear something comfortable,” he tells me. I eye his court attire. “Aubree is sending over my suite case.”

I pause in my escape. “And where do you plan on staying?”

He tilts his head to the side. “Here of course,” he demands then seeing my expression changes his tactics. “As long as you are okay with it. Would give me time to bound with Hunter.” He had to add Hunter into the mix. Seeing my face soften at the mention of Hunter Lucan knows he’s won.

“Fine,” I mutter. “You can sleep on the couch.”

“And here I thought you would be the best hostess and let me sleep in your bed.” Lucan states running his eyes over me. “You should remember how great of a bed mate I am.”

Without answering him I close the door and lean back against the wall fanning at my reddening cheeks.

“You didn’t say no Kitten,” Lucan yells through the door.

No I didn’t.

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