My Nephew's Dad the Rockstar (Book 3 Steel Wolf Collection)

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Chapter 24

Hunter stops at my side and eyes Joe with disdain. “I don’t like you,” he says. Joe’s attention shifts from me to Hunter and I don’t care for the evilness lurking behind his eyes. I tug Hunter so he is behind me.

Joe tries to stare at Hunter from around me, but I continue to position myself wanting to block Hunter from his sight. “Don’t worry kid the feeling is mutual,” Joe sneers. “Be happy your dad came back when he did because once Pan received custody you wouldn’t be speaking to me the way you are.” Joe slaps one hand against the other causing me to jump from the slapping sound.

“Kinsley,” I head Lucan screaming from my phone. “Who the fuck are you talking to?”

The desire to get Hunter out of the situation pushes the worry of my own wellbeing away. “Lucan, Hunter is on his way I’ll follow shortly.”

“Kinsley what the fuck is going on? Stop ignoring me,” he continues to curse as I end the call.

Without taking my eyes off Joe I give Hunter instructions. “Hunter your father is waiting for you. Will you please go head inside?”

“No,” comes from his little voice and he tugs on my hand. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Buddy. I’m not asking you I’m telling you go to your father.” My voice remains flat and calm not wanting to worry Hunter more than he already is.

Hunter shuffles from behind me and rushes towards out building. He sends me a worry frown before he turns the corner and is out of sight. I let out a sigh of relief and return my focus to Joe.

“Why are you stalking me,” I ask him crossing my arms.

His eyes linger on my breasts and he repositions himself in his pants. My skin crawls over the thought of him imaging himself with me. “You cost me fifty grand.”

I fight back my desire to roll my eyes figuring that would only set Joe off. “No I don’t. The money was never yours to begin with. Emma left the policy to Hunter. The fifty grand is his. How many times are we going to have to go through this?”

Joe steps into my space and glances around. “Seems your boyfriend is no where to be seen,” he states ignoring my questions. Joe runs a finger down the side of my face and fingers my hair. I think about correcting his assumption of Lucan, but decide to say nothing. “I could fetch a pretty penny for you. More then you would make me working the street.” Joe is more of a fucking bastard then I thought. He then puts the final nail in the coffin. “As well as that kid of yours.”

Fire burns bright and hot inside me over what he is implying. Now I step into Joe’s space fighting to control the rage inside of me. “Stay the fuck away from Hunter and me. Be grateful I’m not handing you over to the police over the threats you are making.”

Joe laughs over my statement. “My boss has enough of the the department paid off nothing would happen.” So Joe is only the middle man there is someone over him.

“Never thought you would work for someone,” I taunt him slowly walking us in a circle so he was no longer blocking my escape route. “What not smart enough?”

He clenches his fist at his side and I prepare myself for his strike, but it never comes. “I am smart enough,” he sputters clearly angered by my statement. “Few years ago I fell on hard times and had to borrow some money. When I couldn’t pay him back instead of killing me he put me to work for him. So much of each job I complete goes towards the debt.”

“How kind of him,” I say in a mocking tone. “Let me guess the money from Hunter was another job?” I take a few steps backwards and he follows me. This process might take awhile, but the closer I can get us to the apartment building the easier time I’ll have escaping. I doubt he will do anything on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, but a glint in his eyes has me taking precautions. After all he is someone who Pam connected herself too.

Joe shakes his head no. “The money would have been an easy way to put a dent into what I owe him.”

“What would have happened to Hunter,” I ask dreading the answer. “Him and the money go hand in hand.”

“Once he served his purpose I would have sold him to the highest bidder,” Joe states as though he was selling a cow and not a human being. Reality of what could have happened to Hunter is worse than what I had imagined.

I say, “now that will never happen,” more for a reminder to myself that Hunter is safe from their evil grasp.

“Perhaps not,” Joe says with a shrug. “But not all is lost. There still is you.”

“Me? Pam no longer pulling in the money you need?” I ask not caring in the slightest for the answer. My only goal was to keep him talking because the longer I kept him talking and focused on the conversation the closer I’m able to get to the apartment building.

Joe laughs and slicks back his oily hair. “No she isn’t.” Once again he eyes me. “But you... you would more than be able to pull in some money. Only problem is the boss has other plans for you. Do I take the risk and double cross the boss?” Joe mutters to himself. His attention drifts away from me and I take the opportunity to make my move. As much as I want to stand around and figure out why his boss may want me getting away is more important.

I can hear him yell from behind me and I pick up my pace. His clumsy foot falls reach my ears, but I keep running. The apartment building comes into view and a worried Lucan is dashing down the stairs.

I don’t question my actions and throw myself into his arms. At first Lucan stands there stunned, but quickly he wraps his arms around my trembling frame. He whispers soothing words in my ears, The one phrase that breaks though my fright is how I’m safe now. Lucan tenses and swings me so I’m at his back. I wrap my arms tightly around him from behind not wanting to lose contact with him.

“I thought I told you to leave her the fuck alone,” Lucan snarls. “And there would be consequences if you continue to bother her or my son.”

I can’t see Joe’s reaction to Lucan’s anger due to my face being pressed against his back, but his words leave me shaking anew. “Threaten me all you want. I’m protected. So nothing you say frightens me.” Lucan goes to take a step towards him, but the weight of my body stops him.

“Kinsley, go inside,” Lucan commands reminding me of when I was telling Hunter to walk away. I shake my head no against him because I wasn’t ready to be away from him. I felt safe wrapped around him. Lucan must have picked up on my trembling because he doesn’t ask me to leave him again instead he places one of his hands on top of mine. “Maybe so, but I don’t think you fully grasp who I am.”

An evil laugh escapes Joe’s lips. “I know exactly who you are. Lucan Tayler of Steel Wolf. Your fame will only get you so far.”

“How much,” Lucan asks. Joe must be staring at him as though he isn’t following what Lucan is asking because Lucan tries again. “How much money for you to leave them the fuck alone?”

“Sad for you I’m not the one who wants her. The brat would be an added bonus. But she is the main one the boss wants. If I don’t get her someone else well.” Joe informs him.

“I thought all you wanted was the money from the insurance policy,” Lucan asks puzzled. The same question bounces around in my head. “I’ll give you the fifty grand if it means you’ll leave them alone.”

Joe sighs. “It started out that way, but the situation has since changed. Seems she,” he sneers, “caught the bosses eye.”

When would I have ever come across someone involved with human trafficking? I go through my memories trying to find anything to help in this mystery, but come up blank. Must have been a customer at the strip club. Which would make sense since the people who visited the establishment weren’t always on the right side of the law.

Also why does Joe keep going back and forth between giving me to the boss to keeping me for his own sick plans. None of this is making sense. All I can think of is Joe has more then a few screw lose in his head. Also the back and forth about Hunter. I keep trying to add two and two in my head, but each time I keep getting a different answer.

“Don’t care,” Lucan growls. “You can tell your boss she is mine.” Normally I would give him a tongue lashing for his behavior, but I’m smart enough to understand the tongue lashing can wait. I loosen my hold from around Lucan and step to his side. Lucan eyes me with concern.

Joe shakes his head. “Not going to work. What the boss wants the boss always gets and the boss wants her.” He glances at the moving truck and notices how the guys wave towards Lucan. “Moving won’t protect her. He will find a way. Just be grateful he doesn’t want the kid. Only her. Then again he didn’t know about the money attached to the kid.”

So Hunter was only a way for Joe to make some quick cash and Joe never shared with his boss about the money. Getting his hands on Hunter wasn’t a job simply a lucky occurrence for him. Then he would have followed through with his plans for Hunter after he got the money. At least one mystery was solved.

Lucan vibrates with anger beside me and I slip my hand in his to offer comfort. A slight smile ghost his lips and his eyes soften when he glances at me, but his eyes harden when he refocuses on Joe. “I’m not someone your boss would want to cross. I have connections of my own. Working in the music industry wasn’t my only option.” Wonder what connections he could have. Unless he’s bluffing.

Joe studies him, but Lucan’s face revels nothing. “You’re bluffing,” Joe stammers.

“Try me,” Lucan says making the words sound like a threat. Lucan drops my hand to wrap his arm around me. “Tell him coming after my family will be the last mistake he ever makes.”

Joe must see something in Lucan’s eyes because he starts to back peddle down the sidewalk. “I’ll tell him, but I can promise you this will not be the last of this. The boss has had his eye on her for awhile.” My skin crawls at the thought of being watched all this time. “And he is not one to so easily give up.”

We both stand there watching Joe dart down the sidewalk and disappear around the side of the building.

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